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Transformations: Witnesses, Ch. 1 and Ch. 2 (Excerpt)

Copyright 2017 by Wayne and Ann Triskelion
All Rights Reserved.

This is a work of fiction, erotic fiction. Frankly, it’s porn. It contains scenes of non-consensual sex. Everyone depicted is over 18 years old, and, if you aren’t old enough in your current state / province / hovel of residence to read porn, leave this page and go back to playing your XBox. Nothing we’ve written here is a) acceptable behavior in contemporary society, b) ethical, c) legal, or d) physically possible. If you have trouble discerning fantasy from reality, kindly check yourself into a hospital for loons before attempting anything you might read below.

The characters in this work are objectified against their will. They are bimbified, slutified, and stud-ified into performing evil, carnal acts against the will of others. They are brainwashed and mind controlled into lewd acts that would in reality necessitate decades of therapy and most likely criminal investigation by The Hague.

You might ask why we would write something like this? To get you off, of course! It won’t appeal to everyone, but it will appeal to: people with fantasies about dominating or transforming others and people who fantasize about giving up control and being transformed against their will.

It is fantasy. In reality, your rights end where someone else’s begins.

Chapter 1

Gwen watched the countryside pass by through the rear window of the Oldsmobile. It was a relic of Detroit’s glory days, seemingly kept running by her fiance’s willpower alone. The cloth headliner dipped in the back making what should have been a spacious back seat feel cramped.
David drove, stealing glances at her in the rearview mirror. She felt his eyes on her and adjusted her plaid, woolen skirt to cover her knees. She looked up at him and smiled.
He smiled back.
“Keep your eyes on the road, please,” Jessica said from the front passenger seat.
She was their chaperon, though the idea of two adults in their early twenties needing a chaperon was ludicrous.
They had controlled themselves for two years. Another four months until their wedding would be a walk in the park.
Gwen had looked forward to this trip for weeks. They were going witnessing in the farmland of upstate New York.
Talking about God with total strangers was a requirement for Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Both their parents had insisted on David’s sister-in-law taking the overnight trip with them. “Lest you be tempted to sin,” her father had said.
And, she had to admit, seeing David’s green eyes smiling at her in the rearview mirror was giving her tingles ‘down there.’ She turned and looked at the hay fields to take her mind off it.
Jessica leaned forward and turned on the radio.
“…and we have to look at the happenings in Cuba over the past year as the work of Satan,” the announcer said.
Jessica rocked and nodded. “Amen.”
Gwen wished she would turn off the radio. The revolution in Cuba frightened her. It had happened overnight – Noche de las Brujas they had called it: The night of the witches. The communist leaders in Cuba had all been murdered in their sleep by their wives and mistresses. A new religion had taken over the island. The Church of Morpheus had expelled all reporters, and Cuba had gone silent.
Three months later, the island re-opened for tourism – sexual tourism. Sexcations the trip planners called it.
“This is what the elders have been telling us about,” Jessica said as she turned toward the back seat. “Satan is expanding his dominion on earth.”
She should know, Gwen thought. Jessica’s husband Cal, David’s brother, had gone to Cuba six months ago to witness to the new heathens.
Instead of witnessing, he had become one of them and refused to return.
“Church of Morpheus? They can hide behind names all they want,” Gwen said. “They’re satanists.”
Gwen felt a shiver run through her.
“Jessica, find something else,” David said. “You’re upsetting Gwen.”
“No, no, I’m okay,” Gwen said.
“We’re Jehovah’s chosen people. We have to steel ourselves for the coming Apocalypse,” Jessica said. “We can’t do that if we aren’t prepared.”
David glanced in the rearview. He said ‘I’m sorry’ with his eyes.
Gwen gave him a weak smile and nodded. Jessica had always been soft-spoken and kind, but the past six months had taken their toll.
“Oh, they’re satanists all right,” Jessica said. “Why else would they choose that inverted pentagram as their symbol? And, that horrid statue in front of their temples?”
Gwen blushed at the thought of the statue. It was a rendering of a man formed from cut crystal with sharp sides and angles.
The appendage that hung between the statue’s legs was obscene. It dangled past the knees.
Gwen had never seen a real one, but she knew that wasn’t possible.
The farm’s driveway cut off from the two lane state road. The old white farmhouse was just visible through the forest of oaks.
They drove under a canopy of trees down the narrow one lane road.
A single horse stood eating spring grass behind a white fence. The horse looked disinterested.
The fields were green with vegetation, which seemed odd to Gwen. At this time of year, the fields should have been freshly plowed.
An old Ford pickup was parked by the front porch. It sat crooked on its frame, as if it were trying to sink into the yard.
David parked beside it.
Gwen gathered her things: her purse, her Bible, and a Watchtower pamphlet. She stepped out of the car and breathed in the smells of the farm: wet grass and animals. She smiled at David over the top of the car, and he smiled back.
This was the hard part: walking to the door and knocking. She knew that most people did not welcome their presence.
She and Jessica stood on the steps as David knocked.
The door opened.
The man inside stared at them. He was well over six feet tall and dressed in faded overalls that looked too short for his body. He wore a John Deere cap on his bald head.
His eyebrows were missing, and his smooth face made him look any age from twenty to sixty.
“What do you need?” he asked. His voice was a bass rumble.
A tremor went through Gwen and she faltered on the steps. An electric current flowed through her at the sound of his voice. She blinked and shook her head, dispelling the feeling.
Glancing at Jessica, she saw the older woman trembling as well.
“Good morning, sir. I was wondering if you had time today to discuss our savior, Jesus Christ?” David said. It was a practiced line that David delivered without effort.
The man stared at David. Gwen thought she saw an amused expression pass over his smooth features. “Why not?”
Another tremor, not as strong as the first but enough to cause her to arch her back. Electricity arced from her nipples to the juncture of her legs, and her tongue felt too big for her mouth. She was looking at Jessica this time and saw her hands clench into fists.
