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Trying to have sex with Joe – Part 3

He was surprised to see her being so curious with him, as she laid the tape from the base of his penis along the shaft to the tip of his head. She smiled wickedly and shook her head as she discovered his length for herself. She proudly and disbelievingly read what she had found out loud to him saying, “jeeze boy…you are over eleven inches long.”

Joe smiled and looked at her in surprise, because he knew he couldn’t have possibly been that big, unless he grew over an inch in the last week or so. It simply wasn’t possible, or was he even more turned on than he realized? When he looked at her measurement for himself he saw her error immediately and giggled causing his penis to tense and bob up and down with his laughter.

He told her he wasn’t as big as she thought and showed her how to measure a guy the right way. She needed to measure along the top of his shaft. Since he was lying down, he grabbed his monster-sized cock and positioned it perpendicular to his body and told her measure it that way. She went back to her task and told him the new finding once again. He was just over ten inches. This was closer to what Joe had expected his size to be.

She was breathing heavy and becoming more flush. She removed the measuring tape and without any type of warning, immediately went down on him (not that she had to go far).

This was new to both Becky and Joe. Becky eyed Joe’s giant mushroom head in awe. Instead of trying to take it into her mouth, Becky decided it might be better to get him wet. She would lick his length, but as fast as she tried to keep up, his organ was too big to keep lubricated all at once. I can just imagine the site of what it would take for a woman to blow Joe. Never mind the fact that by the time his length is lubricated the person giving him the blowjob would be out of saliva!

After he was somewhat moistened up, she tried to take him into her mouth, but soon realized this was a bigger task than she had bargained for. It was all she could do to suck just his cockhead and keep it in her mouth. Taking anything much more than that with her lack of experience was proving impossible. As much as Joe was enjoying the attention from his would be lover, she simply couldn’t cater to his needs this way and she seemed to know it all to well.

Becky seemed determined to give Joe something that he would want to come back for and removed her shirt giving him access to her bra. After some fumbling on his part he helped her remove it, exposing her naked chest to him. Joe had proclaimed himself a tit man, so this must have been close to heaven for him as they began to fondle each other with renewed passion.

He felt her, sucked her and the situation grew hotter by the minute. Joe grew anxious about how exposed they both were in the house. At any time without warning, someone could come home and find them half dressed on the living room couch. Without anywhere completely safe to go, they opted for the next best thing, which was her room. The only problem with older homes is that often the doors do not have working locks, but it may at least give them enough time to cover themselves if they heard someone approaching. Maybe they could even get dressed.

She led him to her bedroom by pulling him around as if his penis were a leash. Once in her room they decided to remove any clothing that remained and enjoyed lying together naked together on her bed. Knowing that sucking him off probably wasn’t an option at this point in their quickly developing physical relationship, she tried almost anything else that may work.

She positioned herself on top of Joe, so that her ass was in front of his groin, allowing his penis to rest in the crease of her ass cheeks. It had the effect that when she laid on him horizontally that Joe could thrust between her legs and her warm ass cheeks. Joe was in heaven. All this new stimulation was fantastic and he was very excited.

He started to realize this had become a one-way stimulation fest, and he needed to reciprocate her attentions to him. He started to make a move that would reverse their position, putting him on top of her allowing him more maneuverability. She asked him what he was doing and he said it was her turn. She told him to wait, as she was feeling really good just like they were. Joe hadn’t really done anything and she was enjoying it.

She stopped him in his tracks and began to thrust her hips pushing into his. She was very hot as she lay on top of him. Joe said she was getting sweaty, especially between her legs. It was as if she was content to do that all afternoon. I suggest that she was using him to masturbate, but he contends it felt good to him as well.

He decided he would try his move once again and this time she relented. It was Joe first really close look at a girl’s vagina. He inspected her almost as closely as she did him. Feeling her public region as she enjoyed his touch. He began to explore more intently asking her what felt good and what didn’t. Once he found her clit he decided to return the favor and went down on her. She was hot and moist.

The smell drove Joe crazy as he sucked and nibbled at her driving them both crazy and full of lust. As Joe’s actions brought the intensity up another notch for Becky, she sat up and pulled him up to her. This is also a very dangerous move for teenagers alone naked in the house.

They were once again kissing and touching, grabbing, and Joe was once again on top of her. Becky was jacking Joe the best she could in her current position, but wasn’t able to get the full range of motion needed because of her position and his sheer size. She then seemed to get frustrated and pushed him lower on her. Joe thought she wanted him to move back to sucking her clit, but she had other plans for her big dicked mate.

She told him she wanted him now as she spread her legs to try to prepare to accommodate him. It was going to be a monumental task, but they were both mad with desire. Joe volunteered to her that he wasn’t sure what he should do, as this was his first time. Becky told him it was also her first time going this far with a guy. She told him bluntly grabbing his tool and pointing it to her pussy that it needed to go there.

Joe looked at the intended target for his tool and looked back at her questioningly. He told her that he didn’t think it was going to work. She told him to try and make it work. He tried to make her understand, but she wanted him too badly and pulled him by his penis closer and positioned his head at her entrance. The size difference was all too obvious to Joe, but Becky could not see what he was seeing.

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