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Wife Ready for Black Bull

My wife, with her 38C cup tits and athletic body, is much younger than me has an unsatisfied sexual drive that my small 4 inch white cock cannot satisfy. Often during the height of sexual passion I broach the subject of her considering taking another man. This badgering went on for a few years with my sexual ability declining as hers reaches crescendo. Eventually, in desperation and sexual frustration she agreed to consider taking another man. Her stipulations were that he be younger than her, be well endowed and clean and have staying power. Oh, and that I would be welcome to watch her being thoroughly fucked by a well hung man.

Pushing the envelope I asked if she would consider a big black cock. She smiled and said that would add an exciting new dimension and skin colour contrast. That from a young age she had often fantasised about being fucked by a big black cock. So the parameters had been set.

It was about this stage of our marriage that she suggested we visit naturist (nudist) resorts so she could check out the smorgasbord of cocks on display. This we did which I enjoyed being naked in the outdoors at naturist camps and beaches. We have since been to many in many countries. She always gets delight in asking me to find a nudist with a smaller cock than mine. To date, to her amusement, we haven’t succeeded. She also likes to point out large cocks that appeal to her saying look at that big one Wonder what it would be like inside my un-stretched cunt.

Recently we spent ten days at a naturist camp and due to the heat spent a lot of the time in or around the pool. My wife soon palled up with a tall young black man who was exceptionally well endowed. We sat together, swum together, had lunch and drinks together and we all seemed very relaxed. He must have seen our problem, me with a small 4 inch white cock, a younger sexy wife who was not getting her requirements and him with a big solution hanging between his legs. Every day the relationship became more intimate and relaxed. I was happy that my wife had found someone that turned her on and that she could see what was on offer.

Never having had a stranger in our sex life at the end of an evening he would go his way and we would retire to our cabin. Being naked my wife was highly aroused by our new found BBC friend and frantically fucked me. She said that he was the antithesis of me for although we were both six foot three inches tall, his younger torso was chiselled and without an ounce of fat whereas I had a flabby tummy. He had an uncircumcised cock that fascinated her especially the head covered in a black velvet foreskin compared to my small circumcised white cock with head fully exposed. That my small cock was at one end of the penis size scale and the BBC was at the other large end. As she tried to wank my miserable manhood back to full erection she said

“Don’t I think that he looks like Seal? He certainly ticks all our criteria for a stranger to fuck me, even the taboo black element.”

At lunch the next day he sat in a patio chair, legs wide apart with this huge thick black cock hanging limply over his thigh. I sat to the right of my wife my small white flaccid cock just a rumple of foreskin in comparison. My wife sat naked between us her magnificent tits pushed out and her legs fragrantly wide apart showing her shaved cunt to both of us. Her labia were swollen with lust and the moisture on her labia glistened in the sun. The sensual tensions were high with all of us anticipating and hoping which direction this would take. Despite the desire no one could suggest the next step. So this was still a real and visual fantasy, eye candy for any red blooded woman.

We parted and exchanged e-mails. Initially all attempts by me to e-mail BBC resulted in no reply. My wife said he would have fitted the bill if not her under used cunt 120%. She was most disappointed about lost opportunity. Then we received and e-mail from BBC saying he would like to keep contact and meet up with us again.

I’m keen to see my younger sexy wife fucked silly by this huge black cock, she is lusting after her naturist BBC and by the tone of his e-mail he is following up as well. So where do we go from here? I’m happy to become a cuckold to a handsome young well hung BBC who can satisfy the sexual demands of my young white wife.

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