The man stepped aside and motioned them into the foyer.
Gwen wanted to run away. Something was wrong with this man and this place. She wanted to reach out and take David’s hand, pull him away down the steps.
“Come in,” the man said.
And, her legs moved. She followed David and Jessica through the front door. Her eyes were drawn to the ice blue eyes of the man. He smiled at her – not a warm smile, but a smile like a predator just before the kill.
He shut the door behind them.
“I’m Alex Richards,” he said.
“Is there a Mrs. Richards?” Jessica asked.
His eyes dropped to the floor. “Not in some time. She died last year.”
“Very sorry for your loss,” David said.
Alex Richards pointed down the farmhouse hallway. “Please, let’s go to the kitchen. I was just brewing some coffee – you can drink coffee, can’t you?”
David laughed. “Yes, sir. It’s Mormons who can’t have caffeine. We’re Jehovah’s Witness.”
“Ahh, that’s right. Call me, Alex, please. It’s so nice to meet other religious people.” He ushered them down the hall with his wide shoulders that seemed to stretch from one side of the passage to the other.
The kitchen was bright and white like the rest of the house, and Gwen began to feel more at ease. Coffee was brewing in a coffee maker on the marble countertop and the room had the smell of eggs and bacon from a recent breakfast.
“Please sit down,” Alex said.
The three of them sat down at an antique kitchen table.
“And, what are your names?” Alex asked.
“I’m David Turner, this is my fiance, Gwen Jenkins, and my sister-in-law, Jessica.”
“Pleased to meet you all,” Alex said. “Now, how do you all take your coffee – let me guess. David, you like yours black, Jessica, cream and sugar, and Gwen, just sugar?”
Jessica laughed. “That’s amazing.”
“Exactly the way we like it,” David said.
Alex turned his broad back to them and prepared the coffee. He shrugged. “What can I say, it’s one of my only talents.”
“So, you are a religious man, Alex?” Jessica asked.
“Indeed I am. Not that I started out that way. I never gave it much thought one way or another until my wife died.” He lowered his head. “Then, I suppose I had a crisis of faith.” He turned toward them with a tray of coffee cups.
“The loss of a spouse could cause anyone to have a crisis of faith,” Jessica said. She was being more pleasant than she had been in months, Gwen noticed. And, why not? Her husband had abandoned her, and here was an available, handsome man of God.
Gwen stopped herself. Handsome? He wasn’t handsome. His lack of eyebrows made him look strange and there was something odd about his appearance beyond that.
He pushed a coffee cup in front of her.
Gwen stared at it as Alex sat down across from her.
He was smiling at her as he raised his own cup to his lips and drank. She watched the motion and observed the level of coffee both before and after.
Alex did drink some of the coffee.
Well, of course he did, she thought. Something in the back of her mind was telling her not to drink.
Both David and Jessica were drinking theirs.
“Please, drink, Gwen,” Alex said.
Her hands moved of their own volition, and she drank the steaming brew.
Coffee, just coffee. Slightly bitter but offset by the perfect amount of sugar.
“The important thing is you came back to the church,” Jessica said.
Alex smiled. “Oh, yes. It saved me. The things I’ve seen and done since I found salvation. I finally feel like my life has purpose and that there is hope.”
“Well,” Jessica said. “As much hope as you can have so near the Apocalypse.”
Alex nodded and finished his coffee. “Oh, yes, that’s right. Jehovah’s Witness believe we are in the final days. I had forgotten.”
“There is nothing to fear for the righteous in the coming tribulations,” David said.
Alex laughed out loud. “Tribulations? All tribulations are caused by man, not by deities.”
David paused as he drank the last of the coffee. “I beg your pardon?”
“You holy rollers. You see God behind every rainbow and the devil in every dark alley. You don’t like what you see in the world – you see things that frighten you or make you uncomfortable and you ascribe demonic intentions or divine will. If there is an Apocalypse, it will be the making of man.”
Jessica winced. She shook her head. “I thought… you said you were religious?”
Alex leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers. “Oh, I am. Just, not your religion.”
“We should go,” Gwen said.
“Oh, I wouldn’t advise trying to stand.”
“What?” Gwen asked. Her lips felt numb.
“Your legs won’t support you. There was a very strong, fast acting sedative in your coffee. If you stand, you’re likely to fall and break something,” Alex said. “David, if you begin to feel short of breath, let me know. I’m used to dosing women, and I had to estimate your body weight. If I gave you too much, you could stop breathing.”
David’s face went slack.
“Don’t worry if you do, I used to be a veterinarian. I know how to resuscitate you if necessary.”
Gwen tried to stand, but neither her arms nor her legs would cooperate.
David leaned over in his chair and Alex sat him back upright.
Alex stood up and gathered the cups and tray. “I have to say, I wasn’t expecting prey to simply walk up to my door and ring the bell. Normally, I have to venture out to the interstate to find suitable whores.” He placed the tray on the countertop.
Jessica raised her arms and looked at her hands.
“No, Jessica, I didn’t give you a sedative.”
Jessica jumped to her feet. Then she moaned out loud and grabbed the edge of the table. Her whole body shook.
Alex placed his hands on her shoulders and rubbed gently down her back to her buttocks. “Not that you are any condition to run away either.”
Jessica’s eyes rolled up into her head.
Alex smiled at Gwen. “In case you’re wondering, Jessica is experiencing some very intense orgasms right now.”
“Oh, God, help me!” Jessica said through clenched teeth.
He guided Jessica back into her seat. “It’s called Ambrosia, but it’s also known as whore’s milk, and Jessica had enough in her coffee to give her orgasms for the next two hours. They’re about a minute apart, and probably the strongest she’s ever had in her life.” He leaned close to Jessica’s ear. “They’ll get stronger until they become almost unbearable in about an hour.”
Jessica whined and gripped the edge of the table.
He kissed her neck. “That’s it, my little pious slut. Keep hanging onto that table to keep from touching yourself, but you will eventually. You’ll masturbate that little twat right here in front of your friends.”
