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Part of the book that I am working on, still a rough draft but wanting to know general thoughts on this.

Shaking his head slowly “There is still one more thing that we’re missing.”

“What would that be?”

Simon moving up close to Jessica, “a selfish reason to survive.”

“Hmm,” Jessica starts with a coy smile on her lips wrapping her arms around Simon’s neck “Here I thought we walked away from bad ideas.”

“It seems all we have left is bad ideas” his arms moving around Jessica’s waist and pulling her body close to his.

Pulling her body up against his, her face moving inches from his own “but it has been so long, do you remember what you are doing?”

Kissing her lips softly while moving one of his hands down her back slowly, just before saying softly “I remember what you like.” His hand pushing down into her pants, and gliding over her butt pressing his middle finger softly against her anus.

Inhaling a deep breath as she feels her ass being played with “that isn’t very nice of you.”

“You never liked nice,” pushing the tip of his finger into her anus, feeling her body press up to his while doing this. Placing soft kisses on her neck while at the same time listening to her sharpened breathing.

“Fuck you” escaping her breathless lips, having her left hand gripping his hair on the back of his head. Her right hand moving down his body slowly and pushes his pants down enough to grip his hardening cock “fuck you, my little cunt bitch.”

Pushing his finger deep into her ass, while she grabs and strokes his hard dick. Moving his free hand pushing her pants down over her hips, instantly grabbing and squeezing her ass. Slowly moving his hand from squeezing her ass to rubbing the lips of her pussy with the tips of his fingers.

Wriggling her pants down to the floor, freeing one foot at a time and wrapping them around his waist. Pulling her body up high against him while slowly letting her body slide down against him. Stroking his hard cock faster while guiding it into her, moaning with this feeling, it had been almost too long without the feeling of a hard dick in her.

Moving his finger back and forth just enough to give her the sensation but not pull his finger in and out of her. Stepping out of his pants and widening his stance while feeling her hips grinding against his. Pressing his lips to her neck, sucking on the soft spots on her skin.

Leaning back on him, a fire burning in her eyes followed by a mischievous grin on her lips. “Is that all you have bitch” leaning back far enough that he has to do the same to keep upright. Moving her hands off of him and pulling she shirt over her head before looking into his eyes “I thought you said you remember what I like” while twisting her body to one direction just to add to the force of the slap on his face.

Placing a hand on her neck, before returning her grin and squeezes hard enough that he stops her from breathing. Pulling her up close to him, “your wish is my command whore,” slamming her body down on his work bench. Watching her body arc and twist with the sudden pain she is in, knowing this will only drive her more. Placing both hands on her head and ripping her body up by her long hair.

Excitement running through her body, placing her lips to his before biting on his lower lip. Pressing her teeth into his lip hard enough to draw blood from him, letting it roll down over her chin. Grabbing the back of his head pressing her body into his once more, squeezing the muscles in her pussy before riding on his dick.

“Cheating whore” slamming her back down on top of the work bench once more. Pulling his dick out of her just long enough to force her to flip over. Fiercely ramming his hard cock in and out of her tightening pussy. Lifting a cylindrical probe from his desk and shoves it into her ass, making it go deep into her. Leaning over her body, to where his chest nearly touches her back, forcing his dick to press against her spot.

Pleasure and pain, mixed together all she can do is scream out in ecstasy. Rotating from squeezing the muscles in her pussy to pushing out the probe in her ass. Only to find that his hips keep pushing it back in, closing her eyes with his thrusts, feeling that she is getting close. Deciding to focus on squeezing his dick with everything she has left, he can’t win this round.

Wrapping her long hair into both hands turning them into fists. Ripping her body up backward off of the table, feeling her legs doing what they can to wrap around his waist. Pulling her body to where her back is at its breaking point. Knowing the more pain she is in the harder her pussy gets around his dick, feeling her hips rotating against him once more. Filling her pussy with his cum just before her body begins shaking uncontrollably, keeping her in place until all of his cum is finished and dropping her back onto the table.

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