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Weekend of discovery

I want to say sorry for the horrible grammar and the misspelled words i had no time to proofread or spell check.

I remember like it was yesterday, I got up at 6am on a Friday to get ready to go to work and I was excited. I was excited because I knew I was going to have my house all alone for the weekend. My parents since Monday told me they where going on a trip and where going to stay the weekend and comeback Sunday in the night. I was 17 at the time. I was really eager to get home from work for one reason, to get home and change clothes. By the way I love to wear girls clothes, I don’t consider myself as homosexual or a travesty, I just love wearing girls clothes and the feeling it leaves me. I do play around sometimes and pretend I am a girl and do things girls do for example the way they talk, their hand movements, the way the walk or even on trying they masturbate, but I do not consider myself on that range of being “gay”. I got out from work at 4pm and I headed rushing to my house. As soon as I go there quickly I closed the door and closed the blinds. I went to my room and took out my stash where I have all my clothes separated and organized from my normal clothes. I knew already what I wanted to wear for a Friday afternoon. I took out my aqua color Hollister skater skirt, I took out a white crop top shirt. For underwear and bra I got my Hollister thong whit flower pattern and a aqua colored bra to match with the skirt. I had some silicone breast and quickly put them on. I got my brunette curly hair wig put it on and did my make up. I don’t know how to do make up, so the only thing that I put on is lipstick and the thing for the eyelashes. I put on some white short socks and white converse. It felt really nice dressing up as girl completely and being to walk around the house acting like a girl. I was at the kitchen looking around what to make for dinner and was not able to find anything so I decided to order a pizza. while the pizza was in process I remembered I bought a 24pack of beer and decided to drink and play on my computer. Everytime I walked I felt a breeze of air going up my skirt, it felt amazing. I could stop everytime I got in front of a mirror to look at myself, I couldtn believe it I actually looked like a girl. Ill walked around the mirror and see how my skirt moves and hits my butt. I felt kind of tipsy I had already drank 4 beers. I forgot to look at the estimated time of arrival for my pizza and when I looked it was already on way to my house. I couldn’t change because I wouldn’t make it for when the delivery guy shows up. I was really nervous about this and shy, I was going to open the door dressed the way I was. I heard a knock on the door and heard the delivery guy shout “PIZZA HUT” so nervously walked towards the door and opened slightly with a $20 dollar bill on my hand. The delivery guy did not know what to say so he handed my pizza quick and took the money and quickly gave me change. No one said a word, I know he wanted to say something and I was screaming inside of the ebarrasmetn I had. I headed on my room and sat on my office chair in front of my computer waiting for my game to load and eating my slice of pizza and drinking my beer. I wanted to sit ladylike with my legs crossed and straight but I couldn’t. I was sitting with my legs wide open showing my freshly shaved legs from the morning. I lifted my skirt and was looking at my “vagina” (I had just tucked and taped my penis and it looked like I had a vagina, even if you looked at it from behind you could notice it). I started to rub my “vagina” I felt my bulge getting harder and harder and it felt good, but I stopped I didn’t to ruin my tuck. I was dark outside and I remembered I had some cigarettes hidded in my closet. I got a cigarret and headed outside. It was warm but there was a breeze. That breeze felt nice on my legs and up my skirt. The breeze was lifting my skirt and was pretending to be a girl and try to becarful on not showing my undies. I was comfortable smoking my cigarrete when I hear my neighbors who get well along with my family outside on their backyard. It looked like they where having like a little get along amongs themselves and some other people. At the time we had a slide in the back yard for my nephews. I went on top just to get a quick glampse and smoke my cigarrete and drink my beer up there. It was dark they couldn’t see me up there. I got up and sat at the top of the. I could feel the cold plastic of the slide in my ass, but I didn’t mind. It was a pleasant night I could see the cars form the street behind me house pass by I would often stand up and some cars would honk at me . I don’t know if the can tell I am not a girl or if I am dresses up as one. I finished my beer and my cigarrete and headed inside the house to continue play on the computer . By that time I could say I was drunk and I was tripping all over the place in the back yard and I tought to myself on how funny I must look with a skirt a crop top. I got inside the house and i was just walking around waving my skirt around and feeling it move. I got to my room and in my computer I had youtube on and it was playing random music and the son hard to explain by the strokes was up and at the time I was so into that band. I paused the song from the computer and put it on my phone and put on some head phones. I reached over got my guitar and started playing the song. I pretended I was playing in a concert. It felt nice moving side to side moving my head and feeling “my hair” move and get on my face, feel the air coming in from the window and hitting my shaved legs. When the song was over I notice the time it