Gwen strained trying to lift her arm, even her fingers. Nothing worked. Her arms and legs were lifeless. Even her head felt heavy on her neck.
As each wave of orgasms subsided in Jessica, she tried to stumble toward the door.
Each time, Alex would laugh and carry her back, clasping his huge hands around her waist and carrying her back to the table.
He spoke softly to her. “Where would you go? David has the keys to your car, and you couldn’t possibly walk to the road in your condition.”
Jessica moaned and writhed in his grasp.
“You can’t do this to us,” Gwen said. Her head hung crooked on her neck.
“Of course I can,” Alex said. “You’re drugged. I’m stronger than you are. We’re miles away from anyone who might help you.”
“It’s wrong. Can’t you see that?”
Alex laughed. “Wrong? How?”
“You’ve abducted us. You’re forcing Jessica to…” Gwen looked into Jessica’s eyes and saw that another minute had passed. Her face was red and painted with perspiration as her body convulsed.
“All your life is an illusion,” Alex said. “You believe you have will and self worth – it’s all an illusion. Your life doesn’t matter, and, really, what have you done with your will?”
“You’re insane,” Gwen whispered.
He knelt beside her. “Think about it – what was ahead for you in your life? Marry David here and pump out a few children. Live a quiet life and die. That’s all your life would have been. For all your clutching at free will, you are destined to waste it.” He stood up. “You Jehovah’s Witnesses are even worse. You don’t even believe in careers. You spend your whole life looking forward to the Apocalypse when you will be resurrected. It’s pathetic, really.”
“God… promises eternal life…”
Alex burst out laughing. “Yes, an empty promise from an invisible God.” He waved his hands in the air. “How does it go? After the Apocalypse, the righteous will live forever?”
“Yes,” Gwen whispered. “Not for you. You’ve abandoned God.”
He leaned on the table and smiled at her. “My god doesn’t make promises. He’s already made me immortal, free of disease, an image of perfection.” He caressed her face and she jerked her head away. “The things I have seen, Gwen. Oh, the things I have seen. The things I have done.”
“Your god? Who is your god?” Gwen asked.
“Morpheus. The Church of Morpheus. You’ve heard of it?” Alex asked.
Gwen whimpered. She felt her eyes grow wide.
“Yes.” He smiled. “You have heard of it.”
He turned and put his arm around Jessica’s waist, drawing her back to the table and bending her forward to grasp the edge again.
“Your God. When my Katie took ill three years ago, I prayed every day. Through chemo and radiation, and I watched her wither and die.” He rubbed Jessica’s back gently. “You think I abandoned God? He abandoned me first.”
Jessica opened her mouth and moaned out loud. Saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth.
Alex wrenched her right hand free from the table and forced it down and back. He pushed it gently past the waistband of her skirt. “Stop denying yourself pleasure. You’ve put up a good fight against it, you have nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s pointless to continue.”
Jessica relaxed and hissed out breath through her teeth as her hand worked under the fabric of the skirt.
Alex nodded and smiled. “That’s right. Just like that.”
“Feels… so good,” Jessica whispered.
Alex stroked her back. “They always start out fighting it, but the milk always wins.” He entwined his long thick fingers in the collar of the white blouse.
The muscles in his arms flexed and the fabric ripped down the back.
He tossed the ribbons of fabric away and then broke the bra’s hooks.
Jessica whimpered in protest, but Alex tore the front of the bra in half. Her breasts fell free and he cupped them in his big hands. “Thirty-four C. These will require modification.”
Jessica moaned as Alex released her breasts.
Her nipples were red and engorged with arousal.
He ran his fingernail down her spine and she shuddered.
Alex looked up at Gwen. “You’re horrified by her reactions.”
“No, I’m horrified by you.”
He smiled as Gwen turned her head away.
David was just staring at Alex. His mouth hung open at an angle and drool was leaking from the corner.
“David, are you okay?” Gwen whispered.
David jerked his head slightly but seemed unable to control his mouth. He blinked at her.
“I told you I was afraid I gave him too much. He’s still breathing, so he’ll recover.” Alex had his hands wrapped around Jessica’s waist. He was rhythmically pulling her back against him, dry humping her.
To Gwen’s horror, Jessica was grinding her hips against him.
“Jessica? What are you doing?” Gwen whispered.
“Can’t stop… I just can’t…,” she said as her hand worked under her skirt.
Alex stopped thrusting and ripped her skirt in half, leaving her wearing only white cotton panties.
The cotton was soaked translucent, and Gwen could see Jessica’s fingers now as they rubbed at the little nubbin.
Alex yanked the panties down and Jessica orgasmed.
Gwen gasped.
Liquid squirted between Jessica’s fingers and spattered on the floor.
Jessica’s eyes were wide in astonishment.
“First squirting orgasm,” Alex said. He leaned over and whispered in Jessica’s ear. “It won’t be your last.”


Chapter 2

Gwen dangled helplessly over Alex’s left shoulder as Jessica squirmed and moaned over his right. He was carrying them down the wide steps to the basement.
“I was in a state after Katie died,” Alex said as he descended. “All I wanted to do was drink. Then one night, I saw the ad on late night TV for a Cuban Sexcation.” He laughed. “And, I thought, why not? Why the fuck not?”
The basement was brightly lit and didn’t smell like a farmhouse basement at all. It smelled of antiseptic.
Looking down over his strong back, Gwen could see clean, shining tile covering the floor.
“The plane ride itself was unreal. Adults only. The plane had two levels. The bottom floor was a brothel and the top floor was just an open orgy. The drinks were complimentary and spiked with Ambrosia, of course. You can’t imagine what it was like.”
He leaned over and sat Gwen down gently with her back against a pipe in the floor.
