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Transitions: Witnesses, Ch. 3 (Excerpt)

Copyright 2017 by Wayne and Ann Triskelion
All Rights Reserved.


Still with us, you demented pervs? Thought so.

Everything in this is offensive. Shit’s about to get real, so run away screaming if fantasy, non-consensual sex and BDSM frightens you. Poor Gwen is scared out of her wits, Jessica is getting freakified, David is still MIA, and Alex is being one sick, twisted fucker.

For those of you interested, there is a lot more coming. We made this little universe, and we want to play in it. We’re working on several titles in the Transformations Universe in addition to Witnesses. We also have the novels Morpheus, Dry Run, Tourists, and Lilith in various states of completion. They tell the story of those weird fuckers from the Church of Morpheus in detail from beginning to end.

In addition, we’re planning a whole series of short stories, including Transformations: The New Gym which will be available for free download in the next few days. Here’s our promise to you: short stories will always be free. Novellas and novels, first taste is free… 🙂

Once more for the reading challenged: THIS IS A WORK OF FANTASY. This ain’t real, man. Now, if you and your significant other or others want to try roleplaying some of this kinky shit? Well, damn, motherfuckers! Take pictures and send them to us, you nasty freaks!

Until next time: Stay Kinky, my Friends.

Wayne and Ann

Chapter 3

He turned off the light as he left the basement. A single dim light was left on over Jessica’s sheet draped body.
The helmet whirred and clicked. The needle positioned itself over another location on Jessica’s scalp.
The needle shot forward and drove into Jessica’s brain.
Gwen bit her lip to keep from screaming.
The needle stopped after about an hour, and Gwen could hear the gentle sound of Jessica’s breath as the poor thing slept.
Gwen tried to pray in the darkness. There was nothing left to do.
The restraints held her fast.
There were security cameras in the corners. Occasionally, they moved on their mounts.
He’s watching us, she thought. Her pretense of prayer stopped. She couldn’t concentrate anyway.
He’s watching us and stroking that big, fat cock, she thought. She thought about the immense length of it, the clear fluid that dripped from the end. Suddenly, she was furious. She wanted to kill him.
The next time he gets close enough, I’ll bite him. Bite his dick. Bite his big cock. I’ll open my mouth wide and…
She gasped. Her body tingled all over.
“No! Oh, no!” she whispered in the dark. What was wrong with her? She tried to clear her mind of the erotic thoughts, but it was too late. She envisioned engulfing the head of his dick in her mouth, jaws complaining at the girth. He smiled down at her as she felt her lips close around the head.
He put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her closer. Her throat expanded as it slid inside.
“No!” she mumbled, but the phantasms continued.
She imagined herself squatting above Alex, sliding inch after inch of his monstrous length into her body, ruining herself.
Back in reality, fluid leaked from her vagina and wet her asshole.
The Ambrosia, the single drop he had put on her tongue? Was it causing her to have these thoughts?
“Our Father, who art in heaven…” she tried to pray.
The words wouldn’t come. She had forgotten the words to the prayer, the first prayer she ever learned, and she panicked and sobbed. “Our Father, who art…”
“…in hell,” Jessica’s voice whispered from her bed.
Gwen almost cried out in fright. Trembling, she remembered more words, “Hallowed be Thy name…”
“Damned be thy name,” Jessica said. The voice was hard, cold – nothing like Jessica’s voice at all.
Gwen sobbed.
“He maketh me to spread my legs for thick cocks,” the voice said growing lower and more guttural. “His rod and his hard, throbbing shaft comfort my sloppy wet cunt.”
“S… Stop it!” Gwen said.
“Surely sin and depravity will consume my soul… Now, shut the fuck up, you ignorant bitch. I’m programming this useless cunt!”
Gwen cried out and sobbed. It wasn’t Jessica talking. Something else’s voice was coming from her lips.
She thought about Alex’s words from earlier. “The church – that’s who I was talking to – sometimes they can be cold. Part of their conditioning is the removal of empathy…”
The visor and headphones. Someone from the Church of Morpheus was brainwashing Jessica as she slept.
And, Gwen knew she would be next.
God, help me, she thought.