was around 9:30pm I headed to my room, placed my guitar on its place and I continue to play on my computer. I was sitting down and unconsciously started to rub my “vagina” I felt my penis getting harder and harder. I started to get a semi orgasm and I had precum at my ass. I took away what I was using to tuck and let my penis free. It seem funny once I stood up to have a short skirt that reached about 4 inches above my knee and to noticesable bulge from my penis. I started to stroke my penis, it was really hard and I had precum on my hand already. I was so aroused and I was so drunk already that I notice that I was actually moaning like a girl. I reambered I saw a toy in the living room that had a shape of a dildo, it was about 6 inches long and a inch wide. I went to grab it, I washed it troughly and I put a condom on it. I never done what I was about to do, but I was drunk and aroused that I just went for it. I placed some of my precum on the toy to get it moisture. When I touched my ass it was already wet. I was standing up and leaned up to wall I had one had stroking softly my penis and the other had had the toy and was rubbing against my anus. I was so aroused I started to push the toy inside my anus. It hurt a bit, but at the same time it felt nice. I got the tip of the toy inside and softly started to push it side more. It felt nice. I had my face up against up the wall my ass sticking out, my legs open and one had spreading my ass and the other putting the toy in and out of my ass. I was ejaculating from my penis, but I could tell it was precum. I sat down on the ground adjusted my skirt so it wont get wet and had my toy position up and sat down on it. I was going up and down, I would place the whole toy up my ass and stroke my penis hard. I was so turn on and I could feel I was about to ejaculate. I started to go faster up and down, I was moaning loud and like a girl actually. I felt the semen come out extremely fast and landed far away. It was a huge load. I felt a huge orgasm on my whole body and I felt another when I took the toy out of my ass. I headed to the bathroom for toilet paper to clean the mess. I had no underwear on and my penis went back no a small state. It looked cute having a small bulge on my skirt. i went to my room and cleaned the cum on the floor. It looked like I dropped a full glass of candle wax on floor. I put my thong back on. went to my clothes back again and got some pijamas and new underwear. My pijamas where some really short and tight shorts. They where white with some graphic design and a pink tank top. I went to the bathroom to get the shower running. I placed some music on my phone and started to undress in the bathroom. I pulled down my skirt slowly and removed my shirt. I was with my thong and bra. I went out of the bathroom and went outside to have a cigarrete. I was almost nude outside. I could hear my neighbors laughing and shouting. It was funny that they had no idea I was on my bra and underwear. I finished my cigarrete and headed inside to the shower. I took my bra off and place my silicone breast on the countertop, on top of my pjs and I placed the bra on top of them. I pulled my thong and left it on the ground. I headed iside the shower, I didn’t take of my wig. I was taking a shower with it I even shampooed it. I got out, I got my towel and started to dry my self. I got dressed. I put my white and light blue striped hipster panties on, they kind of looked like the pantied they show on anime shows where there is a school girl and they lift up their skirt and they show their panties. Then I put on my bra and silicone breast back on. lastly i put on my shorts and shirt. I had my towel on y head to get my “hair” dry. I got the hair dryer and started to dry my wig while still wearing it. It was around 10:40pm and I was sleepy already so I just brushed my wig and went to sleep. The next day since I didn’t work (I actually called in sick to work) I got up at 7am and I kind of had a little hang over. I went outside with a cigarrete, still on my pjs, I was wearing my converse just slipped on. the sun bearly came out and it was a little foggy and it was a nice morning. I still had my wig and my silicone breast. When I done with my cigarrete I could feel it was started to get warm. I went inside, wiped my shoes because I stepped on the grass and it was wet, I headed to the kitchen and put on some water to boil to make coffee. I went to my room got my thong and placed it with my regular clothes to wash. Got my skirt folded it and placed it away and the shirt I also placed it with the dirty clothes. I did my bed and organize my room. I heard the water boil and went to the kitchen to make my coffee. I prepared my coffee and headed back to my room to tuck my penis and make it look like I have a vagina again. I pulled my pajama shorts down and my underwear half way and did my process of tucking. I put my panties back on then my shorts. I put my shorts almost reaching my bellybottom and my butt will stick out a little from the bottom of the short and could see my panties a little. i was in the kitchen looing around what to make for breakfast and I went for pankcakes, something simple but I felt like I wanted to get creative. I felt more femamine this time, I don’t know if it was because of I did yesterday or because I have been wearing girls clothes and acting more girl like for more time than usual. I put some music on and started dancing (I watched some videos on how girls my age dance and I tried to imitate). once I did my batter and place some batter in a pan I went to my room and get clothes ready to take a quick shower. Since the pan was still kind of cold I knew it was going to take a while for my pancake