She looked around the room. It ran the length of the house, and it had been recently renovated with freshly painted dry wall and gleaming white tiles. There were several hospital gurneys, and each of the structural support pipes that led from the floor to the ceiling was equipped with gleaming silver manacles. There were also examining tables with stirrups like those found in a gynecologist’s office – only these also had manacles and leg restraints.
The walls were covered in posters of women in sexual poses, but the women were distorted, exaggerated. They were all incredibly tall with ovesized hips and breasts too large for a human body. And, all of them were tattooed – pornographic images including large murals on their backs. Their names were tattooed above these murals in Gothic or cartoonish lettering: Sinful Sindy, Luscious Lana, Cunt Lickin’ Cathy.
What troubled Gwen more than the images were the tattoo machines and inks arrayed on a corner table.
“In Havana, the street was crowded with whores. You just took the nearest one and had her right there on the sidewalk,” Alex said as he laid Jessica in a clawfoot bathtub on the tile floor. “The nuns, the Sisters of Morpheus, they were running everywhere, greeting you, encouraging you to indulge.”
Alex poured a large bottle of green liquid into the tub, and then he reached in and began massaging it into Jessica’s legs as she moaned in yet another climax.
“What are you doing to her?” Gwen asked. She was getting the feeling back in her hands, and she raised them a few inches off her lap.
“What? This? It’s a depilatory. Body hair is repugnant. This removes it permanently. I’ll save her lashes, and this beautiful black hair,” Alex said. He turned and smiled, taking off his cap and showing his smooth scalp. “Unlike the job they did on me. They want Whoremasters to have a uniform look.”
Gwen closed her right hand into a fist. “Whoremaster?”
“Yes. There are castes in the new order to come. Morpheus, the living god is at the top. His acolytes and the Sisters of Morpheus come next. Whoremasters, like myself are the third caste, followed by the professional caste, and the whores. Then of course, there are the worker classes.” Alex took Jessica’s face in his hands. “Now, don’t fall asleep and slide into the tub. Otherwise, you’ll be wearing wigs for eternity.”
Alex stood up and walked to Gwen. He wiped his hands on a white towel. He took her left wrist gently in his hand. “I know you think I didn’t notice you moving, but I did. What did you think? Did you think you could stand up and fight your way out of here?”
Gwen whined as he raised her wrist over her head. There was a set of manacles attached to a silver chain and hooked to the pipe she leaned against. He locked her wrist in place and then repeated the motion with her other arm.
“Is that comfortable? Not too tight?”
“You’re a monster.” Tears were snaking down her cheeks.
He wiped her tears away. “I know it seems like that now. You’ll change your mind soon. You’ll be happier than you’ve ever been in your entire life.” He stood up and turned toward the stairs. “If you’re moving, your former fiance is most likely moving as well. I’d better bring him down. It’s a pity you and Jessica hadn’t come alone. He’s a complication.”
When she heard the door to the basement close, Gwen called out to Jessica. “Can you move?”
“Wha… ?” Jessica answered in a sleepy voice.
“Jessica? Can you get out of the tub and help me?”
“Help with what?”
“Help me get loose! We have to get out of here.”
She moaned in the tub. “No… feels soooo good. You go.”
“Jessica! I’m chained up. You have to help me get loose.”
“Feels soooo nice. Like when Cal used to… you know… put his big, thick… cock! His big, thick cock in me. But, this feels even better.”
“Jessica, he’s drugged you. You have to snap out of it and help me.”
Jessica raised up in the tub and sat on the edge. The green liquid slid with gel like slowness down her smooth legs. She looked down at her crotch. “All my hair is gone!” She reached down and rubbed her clit in small circles. Her eyes rolled back in her head.
Her eyes snapped open and she stopped masturbating. “I’m sorry, Gwen. It’s just so hard to think straight.” She stepped out of the tub, the green gel still sliding off her skin.
She left green footprints across the floor.
Jessica knelt and touched the manacles. “How do I…”
“A key. You have to find a key.”
Jessica looked at her with sleepy eyes. “Gwen, you’re so pretty. I don’t know how I didn’t see it before.” She nuzzled Gwen’s neck and whispered, “You smell so nice.”
Gwen drew in a sharp breath as the naked, dripping woman ran her tongue up the side of her neck and licked her earlobe.
“Your skin is salty but sweet at the same time.” She reached out and cupped Gwen’s right breast through her white blouse. “So soft.”
“Jessica, don’t do that,” Gwen whined. “Please. Whatever he gave you is making you do that.”
Deep laughter filled the room.
Jessica stood up.
Alex was standing by the tub holding David in the crook of his arm. He seemed to be exerting no more effort than he would carrying a toddler. “Let me guess: you asked her to help you escape? Oh, Gwen. That was pointless.”
Jessica shuddered and orgasmed, squirting on Gwen’s feet.
Gwen jerked away and mewled in disgust.
Alex caught Jessica in his other arm as she fell forward. “See what you almost did? She could have fallen and hurt herself.” He drew Jessica closer and kissed her. She returned the kiss and rubbed her crotch against his overall covered leg. “Well, we’ll have to punish Gwen for that later.”
Jessica leaned her head back and passed out.
“Poor thing. I doubt if she’s had more than a handful of orgasms in her life and now she’s having one every minute. She’ll pass out a lot over the next hour.” He sat David against a support post a few yards from Gwen. His eyelids flickered as Alex locked the manacles in place.
He placed a hypodermic against David’s neck. “I actually measured it this time. This will keep him out for a day or so. He injected the contents into David’s neck.
Then, he took Jessica back to the tub and sat her down. He picked up a hand shower and turned on the water.
Jessica jolted upright.
“Too cold?”
“No,” she whispered.
He scooped her up then and rinsed the green liquid from her body. He turned her around and bent her forward, parting her buttocks. She arched her back.
He laughed. “Good girl, can’t have any stray hairs.” He swatted her backside and turned off the water.
He helped her step out of the tub and led her toward one of the examination beds.
Jessica stopped and Gwen saw her eyelids flicker. “Wait… wait… where am I?”
