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Tracey and the Homeless Guy… How a Homeless Guy Says Thanks

Tracey was walking home from work when in the corner of her eye she spotted a man following her. She turned a corner quickly hoping to loose the man following her. her run was more now a slow jog, she stopped at her appartment door and looked around her trying to find the right key for the apartment building. then suddenly he was there, what do you want she said, you dropped his back there, I’ve been trying to catch up with you since. it was her mobile phone. She felt so silly for running off now. he was a tall man not shaven and very dirty looking. thank you she said I would have been in trouble without that phone.

as she observed the man, would you like a cup of tea? the man replied I could do with a shower too if you don’t mind. ok she thought he seemed liked a harmless old man. She let him into the building and then into her appertment. She cam back with a towel and a cup of tea, thank you he said its very kind of you dear. I can wash your clothes for you while your here, se loved helping the homless and he did seem like a very decent guy. She put her clothes into the wash and grabbed him a robe to wear while they dried.

she could hear the shower was on, so went into her bedroom to change into her pjs. She let down her long blonde hair and went into the living room and turned the tv on. then homelessman emerged 30 mins later wearing the robe and sat on the sofa next to her. least he smelt better now she thought.

the man couldn’t keep his eyes off her. my goodness your gorgous, bet you get all the guys after you. no not really she replied, I’ve had enough of men. I haven’t had a bf in a yr, trying to kick start my career. so you haven’t been with a man for a yr then, the homeless man replied, no she laughed. but still the man surveyed her over and over, getting a bit tired of this she said, I’m off to bed, you can stay the night on the sofa. I don’t mind

she fetched him a blanket and the homeless man curled up on the sofa, he watched her walk out the room and close the door. as she lay in bed she couldn’t get him off her mind, she hadnt been with a guy for a yr and had a lot worked up. She drifted off to sleep.

it was about 1am when she was woken up, she turned her lamp on and there aat the foot of the bed was the homeless guy stark naked. omg she said what are you doing, her eyes wonderd down to his huge cock. I want to help you he said, for everything you have done for me tonight. She smiled at him, ok what would you like to do? she replied. firstly I need you to take you clothes off lie down and spread your legs for me.

she slowely stripped down teasing the homeless guy, she did exactly as he said, she lay back and opened her legs. the homeless guy climbed onto the bed, and started cralwing over to her, he pulled she legs further apart and placed his cock at the mouth of her virgina, push it in she said. at her words he slid his cock har into her. the homeless guy was going crazy, she guessed it had been longer for him than her. his cock was ragging in and out her fucking her so hard she moaned at every thrust, he was licking and kissing her boobs the sweat was dripping off him and her. he grabbed her legs and gave one big thrust into her virgina and cum so far inside her. omg omg omg she said your amazing that was the best sex I’ve ever had, panting so loudly.

he still hadnt pulled his cock out, I’m going for a second he said. yes fuck me again, he flipped her over so she was on her knees. and started thrusting her harder than before, the cum had made it better for him to get his cock in further, she was screaming with every pump, harder harder she screamed, still the bums hands felt every inch of her body. he was fucking her so hard she cudnt keep her balance, cum in me cum in me she said, and at that he did, he exploded into her loins, she felt each wave enter her.

she fell onto her back and the homeless guy fell on top of her exhaused, he rolled over still with his cock hard. want to ride me he said, she climbed on his cock and started to bounce up and down, his hands playing with her 36cc tits. She loved being in control. go deeper he said. at that she did, uh uh uh she was saying every time the tip of his cock hit the end of her pussy. lie down so I can feel your tits on my chest, he loved his. She turned her head to face him, and he poked m=his togue out, out my tongue into your mouth, as she did he started thrusting, she was still bouncing onto of him. She was sucking on his tongue, and then said you suck on mine now, and so he did. as she did he forced his tongue into her mouth and they were lip locked, he then exploded with joy inside her. he was licking her face with excitement.

he had now cum inside her 3 times and loved the thought of her being full of his cum. he got up and grabbed his clothes and left. leaving tracey panting and leeking with his cum out her pussy. She couldn’t get the homless guy off her mind. what a night she thought. She had never had sex like that before.

the next day she walked the streets looking for him but he was nowhere to be seen, he had simply dissapeared…

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