to cook form that side. I took of my shorts and my tank top, folded them and put them away. I was looking what to wear, It was getting warmer. I had another short skirt that I love it was dark blue with flower patter and had shorts underneat, it was a cute skirt, but I wasn’t sure about it. I decided to go for a violet dress I had, it hard short sleaves that reached a little bit more over the shoulder and reached a little above my knee and it was cranberry red. I got some green cheeky panties(they give me a wedgie everytime but I liked it) and I got a black push-up bra. I got another pair of short white socks and still my white converse. I placed my clothes in the bathroom ready for when I take a shower. I stayed in my panties for now and was walking around the house in my panties. I headed to the kitchen for my pancake and I got just in time, it was bearly started to burn, but it was still arlight. I did three pancakes and sat down with my coffee and pancakes to eat. This time I tried my best to eat in a femamine position, I had my legs crossed, I was sitting straight up. I finished eating my pancakes which I didn’t finish, I left half of one pancake. I was full. I finished my coffee and made my way to the bathroom. I took down my panties and took of my bra, this time I took of the wig. I felt different with out anything “girly” it was like if I was a different person when I had all of those stuff on. I was inside the shower listening to music and it felt like everything that happen yesterday never happen, like I don’t even have girls clothes in the bathroom waiting. I felt like a regular guy. Once I got out of the shower, I dried my self with the towel. I put on my panties and once the lace reached my butt it felt really nice and my thoughts that I had on the shower where gone, my femamine side took over I guessed. I put on my bra with the silicone breast and put on my wig. I didn’t put on the dress yet, I headed to my room with the dress on my left had and my towel and underwear and bra on the right hand I tossed the panties and bra to the pile of dirty clothes. I put on my dress and I felt amazing. I put on my socks and then my converse. i went to do my “hair” at the bathroom(like if I knew how to) I just did a semi ponytail and left some part of the hair hanging from the sides, to me it looked nice. This time I didn’t put make up because it was struguling to take it off when I showered. I started to separate my laundry. I was nervous to go outside like this. I didn’t want anyone to see me dressed like a girl and I had to go outside because everything was at the garage outside. I took a deep breath looked outside and it was around 9am nobody in my street goes outside at that time. I rushed outside and opened the garage quickly. I could feel my dress go up and show my butt and undie. I came rushing inside, I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I quickly got the white clothes first because I had my crop top shirt there and went outside quickly and put it in the washer. Quicky I closed the garage and went inside. I kept the front of the door open to let air and light in and started to clean the kitchen and the living room. I put some music from my room to be able to hear it in the living room. I was dancing to feel my dress wave side to side. I was getting aroused by the feeling of the dress moving and the air going in my butt and body. I was finished cleaning, it only too about an hour. It was 10:50am and I was cleaning. I wanted to drive like this, but I was scared. I went outside to the back yard to smoke a cigarrete and drink a beer. I felt relaxed, I felt the wind on my legs and how it was lifting my dress. To get my fear out of driving I went where the slide was. There is a door that leads to the street behind the house. I was standing in front of the door with my heart beatting really fast. I looked over the door and there where many cars a passing by. I holded my breath and opened the door and took a step outside. I was nervous that II came back rushing, but I left the door semi open. A few cars went by then I looked outside and there no cars on sight. I walked up to the sidewalk. There was a bus stop about three hundred feet away and I tought to my self that if I make it there with the cars passing by I could go out in the car. I walked fast to reach there and I notice cars coming. “Oh shit” I tought to myself, I was almost paralyzed in the sidewalk. It was too late to go back inside the door was far and there where cars coming on both sides of the street. I just kept walking, but I placed my head down. The car coming on my side of the street passed by, as soon as the car pssed by the wind came afterwards and created an updraft and lifted my dress all the way to my stomach. The other car passed by and it was some guys around their 20 whistling and honking. With my head still looking down I heard “hello beautiful, nice underwear” I don’t know if they notice or not that I was not a girl, I kept on walking with almost dying from embarrassment. The guys left and I reached the bus stop. I stood there for a minute looking around and feeling the air. I headed back, but this time I rushed almost running because there was a car coming on my side again. As soon as I made it into the door the car passed by, it kind of slowed down then continued on. I walked inside the house and grab a cigarrete to calm my nerves. I didn’t want to take the car ride any more. Inside the house I thought probably I should change. I got a pastel pink skirt I had with a lace on the waist to tie into a bowtie, it had shorts that looked like boyshort attched to the skirt, it was about 6 inches above my knee so it was short and it also reached my bellybottom. I