“Shh, it’s going to be okay.”
“No. No, wait. You. You did something to me.” She tried to pull away, but Alex scooped her up and laid her on the bed.
“Relax, Jessica. I’m doing something that’s going to make you happy. Just trust me.”
Jessica screamed. “Let me go! Gwen! Help me, please!”
Gwen closed her eyes and shook her head. She rocked in place.
She opened her eyes and watched as Alex hung an IV bag of clear fluid on a pole attached to the bed.
“Jessica. Be calm.” He clamped his huge left hand on her right arm and pressed it down. He uncapped the IV needle with his teeth. “Stop struggling, Jessica. I don’t want to hurt you with the needle.”
Jessica thrashed and cried, but he held her arm steady. He guided the needle into her arm.
“Ow! No, it hurts. Don’t!”
“Shh, now. Relax. There, now.” He opened the IV line.
Jessica whimpered. “Cold. It’s cold.”
“Shh, be still.”
Her eyes fluttered and closed.
“What did you do to her?” Gwen asked.
“A sedative drip. Some of the things I’m going to do to her are painful. I want her asleep.”
“Goddamn you,” Gwen said.
Alex laughed. “Such language from a Jehovah’s Witness! I’m shocked.”
“You’re a cocksucker.”
“Tsk-tsk,” Alex said as he locked restraints around Jessica’s wrists and ankles. He laid the bed out flat. “Just for that, I’m going to let you watch what I’m going to do to her in gory detail – so you’ll know what you have to look forward to.”
The table had wheels on the bottom and he rolled it over beside Gwen.
“But, before I get started.” He pulled a cellphone from his pocket and took Jessica’s picture, then he turned and snapped pictures of Gwen and David. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some cards.
They were driver’s licenses, and Gwen saw her face on the first one.
He took pictures of the licenses and then dropped them in a wastebasket.
“What are you doing?” Gwen asked.
He held up his finger to silence her as he put the phone to his ear. “Hello, you got the information? Yes. I’ll need pickup for Jessica, the brunette, and passage to Havana. No, I’m keeping the blonde slut.” He smiled at Gwen and winked.
“Help me!” Gwen shrieked.
He put his hand over the microphone and looked into Gwen’s eyes. “Really? Didn’t you hear what I just said? I work for these people, they’re not going to help you.”
He took his hand away from the microphone. “My question is about the man, David.”
Alex listened for a moment. Then he turned and looked sideways at David. “No, about one-hundred eighty, and his features are far too masculine. Yes, I’ll wait.”
He smiled at Gwen. “They want to know if we could make him a woman, but I think he’d be too homely, don’t you?”
“Oh, my God.”
He snickered and shook his head. He turned his attention back to the phone. His expression turned grave. “No, I don’t think there’s call for that.” He paused. “Well, professional caste, I think.” He looked at Gwen. “What does he do other than annoy people at home about his God?”
“He’s… he’s an accountant.”
“Did you hear that?” Alex asked the person on the phone. “You can always use people who move money, right?” He smiled. “Excellent. I’ll need transportation for him as well.” He hung up.
“What’s going to happen?” Gwen asked.
“Well, between the two of us, we managed to save both his cock and balls and his intellect.”
“What did you mean, his intellect?” Gwen asked.
Alex wheeled a metal cart covered in a sheet around to the side of Jessica’s table. “After they agreed he wasn’t a candidate for a sex change, they considered making him laborer caste.”
“What does that mean?”
He knelt in front of her. “Morpheus is taking over the world. The church is everywhere – you think it is only in Cuba, but you’re wrong. We’ve penetrated every facet of human existence.”
Gwen shrank away from him as best she could with her hands secured to the pipe above her head.
Alex smiled at her. “His plan is to bring order to this chaos that permeates society. People are going to be put into the positions they are most suited for.”
“Can’t you see how wrong that is? People should have freedom.”
Alex shook his head. “It doesn’t work. There are ten billion people on this planet, and everyone wants to be in charge. Morpheus is going to change that. The church is going to rule with Morpheus’s guidance. Whoremasters like myself are going to choose perfect sex toys, like you and Jessica, to please the masses: the professional caste. Think about it, no more sexual frustration or famine or disease or war. We’ll accomplish more in the first ten years under Morpheus than in the last one-thousand years of human existence.”
Gwen shook her head. “You’re crazy.”
He touched her face and she jerked away. “You’ll understand soon, I promise.”
He sighed. “But, there is a problem with the plan.”
“You mean besides the fact that it is insane?”
He sat down beside her. “The worker castes. There are people on this earth who are violent. They rebel, they rob, they cheat, they kill. They have to be made into productive members of society. So, we have the worker castes.”
“How do you make them… behave?”
He looked away. “We have a device. It’s a long needle attached to a pistol grip with a trigger. We push the needle into the corner of their eye, into their brain. You pull the trigger and it lobotomizes them, destroys all rational thought processes. They can perform manual tasks – lifting, carrying, that sort of thing. They do as they’re told. And, we de-sex them and pump them full of steroids to make them strong.”
Gwen felt like she was going to be sick. “How could you?”
“We only do it when there’s no other choice. Truly bad people with no place in society.”
“They wanted you to do that to David!”
He nodded. “I know. The church – that’s who I was talking to – sometimes they can be cold. Part of their conditioning is the removal of empathy. But, they will listen to us if we’re adamant.” He smiled at her. “He’s going to be all right. Better, he’ll be happy. You’ll see.”
“Please let us go. I know I can’t save Jessica,” she said as she squeezed her eyes shut and more tears fell. “But, if you’ll just let David and me go, we won’t say anything. I promise.”
He brushed her hair out of her eyes. “You know, for you, I would almost do that. I’m drawn to you, and I want to make you happy.”
“But,” he said as he grasped her long hair and pulled her head back. “You see, the problem is, I want you. And, I can have you. I’m going to fuck your virgin pussy until you pass out, and I’m going to make you love me for it.”