Jessica had slipped back into unconsciousness a few minutes after their foul exchange. A little later, Gwen had fallen to sleep as well.
Sometime in the early morning hours, Jessica screamed.
Gwen’s eyes snapped open and she jerked awake. She was confused at first – this wasn’t her bed and her arms and legs were tied down.
The memory of the previous day came flooding back and, with it, the dread.
Jessica screamed again. “No! What have you done to me?”
“Jessica? Can you hear me?”
“No, I won’t do that! Stop telling me to do that!”
Whir. Click. Crack.
The needle on the robotic arm was doing its evil work again.
“Nuh!” Jessica yelled out, arguing with the voices in the helmet. “F… Fuck. No! I won’t fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”
“Fight them, Jessica,” Gwen said out loud.
She strained her neck to see.
Jessica was trying to sit up, but the belt around her waist bent her at the middle. Her body trembled as if she were having a seizure.
“The helmet, Jessica. Take off the helmet.”
Fingers caressed Gwen’s forehead and she screamed.
Alex whispered from beside her in the dark. “She can’t hear you, and, even if she could, she can’t remove the helmet. It’s stuck fast to her skin and won’t release her till she’s complete.”
“How long have you been there?”
His face appeared beside her own. “Just a few minutes.” His face was somber, his eyes sad. “She’s struggling for nothing. They always win.”
“I’ll struggle harder than she is,” Gwen whispered.
He shook his head and caressed her face. “I hope not.”
Jessica screamed again.
Whir. Click. Crack.
She dropped back on the bed and went limp.
Alex turned away and headed for the stairs.
Jessica didn’t move.
“Is she dead?”
“No,” Alex said over his shoulder. “She’s too valuable to kill.”