took out a white tube top. I took off my dress and my panties, the panties where sweatie from the rush I had earlier. I put on a pastel blue lace thong and put it on. I havent put on this skirt in a long time I forgot how comfortable it was. I lifted my skirt from the front to see how it looked and I could see my my crotch looked plain and it did look this time like I really had a vagina. I turned around and saw my butt, the shorts underneat the skirt where tight and it compressed my butt, it looked a little big than normal and cute. I went to smoke my cigarrete and sat at one of the patio chair we have. I stayed there a bit listening to music and drinking a beer with my cigarrete. By this time it was around 1pm. I was getting hungry, I went to see what I could make. I wanted something fast, I saw hot dog buns and some sausages. I put some water to boil and put the sausages on the water for them to boil and went o play on my playstation. I sat down at my office chair with both of my legs butterfly crossed on top of the chair. I could imagine myself on how I my head I looked cute with what I was wearing and how I was sitting down. I was thinking about yesterday, on what I did with the toy I could feel I was getting an erection and it felt good because my penis was tucked and I could feel the pressure. i stayed playing and I forgot about the water until I finished my beer and went for another. The water was ready, so I just heated some buns and did some simple hot dogs. I did 4 plain hot dogs and went to my room. I sat down the same way I was sitting down before with my legs butterfly crossed on my chair. I felt comfortable the way I was right now. I felt more like a girl than a boy, I even tought of a girl name for me(tiffany). I took my shoes off and set them in front of me, I got even more comfortable. I stood up and decided to do my make up to see if I could do something. I took out my make up I had hidden( the powder, the thing for the eyelashes, and lipstick). I went to the bathroom and started to do my makeup. I tried my best watching some videos and I managed to pull something out. To me it looked alright(I wish I kept a picture of that somewhere because I do look like a 17 year old girl). It was getting dark, it was around 7pm, my day went by flying. I was enjoying my day too much that it was going extremely fast. i went to my room and went to get a cigarrete and notice I had 6 left, I divided 2 for today and the rest for tomorrow. I went outside to smoke my cigarrete and it was dark already. My neighbors had another gathering at their back yard. I could hear them yealling, laughing and playing pool. I went to the front of the house and I looked at my car. I quickly came inside got the keys and got into my car. I was nervous. I drove to the beach. The beach is about 20 blocks from where I live, but I have to go trough main streets. I stopped at a red light and I fortgot that I had drank some beers. Now I was even more nervous. A car got next to me on the red light. it was a woman about in their 20’s she looked at me, but did not pay attention. Now I wondered if I do look like a girl. I got to the beach and went to all the way to the right where there is hardly people. I got to the edge of the beach, it was lonely. I park a street away from the beach. I slowly open the door and there was a lot of wind. I got out slowly I first saw that there was nobody around. I walked towards the sand and my skirt was going up and down. Good thing this skirt had some little shorts underneat. I stood for a minute near the water just looking a the water and feeling my skirt go crazy up and down. When I was done looking at the water I went back to the car. Not a single person in sight. I kind of wanted people to see me to see their reactions, to see if they notice I am not a girl. I went to Walmart that was a few miles a away where no one will recognize me. I got to the parking lot and I was sweaty. I was doubtfull about this. I parked far away from other cars. I opened the door slowly and left it open for a few minutes. It was chilly, I felt goosebumps on my legs, like if my hair where growing again. I got out, closed the door and just kept looking down. I started to reach some other cars and notice someone coming. It was a guy( I am not gay or I don’t know if it was what I said earlier that a femamine personality takes over me but that guy was hot the only thing I could think of him when I saw him, is him pulling down my skirt and doing me from behind), he looked at me, had no reaction he kept on walking. I got closer and closer to the entry of the store and I felt my heart like it was going to come out, the closer I got the more and more people there where. People looked at me, but no reaction. One guy probably sixteen or eighteen smiled at me at try to desimulate that he looked at me bottom to top. It felt kind of nice, I was getting turned on. I was inside the store, now feeling a little more confident. I went to the chips isle and got some hot Cheetos. There where two girls and a guy like from the ranges twelve to fourteen. I heard one of the girls say, “ she looks cute, but like a slut”. I didn’t want to look that so that they don’t discover I am not a girl. I walked to the electronic isle and I was looking at the games. I notice it was already 9pm(9:13 to be precise). I walked towards the self checkout and there was this guy who you can tell he is gay. He looked at me and smile, he came to me once I got to a register and told. You look so pretty young lady, I looked at her, but said nothing I just smirked and looked back at the register. He told me that I was brave of doing what I was doing and just walked away, I could feel I turned pale because I