It’s a mad scientist’s chamber of horrors, Gwen thought as she watched Alex working on the unconscious Jessica.
He had made Gwen stand and hooked her chains higher on the pipe. She hung from the manacles.
Alex wanted her to watch everything he did, but he wanted David asleep.
Alex pulled the sheet off the rolling cart. The cart was covered in frightening bottles of brightly colored liquids: emerald green, elecric blue, and a red that almost seemed to glow. Beside the bottles was an array of hypodermic needles of varying lengths and gauges.
But, what terrified Gwen the most was a large glass bottle of pink fluid. There was a heavy cap on top with a black rubber hose attached. The hose was connected to a pistol grip that turned into a gleaming steel dildo.
The “head” of the fake penis had five short hypodermic needles arrayed around it attached to tiny syringes of pink liquid. A thin, rigid tube extended from the tip of the dildo.
A single drop of pink fluid clung to the end of the tube.
Alex used a tape and measured Jessica from her heel to the top of her head. “Five feet eight inches.” He punched some numbers into a calculator on the cart. He picked up a syringe with a long, thick needle and drew fluid from a red bottle. “Uniform height. Street whores are to be six feet tall, six foot eight in heels.”
“You can’t make someone taller.”
Alex laughed as he checked the amount of fluid in the needle. “Four inches of height, six and a half CC’s total. Three inches in the thighs and another one inch in the calves. I like them to be proportional. Most Whoremasters just jam it in their thighs and don’t worry about them having short calves.”
He spoke as if he were a craftsman instead of a monster.
Gwen cried out and turned away as he drove the needle down hard into Jessica’s thigh. She heard the needle squeal as it pierced the bone.
Jessica didn’t make a sound. She was completely unconscious.
He repeated the procedure on her calf and then did the other leg. He rubbed Jessica’s forehead afterward. “She’s beautiful. I almost want to keep her for myself, but I have to be choosy. I can only have a dozen whores in my harem.”
“Is she going to die?” Gwen whimpered. “Did you poison her?”
Alex looked at her in horror. “Don’t be ridiculous. I’m transforming her body for her new life.”
“It’s impossible. You’re just a sick man injecting her with God knows what. You’re killing her.”
Alex sighed. “Gwen. Jessica is going to be fine. Tomorrow morning, she will six feet tall with 42J breasts, a twenty-eight inch waist, and forty inch hips.”
“You’re crazy!” Gwen screamed loud enough to reverberate off the white basement walls.
Alex reached under the cart and held up a black rubber strap with a red ball attached to the middle. “Gwen, I want you to watch this and understand what I’m doing to her; however, if you continue to scream, I’m going to put this ball gag in your mouth. It’s very uncomfortable. Do you want me to do that?”
Gwen shook her head slowly. “N… No.”
“Good. Now I want you to watch and be calm. No more screaming. You can ask me questions, but no more ridiculous accusations. I am not killing her.”
Gwen hung from the restraints and wept.
“Now for the breasts,” he said. He took a syringe with red liquid and pushed a frighteningly long needle through Jessica’s right nipple and into her breast.
Gwen wanted to look away, but she watched as the woman’s poor breast began to swell from the volume of liquid being forced into it.
“It stimulates growth, of course. But it also changes the glands to produce Ambrosia,” he looked up at Gwen and smiled. “That’s the wonderful liquid I spiked her coffee with. The most powerful aphrodisiac ever known. A pint of this can keep a man hard for an entire day.” He stroked Jessica’s face and smiled down at her. “It takes even less to turn a little Bible thumping shrew into a raging nymphomaniac.”
Other needles followed. Injections in her buttocks and waist, her lips. At one point, he took a small needle and injected something into the little nubbin above her vagina.
Gwen crossed her legs and whined in sympathy, then whined louder as Alex injected something into Jessica’s anal ring.
Jessica slept through it all, and, for that, Gwen thanked God.
Alex picked up a device that looked like a cell phone. There was a metal barrel in the end and he inserted a syringe in it. He spread green gel on Jessica’s lower abdomen and ran the device over it.
“What are you doing?” Gwen asked. Her curiosity was piqued even though she was horrified.
“There they are. Two healthy ovaries.”
“What are you going to do?”
He pressed a button and the syringe slid forward in the tube. The needle pierced the flesh in her lower abdomen. It was very long.
“Right ovary gets preserved – Morpheus wants zero population growth; however, at some point in the future, there might be a desire to breed Jessica. So we just put one ovary to sleep.”
He was talking about Jessica as if she were livestock or a possession. “She’s a person, not a thing!” Gwen said, though she was careful not to raise her voice.
The needle was empty and it withdrew gently.
Alex removed it from the tube and dropped it in the trash. “Back to this debate, are we?”
“What gives you the right?”
“Morpheus is trying to save the world, make everyone happy, give everyone eternal life…”
“You mean make men happy – not women, we’re just objects for your amusement.”
Alex shook his head. “You understand nothing. Do you think I wanted this?”
He laid the medical device on the cart and walked toward her. “I never even made it to the hotel when I got off the plane in Havana. I was with a whore, right there on the street. She was on all fours on the concrete, and I was pounding into her from behind.”
He stopped a few feet in front of Gwen and started undoing the straps on his overalls. He turned around as they fell.
A long t-shirt covered his hard muscled back and buttocks, but his legs were bare.
They were the legs of a bodybuilder, covered in tattoos depicting pornographic scenes and invert pentagrams and crosses.
He lifted the shirt over his head.
His buttocks were bare and muscled like his legs. His skin was brown as if he were made of bronze.
A mural had been tattooed on his back. It was him, naked with a woman lying on her back in front of him, her long legs pulled back to her ears. Alex’s tattooed image was driving an impossible long and thick cock into the woman’s anus. Her eyes were rolled back in her head from ecstasy.
Gothic letters across his shoulder read: Hard Fucking Alex.
He turned around.
An inverted pentagram was inscribed in red tattoo ink on his lower abdomen.