Despite her best intentions, Gwen fell in and out of sleep after Alex left the basement.
In between bouts of dozing, she called out to David who was, she believed, still unconscious somewhere on the floor behind her.
He never answered, and she wondered if he wasn’t as valuable to the people who controlled the helmet on Jessica’s head.
Was she?
She woke from a doze to Jessica’s voice, whispering. The hysteria from earlier was gone, and now she seemed to be conversing with the voice from the helmet.
Jessica giggled. “No, that’s silly.”
Gwen opened her eyes.
Jessica was still lying on her back on the bed draped in the white sheet.
However, the sheet seemed shorter – the lower half of her calves now protruded out from under the sheet.
Her feet were strapped into the most insane pair of stiletto heels Gwen had ever seen. Her feet were bent straight down from her ankles and her toes bent out at a ninety degree angle.
Eight inch black spikes descended from the heels.
Gwen squeezed her eyes shut and opened them again.
It wasn’t that the sheet was shorter. Jessica’s legs were longer.
And, something was pushing the sheet up at her chest.
No, no, that isn’t possible, Gwen thought.
Jessica was smiling, still wearing the helmet with the visor and earphones. Her hands pulled free of the sheet and she pulled the helmet off. It fell from her fingers and dangled by the thick black cables attached to the bed.
She pulled off the visor and headphones.
Jessica stretched and yawned.
She threw off the sheet.
Gwen screamed.
Jessica’s 34C bust had swollen into two basketball-sized mounds that defied gravity.
Jessica looked toward Gwen and smiled. “Look, Gwen! Big titties!”
The voice was Jessica’s but three octaves higher.
Her nipples looked like small thumbs jutting up toward the ceiling. Jessica caressed them and shuddered. “Wow!”
“Oh, God, Jessica, I’m so sorry,” Gwen whispered.
“Sorry about me getting big titties? I’m not!” She squeezed her nipples.
Twin streams of clear liquid sprayed up toward the ceiling and spattered back on her stomach.
Gwen gasped.
Jessica went into a fresh bout of giggles. “Milky titties.”
She raised her long legs into the air. “Ooo, pretty shoes. You like ‘em?”
“Jessica, what’s wrong with you? Can’t you see what they’ve done to you?”
“Yeah, they made me pretty.” She tried to get up, but the belt around her waist held her fast. “Bondage? I’m not a bondage slut.” She unbuckled the belt and rolled onto her thick hips.
She rubbed her buttocks. “Damn, Jessica got back.”
Gwen wanted to scream.
Jessica tapped the toes of her stilettos on the floor. “Well, here goes nothin’.”
She stood up and swayed slightly.
The heels made her six foot eight.
“Fuck! This is weird. I got legs for miles.” She took a tentative step forward. Her hips swiveled and her breasts swayed as she put one foot in front of the other. “I walk funny.”
She grinned and danced around on the heels. “Hey, look at me, Gwen! It’s like I was born in them.”
Jessica balanced on one foot, kicking her left leg backward and lowering her face almost to the floor. “Look at me, I’m a ballerina!”
Her naked sex glistened in the dim light.
Still balanced on her right foot, she did a squat, bending her knee and letting her thigh rest on the back of her calf. She laughed out loud.
She stood up and skipped around the room, big breasts bouncing.
Gwen cried out as Jessica lay down on top of her on the bed, her lips an inch from Gwen’s own.
“I feel so fucking hot. Do you think I’m hot?”
From the neck up, she was Jessica, but, from the neck down, she was liquid sex.
Gwen started to cry.
“What’s wrong, Gwen?” Jessica asked. She pouted her lips. “Are you sad because you’re still flat chested? Don’t worry, they’ll make you a balloon titted bimbo soon.”
Gwen bit her lip to keep from screaming.
Jessica rolled her eyes in thought. “I really need to pee.” She jumped off the bed and clicked across the tile floor. “Don’t go away!”
I’m losing my mind, Gwen thought. I’m going insane.
“Fuck!” Jessica screamed from the bathroom. “My hair! Why didn’t you tell me my hair was a wreck? Please let there be a brush in here. And, where are my damned eyebrows?”
She came out a few minutes later running a hairbrush through her long black hair. Her eyebrows had been drawn back in with thin lines.
Gwen was shaking and sobbing.
Jessica knelt behind her head and brushed Gwen’s hair. “Oh, stop crying, you big pussy. I’m the one that got jello squirted in her boobs – is that what they did?” She wiggled her chest.
“Shots. He gave you shots,” Gwen sniveled.
She frowned down at Gwen. “I hate shots. I’m glad they put me to sleep.”
“Jessica, listen to me. You have to unbuckle my straps. I can get us out of here.”
“Unbuckle you? Umm, no.” She stood up and tapped the end of Gwen’s nose with the brush.
“Jessica, we have to get out of here. Please.”
“No way. He still has to tattoo me and then he has to fuck me.”
Gwen stared at her. “Are you insane?”
Jessica tapped her lips with the hairbrush. “Maybe. But, we aren’t going anywhere, you stupid slut.”
She stood with her hands on her hips and looked behind Gwen. “Well, hi there, David.”
Jessica swayed her hips as she walked away.
Gwen strained her neck trying to see behind her, but it was no use.
“Hmm, I always wondered if you were packing like your brother.”
