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Wife prostitutes herself to save the business

I have to tell you about the wildest week of my life.

But first, my name is Emma, I am 21 and very happily married to a wonderful and sexy man who would’ve been the only man I would’ve ever wanted if it wasn’t for what I am about to tell you.

We have been married for two years and have two great daughters. The youngest is a one year old and the other is nearly three. I work in the accounting office of a large trucking firm and I’m pretty much left alone all day as long as my work gets done.

My husband, up until a few months ago, was a fast rising executive with a major bank, becoming a senior rank at age 25. However, the mergers then began and he was let go when a Bank East Bank took over his bank. We did not want to relocate (we live in Darwin, Australia), he was tired of working for someone and wanted to try working for himself.

I was a little worried when he bought a limousine company that only had four limos and was about to be foreclosed by his bank. But he bought it cheap and was now his own boss.

He bought the company in May and if you know Darwin, the heat starts in May and that stops the tourists coming. His business struggled to stay afloat and by the end of August we had made the decision to close the office and had all incoming calls transferred to my office (with my bosses permission).

Business was real slow for the month of August but we knew that if we could last ‘till the middle of October we might make it. The business was not the only thing that suffered; our sex life did as well.

I am 5’7″, weighing 127lb, and I’m a brunette with brown eyes. I have a set of 32B’s that always excited my hunk of a hubby. At 26, he is 5’11” and scales at around 200lb, is solid with a perfectly sized cock (about 9″) and until recently, has always been ready to fuck me into submission. Over the last 5 months, he has not wanted to have sex as he has been worried about his business. I wanted to be supportive of him but I also wanted his hard cock between my legs again.

I had begun fantasising about some of the guys in my office and the salesmen upstairs; they don’t hold a candle to my husband in any way, but a girl has needs.

I got to my office on Monday morning to find a message on the limo line. I pushed the play button and heard an old man on the line talking to Tom (he lost the business to the bank).

He said that he had a team of four men doing a job that had to be finished by 5pm Friday night and that he wanted to reward them the same way as before with a night out at the ball park, dinner and then bar hopping. He also said that he would like to have the same escort as last time and to tell her that if she was as good as she was last time, he would double her tip.

He left his number and said to call him and confirm the details. This sounded like a great job at the worst time of the year.

I called Brock and told him I would call the man back and set up everything. Brock’s spirits were lifted and he sounded upbeat for the first time in months.

When I called, his secretary answered the phone and I asked for Dale. After waiting for a few minutes, a very professional sounding man came on the line and I explained that I was returning his call to the limo company.

He asked for Tom and I told him that Tom no longer owned the company but that I could assist him. He told me that Tom always took care of his needs when he comes to Darwin. I told him I could get second row seating behind the dugout for Friday’s game and that I can make reservations at Sizzler for dinner.

He stopped me right there and said, “I’m sorry but I need Tom, you see, these men have been working 16 hours a day for 22 straight days and need a release and a reward for a job well done. The last time I had a team in Darwin two years ago, Tom had the whole evening and every detail taken care of and every man on my team had a night to remember. That’s what I want for these men…”

The whole time he was talking I was thinking, he wants a hooker who will spend the night with these guys, I was thinking we are going to lose this guys’ account when, all of a sudden, I stopped him and told him I could take care of everything. He then asked about the girl and I told him that while I could not provide her, I would be able to make sure his men had a memorable night.

He asked me to describe the women I intended to send for the night.

I told him she was 5’7″ and fit with brown hair, brown eyes and a very nice chest.

He then agreed and said the terms would be the same.

I stopped him right there and told him that those prices were 2 years old and that it would be an additional 20% this time.

He agreed and I then told him that I needed to ask another question as I did not know what the girl would be paid.

He said that she was paid $2000 per man last time and that there were 6 men including him and her and so tip was 5K, so she made 17K in one night. He told me she was fantastic and that if I could contact Tom somehow and find her, he would really appreciate it.

I told him I would try and we agreed to talk on Thursday to confirm everything.

When I hung up the phone, I was wet between my legs, I had described myself just to get the job and now I had to find an escort to have a wild night with 4-5 men.

I called Brock and told him to find the records and find out what this guy paid for the night’s limo rental, the game and the restaurant.