Gwen stared at the black silk bag tied around his waist. It hung down from his crotch to his knees.
The bag looked full.
“I felt someone looking at me. You know that feeling you get when the hairs stand up on the back of your neck? I turned around and there was a nun standing behind me. Her eyes were black – there was no white to them at all. Just black liquid orbs, and, in the center of each was a glowing red pentagram. She looked at me and smiled and said: “He will do.”
Alex pulled a string on the bag and it fell off.
Gwen cried out.
His penis hung down to his knees. It was thicker than her wrist, and the head was as large as her fist. The testicles hung down behind like two peaches in a bag of bronze flesh.
A long string of clear liquid dripped steadily onto the tile floor from the tip of his penis.
There was a tattoo on his penis, gothic letters down the length of it an inch high: The Cunt Tamer.
“There were needles for me as well. We all serve Morpheus.”
“You didn’t want this?” Gwen asked. It took her several minutes to speak, during which time Alex returned to his work on Jessica.
He remained nude.
“I did not. You have to understand, Gwen. This is the end of free will, the end of independence. We all belong to Morpheus now,” Alex said. He picked up the medical instrument again and placed another syringe in the barrel.
“You don’t have to do what they want, Alex. There’s good in you.”
Alex nodded. “You like me better now, don’t you?”
“No. No, I…” she stammered. Did she? She felt her thoughts on him softening. She was staring at him, wondering what he felt like. Wondering what he tasted like.
She squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head.
“Pheromones. My body produces a smell you can’t resist.” He nodded toward Jessica. “She felt it immediately. If she had been alone, she would have stripped naked and thrown herself at me within a half hour even without the Ambrosia. If you hadn’t been in love with David there, you would have eventually done the same.”
“No. That’s not true.”
“I took off my clothes. My scent is stronger now. That’s why you keep staring at my cock.”
“I am not!”
But, she was. God help her she was. It was getting harder to form coherent thoughts. Her mouth was full of saliva and she had to keep swallowing to keep from drooling.
“It’s not your fault…”
“Stop it! Please!”
He turned away from her and knelt over Jessica. “Now, for the left ovary. We only need to keep one. We have use for the spare one.” The needle moved in the barrel and disappeared into her skin. “This contains a virus that will rewrite the DNA in her ovary, converting it into a hormone factory. This will keep her hyper sexual twenty-four hours a day.”
The syringe emptied and the needle withdrew.
He put the device away. “It only takes a few minutes. When Morpheus first came up with this process, it could take months. Now, it can be done in hours.” He sat down on the edge of Jessica’s narrow bed.
He put his lips close to her ear and whispered.
Gwen could see the woman’s eyes moving beneath her lids. Her breathing increased.
Were her breasts… larger? They couldn’t be. This was all just Alex’s sick fantasy. Wasn’t it? These things he was saying weren’t possible. Were they?
Alex smiled and kissed Jessica’s cheek. “The Ambrosia has worn off, but her own body is taking over now. It’s beautiful, don’t you think?”
Gwen said nothing. Instead, she watched Jessica’s nipples turn blood red and swell until they were as long as a fingertip.
Alex reached out and gently squeezed a nipple.
A jet of clear liquid shot into the air and splattered back onto her bare stomach.
Alex turned and looked at a clock on the far wall. “Ambrosia production in eighteen minutes. You can almost time these effects to the second. Another twelve minutes and her hormone levels will start to rise from the ovary procedure.”
He dipped his finger in the clear liquid puddled on Jessica’s stomach. He held up the finger and smiled as he walked across to Gwen. “Are you curious?”
Gwen’s eyes went wide as the dripping wet finger paused a half inch from her lips. She shook her head and closed her lips tight.
Alex pinched her side with his free hand and she cried out.
The finger went in her mouth.
The liquid touched her tongue and fireworks went off in her head.
She closed her teeth on his finger.
Alex swatted her backside through her skirt with his free hand. “Hey! Don’t you bite me!” He was smiling.
Gwen felt stunned. Her mouth opened.
“Much more powerful directly from the source. The Ambrosia I gave Jessica in her coffee was watered down.”
Gwen felt warm all over. She started to tremble and her groin tingled.
She barely noticed as he reached under the hem of her skirt and slid her cotton panties down her thighs. Her focus was on the growing sensations in her vagina.
However, when his fingers found her now soaking vulva, she looked deep into his eyes in shock. “Don’t… touch me.”
He smiled. “You’ll beg me to in a moment.”
She gritted her teeth and tried to squirm away from the fingers that gently spread her open.
He laughed. “So much hair. What? Is personal grooming a sin for you?”
His fingers seemed to know every place to touch, and she hated him for that.
Alex touched the little nubbin near the top and she jerked her hips involuntarily.
“Don’t fight, Gwen.”
She opened her mouth to scream at him, but what came out was not a scream of anger – the Ambrosia had triggered her orgasm.
Her body went rigid and she arched her back, driving her mound against his hand. When the spasm subsided, she jerked her legs and hips away.
Alex grabbed her waist with his other hand and held her in place. His thick finger penetrated a half inch into her.
And, then he stopped.
He looked at her in wonder, and, tinged with it, a look of tenderness that made her want to kill him.
“A hymen? I knew you were a virgin, but to still have a cherry at what? Twenty-three?”
He stepped away and licked her juices from his fingers.
She wanted to vomit.
“If I had told them you actually have a hymen, they would have taken you away from me,” he said as he walked back to stand over Jessica.
“That would have been a pity!” Gwen growled. She felt vulnerable and exposed with the panties hanging from her ankles, even though her skirt had fallen back to mid-thigh.
“Yes, it would have. A virgin blonde like you would be used as a bribe for a fat senator. Most of them have fetishes, a lot of them like inflicting pain. Or, they might have given you to some sheik – they have a tendency to remove their women’s clitorises.”
Gwen looked away. Did he actually expect her to be grateful for him?