“Jessica! What are you doing to him?”
“Oh, pew. Fuck, he stinks. I think he pissed himself, maybe worse.”
“David, are you awake?” Gwen asked.
“Nope, he’s out,” Jessica said. “I’m so bored, Gwen.”
Her smiling face appeared above Gwen. “Let’s play.”
“What? What do you mean?”
She rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on, Gwen. You know what I mean.” She slipped the sheet off Gwen’s naked body.
Jessica climbed onto the bed and straddled her waist. The massive breasts hung over Gwen’s face.
Jessica kneaded Gwen’s shoulders. “So tense. I can fix that.”
Jessica squeezed her big nipples and sprayed Ambrosia across Gwen’s neck and shoulders.
“Aiggh!” Gwen shrieked. The liquid felt electrically charged on her bare skin.
“Tingly, huh? The video last night taught me how to do this.” She sprayed more of the clear liquid on Gwen’s small breasts.
Gwen’s nipples went rock hard as Jessica began to massage the Ambrosia into her shoulders and breasts. “N… No. No, stop, please, Jessica.”
“Shh, I know what’s best for you.” Jessica was working her way down Gwen’s body, soaking her in the milk as she went, massaging it in.
“Oh!” Gwen whispered as the liquid poured across her groin. It touched her little nubbin and she started moving her hips.
Jessica giggled as she worked the Ambrosia into Gwen’s thighs and calves. “I’m making you my slave, Gwen.”
“No. Stop. Please.”
“Shh,” Jessica whispered.
Her mind drifted as she felt Jessica’s strong hands massaging her.
Gwen paid no notice as Jessica unbuckled the straps and rolled her onto her stomach. The Ambrosia puddled in the small of Gwen’s back and Jessica spread it over her buttocks.
“Open wide.”
Gwen obeyed, spreading her legs, letting her knees slide down the sides of the narrow bed. She arched her back exposing her ass and pussy.
Jessica laughed gently, long fingers probing Gwen’s folds. She tickled the hymen. “Want me to break this for you?”
“N… No… no don’t.”
“Oh, that’s right, I forgot, that’s for your wedding night, right?”
“Yesss,” Gwen moaned.
“Okay, I’ll just have to try a different hole, huh?”
“Okay,” Gwen whispered. She was floating on a cloud.
She felt the finger at her anus and tried to pull away. “No, not there!” She struggled to wake up.
“Shh, trust me.”
The finger became more insistent.
“Relax, Gwen. You know you want to.”
The slick finger slid inside.
“Gah,” Gwen gurgled.
The finger tip moved in and out, never past the first knuckle.
“Feels nice, doesn’t it?”
Jessica giggled and pulled out her finger.
Gwen whined at the sudden empty feeling. “No, don’t stop.”
Jessica laughed. “That didn’t take long.”
A shiver went through Gwen as Jessica locked the waist restraint around her, pinning her face down to the bed.
Jessica’s weight was lifted off her.
“No! Come back!”
“Be patient. All that hair is grossing me out.”
Gwen was warm inside. She looked lazily at her left arm. It was coated in Ambrosia that had turned into a thin gel.
She had an impulse to lick her arm.
No, snap out of it, she thought.
She strained against the strap across her back. She unlocked me! She unlocked me and I could have fought. I might have gotten away!
But, she hadn’t wanted to get away. Even now, her body was craving Jessica’s touch.
She reached behind her with both hands, but the buckle was out of her reach.
She grabbed hold of the front of the bed and pulled, trying to slide her body through the loop of leather that held her down.
Even with the slick Ambrosia coating her, the belt was too tight.
Slap! Jessica swatted her right butt cheek with her open hand. “Naughty, slut!”
Gwen cried out as Jessica straddled her body. She faced Gwen’s feet, and Gwen could feel the woman’s hot sex rubbing over the small of her back.
Wetness trickled down the crack of Gwen’s ass and poured over her crotch.
“What is that?!” Gwen shrieked.
“Permanent depill… depall.. Oh, fuck it, permanent hair taker offer.”
“No!” It was the green liquid Alex had bathed Jessica in the day before. She jerked her hips trying to get away.
“Stop it,” Jessica giggled. “It’s too late, all that yellow fuzz is gone. You’re cunt is as bald as mine now.”
Gwen felt Jessica massaging the depilatory into her thighs and calves, and then she screamed as Gwen turned around and applied the liquid to the back of her neck. “Stop it!”
“Maybe I should just take it all? A different color wig for each day?”
Gwen was sobbing. “Please, Jessica, don’t.”
Jessica sighed. “Okay, fine.” She unbuckled the belt and spun Gwen onto her back. She was leaning all her weight on Gwen, pressing her mammoth tits into Gwen’s B cups.
Suddenly, Gwen hooked her fingers under Jessica’s armpits and shoved.
Jessica didn’t move. Instead, she grasped the edges of the bed and pulled herself down.
All the air whooshed out of Gwen’s lungs.
Jessica was crushing her. “Now, are you going to stop fighting me?”
Gwen gasped and nodded. She couldn’t get enough air to speak.
Jessica smiled. “What?”
Gwen felt the room growing dark. She was losing consciousness.
And then the pressure was gone.
Jessica sat beside her on the bed, her long body towering over her as Gwen gasped in lungfuls of air.
“Much better.” Jessica stood up. “Now, buckle your waist belt.”
“W… What?”
“Buckle it. Put yourself in bondage.”
Gwen didn’t dare go against her. She buckled the belt around her waist.