In 20 minutes he called back and said that the only thing he could find was a bill to this guys’ company for $7,700 for a night rental. I then told Brock I charged him 20% more this year. He was excited and said he was going to drive the limo that night.

I called my boss and asked for the rugby tickets and since I had not asked all year, he said I could have the prized Friday night game. I had been at my desk for 2 hours and was yet to do any work for the company paying my salary.

As I was doing my work, my mind kept going back to the $17K this hooker made in one night having sex!!! I was so horny that I could probably wear out four guys that had gone without for a month

“Could I?” I thought before having a small orgasm thinking about it.

That night, when I got home, Brock was upset. He said that two of his drivers quit today because we did not have enough business to keep them busy.

He said he had four bookings for Friday and Saturday night and only him and one other driver. I fixed dinner and made a drink and went out to the pool and told him it would work itself out. I told him we could call my brother and ask if any of his valets wanted to work for us this weekend.

He then told me that he could not get a hold of Tom who had suddenly disappeared and has no idea what to do for an escort.

I still couldn’t get the thought of me being this escort out of my mind.

Do I tell Brock or not?

He used to tell me as we were fucking that all the men we had seen that night wished they were fucking me instead of their own wives or girlfriends. He always said this, I’m sure, for my benefit and his. But I’m not sure if he was serious when he told me to imagine his cock is that of someone who was looking at my breasts that night.

When he does this it intensifies his sex drive and brings on major orgasms on my part, but I never tell him. I tell him he is crazy and to shut up and fuck me.

We had the house to ourselves all week and our daughters were with grandma. I went back into the house, put on my sexy bikini, went back outside and tried to get him to calm down. I was on my third drink and had been extremely horny all day since talking to Dale on the phone.

Brock was sitting on a patio chair when I came up from behind and started to massage his cock through his shorts. When his cock started to stir, he got out of the chair and said, “Sorry, but I need to to figure things out.”

I striped and dived into the pool. I dearly loved my husband and would always stand by him but I was also horny and had decided that I going to be the escort for Dale and his crew.

I was also not going to tell Brock, at least, until it was done. He would be upset and think I might be leaving him. Nothing could be farther from the truth; I just need to have my body and mind refreshed with some good, hard cock.

I slept great that night but when I got up, Brock was not in bed; I found him and six empty beer bottles on the couch.

I woke him as I was leaving for work and he told me that he was sorry and that he loved me. I told him that I loved him too and left.

When I got to the office, the first thing I did was tell my boss I needed Friday off. He told me it would be no problem as I was one of the best employees in the company. He always made me feel good and I think he has a crush on me but oh well.

My pussy has been in a constant state of arousal since I had my conversation with Dale.

I went shopping at lunch for sexy clothes to wear on Friday night.

By the end of lunchtime, I had bought some really sexy outfits. One for the game, another for the restaurant and yet another for when I was going to seduce the four guys. I spent $277.00 and I was going to be the sexiest girl in Darwin on Friday night.

I left work early and went to an adult shop to rent a video so I could see what the pro’s do when there is more than one man. I had never been in an adult shop before, Brock had tried to get me to go, but I said, “Hell no!”

He buys his ‘Penthouse Letters’ magazine and sexual aids for both of us there and he got me a cream that I apply to my clit and my orgasms are more powerful and intense. He also buys himself a liquid he inhales while he is fucking me. He says that it makes his senses explode inside his head and that he can feel the tip of his cock touch everywhere in my cunt. I know when he’s using the stuff because after he has a sniff he gets more vocal and slows way down and asks me how is cock feels touching the walls of my pussy.

He brings his cock all the way out, rubs it against my clit, then puts it all the way in, real slow, then pulls it out and rubs it on my clit again. He repeats this all while telling me what his cock feels like fucking my hot body.

We both have earth shattering climaxes (God I miss him).

As I was looking at the movie rack, I noticed a wall of movies and a sign that said, ‘Now showing’. I walked over and looked at the movies and it suddenly striked me that half were gay movies. Wow.

The other half was normal and three of them were more than one guy with a girl.

I asked the cashier where I could see these movies and he tells me that I need tokens. I bought five dollars and went into a dark back room.

The first thing I noticed was that there were five men standing around. I saw the booths, chose one away from them, went in and sat down and deposited my tokens.

The screen flashed and before long, I was watching my first ever porno film at 21 years old. The movie was of two guys sucking each other’s hard cocks, it looked very naughty but those two hard cocks were really turning me on.