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him pick up the last medical device: the bottle of pink liquid attached to the penis shaped pistol grip.
He pressed a button on the bed and the stirrups holding Jessica’s legs moved apart and rose, spreading her legs open wide.
“Oh, God, what are you going to do to her?”
He looked up and then knelt down between Jessica’s thighs. “Sex with me, or anyone modified like me, could kill Jessica. She’s too small inside to accept one of us.”
He pressed a button and the needles in the tip retracted into the steel head of the device.
Alex rubbed her vagina gently with his free hand.
Jessica frowned in her sleep. Her hips began to grind against the fondling.
“That’s right, Jessica. Nice and wet for me.” He spread her vaginal lips open and eased the steel phallus inside.
Her back arched as inch after inch of the device disappeared into her.
A light on the handle turned green and Alex pressed a button on the pistol grip.
Jessica’s eyes snapped open.
“First, an injection to loosen and dilate her cervix, and then her womb becomes accessible – more room for a super cock.”
Jessica’s eyelids fluttered and she went back to sleep.
He pulled the trigger.
The level of pink liquid in the bottle began to drop as it was forced through the dildo and into Jessica.
“The polymer coats her womb and fills the tubes leading to her ovaries, shielding her from infection.”
He withdrew the device slowly and laid it on the cart.
Alex caressed Jessica’s stomach. “There, now she’s a proper whore, aren’t you, darling?”
He pulled a sheet over her legs as the stirrups moved back into place allowing her to lie flat. He unbuckled her ankles and wrists from the restraints, but then buckled a belt loosely around her middle. “Just so she doesn’t roll off the bed.”
He checked the IV drip. “This should hold her for the night.”
Alex reached under the cart and pulled out a pair of shiny black heels. He put them on her feet and buckled them in place. “She’ll need these when she wakes up.”
He then opened a side door and pulled out a bizarre looking helmet. It looked almost like a plastic crown. It had an articulated arm attached to it holding a gleaming steel needle. He placed it over her head and plugged it in to a cable on the bed. The helmet had earphones that covered Jessica’s ears and a visor that covered her face.
The robot arm whirred and clicked. It moved through several gyrations, then it angled the needle toward a spot on Jessica’s scalp.
The needle drove into her skull.
Gwen screamed.
“I know,” Alex whispered as he walked to Gwen and wrapped an arm around her waist. “It’s terrifying, but she doesn’t feel a thing.”
“What is it doing to her?!”
He leaned her head on his shoulder and kissed her ear even as she tried to pull away. “Changes have to be made to make her more accepting. Certain areas of her brain have to be stimulated and others deadened. And, she’s getting quite an education through the visor and head phones. She’ll be very happy tomorrow morning – you’ll see.”
Alex reached up and unhooked her manacles from the pipe.
Gwen fell into his arms.
He held her close and swept her up in his embrace. “I know you’re frightened, but it is for the best, Gwen. You’ll understand soon.”
Gwen sobbed as he carried her across the floor.
“Do you need a toilet?”
She cried louder.
“Gwen, it’s okay. Do you need a toilet?”
She nodded.
He carried her to a small bathroom, lifted her skirt and sat her on the toilet.
She looked up at him in horror.
“It’s okay.”
“I can’t… not with you watching.”
He smiled and held up two fingers. He reached down and poked the fingers into her lower abdomen.
Her urine rushed into the bowl.
“They taught us a lot of things,” he said.
She could feel the blush on her cheeks. The urine stopped.
She launched herself off the toilet and tried to drive her shoulder into his chest.
He spun around and laughed, catching her waist in his thick left arm. “Naughty girl! Just for that, you’re sleeping naked tonight!”
The skirt material shredded in his strong fingers and fell onto the tile floor. He ripped off her blouse like it was made of kleenex, and then broke the front of her bra with one hand.
He carried her naked and dripping urine across the tile floor as she flailed.
She thought he was taking her back to the pipe in the floor, but, instead he was carrying her back to another rolling bed like Jessica’s.
“No!” she screamed. Gwen kicked and flailed, but he was far too strong.
“No, Gwen, stop. I’m not going to do anything to you tonight.”
“Yes, you are! Please, let me go! I won’t tell. I won’t.”
“Shh,” he soothed as he laid her on the bed. He buckled her wrists down and then her ankles.
She was crying and hyperventilating. “Please, don’t hurt me!”
“No, no. I won’t hurt you. You can sleep now.” He fastened the strap across her middle.
She heaved and sobbed as he rubbed her hair. “I promise you, Gwen. Nothing is going to happen to you tonight. You can sleep.” He caressed her face. “I promise. I promise you.”
She looked at him through tear stained eyes. “Why are you being nice to me?”
He smiled at her and kissed her cheek before she could pull away. “We’re going to be together for eternity, Gwen. Partners, not master and slave.” He pointed at Jessica. “You’re going to be different from Jessica in a lot of ways. Ways you’ll like.”
She broke into sobs again.
“I’ll make a deal with you.”
She turned her head away.
He put his fingers on her chin and turned her to face him. “I said, I’ll make a deal with you.”
“What?” she whispered.
“Thirty-six hours from now, I will ask you if you want to leave. If you still do, I’ll let you go home. Deal?”
“You’re lying.”
“No, I’m not. I have a way to make you forget everything that’s happened to you in the last few days. I’ll take you home and leave you on your doorstep. You can go back to being virginal Gwen – just taller and sporting a rack to make you every man’s wet dream. And, more than a few women’s wet dream as well. Deal?”
She looked at him, not wanting to believe him, but needing to believe him.
Gwen nodded.


Wayne and Ann Triskelion are husband and wife, Dom and sub, erotica writers living in the United States. They are planning a series of novels in the “Transformations” universe they have created, Transformations: Witnesses is the first of many. They welcome comments from readers [email protected] Also, check Wayne and Ann out at their Tumblr blog: Their books, both past and future are available on Kindle, check out their Amazon Author Page.

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