“Now the left wrist.” She was staring down with a cold stare that frightened Gwen worse than anything Alex had done.
She twisted around and locked her wrist into the restraint.
Jessica ran a long nail up Gwen’s right side causing her to shiver. “I guess there’s no way you can lock your other wrist restraint.”
Gwen shook her head.
“Beg me.”
“Beg me to lock down your wrist.”
Gwen sobbed.
“Beg me!” Jessica’s eyes flashed with anger.
“Please, Jessica, lock down my wrist.”
Jessica smiled and nodded. She took Gwen’s wrist and gently guided it to the leather strap. She locked it in place.
Gwen shivered as Jessica stared down at her with a crooked smile that made it look like she might eat her.
Instead, Jessica grinned wide. Her eyes were warm. She snuggled in beside Gwen on the bed and kissed her neck. “That was fun! Maybe I am a bondage slut?” She smiled at Gwen and blinked.
A game. It was just a game for her, Gwen thought. What had been a terrifying ordeal for Gwen had just been make believe for the doe eyed Amazon who nuzzled her neck and held her tight.
Jessica dipped her finger in the depilatory and rubbed it on Gwen’s upper lip. “Not that ya got any, but might as well make sure.”
She rubbed it off with her thumb. “Want me to do your eyebrows?”
“No. Please, don’t.”
“Okay,” she said as she laid her head on Gwen’s right breast. “You won’t be scared when they talk to you. They’re super smart, and they know just what to say to make you feel better.”
“Jessica, they’re making you do this. Doesn’t that bother you?”
She twirled a lock of her raven hair in her finger. “Should it?”
“They’ve turned you into…” Gwen said.
Jessica frowned. “Turned me into what?” Her lower lip quivered.
A freak, Gwen thought. But, she couldn’t say that. There was something almost innocent in Jessica’s big gray eyes. “A… prostitute.”
Jessica stared at her blankly for a moment, and then she burst out laughing. “I’m not a prostitute, silly. A prostitute gets paid. I’m a slutty whore – I do it for free!”
“Doesn’t that bother you? Don’t you remember who you were before?”
Her drawn on brows knitted together. She bit her lower lip. “My name was Jessica,” she said, drawing the words out like she was trying to remember the Gettysburg Address. “I used to be married to… Cal! And, I used to go to the church of the false god. And, now I’m a whore!”
“What about the rest? What about your family?”
She shook her head. “Nope. Don’t remember that. I’m bored, let’s play again.” Her fingers trailed across Gwen’s chest.
“No, I don’t want to play, Jessica. I want you to remember. Remember Alex gave you a drug and made you like this? You didn’t want him to do that.”
She gently twisted Gwen’s left nipple, “No, you’re right. I didn’t! I was scared.”
“And, now?”
“I want to play with you!”
Gwen rolled her eyes. “Jessica, think! He made you do all this. We were abducted.”
Jessica shook her head and sighed. “And, before that, I was bored! And, I’m bored now. Enough talking.” She cupped her big right breast and squeezed. Ambrosia dripped from her palm.
Before Gwen could react, she pushed her wet palm against Gwen’s mouth.
A half ounce of fluid made it into Gwen’s mouth, and the world exploded in color.
Her body went stiff in an orgasm that made her bones creak.
“God!” Gwen screamed.
That was the reaction Jessica had been waiting for. She slid forward on the bed and pushed her left nipple into Gwen’s mouth.
Gwen tried to spit it out, but it was too late.
Jessica cradled Gwen’s head as she gently squeezed mouthful after mouthful of Ambrosia into her mouth. She rocked her gently. “There, that’s better. You know what to do, its hidden in your brain from when you were a baby.”
Gwen’s mouth went into autopilot. She latched on to the breast and began to suck and swallow in earnest.
And, every swallow brought an orgasm.
Jessica stopped kneading her own breast. There was no need, the Ambrosia was flowing from Gwen’s sucking alone.
She gently massaged Gwen’s left breast.
All thoughts of the past two days were gone from Gwen’s mind. All that mattered was the delicious nectar flowing from Jessica, and Jessica’s fingers that slid down from Gwen’s breast and found her newly bared pussy.
Pussy, not vagina. It was a pussy, a twat, a cunt. A wet juicy pussy, and Jessica knew exactly where to touch her.
Her orgasms were coming every few seconds.
Something was squirting out of her pussy every third or fourth orgasm. It splattered on the floor.
Jessica smiled down at her. “I know. It feels wonderful doesn’t it?”
Gwen nodded, lips firmly glued to the beautiful breast. She started straining her arms against the restraints.
Jessica unbuckled her left wrist, and Gwen grabbed Jessica’s right breast. She squeezed and drenched her face in Ambrosia.
Jessica pulled the hand from her breast and made Gwen touch her own clit.
It was standing up, and she exploded again as she rubbed it
“It’s called saturating. If I did this to you for a few hours, you’d be a whore just like me without the shots.”
A whore? Yes. That’s what she wanted. She wanted to be like Jessica with her big J cup titties filled with Ambrosia.
She wanted to fuck.
A thousand images passed through her mind. Her and Jessica servicing long lines of men and women alike, covered in girl juice and cum.
A powerful orgasm took hold of her and her whole body convulsed.
She passed out.