know he knew. When I was done I turned and looked at him and smiled and walked away. I hurried to my car and left to my house. When I got to my house I went to my room and stayed on my bed playing on the playstation. While I was on my bed I couldn’t stop thinking of the guy I saw at Walmart. I kept getting the same thoughts. I was getting again an erction and since I still had it tuck I still felt that pressure. I removed what I used for tucking and let my penis normal. I was extremely erected and it was all wet from the precum. I took my penis from the side of the shorts undernead the skirt and started to play around with it. Why not I went and got the toy I used yesterday. I washed it and placed a condom on it. I pulled my skirt all the way to the knees. Then I pulled my thong to my thights and started to stroke my penis with one hand and the other my anus. I got to the edge of my bed and lifted my legs up and try to put my knees over my penis reached my lips. I started o rub the toy on my anus and this time my anus was well moisture, because I rubbed my cum on my anus. I proceeded to push the toy inside and without a haslte or pain it when in quickly. Going almost the 7 inches inside I took out a enormous moan girl like. I started to lick my penis, I was able to put the head of my penis inside me mouth. I liked it and suck it and with one hand spread my ass and with the other penetrate my ass with the toy. I was precuming exaggerated that I looked like I was ejaculating, but I wasn’t. I could taste the cum and it tasted a little sweet and sour. I kept putting my toy in and out and each time faster and faster. I was reaching to and orgasm. I kept moaning louder and louder I felt like I sounded like those anime girl on how exaggerated they sound. I licking the tip of my penis, I couldn’t hold it anymore, I came in my mouth and some of it landed on my nose and cheeks. What an amazing feeling i’ve experience. My body was shaking, but not because I was in pain, but I was having a tickling sensation all over my body. I slowly took out me toy from my ass every inch coming out had a feeling you cant explain, it just felt good on my body. I grabbed y thong that ended up next to me, and put it on carefully so I don’t drip any cum I had on my face. I grabbed my skirt with my feet and dragged it up to grab it. I stood up and grab a dirty shirt and wiped my face. I put on my skir, but this time I tie the bowtie. I put on my shoes and started to walk to the backyard,but my skirt was falling so I came back for the tie and tied my skirt. I was feeling satisfied. I grabbed my lighter also because I notice that I was forgetting it. I stepped outside and it was warm, but there was a wind that was chilly. Jt was comfortable outside. My penis shrunk without exaggerated to about half an inch, it looked like I was tucking my penis if I lifted my skirt. I was smoking this time my cigarrete close to my neighbors fense to the left. I could still feel a tingilyvsensation. I felt a mixture of cold and warm wind on my legs and up my skirt. I looked at the sky for a while. There where no clouds. You could only see the white dots in the sky. I was tired, but a happy kind of tired. I wished that I could be a real girl or at least moving to another and be like forever. I headed inside and into my room. I was too tired to choose pijamas, I came to the room and just off my shoes and socks and went to lie in the bed. I fell asleep lying butt up, my “hair” on my face, my skirt lifted a little and the shorts undernead where showing. I imagine i looked like one of those girls that skate around the beach.
The next morning I woke up with my blankes on my face and my wig on the top left corner of my bed. I looked under and I didn’t have my shirt and inhad a huge wedgie. I got out of my bed and went to the kitchen. My legs here sore and so is my thoat. I put water for coffee and since it was my last day like this I wanted to change clothes as much possible. I quickly took my skirt off and got a hollister dress I had. It was dark blue with pink hawaian flowers. I put it on and took of my thong, I go some black really thin lace cheekie panties. They where really thight and vesly cover my penis. I pulled my panties down a little bit and tucked my penis and put my panties back in. This dress was thick from the sides of my stomach and loose about half almost close to the knee. This dress was really thin that the bottom of my dress everytime I walk and the dress hits my butt, it molds around my butt chheek. I was walkingg fasr on porpuse so the dress would hit my butt. The water for coffee was ready, I got a cup and pour some boiling water. I prepared my coffee and headed outside with a cigarrete. I sat down on the backyrd chairs with one leg under me and the other leg with the feet resting tiptoe on the floor. I was looking at my feet and white converse do fit with ever kind of clothing. I finished smoking ny cigarrete and went inside. I was almost done with my coffee. My coffe was starting to get cold and dull. Got to the sink and dumped the rest, it wasn’t a lot. I had to go to the bathroom and I could wait anymore. I ran to my room and got another pair of panties and a pair of leggings. I quickly grab my towel and ran to the bathroom. I took a shower and Changeds into my leggings. I had grabes some pink lace boyshorts its been long since pt these panties, even though they where boyshorts they still wrapped against my butt cheeks and constantly gave me wedgie, but I liked then. I started to make by brrakfast. I had forgoten on how soft leggings feel on my legs. My butt looked big and my body looked tight,or I don’t know if I was just imagining that. I’ve made some scramble eggs with potatoes