I scrolled down and I soon saw a big chested blonde who had a cock in her mouth while a cock was pumping into her from behind. My pussy was wet from watching all of this action.

I scrolled down again to see another two-guy one girl scene. In this one, she was on her knees and before long she was alternating between the two hard cocks and was sucking and slurping them.

Then, she stood up, walked over to a couch and had one guy sit on the couch before positioning her cunt just above and lowering herself down on his thick cock.

Then, she directed the other hard cock to her mouth. I was mesmerised by this display of raunchiness. I was also enjoying many little silent orgasms as I watched.

Then, all of a sudden, through a hole I had not noticed, a hard cock popped through.

My face was inches away from a hard cock, what I was supposed to do with it?

I had never touched a cock other than Brocks in years.

I froze.

Then, it hit me, in 3 days, I was going to be paid to be a whore for a night and so I had better get used to it.

I grabbed it and started stroking it. It seemed to grow and was so hot and warm, that before too long, it was in my mouth and I was giving head to the first man other than my husband in my life.

I was really getting into this and within a minute, he was shooting his cum all over the floor. I pulled my mouth off when he started to cum.

I loved that for the first years of my marriage, I hardly ever gave Brock head because I was taught it was dirty. The only time he got his cock sucked was if I was drunk.

I decided to watch another movie and so I put another token in. I had just put a finger in my panties when another hard cock popped through the hole again. I wasted no time in stroking it and sliding my tongue on the tip and tasting precum.

I was really getting into sucking this cock as he had lasted a lot longer than the first guy. I had a hand and my mouth wrapped around this cock and my other hand in my panties.

I had the most intense orgasm of my life when I felt the cock start to fuck my mouth as the guy pounded his cock through the booth and down my throat. He let loose with a torrent of cum that I could never catch and swallow at once and so it ran down my chin.

I was resting back in the chair when another cock popped through the hole. I had decided that I had enough excitement for a day. I gave it a few tugs and left the booth.

As I got out of the booth, there was a line of six guys waiting their turn. I hurried out of that place.

I masturbated to an explosive climax on the freeway on my way home.

I got home only an hour late and Brock said nothing as he was studying reports on his computer about his business. I told him his business was not something he needed to study on a computer for and that his business was a people business and that he needed to make contacts that have access to the people who need limos. I told him to call my brother and ask him what he did when a hotel guest needed a limo and what kind of commission he would have to pay to be put on his hotel call list.

I called my brothers hotel and put him and Brock on the line together. After about ten minutes, Brock hung up and was smiling when he came into the house as I was getting out of my soaked panties.

He told me Tim would put Brock in touch with the people in charge of a new hotel that had called Tim and offered him a job as head bellman. Tim had turned them down but had gone to the meeting and found that he knew a lot of the people and was sure he could make a good connection for Brock.

I stripped, went out to the back yard, dove into the pool and was living my afternoon when Brock came out of the house naked with a margarita and a beer.

I smiled and took the margarita, took a drink and told him to sit on the edge of the pool and relax. He did and I kissed him, put my drink down and put my lips on his soft cock.

It came back to life and my man’s hard cock never felt so good. I nursed it real slow and soon he was as hard as he had ever been.

After sucking the cocks in the video store, I was ready for this and I knew right then that this was going to be the best head of his life. As I was sucking on his cock, he had his hands all over my tits. He loves my tits and had not touched them in months.

It felt so good with his hands all over them, tweaking my nipples and my mouth swallowing his rigid cock. He was telling me how much he has missed my tits and that he was going to fuck me silly right there in our back yard that night.

I couldn’t wait and so I really started to play with his cock and very soon, he shot his sweet cum down my throat (something I never let him do, even when I’m drunk).

I swallowed all of it and so he pulled me up and gave me a wet kiss and tasted his cum on my tongue. He liked it and before long, I was on my back and he was feasting on my clit with his tongue.

He was so good at eating me out and I had forgotten how good it felt. I had several orgasms before he finally came up for air with a throbbing cock.

I begged him to fuck me. He wasted no time and I was so wet from his tongue that his cock slid right in and soon he was fucking my brains out.

I had a shattering climax and let out a yell that, I’m sure, alerted the neighbours. He was telling me he was sorry for the past 5 months and that it would never happen again.

