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Une Petit Mort

The room still has the aroma of our sex. We fucked quickly, our orgasms powerful and satisfying. But this time we start off slow, as I take you in my arms, looking into your eyes and watching your face as you run your gaze over my smooth white body. I can see the appreciation in your eyes, and I am glad. You run your hands down the length of it, coming to a halt as your hands round the curve of my buttocks and cup the fullness of its cheeks. You give it a gentle squeeze, smiling as the flesh gives, then fills in again like a fascinating dimp-gel toy, only firmer.

Your eyes drift down to my thighs, your favourite part of me. I open them invitingly, so you can get a better view, and I can feel the tension mount in you as you suck in a deeper breath, your mind already running wild with thoughts of what you are about to do to them. You glance at my face briefly, take in my expression of anticipation and duck your head – aiming for my right thigh.

Your mouth closes on a small, sensitive section on its inside, your tongue swiftly setting to work and wetting it as you suck. The little vacuum that you create with the sucking motion fills with the heat of your breath, and the feeling it invokes rushes straight to my clit, filling it with a longing for your mouth, like a little rosebud longing to bloom. I close my eyes for a split second, indulging in the pure sensation of concentrating on feeling your mouth, soft and moist yet exerting pressure on my thigh, feeling its intensity nearby and inevitably getting wetter inside of myself.

You stop to take a breath, and I open my eyes to meet yours for just a short while. Because you simply look at me and I can see the primal instinct in yours that means you won’t be stopping for long… that urge to bring us both greater pleasure than we have had so far. And I’m right – because you next plunge your head between my thighs, your two hands busy holding the folds of me apart, clearing the way for your tongue to touch my clit.

Oh heaven! The first wet flick of your tongue sends a jolt of electricity shooting up my spine and into my head, and I close my eyes involuntarily and shudder, my head instinctively arching back as the jolt subsides. I open my eyes and see you eyeballing me from between my legs, your mouth still poised at my pleasure centre. I can see only half your face – the other half is hidden behind my mound. Your lips close around that little fleshy rosebud and sucks gently, sucking my whole being into you as though I were a mere essence of something rather than flesh and blood. My hips lift just that little bit off the bed, towards that pulsating warmth that is your mouth, dispensing pleasure to that small little piece of me that is the epicentre of these tremors.

My inner being is reduced to a shaking jelly-like mass that quivers at your every touch, relinquishing my control over my mind as I yield it up to you, relishing the pure sensations of touch and letting it flow over my whole body. I can feel my insides awash with juices mixing with your saliva, and I vaguely wonder how I taste as you hold me in your mouth, pushing your tongue deep within my folds and tasting me inside-out, drawing me ever closer to your heart and mind as you stroke the inner walls of my tunnel, like preparing a corridor to a room of pleasure. I can feel my muscles tense up, contracting around your tongue so that I can feel the rounded roughness of the taste buds on the surface of your tongue, and the fleshiness of the tip that is at once sharp and rounded… the mysteries of the human tongue.

You move away, withdrawing your tongue, and my clit in its silent life of its own seems to call out to you, clamouring for your return, feeling bereft in the cold swirl of air that replaces you. The slickness of my walls and outer folds feel deliciously pampered, but wanting more, throbbing in need. But I know I should pleasure you and return the favour before we go on.

I raise myself up, lost in a haze of weakness that your attentions have elicited. You, in turn, lie down where I lay, expectantly. I can see you beginning to stir in your anticipation, even as I lay myself down facing that divine slab of flesh that brings so much pleasure, taking it in my hand and holding it lightly with my fingers. I squeeze it with fingers and palm, noting the girth of it, and its length. You buck ever so slightly under the pressure, just a shiver of movement, and I can feel the blood begin to fill the shaft. I bring my mouth closer, and pause for just a split second.

I pounce at lightning speed, enveloping as much as I can take of you in my mouth, driving an acute sensation up into you because you shudder violently, and emit a muted groan that is wholly involuntary. I slow down, holding you quietly like in an embrace, feeling you swelling so fast in my mouth and filling out with pulsing heat. Then I begin to slowly work up and down the shaft, teasing you as I go with my tongue. Up to the head, flicking the little creases of skin around, swirling my tongue round and feeling the small bumps arranged all round the bottom of that swollen head. I probe that small ridge under the head that overhangs the shaft like a little cliff, and see the saliva glistening on the smooth skin stretched so tight over the glans in the half-light coming in through the window. It’s stiff now, hot and hard in my hand and I hold it to my eyelids as the saliva dries off in the draft of the ceiling fan. I sneak a look at you while still crouching between your legs like it is a safe harbour.

My eyes drift past your ancient scar and your hard little nipples that stand out like small nuts on your chest to your face. You have your eyes closed, but they’re starting to open now, with that drowsy look that tells me you’re lost in a sea of sensation. I feel powerful, holding your pleasure stick in my hand, controlling the feelings I give you and wreaking havoc on your senses.