on the side, placed the plate with the eggs and potatoes on the table and went to get a cup to make coffee. As I was put my pink and white cup at the countertop, I stared at my “boobs” and I had forgoted a shirt. I went back to my room and got a white blouse that looked a cupcake cover at the top. The blouse was a little loose and it tight at the bottom, it reached to the outline of my leggings. Even if I just spontaneously grab something to wear, I always manage to match color unconsciously. I went to the kitchen to drink my coffee and eat my breakfast. I sat straight with my legs crossed and at the edge of the chair. My phone rang. It was my mother saying shell be going home around 7-8pm. I looked at the time since I had my phone with me and it was 9:23am. I already took a shower, so that I had more time for other activities. I finished with my breakfast, stood up and went to wash my dish and cup. I couldn’t stop touching my butt and feeling the borders of my undies. I could feel the pattern of the lace and how it molds around my butt cheek. I was getting aroused by it. i went t omy room and turned on my computer. I took all of my clothes and placed them on my bed. I started to separate them. As I was separating form skirts, jeans, blouses, bras, underwear, socks, dresses, leggings, shorts, and ect. I rememvbered I had put something to wash. I quickly went to the front door and looked trough the window to see if there was anybody outside. I opened the door and started to walk outside. I opened my garage and quickly put the clothes to wash again. I heard someone coming, I took a quick glance an saw an olderly couple with a dog walking. I stood paralyzed because they saw me. I stared at them. They said goodmornig with a smile and kept walking. I stood there paralyzed but I wasn’t nervous nor my heart was beeting faster. I liked them looking at me like this, it felt normal. I went inside and and came back inside and continued to separate my clothes. I saw my sailor neptune costume I had bought some time ago. I think I was in love with that kind of color, a blue green combination. I started taking it out, it was in pieces. It had a white stretchable leotard with the little vest on top. The really short skirt shorter than the pink skirt I had yesterday, it bearly passed my butt, you couldn’t see it unless I bend over. I took of my leggings and my blouse, folded them and placed them away. I decided to take of my undies too and I put on a g-string. It was hard to accommodate my tucked penis with the g- string and for my penis not to show, but I managed to put my penis in the right position. I also changed my bra in to a lace bra that had no padding and was kind of see trough. Both my underwear and my bra where light blue. why not I started to put the leotard and as soon as i put the buttons together at the crotch area, it automaticaaly gave me a wedgie. I slowly (kind of like doing a striptease, but instead of taking the clothes on I was putting it on) started to put the skirt on and tied it at the back with the string it has, I managed to do the same tie as how it looks like in the show. I found the blue wig I used for this costume( nobody has seen me use this costume I just used it like three times in my room secret) the gloves, and I even had the shoes, the only thing I was missing was the tiara, but oh well. The shoes where covered in dust. I put them on, I am not used to wearing high heels, so I struggled a little walking with them. I went to brush the blue wig at the bathroom to make it look nice not all tangled. By this time it was already 11am when I finished brushing the wig it was around 11:40am. I did my make up again in the bathroom because it was going to be the last time I was dressed fully dressed as a girl. i followed a tutorial on how to do my make up like sailor Neptune. I was finished, I managed to do my makeup like the character. When I got out of the bathroom I tried my best to walk In high heels but I was tripping on almost everystep. It was fun. It took me about 20mins to get the hang of walking with heels. I went outside my backyard and put my phone to take video. I started walking in the back yard, possing and walking, well trying to walk like a model. I picked my phone and went inside to get a cigarrete, while I was walking I was looking at my video. I was so embarrassed looking at my self acting like that, but it was fun. It was 1pm I had about 6 hours left. I looked myself in the mirror and this time I looked more like a girl than yesterday, I could say I learned to do my makep up to look more femamine. My advantage was, my adams apple was hardly notisable and what was bearly visible I covered it with the chocker that comes with the costume. I went outside with my cigarrete I stood on the left, next to the neighbors who where having gatherings. I stood there with my legs close together and one slightly bended down, my left arm up holding my cigarrete and my right hand holding my left elbow and my arm touching my stomach. I didn’t notice I was in this pose until I felt my skirt blew up because of the wind. I was started to act more femamine I was thinking. Now I was doing poses unconsciously, I thought it was great, but at the same time not because I would not be able to do this in a long time. i finished my cigarrete and walked toward the door at the back going towards the street. I stood in front of the door, there where bearly any cars passing by. I opened the door and I got a better idea. I try to run inside the house and I couldn’t, so I just walked faster(I was laughing to myself because I must of looked funny on how my anckles where twisting and me almost falling). I got inside and I borrowed one of my moms purses. It