He exploded with his second load for the past 45 minutes and I swear it was bigger than the first as I was leaking all the way to the shower.

We fucked once more that night and he went to sleep with a smile on his face for the first time in months.

We had a quickie in the shower that morning and it was awesome to see my man happy again.

I got to the office and after lunch, I got a call from my brother telling me he had set up the drivers for Brock this weekend. I thanked him and he said that it was about time he helped Brock as Brock had done so much for him. (Years ago, my brother was an alcoholic and Brock and I brought him to the NT and cleaned him up. He has since been employee of the year at his 4 star hotel and is married with a kid on the way.). After I hung up with him, Brock called to say that he loved me and that the lead from Tim paid off. Brock would sign a contract with this new hotel for all of his limos. I told him that it was great news and that I couldn’t wait to get home tonight and make up for the lost time together. He then told me he was going to the game with the new Director of services with the new hotel. I told him to go and have fun.

I got back to work and an hour later, I answered the limo phone and it was Dale, Friday’s customer. He wanted to know if everything was all lined up and ready to go. I had forgotten about this as I had my husband back in my bed but while talking to him, my crotch was getting wet.

I told him everything was ready to go and that I would see him and his men on Friday. He asked if I had found the escort he requested and, when I said no, he had a little disappointment in his voice. I told him that if he was not completely satisfied, he would not have to pay the escort at all.

He wanted to know how I could make that claim and I assured him that she was highly recommended and that she does not accept many engagements. He sounded intrigued and said great, he said he would call again tomorrow afternoon to make sure everything was a go.

I was really excited and wanted to go out and find two men to use my body tonight to see if I could keep them happy and entertained. Where to go? Not back to the arcade. Maybe a bar within a hotel? Then it hit me, the airport was full of men waiting in the lounges. I needed to find two men who were early arriving at the airport or stopping over.

I went home and took a nice bath and sucked Brock dry before he left for the game. After he left, I got dressed in my tight jeans and put on my fuck me pumps with a thin-strapped silk tank top that showed my braless tits very nicely.

The airport was 20 minutes from our house and my crotch was soaking wet when I parked my car in the garage. I left my coat in my car and walked inside the terminal before I spotted two pilots walking ahead of me.

I couldn’t see their faces but from behind, it looked like they should do. They then started to walk towards a door marked, ‘Pilots Lounge’.

Just as they used a card to open the door, I said, “Excuse me,”

They both turned around and I immediately caught them staring at my chest. They tipped their hats to me, as they were quite obviously, both gentlemen. I asked them if they would guide me to the lounge for a drink as I have a lot of time to kill. They invited me in.

It was a very private and plush lounge reserved for Airline Pilots only. I noticed that these two worked for Qantas. This place was real nice.

We ordered drinks and before long we were having a great conversation. But I had not gone there to talk, I had come to seduce two or more men. These two would do very nicely.

I decided Tom was at least my age and had a nicely chiselled body and his co-pilot Eric was a twenty something stud. We were only there fifteen minutes when I had finished my second drink.

I was ready and announced to the boys my intention to fuck two pilots tonight and that I had chosen them. As I was talking, my hands each had a cock under the table. I was going to enjoy this. Eric paid the bill and the three of us walked out to my car and Eric said he had a room already at the Holiday Inn.

Tom drove and I sat in the middle and Eric wasted no time in fondling my tits. I had both of their cocks out and was jerking both of them until we pulled into the hotel car park. Our room was on the third floor and Eric wanted me to suck him in the elevator, I said he could wait a few more minutes.

Tom was the perfect gentleman. I winked at him when we got to the room and within minutes I had two very hard and nice looking cocks to feast on. I was on the bed with my pumps and jeans off but my top still on because Tom liked the feel of my silk top against his cock.

I let him titty fuck me with my shirt on and cum on it. Eric was getting jealous and wanted his cock sucked, he had stripped off his uniform and I was treated to a rock hard hairless body. When I started to suck on his cock, he was lying on the bed and I put my cunt right over his mouth and we enjoyed a nice 69.

He was not as good as my husband. He was more eager and in a hurry, but I still had a nice orgasm with his tongue. Tom sat in a chair stroking his cock watching and drinking his cocktail.