Gwen wasn’t sure how long she had been out, but she awoke to find herself alone on the bed. She was completely strapped down again. “Jessica?”
“You said it was shots, right?” Jessica asked. She was standing somewhere behind Gwen, and Gwen could hear her rummaging through a cabinet.
“The way he made my titties big?”
“Umm, yeah… some kind of shots.” Gwen was still warm and comfortable from the lovemaking. She blinked hard. Lovemaking… it all rushed back to her.
She had done… things. With Jessica. “Oh, my God.”
“Oh, here we go,” Jessica said.
Gwen heard glass bottles tinkling together.
Jessica giggled. “Slutifier? Booty-max? Mega-sensitizer? These names are so funny.”
She stepped in front of Gwen with a bottle of red liquid in one hand a syringe in the other. “Titty Grow.” She erupted in giggles.
Gwen’s eyes grew wide as she realized Jessica’s intentions. “No!”
Jessica rolled her eyes. “We can’t play properly until you have big milky titties like mine, stop being a pussy.”
Jessica studied the bottle. “It says: increases bust size by one cup size per CC. Inject through nipple to a minimum depth of two inches. Growth rate equals one cup size per hour.” Jessica frowned. “Reduces IQ significantly in higher dosages.” She looked at Gwen quizzically, “Gee, do you think I’m dumber?”
“Jessica, please don’t…”
Jessica rolled her eyes. “Okay let’s see: you got little B cup titties, and we need to get you to a J cup.” She bit her lower lip and looked deep in thought. “Booby sizes go: A, B, C, D, DD, DDD, G, H, I, J.” She counted on her fingers at each size. “That makes ten CC’s. And, you’re already a B, so that’s A and B.” She held up two fingers. “And, ten plus two is twelve. Twelve CCs per titty!”
“No! No! Jessica, that’s not right! You counted wrong. It’s only eight CCs. You’re going to make me four sizes too big!” An N cup?! Was that even possible? Was J even possible for her?
Jessica cocked her hips and smirked. “Ha, ha, nice try, slut. But, I can still do math. I’m not that dumb.” She drew the red liquid into the syringe.
Gwen screamed.
“This is for your own good, Gushing Gash Gwen… Hmm, I like that name. Maybe that’s what he’ll name you.” She depressed the plunger and shot a tiny stream of Titty Grow into the air. “He hasn’t named me yet.”
She leaned over Gwen. “I won’t lie. I think this is gonna hurt like a motherfucker.”
“Jiggly Jugs Jessica!” Alex called from the stairs. “What are you doing?”
Jessica froze and hid the syringe behind her back. “Nothin’.”
Gwen couldn’t believe she was happy to see Alex. He was wearing his overalls but the shirt was gone. She saw his bare muscles rippling as he walked across the floor.
Her eyes immediately went to the dark stain growing down the left leg of the overalls.
“Nothing, huh? Give it to me,” Alex said. He held out his hand.
Jessica pouted like a child caught with her hand in a cookie jar. “We were only playing. Weren’t we, Gwen?” She handed Alex the syringe.
Alex smiled at Gwen. “Oh, I can see you’ve been playing. Gwen is soaked in Ambrosia.”
“Gushing Gash Gwen,” Jessica said.
“No. Just Gwen. For now.”
Gwen gazed intently at the wet spot on his overalls. She licked her lips involuntarily.
Alex winked at her. “Later, darling.” He held up the syringe. “Twelve CCs? That would make you an N cup.” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “We have specialty whores with N cups. They spend all their time on their backs… literally.”
Jessica bit her lower lip. “Oopsy.”
“Yes, oopsy. You almost ruined my favorite slut. We don’t have a way to reduce breast size without surgery. You’ve been very bad.”
“You want to spank me?” Jessica asked and started to wiggle her chest and ass.
“Not right now. For now,” he pointed across the room. “Go stand in the corner and think about what a bad girl you’ve been.”
Jessica lowered her eyes and walked away. “Yes, Master.”
He shook his head. “I’m not your master. Someone will claim you in Havana.”
Jessica stopped in her tracks. “Wait! Jiggly Jugs Jessica! You named me!” She came running back on the ridiculous heels. She leaped into Alex’s arms.
He caught her and pulled her close in a long soul kiss.
Gwen watched as his hand dropped to her buttocks. He slid a finger between her legs and penetrated her.
And, Gwen felt angry.
She felt jealous.
Why was this… dumb cunt getting fondled? Why was Jessica getting a name while she was still just plain old Gwen?
Alex caught her glaring at him. He nodded knowingly.
What’s wrong with me? Gwen thought. How could she be jealous of her abductor’s attention? The Ambrosia, it had to be the Ambrosia. It was all over her and clouding her thoughts. Everything was upside down and backwards.
Alex slapped Jessica’s ass. “Now, you go to that corner like I told you.”
Jessica walked backward wiggling her breasts. “Jiggly Jugs Jessica hears and obeys, Mas…”
He looked at her sharply.
“Alex. Just Alex,” Jessica corrected herself.
Alex watched her walk away.
Gwen gritted her teeth, he was staring at the slut. He wanted her.
Alex sat down on the bed beside Gwen. “Did you have fun this morning?”
She turned her head away. “I was forced against my will.”
He turned her chin to face him. “That wasn’t what I asked.”
She glared at him defiantly. “No. I did not have fun.”
He leaned down and whispered in her ear. “I watched it all on the cameras. You loved it, you fucking slut.”
She looked at him in horror.
“And, these cameras? They feed directly to Havana. To the street in Havana. Millions of people watched you having your first lesbian experience. It got nine stars on the jerk-off meter.”
Gwen gasped. “No! No, tell me you’re lying.”
He gripped the back of her hair. “Now, listen to me. You belong to me. You belong to the church. You are property, Gwen. You’re going to come out of this on the other side as a whore. It’s up to you how much of your brain is left when you get there.” He pointed toward Jessica.
She was standing in the corner with her back turned, furiously massaging her clit.
“Jessica came out of this with about half her brain, which is pretty good all things considered.” He released her hair and caressed her face. “You could come out of this intact if you just embrace it.”
She was breathing hard, which had the unfortunate effect of drawing in his pheromones and making her want him. She was growing wetter. “Fuck you.”
Alex laughed. “Still feisty. I like that.” He held up the syringe. “Twelve CCs.” He shook his head. “Still, you did try to interfere in Jessica’s programming last night.”
He looked at her severely. “There are repercussions for every transgression, Gwen.”
He depressed the plunger on the syringe and sent a CC of Titty Grow into the air. “M cup. Do you agree you did something wrong by trying to interfere last night?” He put the needle against the tip of her nipple and held it there.
Gwen was hyperventilating. “Y… Yes, I shouldn’t have interfered. I won’t ever interfere again.”
He smiled and held the needle vertical again. “That’s good, Gwen. Very good.” He squeezed out another CC. “L cup. Did you enjoy what Jessica did to you this morning?” He put the needle against her nipple again.
“N… No.”
The needle pricked her skin.
“Aiggh! Please don’t. Yes! Yes! I liked it.” She burst into tears. “Oh, God help me. I loved it. I wanted it. I wanted her. Please, don’t make me say anymore. It was wrong.”
He pulled the needle away and hugged her. “It’s okay, Gwen. Shh. There’s nothing wrong with what you felt. You’ll understand soon.” He held the needle up and squeezed out another CC. He sat up.
“K cup. Tell me you love me. Tell me you wanted to scream when you saw me kiss Jessica. Tell me you’ll renounce your faith and commit yourself to the church. Tell me now.” He held the needle against her nipple.
“I… No. I can’t do…”
He drove the needle into her nipple and deep into her breast. He pressed the plunger.
“No! Please, don’t!” It burned like fire.
“Repercussions, Gwen. I warned you.”
She screamed as the syringe emptied.
“Why? Why did you do that to me?” She whispered as he pulled the needle out.
He stood up and walked out of sight. “Because you belong to me, and I wanted to.”
He returned with a second syringe of Titty Grow. “Can’t have you lopsided, now can we?”
Gwen closed her eyes.

