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You Know You Want to Be in Control

You have called Mistress TT. You have seen her on Cam. You have read her profile and the links. You are not gay, but you know that you want my red pouting lips on your cock, licking teasing. You have talked about it though about it and maybe even dreamed about it, Being a powerful Master and using a little sissy slut

What would happen
You come into the room with Mistress and me.
Mistress is in black.
Her hair is hanging down. You can see her breasts almost spilling out her top.
You can see her nipples partially hidden.
Would you like her wearing boots and suspenders?
She would only wear panties, and you see that she gets wet as she abuses her slut

You drop your trousers and have a ever growing cock, excited by seeing Mistress dressed

You order me to my knees.
what am I wearing?
Boots or shoes
panties or G string
Thong or booty shorts?
Perhaps I am wearing nothing

is my hair blonde or brunette?
Is my hair long or short?

You pull down your boxers
Come on then be my bitch Simone

My tongue runs up and down your cock,
Go on shout out loud
Swear I know that it feels good

Suck it whore
Suck my big hard cock
make me cum
suck it bitch

As you fuck my mouth harder and faster you know that you want to cum.
Those red cock sucking lips expertley move up and down your cock
Bringing you closer and closer to cumming
But where

Do you want me to swallow your big load?
Do you want to cover me with cum?
Would you like a photo of my face covered in your spunk?

I know that a secret momento is a guilty pleasure of our fun

Perhaps you want to spank me. Would you like to try that?
Mistress ties me down over her whipping stool.
she canes me ass with her cane

Whack Whack
you like the sound and have a go bringing the cane down on my ass.
I can’t move
I can t object
I am just a bitch to use

Mistress loves to watch this and shouts out abuse and spits on her slaves face.
Mistress loves dominating her slaves

Or would you like to fuck my mistress as I am there
Tied helpless just being made to watch.
Do you like that idea?

maybe I have to clean her cunt so it’s wet and ready for your cock.
maybe I have to clean up her dirt box so it’s ready for you.

maybe you wants us both
so many holes for your cock to fill
Where would you go first
Who would you use?
Where would you come

and of course there is always water sports.
Mistress loves it when there is cum on my face

Simone let me clean that for you.
She releases a few drops and laughs.
my tongue desperately moves around so I don’t spill a drop of her precious nectar.

Then a torrent of piss in my hair and face, maybe in my eyes so I am temporarily blinded

I love swallowing Mistresses piss
Would you like me to swallow yours too?

Lick it clean of cum after you have pumped her cunt full of your spunk?
would you like to watch that?

That’s what I want in a session, what about you?

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