Without warning Eric flooded my mouth with a very nice load of cum. This was Tom’s clue to join me on the bed. He had me lie down on my back as he stood up and put his thick cock in my already loosened pussy. He felt so good that I could have fucked him for hours and still want more of his cock. He would slow down and take a tit in his mouth and flick his tongue over my nipple as his cock slowly fucked my cunt.

He gave me three orgasms before he pulled out and came all over my tits and then he licked all of his cum and shared it with me. It seemed like Tom had fucked me for over an hour and it felt so good but in reality, it was only 15 minutes. Eric came over and wanted to fuck me now. His cock was at least as big as Brock’s and felt very good as he wanted it doggie style. We were on the bed and he was playing with my tits and fucking me hard when Tom came up and asked if he could feed me his cock at the same time. In two days I was going to be fucking four guys so I’d better get used to it.

I used my eyes to answer his polite request. His cock was much thicker than either Brock or Eric’s, but in just a few minutes I was able to swallow the whole thing to the base of his scrotum. I really liked the feeling of his cock in the back of my throat and as Eric was pounding my cunt and getting a tight hold on my tits, I realized that for the first time in my life I was being fucked by two cocks at once.

I had the most intense orgasm of my life and went lifeless. The cocks were supporting me in my cunt and mouth and Eric’s hand holding my tits. Eric realised this and continued his pounding of his cock but put his strong arm around my stomach to lift my body up to meet his thrusts. When I regained my senses I looked up at Tom and we made eye contact, he erupted and emptied his balls into my throat.

I loved it. I kept his cock in my mouth until he was soft. When I released his cock, he kissed me and told me that that was the best blowjob of his life.

Eric was still pounding my pussy and was now moving his cock around in my pussy, bouncing off the walls of my cunt, as he called it. This is the same way Brock fucks me when he is using his “stuff”. I then told him to slap my ass, Brock does this and it sends me right over the edge. He started slapping and I closed my eyes and I felt my husband doing this to me, I was in heaven as was getting pounded by my husband as a virgin again.

I opened my eyes and realised that he was pounding me harder now that I was building towards a tremendous climax. He impaled my arse against his pelvic bone as I grinded my throbbing lips against his pelvis. He let go of the largest load of cum I had ever taken. I was sent to the most powerful orgasm of my life.

He was still spurting in my body when the sting had subsided. He must of cum for over a minute with grunts and thrusts the whole time. I was still concentrating on my initial bliss when he let go with another shot of his never-ending climax.


I had had yet another massive orgasm.

He finally pulled his cock out of my hot cunt and I went right for it, I had to taste the most powerful orgasm of my life. I knew, then and there, why Brock loved to eat me after we fucked. I knew that I was going to let him from now on.

Eric collapsed on the bed next to me.

I got up and was looking for my clothes when Tom asked me to stay the night. I told him I had a husband waiting to fuck me when I got home. He asked if we could meet again and I thought that I would really like that and so I gave him my number.

I was home and asleep when Brock came home drunk and wanting to celebrate his newly found success. I woke up, not for the sex, as much as for his happiness and attitude change. THIS is the man I married, not the moping, feeling sorry for himself man who led me astray. I owe him a thank you.

I got up to brush my teeth and apply some of his clit cream as I loved that stuff. I came back to bed and he already had a hard cock and wanted me to suck it.

The old me would push it to my tits and avoid sucking it. Not the new me! I devoured his cock and I looked at him so that he could see the smile on my face. I was glad to have him back.

He had his snuff and he sniffed a bit and soon he was asking me where I had been for the last two years as this was the best head of his life. He so wanted to cum in my mouth.

“Can I?” he asks, “Please…… OOOOOHHHH YYYESSSSS!”

He flooded my mouth with a huge load of my favourite sweet cum. We kissed and then I pushed him down to my cunt (he is in heaven as this is a treat also). He was very good at eating my pussy and by the time he was done he would have three fingers in my cunt and his tongue would be fucking my clit. This was such a treat for me.

I don’t know why I rarely let him do it before. He was so steady with the rhythm of his tongue that I was in a state of bliss and was enjoying a nonstop orgasm for at least ten minutes before the three fingers were replaced by his huge cock.

He was not fucking my walls as Eric called it just 2 hours ago. This time I closed my eyes and thought about the climax with Eric and was soon reliving that fantastic orgasm I just had. My body became possessed and I was now returning his thrusts right back to him and we were in a rhythm we had never before achieved and we were both soon exploding into each other.