At least he sedated me for the other shots, Gwen thought.
He detailed all the modifications when she woke up. He said he had done everything to her that he had done to Jessica, with the exception of the cervix dilation and the pink goo – her hymen was in the way, and he was looking forward to deflowering her.
Her clit and her asshole were throbbing, the effects of the Mega-Sensitizer, and, no doubt, the Slutifier shot that she could almost feel reforming her ovary.
She couldn’t stop thinking about sex.
But, her mind was intact – no needles to the brain yet. And, Alex told her if she was a good little slut, there would be no need for the needles at all.
She stood naked on the floor with her back against a pipe, her wrists manacled above her head. She balanced on “Slut Trainer Heels” – six inch stilettos with a severe arch.
Her feet felt like they were locked in a vice. The shots in her legs were bending her feet, and soon she would need the crazy eight inch heels Jessica danced in so gracefully.
Alex needed her to stand because of special injections to her back.
“The injections will build up your back muscles so you can carry that beautiful rack I’m giving you,” he told her.
She breathed steadily as she watched her tits grow. She had been hanging from the manacles for three hours, and her breasts had swollen into DD cantaloupes.
They felt full as if they needed…
Milking, she thought. Young mothers at the church had told her about needing to nurse their children regularly, and now she could sympathize.
Jessica bounced by in her new costume: a skintight white latex nurse’s uniform with red stripes. The hem was about an inch below her crotch, and the top had a zipper that reached below her navel. It was unzipped to the bottom of her breasts.
Her hair was up in a bun, and a little white old fashioned nurse’s hat made of latex was pinned to her raven hair.
She had traded her black heels for thigh high white latex boots with the same stiletto spikes.
It had been a joke, of course.
Alex had said, “Jiggly Jugs, if you want to play doctor, you might as well look the part.”
She had giggled incessantly as she put on the costume.
At one point she looked at Gwen and laughed, “Don’t worry, Gwen. I’m not a real nurse. I’m a candy stripper!”
Once she was dressed, Alex handed Jessica a foot long rectal thermometer.
She had stroked the thick glass shaft and run her nail over the bulbous head. “What’s this for?”
Alex had then bent her over a bed and demonstrated for about twenty minutes while Jessica squealed and moaned and sprayed girl cum all over the floor.
Gwen was still furious: he wasn’t even paying attention to her, just Jiggly Jugs Jessica.
Jessica skipped by again.
“Uh, huh?”
“I need… help.”
She held up the thermometer with a grin. “Want me to take your temperature again?”
Gwen sighed. She had already cum three times from the anal probing. “N… No… I…”
“What’s wrong, Gwen?” There was a look of concern in her big doey eyes.
“My breasts,” Gwen whispered. “They’re full. It hurts, Jessica.” She began to sob.
Jessica stuck the thermometer in the top of her latex boot. “It’s okay, baby, Nurse Jiggly Jugs is here!” She wrapped her arm lovingly around Gwen’s back and cupped the now almost DDD monsters jutting from Gwen’s chest. “Ooo, I love your firm little titties, Gwen.”
Little? Little? Was she insane?
But, then Gwen felt the pressure of Jessica’s own enormous rack pressing against her.
To Jessica, Gwen was almost flat chested.
She felt Jessica’s hot breath against her ear. “Do you think your milk is ready to come out?” She whispered.
“Unnh,” Gwen groaned as Jessica took hold of her engorged nipples.
“Here goes,” Jessica said as she kissed Gwen’s neck.
She squeezed and pulled gently.
“Ow! Ow! Stop, Jessica. It hurts.”
“Shh, shh, relax. Just breathe, Gwen.” She pulled and squeezed again.
Twin streams of Ambrosia jetted across the room.
Jessica giggled in delight and Gwen turned her head, kissing the brunette full on her bee stung lips. Her body was on fire, and her tongue pushed into Jessica’s warm, sweet mouth.
Jessica continued to milk her, and the jets of Ambrosia became even stronger. In between pulls, the liquid dripped onto her stomach and onto her feet.
Gwen pulled back. “Nurse me! Please, Jessica. Nurse my tits!”
Jessica grinned and lowered her lips to Gwen’s right nipple. She sucked in and latched on.