was black with a strap really thing and the bag was small rectangle I could probably just fit half a hand in there. It was perfect. I went to my room and got 5 dollars I had in one of my drawers in the room. I rushed outside and stood infront of the door. I stepped outside and walked towards the sidewalk. I stood there for a minute looking both sides of the street and there where no cars in sight. I crossed the street and walked to the bus stop. The wind blew and lifted my skirt. it lifted all the way to the top that I showed all the way to my stomach. I didn’t notice a car was about to pass by and when he did he slowed down a bit as he passed me. It was an older man, he looked creepy. Embarrassed I walked to the bus stop. I stood there waiting for the bus. The bus across the coming the opposite direction passed by, now I had second thoughts on getting the bus like this. I walked fast back to my house, I took a few steps when heard the bus coming. I had a panic attack because I saw that it was almost full. I walked faster towards my house because I couldn’t run. The bus driver honked at me, just to notify me if I was getting on or not. I didn’t look back. The bus stopped at its stop and a few people got off. A guy yelled at me “hey girl where you going, lets hang out for a while”. I was so scared I tried walking faster, but trying to walk like a girl so that I don’t notice I am a guy the try to do something to me. I looked back they where 4 guys walking my way. I had to pass my house and go all the way around. I was terrified neighbors will see me like this. Once I lost the guys from my sight once made a turn to the right in the intersecting street that I was in. this time I tried to run and I don’t know if because I was scared I was able to run without a hasstle. I coudnt believe I was dressed as a sailor moon character with bright colors and walking normal trough houses. I was tired once I got to my neighborhood. I only got 5 houses left to get to my house, as I was getting near, my neighbor was outside his house. “omg” I said, I was done for,ya he was going to see me and then tell everyone. By my luck he was doing something in his car, he went under his car so I ran as fast as I could to the backyard. I notice he was about to look my way once I closed the door. I quickly went iside the house from the backyard door. i was in my room laying on my bed tired when I hear someone knock. I got so scared I closed my room door and shut down the blinds. The person knocked about 5 times it seemed like the person stood there for like an hour, but I think I was exaggerating. I checked the time and it was around 2:30pm I was so comfortable in my costume and to lazy to change. I remembered I turned the comouter on and left it like that. I went to the kitchen and made a sandwich. While making it I put the song “what once was by hers” and was just dacing to the song while making my sandwich. Y mas moving my body side to side with my legs close together, moving my butt up and down side to side. I was gerring horny. I did my sandwich and went to my room and sat infron of my computer with my legs butterfly crossed, I was playing this game called runescape and listening to the same song(I had it on repeat). My feet touched my tucked penis and I felt it getting harder and harder. I was plating I started to rub my “vagina” I felt like I ejaculated and the cum landed on my ass and it was a big load I could feel it, but I wasn’t done. It was a while since I watched some porn. I was looking at other crossdreser online and I was getting turned on. I say this pretty boy/girl. He/she looked young had a really short pink skirt and a pink bra/shirt, short hair, and an amazing long legs. I was so turned on by that picture, I stood up and got my toy and cleaned it and came back to my computer. I tried to make the toy to hold still up. I grabbed some duck tape I had in the room and taped it to the chair and it actually stood firmly. I untied the buttons of the leotaed and placed my g-string to the side withoy removing my thong and I started to penetrate myself. I started out slow going up and down for a few seconds. Later it felt so good on my ass that I was going furiously up and down, my “hair” was going at my rhythm up and down, my brest where jumping up down also. I was moaning again unconsciously. I stoped and put my phone away from my, but pointing the camera and me and I recorded fucking my self. I took the toy out of my ass and layed at the ground, I grabbed my toy and bended over. My penis touching my mouth and this time I could reach more, I was able to blow my self even more. I started to penetrate my ass hard it aounded like I was spanking my self. My skirt was touching my breast and my thong and lotard where wet. I was getting the tickle sensationg again. It felt so good I came inside my mouth, but I kept on sucking more and more even after I came. My body was tickling everywhere especially ar my ass. I was feeling amazing I continued to fucking myself. I stood up and taped the toy on tha wall firmly and penetrate myself. I was having an amazing time. I ket imagining that boy with the skirt fucking me from behind with his adolescent cock. I wished he was so badly. I came once more this time without me stroking it., I took my hands of the floor with the toy still up my ass, I was still going back and forward, but slowly. I took my toy out of my ass slowly. I felt every inch rubbing on the inside of my anus. When the toy came out completely I felt this relaxation throughout my entire body. I laid in fetus position on the ground. My skirt covered my ass half way, and the bow tie reached to the ground. I could fill the soaking wet string of my thong rubbing against my