Brock kept his grunts and thrusts coming and I soon pulled his still hard cock out and he came on my tits and face. We shared our love and we were both in heaven. I love this man.

I slept like a baby that night and when I left for work Brock was still sound asleep. I kissed his forehead and drove to work.

I was having serious second thoughts about doing this job as Brock had returned to his former self. I was only doing this for his company.

Sure, we could use the money, but I had slept with two strangers and sucked two anonymous cocks in the past two days and was getting ready to be a slut for four men in one more night.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it and I wanted cock. I had been a prude for too long and I had gone without for almost 6 months. I wanted cock and more cock and more cock. And the more cock I got, the more I was becoming a slut.

I hoped this wasn’t just a stage that I was going through. But yes I was going to fuck and suck all of these men tomorrow night.

The morning flew by and when Dale called at noon to say that the guys were not going to make the deadline, my heart sank. I was so looking forward to it. He said that there were problems and that they had to work through Sunday to finish.

He told me to charge a 20% cancellation fee and told me that he would call again if he needed my services. He could sense the disappoint in my tone when I thanked him.

For the rest of the afternoon, I was depressed. I lost track of time and finished late. I looked at the clock and it was almost 7pm.

“Damn!” I said to myself, “What am I doing here so late?”

I put everything away and was walking out of my office when the limo line rang. I was too depressed to answer it and I let it go to the answering machine and I left.

When I get to my car, my cell phone was ringing. Brock was wondering where I was, he had been calling me for 2 hours. I asked if he had tried my office and I told him to get his dinner as I was beat.

When I got home, Brock was nowhere to be found as he had gone for a beer with our neighbour. I crawled into bed and was just getting to sleep when the phone rang. It was Brock telling me that he was mad that I did not tell him that Mr. Ryan cancelled. I told him that I was going to tell him tomorrow and that there was nothing he could do about it tonight.

“Well I just checked the messages and it says the party is still on.” He said.

He said that when he told his men it was off they became determined to finish and it looks like they will be done by 7pm. 2 hours late.

“That’s fantastic!” I screamed.

“I know. I love you,” he said, before hanging up the phone.

I had a fantastic night of sleep and in the morning Brock was long gone. I did not have to work so I was going to do my hair and nails and get some sun in the back yard topless.

I had asked Brock who was going to drive the limo for Mr. Ryan’s group and he said that one of Tim’s guys was going to because they are known for such good service. I was not going to tell Brock that I was the escort, at least not yet. He still thought that I was going out with my friends tonight.

The limo was scheduled to pick the guys up at a hotel downtown. I would meet the limo and announce that I was the escort and greet them all there. I couldn’t wait.

The day flew by.

I was inside the hotel when the limo showed up and I walked out to meet the driver. When he opened the door and got out, I saw a very light skinned man. He tiped his hat to me and opened the door and I got in and told him that our guests would be down in a minute. I still didn’t know what these men would look like but the suspense was soon broken when four hunks in there twenties appeared out of nowhere.

“I am going to enjoy this!” I thought to myself.

When they were all seated, our driver, Ken, told us that we were all going to the game, which had already started, then to dinner and then to wherever they wanted to go.

The guys all introduced themselves to me. There’s John, Mike, Jim and the last guy was introduced as Bat.

“Bat?” I asked.

They just smiled.

Ken closed the door and were moving towards the stadium which was less then a mile away.

We did not even get a drink before we were there. Our seats were great, but the game was a blowout. As Queensland scored, the guys went nuts as they were from Brisbane.

We were having a good time when I asked about Dale and if they knew if he would be joining us. Mike was the team leader and he said the fact that they thought they would not be finished caused Dale to cancel.

“Oh well,” I sighed, “I really liked his voice and was wondering what it would be like touck a much older successful man.”

We left the game early and on the way to the restaurant, I made the first move and took my hand to Jim’s jeans got his cock nice and hard in his jeans. I turned my attention to Mike and also Johns. Bat was in the seat closest to the bar. I had three hard cocks when I got up, went to Bat and found out the reason they call him ‘Bat’. He was hung like a horse.

His cock, just when soft, was as long as my forearm. I was actually very nervous because when it got hard, it was even longer and had to be as thick as a baseball bat.