“Fuck!” Gwen screamed as she came like fireworks. “Fuck, yes, you nasty fucking whore! Drink me dry, you bitch!” Gwen no longer cared about right or wrong, and why should she? She was being turned into a whore right before her very eyes. “That’s right, you nasty slut. Drink my milk!”
Jessica lifted Gwen’s heavy left breast.
Gwen’s own nipple touched her lip, and she cried out in shock.
Jessica rubbed the dripping nipple against Gwen’s lower lip, and, with a giggle, Gwen sucked it in.
She was rewarded with a mouthful of her own warm, sweet milk.
Jessica released her right nipple. “Who’s the nasty slut now? Huh? Sucking your own titty milk like a bitch in heat!” Jessica’s bubble gum high pitched voice was gone, replaced with a sultry drone.
Gwen giggled as Jessica unhooked the chain holding her wrists to the pipe. She slid Gwen down the pipe into a sitting position.
Gwen released her nipple as Jessica laid her head on her lap and went back to nursing. She caressed Jessica’s beautiful face as the woman drew in mouthful after mouthful of whore milk.
Gwen cooed to her.
And, then she realized she had the chain from the manacles near Jessica’s throat.
All I have to do is wrap the chain around her throat and pull, Gwen thought. Escape. She could escape.
Jessica gazed up at her from her bosom, nursing with a look of bliss and trust.
Gwen cried and hugged her tight. What was wrong with her? She didn’t want to hurt Jessica.
Jessica’s was masturbating, her long fingers plunging in and out of her pussy, desperate to cum.
Gwen pushed her hand away and pushed three fingers into Jessica’s warm depths.
Jessica nursed harder.
“That’s right, you cocksucker. You’re my bitch, now,” Gwen said.
The words sent Jessica over the edge and warm girl cum poured onto Gwen’s fingers.
When her body stopped spasming, Gwen raised her wet fingers to her own mouth.
They smelled wonderful, like strawberries and lemon. She licked them.
Her eyes grew wide and she sucked greedily at her fingers.
When all the wonderful cum was gone, she smiled down at Jessica’s glowing, nursing face. “You’re so delicious.”
Jessica released her nipple and licked her lips. “Wow. We could have been doing that for years if we had only known it felt so good.” The bubble gum voice was back. “You still want to get away, Gwen?”
Gwen shook her head and bit her lower lip. “No, Jiggly Jugs Jessica, I don’t want to get away.”
Jessica laughed and jostled Gwen’s boobs. “I ain’t the only jiggly slut here.”
“See, it’s fun having big titties, isn’t it?”
She reached down and hefted her boobs. “I think…”
A high pitched giggle came out of Gwen’s mouth, and along with it, a bubble gum sweet voice. “I think I really like my big titties!”
Jessica laughed and hugged her.
“Very nice, girls,” Alex said.
Gwen glanced to her left. Alex was standing on the stairs.
Something hard and long was straining against his pants leg.
Jessica giggled.
Gwen felt her face turning red.
“My understanding is the audience in Havana really enjoyed it. You’re going to be a popular girl when you get home, Jessica.”
“Thank you,” Jessica said. She blew a kiss to the camera in the corner.
“The other audience member liked it as well, I think.”
Other audience member? Gwen asked.
Jessica stood up and took Gwen’s hand. “Now, Gwenny, don’t be mad, ‘kay?”
Gwen stood up and let Jessica turn her around.
Gwen screamed. “No. Oh, God, no!”
David was standing with his back to one of the pipes still wearing his clothes from the day before. His hands were chained above his head, and he had a red rubber ball gag in his mouth.
He was staring at her in wide-eyed horror.
“No! No! Why did you let him watch?”
Jessica whispered to Gwen gently. “He had to know, Gwen. He had to see what a whore we’ve made of you.” She hooked Gwen’s chain back high on the pipe.


Wayne and Ann Triskelion are husband and wife, Dom and sub, erotica writers living in the United States. They are planning a series of novels in the “Transformations” universe they have created, Transformations: Witnesses is the first of many. They welcome comments from readers [email protected] Also, check Wayne and Ann out at their Tumblr blog: Their books, both past and future are available on Kindle, check out their Amazon Author Page.

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