gaspping anus. I laid there for a few minutes resting my body, my body felt tired but rested. I got up slowly took of my thong and got some white lace cheekie panties. I put them on, they felt comfortable even more than the thong. I put on my leotard right and put my skirt in the right place, I fixed my bowtie from the back and sat down to play on the computer. It was 3:50pm and my mother gave me a call that they where bearly on their way to the house, it’s a 3 hour drive so hey would get home by 6-7pm. I wanted to go out one more time ouside dress like a girl and dresses like I was, with the costume. I knew I wouldn’t get another chance to be a girl again. I went to fix my hair and my make up at the bathroom. This time I did everything quickly. I could still pass like a girl. I set an alarm for 5:50pm to have some time to remove my make up and change and prepare myself mentally to act like a boy. I grabbed the purse and went to the back yard. Iwas used to the heel alread I could run in the grass with my heels sinking onto the grass.. I ran outise straight to the door. I opended the door dI got outside, this time I didn’t worry about the cars passing by. I walked to the bustop. I tried to walk like if iwas modeling, with one foot infrot of the other. I would see the cars passby and see the people inside stare at me. I wasn’t scare I just wanted to have this feeling again one last time. I was enjoying them watchhing my. I got the the buss stop and sat at the bench. I had a wedgie on my leotard that when I sat down my butt was on the cold bench.i waited sitting down with my legs appart, my skirt covering my crotch area, my elbows on my knees and my hands on my head looking down. My hair was down and flowing with the wind. The bus came 5 mins later. He stopped and open the door infront of me. It was an olderly man with short grey hair and grey beard. He said “ nuce costume, you look adorable. I feelt weird especially as he kept looking at my legs. I put my purse infront of me to cover my legs while I pay my fare. I turn around to get a seat. While I was turning I looked at the mirror and I sat he was looking already at thr mirror. I could imagine him looking at my mouth. I felt embarrassed akward. The bus was nearly empty, therr was an derly woman seating the the front seats and in the back a girl in he sixteens and eighteen. She had shades and her headphones and was looking straight. I went quickly to the back so I could stop the bus driver to stop looking at my butt. I sat at the middle close to the back door. I got of at a park a few blocks from my house. If I walked from the park to my house it will take me half an hour at most. It was 4:30pm. I placed and alarm now at 5:20 to go walking home. It’s a small park, there was a few swing and a slide. There was 3 ladies and kids in the swing area. I could see them from far away. I went under a tree far away from the kids and the women. I sat down carefully covering my crotch and butt with my skirt and placed my legs butterfly crossed. I placed my phone a few inches away and started to take video of myself(I never knew what happened with all these videos and pictures of me dress this way) the phone could only capture above my skirt and up to my head. There was some calm wind, it would move my hair to my face. I was only smiling, looking around and getting the hair out of my face on the video. It was 5pm I was comfortable where I was, but I felt like I was there for to long. I stood up carefully not letting my skirt go up by the wind, got my purse and started walking home. On my way to the house, I expected people to be outside and cars passing by, but there where harly any cars passing by and the ones who passed by didn’t even noticed I was there and the people who I wou see where on the opposite street from me. Jt was a comfortable walk. I would constantly hold my skirt down so it wouldn’t go up by the wind and I would hold my hair from getting to my hair. My alarm went off and I was almost at my house. I went trough the back door of the house. It was 5:35pm, I went to my room and got some boy jeans and a boy black plain shirt and went to the bathroom to take a shower and remove my makeup. I got out again from the bathroom and went to my room and got a cigarrete this would be my last cigarrete dressed and acting like a girl. I went ouside and smoked it ad fast as I could because it was around 5:45. I enjoyed being like this, I enjoyed this moment right now. I would grab my but with one hand over my skirt and feel how soft ir was. I went inside took of my costume, my panties, my bra and brest and placed them away. I went to take a shower. As I got out I had my face red from trying to take off my make up. I felt a but down, like there was something missing from me. Like if I was with someone this whole time and that person had to leave and I was left alone. I went to the garage because I forgot to dry my clothes. I took my thong and shirt from the pile of clothes and places the rest in the dryer. I went to my room and put the thong and shirt some where to dry but hidden. As I did that my parents got home. It was 6:15pm. There I knew it was all over. This peacefull and fun weekend was over. I went to say hi to my parents and came inside the house. I closed the garage and sat with them in the living room. They where telling all about the trip and all I could think about was my weekend, looking back at everything I did. I just smiled and said “that’s good you guys got to relax”. They went to bed because they where tired and I went to my room. I layed at my room looking at the ceiling and I felt depresed but happy. It was the best weekend in my life. So far.

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