I got him hard and could not believe my eyes. He was huge! All the others were as big as Brock or bigger but they were appetisers compared to this one eyed monster I had awakened.

Before we made it to the restaurant in town, I had gotten all four of them to shoot a load of cum by giving them each a hand job.

The exception being Bat and so I decided I would attempt to suck him off and was pleasantly surprised when I realised that I could get about 6 inches of Bats’ cock in my mouth and when he came I swallowed everything he shot from his baseball sized balls.

We had a very nice dinner and then the boys all wanted to fuck before we went to the bars. We got back into the limo and it was agreed that bat was going to be last.

We decided youngest to oldest. John was twenty two and so he was first. Mike was 24 and 4 months and was a month older than Jim, Bat was the oldest at 25.

I relished at the thought of these four, hard, young and sex starved cocks fucking me all night. I had John sit in the captain’s chair that Bat was in before and I called Bat over to feed my mouth his cock as I sat on John’s big cock.

John’s cock, being the first of the night, felt so big. I ground my pussy into him, then shoved his cock right up into me, rubbed his cock against my clit and then shoved it down on him again. I then grabbed Bat’s bat and started to lick it like a popsicle and suck only the head and in less than 2 minutes he was shooting his second load of the night all over my top.

Mike then made his way to my mouth and I was still on John’s cock and I had my first orgasm of the night. John then shot the first of what I hoped to be many loads of cum up into my hot cunt. Mike then quickly bent me over the captain’s chair and drilled my cunt from behind.

He was having a great time and so was I when Jim came up and fed me his nine-inch cock. I was ready to try to swallow the whole thing. I was in heaven and was wondering what I missed from the first 21 years of my life.

Mike was telling me that he had fantastic staying power so I might as well get used to his pounding as he will outlast the rest of them and be ready for faster fucking. With Mike’s rhythm down pat, I turned my attention to Jim’s monster 9 inch cock. I was having a great time teasing the top and then I got down to business and tried to swallow the whole thing. It took a few minutes but soon he was all the way in my throat. I did it. He loved it and said I was the first to do it to him ever and he soon shot his second load of the night down my throat.

I cleaned him up and said that I wanted his cock in my pussy soon. He said that if I could suck cock like that all night he did not need to fuck me. I just smiled as I realised Mike was right.

We had been fucking for 30 minutes when I decided to speed things up. I wanted the baseball bat to try and fuck me. So I clamped down with my pussy muscles and grabbed his cock and held it in a vice. He was shocked that he could not pump his cock through the tightened walls of my cunt. I milked his cock till he shot a huge load in my throbbing pussy.

Now, it was time for Bat. I had to lay on the floor of the limo and spread my legs wide so he could have a chance of getting it in me. He was not that big of a man but he had the fattest, longest cock I had ever seen in my life. He told me that he had never been in a woman fully. I believed him. He put the first inch in me and I swear I had never been stretched this much before, well, not including child birth.

I totally relaxed and soon he had 8 inches in and he announced that this was the farthest he had ever been in a woman. He was loving it and I was still trying to relax. I told him to keep going. He was now 10 inches in and he was smiling. I felt his cock getting harder and growing more.

It was time for me to start enjoying the bat in me. Before too long, he had eased himself into my cunt completely and I was in a constant state of climax as his cock had stretched my skin so that my clit was at the base of his cock and so that I could feel the heat from it on my clit.

I told him to start slow and fuck me harder. He did not disappoint and he was soon thrusting in and out of my cunt with agressive thrusts. I was lost in oblivion as he moved my entire body with every thrust.

He came after about 3 minutes of brutalising my cunt but I had had at least four orgasms with his cock imbedded inside me.

With his cum leaking from my cunt, everyone agreed to forget about bar hopping. I knocked on the door and told the driver to take us back to the hotel. Ken the driver’s eyes were locked on my tits as he responded to me. The window went back up and it seemed like Mike was hard again. He was seated on the couch and I swallowed his cock whole and proceeded to have him shoot another load in my mouth.

We got to the hotel and I told Ken to pick me up at 2am.

When we got to the room Jim and John took me to the bed and wanted to DP me. Jim wanted my ass and John wanted my pussy. I told all of them that my arse was usually off limits but that I would try. Then I told them both that thanks to Bat, I could put both of them in my cunt.