Again I come down like an avalanche, pushing you past my lips, past my teeth, stroking along the length of the tongue inside my mouth as I push you headlong as far as it can go. You hit the back of my mouth, forcing a gag reflex, but I think you like it because it moves the muscles at the back of the throat and squeezes the glans, causing you to gasp in surprise and pleasure. I stroke up and down holding you in the embrace of my mouth, closing my lips around you and sealing in the warmth and moisture. My lips stroke along the length of you as I increase my speed going up and down and around you, and your head lolls around on the pillow enveloped in the sensations of my hot, wet mouth caressing you.

I lift my free left hand to your right nipple, using my thumb and forefinger to rub it, feeling it harden up like the stub of a small pencil eraser, the kind that you find on mechanical pencils. You moan in a muffled kind of way, and your breathing quickens, turns ragged. I flick the hard nipple with my middle finger hard, and press it into your areola with my thumb for good measure, all the while still bobbing my head up and down not too slow, not too fast…

I turn my attention back to your thick shaft, and let it pop out of my mouth and slap wetly onto your belly. I think you feel relieved for the let-up in the onslaught of sensation because I see you relax, letting go of the tension that has built up as you strain to prevent yourself cumming. Your face takes on the look that tells me you’ve made up your mind about something, and you don’t wait for me to figure out what as you get up from your supine position, simultaneously pulling me down onto the pillows.

You kneel between my thighs, holding my tapered ankles in your hands, arranging me according to your fancy like a doll. I watch you in your huffiness, eager to start satiating our mutual hunger, but content to watch as you do what you do best. Finally you are satisfied, and bring yourself up to the opening of my love tunnel and rest there lightly. You hold yourself as if in contemplation, then slowly begin to rub up, down and around the slick opening into me as I get wetter and wetter, my juices flowing out of the tight little corridor and slicking your head as it spreads the moisture round my lips.

Without warning you push into me, driving deep inside as I let out a shout that is at once shock and ecstasy, one pure wave of intense pleasure that nearly knocks me out when you hit the end of my tunnel, like stars colliding and sending out sparks of light that I see bursting behind my eyelids. You begin stroking me inside-out at a measured pace, enjoying the feeling of being wrapped deep inside of me as I savour the smooth gliding motion that is you moving in and out of me.

You reach down to place a hand on my breast, kneading it in rhythm with your piston-like pumping. Your fingers play with my nipple, and I know it is darkening and swelling up to form a hard nub that gives me an intense little electric shock when you pinch it firmly, making it ache so tenderly while stimulating me at the same time. It is almost as if my clit and my nipple were joined by a single wire through my body, connected so that when you flick my nipple gently, the inside of my clit shivers with delight.

My senses are steadily overwhelmed by the extravagant attention, I am almost giddy when you lower yourself onto my body, careful not to rest your weight on me. You shorten the strokes, quickening the pace of every thrust. You clasp my nipple in your mouth, and I take a sharp breath and gasp as you begin to lick it in circles, then alternately suck and blow on it. I run my hands through your wavy hair, grasping handfuls of it and pulling your head closer to me, unable to control the relentless assault of pleasure that keep sweeping over me like the inexorable waves that wash onto shore, not waiting for one to become backwash before another breaks.

I struggle to remain lucid, lost in the force of feeling, holding your waist and dancing with you to the rhythm of your stroking inside, and out, inside, and out, inside, out, in, out in out… I buck into your body, trying to find a way to meld us, body and soul, squeezing you inside of me in tune with you as we both breathe raggedly, coming quicker, our moans gradually getting more laboured, louder and sharper and coming from deeper within our throats until it is almost impossible to hold it any longer…

You pound that spot upwards and inside, deep within the core of my being that finally tips me over the edge, and I shudder in delicious delirium, your name going over and over a thousand times in my head and imploding into a blackness that only orgasm can achieve, dead to the world in une petit mort for the space of a few seconds. And when gravity drags me back to earth to keep on revelling in the sweetness of the exquisite torture that you continue to inflict on my pussy, running with the fresh juices of my orgasm, my insides spasm uncontrollably, forcing you to breathe torridly as you whisper harshly “I’m going to cum inside you”, obviously whipping yourself into a frenzy that demands a release as you plow over and over again into the tight, wet, smooth sheath that is me fitting around you like nothing else on earth. Your hips keep pumping, stepping up the frenzied pace till you hit a point beyond which your body is not your own, clasping me to you in a vice-like grip that makes me surrender everything to you in that moment, your hips bucking like only the devil can and driving deep into me hitting my deepest spot and all at once bursting and coating my inner walls with the warmth of your release, pulsing and throbbing and swelling and gulping as my insides grip you, every tiny flicker of movement magnified by the sensitisation of orgasm. My cervix twitches and your writhing sperm, in countless millions, flood my fertile, unprotected womb.

At this moment as you hold me close to you, releasing within me all of you, grasping tightly my waist to yours as the pulsing slows to a stop, you rest your head next to mine and whisper “I love you” as if it were your dying breath. I turn my head to kiss your cheek, and my heart swells fit to burst for the love I feel once again, both of us falling deep into a sated sleep joined in the most intimate way possible – you and me… till tomorrow morning, my love…

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