After a few minutes of positioning, I managed to find myself fucking two cocks. One was in my ass and the other in my cunt, both at once. I loved it and they were in a rhythm that meant I had a constant orgasm and was continually being pounded.

I must have had 20 climaxes before they came in unison.

Bat was ready again and so was I. I had him lie down on the bed with his pole sticking straight up and I stood over it and lowered my self on top of him. Relaxing all the way down, I was at the bottom in less than a minute and was bouncing to what seemed like the roof of the room screaming so loud that Mike had to feed me his cock to shut me up.

I attacked his cock with lust and was determined to make the other three cum in my mouth before I let the bat deflate in my cunt. The constant orgasm I had before when he fucked me on the floor was even more intensified with me on top grinding my clit into him.

I flicked my tongue under Mike’s balls and engulfed his huge cock and soon I was drinking his nectar. Mike’s cum was still in my mouth when John was filling my mouth with his hot cock again.

Soon, I had his cock all the way down my throat and his balls were slapping my face. I was flooding the bed with all of my love juices from the bat ramming my cunt. Before too long, John could take no more and flooded my mouth with another fresh load.

Patiently waiting was Jim, I sucked his cock also as Bat continued ramming my cunt with great force. He was scooping up my love juice and licking it off his fingers as I was the only girl who had ever been able to fuck him for so long. The guys had given him shit before because he cums too fast; but not this time.

I had my tongue working on Jim as his cock was all the way down my throat when I felt a volcano explode in my cunt. His blasts actually lifted my body up and I was swallowing Jims cock in such a way that he also exploded and I had the sensation of two beautiful cocks exploding inside me at once.

I was again as lifeless as I was with Eric but this time I was impaled on Bat’s Pole. He was doing a fine job of keeping me upright.

After five minutes to calm down I climbed off his pole and asked who is next. They were all surprised I was still up for more but they said that they were finished as they needed to work tomorrow. They had lied to Dale because the guys who had done the last Job in Darwin had bragged about the party afterwards.

Mike helped me walk down to the lounge where Ken was waiting as I seemed to have lost some feeling in my legs from Bat’s monster cock ravaging my insides. Ken opened the limo door for me and we started to leave. I rolled down the window and asked Ken if his night was ok.

“I had a marvelous night, Ma’am,” he replied in a charming tone.

I asked him when he was supposed to finish that night and he said that he’d be finishing at 3. He had an hour and a half to go.

I told him I had never had sex with an older man before and would like him to be my first. Ken was in his 50’s. I looked him in the eye and told him to park the car and to get in the back with me. He wasted no time and before too long, I was staring at the second largest cock of my life and for that night for that matter.

He must’ve been able to watch the show with the guys before and seen Bat fucking me because he slid his cock all the way to the hilt in one strong trust. My jaw dropped and I screamed in pleasure, or was it pain? I wasn’t sure. Ether way, I asked him to slow down because I wanted to feel his hot cock for a while.

It was no use; I may as well have been talking to a wall as he continued to drive his cock inside me like a battering ram. Again and again, my cunt was pumped into and again, I felt my legs go numb.

As I looked up into his eyes, I saw no emotion. He seemed almost possessed until finally, he shot a huge load of grandpa cum into my cunt.

He told me that if I sucked him, he would be hard again in no time. I thought, “what the hell,” and I did as he instructed. He was right and I was soon impaled on his monster cock again for over 45 minutes and was sent through numerous orgasms before he came again. This time he came more than any of the men had done that night and even more than Eric the pilot. I was totally fucked out.

“Take me home, please,” I ordered my driver.

When I got home, Ken handed me a DVD and told me it was mine to do with as I chose. He was supposed to turn it in but he had not turned off the camera used for security when he and I fucked and he was afraid he would not be paid if he was found out.

I told him I was paying him and tipped him $500.00 like Dale and I agreed on. I said goodnight and took the DVD into the house and was soon in bed.

The next day, I woke up both sore and also feeling completely satisfied. I stayed in bed all day as the feeling in my legs had not yet fully returned and my throat felt as though it was made of sand paper.

I called Dale at noon and he told me that the escort was in deed worthy of his employees and that he would pay her $20,000 including tip. The limo bill was over 10 K with tip. This man spent 30K on one night for four of his employees.

I asked him to call me directly next time he was in town as I wanted to meet the man who takes such good care of his employees. I still have not decided what to do with the DVD but I’ll let you know.”,

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