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Tommy’s Tales of Size & Conquests

As far back as Tommy could remember, he knew that he was different from the other boys. He had been homeschooled by strict parents, who discouraged him from having much to do the “ordinary kids” and did everything they could to keep him from having girlfriends. Unusually, perhaps, this was not because the family was particularly religious – Tommy’s mom and dad were both career academics who were determined that their son would follow them into one of the best schools in the country. So where other teens his age were going out and partying, he found himself hitting the books.

By 18, Tommy had turned into a slim, good-looking, intellectually super-confident young man with an SAT well north of 2000 and a guaranteed place at one of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges in the country. But he was also shy and socially inexperienced, a situation hardly helped by the fact that he barely drank and had never taken drugs.

For the most part, Tommy didn’t mind. His heart was set on majoring in history. He loved studying and he loved reading, though his mom, a 70s feminist, had made it her mission to ensure that his bookshelves contained nothing racier than Nancy Hunt’s “European Women, African Birth Spacing, and Colonial Intervention in Breastfeeding in the Belgian Congo”. It was a turgid academic paper that her son had thumbed through anxiously and fruitlessly in search of any “good bits”, and in the fall of his freshman year it still represented Tommy’s closest encounter to date with a naked woman.

Tommy felt conflicted by his woeful inexperience. On the one hand, like any red-blooded 18 year old, he found himself mesmerized by the site of straining bikini tops at the local swimming pool and by slim and swaying jean-clad hips at the mall. On the other, he found himself thankful that no girl had actually seen him naked. Even in his youth, Tommy had always guessed there was something different about himself physically. This feeling had nothing to do with his height or weight, as these were always fairly normal. No, this feeling of being different had to do with his sex organs, and more specifically the size of them.

College came as quite a shock. The school that Tommy had won his full-ride scholarship to was two states over from the place where he grew up, and located in a small and beautiful rural community quite different from the large city where his mom and dad still taught on the campus of the state university. His college had fewer than 3,000 students, all of them bright, and some of them brilliant, but while many came from backgrounds pretty similar to Tommy’s, and he found himself making friends quite easily, school introduced a major complicating factor into his young life: girls.

They were everywhere on campus: in the halls and the classes, in the library and the cafeteria, and Tommy found himself growing ever more obsessed by them. They were all so young and so peach-ripe, most of them welcoming and smiling, and yet they seemed so unobtainable – a problem that only seemed worse in the warm weather of the early fall, when, with the exception of the odd Goth and a few plump nerds, the girl freshmen dressed themselves in the standard student uniform of tight T-shirts and tighter pants or jean shorts. Tommy found it difficult to talk to them. He always felt tongue-tied, and on the handful of occasions that a girl approached him and tried to start a conversation, the awkward combination of his needs and inexperience frequently plunged him first into the early stages of arousal and then into humiliated, shame-faced embarrassment. As he felt the cock crammed into his boxers start to twitch with expectancy and interest, Tommy would cringe and blush furiously until his cheeks burned red.

This stumbling, crimson-faced ineptitude was not exactly a turn-on to any girls who found themselves attracted by the teen’s shy smile and tousled hair, and Tommy made it clean through student orientation without scoring himself a cup of coffee with a classmate, much less any hint of a real date. The workload at college was heavy from the get-go, and he decided that he could not do much right now about his problems with girls.

He didn’t think of himself as much of a catch in any case. At 5′ 8″ tall and 130 pounds, Tommy wasn’t the largest boy in his dorm by a long shot, and as something of a late developer it was only a couple of years since he had noticed that he was growing hair in his armpits and around his crotch. Growing up in a house where the mind was cherished and the body was seen as a distraction from cerebral thoughts, he had never taken the intense interest in his developing body that normal teenagers do. He realized that he was no longer a child, of course. And he was aware, when he showered and when he dressed, that touching what he primly thought of as his penis produced pleasurable sensations. But he had still never masturbated, nor – since he fell into that minority of the male sex who did not experience nocturnal emissions – had he properly experienced how his cock could truly make him feel. In fact, it was only on coming to college, and leaving the suffocating home where mom and dad always seemed present, that Tommy had begun to take more than a half-horrified glance at what he remembered had once been nothing but a small pink acorn, but had somehow grown into a large plump tan colored penis and a meaty set of balls hanging low underneath.

Interest aroused, and parents absent, though, the teen now often found himself fondling himself in front of the mirror on his closet when his roommate was out, and he was always fascinated to watch it extend and grow upward. At full mast, his penis stuck nearly straight out from his body, though it was so large and heavy that had a slight downward curve to it. In his first weeks at college, he made himself erect a great many times by stroking it, yet he still never tried to bring himself to climax. He had heard some of his friends talking about the experience, but he had never got to that point until the fateful day in mid-September when Mary entered his young life.

One day about three weeks into his freshman year, Tommy was in music class when the professor announced that she would be breaking the students into groups of two and that henceforth these pairs would be partners in composition 101. Tommy had never been that hot at music, and he was taking the class solely because his course had a mandatory music requirement, so he anxiously hoped the professor would pair him up with someone that could help him with his studies. As it turned out, he was paired with a girl that he had talked to, haltingly, at least a couple of times around campus. Her name was Mary, and while not what he would call super hot, she was attractive and smart and fun to talk to. As the days passed, Mary and Tommy had more personal conversations during class, and found themselves meeting outside of class to talk about their studies and other things. This seemed perfectly normal to Tommy, and gradually he started to wonder about Mary as a girlfriend rather than a study partner, but never asked her to confirm his thinking.

Several more weeks went by, and Tommy really started to get to know Mary better. She lived on another floor of his mixed freshman dorm, and they shared coffees or talked on the phone into the night on many occasions. While the conversations never seemed to go into what he would call “girlfriend” territory, they were pleasant and Tommy almost always thought of her while fondling himself in bed afterwards.

One night after class, he was just finishing up some work when someone knocked on the door. He got up and went to see who it was. When he opened the door he was surprised to see Mary standing there. She had come by his corridor after school a couple of times – the college allowed mixing up to 10pm – but never this late. She looked sort of upset, so he stood aside and invited her in.

“Here, sit down,” Tommy suggested, patting the couch by the door.

“Ummmm, I really need to speak to you about something,” she said softly. “Come over here and sit next to me so I can talk to you, okay?” she asked as she patted the space next to her.

With that Tommy went over to his couch and sat next to Mary. Not knowing what to expect or having any idea why Mary was there, Tommy was glad that Mary started the conversation.

“Ummmm, Tommy you and I have been hanging out a lot lately” she said with a stern look “And I’m a little confused about, you know, us.”

“Us?” he stammered and paused. “I didn’t know there was an us.” He paused again. “Is there an us?” he asked.

“Well,” she started. “You know I like you. You’re funny and I think you’re cute.” She giggled a bit. “But there is something that’s been bothering me, and I need to find out before we go any farther.”

Tommy was now rattled a bit, but was anxious for her to continue. “What’s been bothering you?” he asked.

“Well, you know my brother goes to school with us, right?” Tommy thought for a brief moment about her older brother John, and acknowledged her with a nod. “Well, about a week ago he and I were talking about you know, dating and stuff, and I mentioned that I liked you and was thinking about being your girlfriend,” she said then paused.

“Oh, ummmm, I hadn’t really thought about that, err, you that in that way,” Tommy said knowing it was a lie. “But I wouldn’t mind trying that out,” he added while trying to sound honest, then paused briefly “Why didn’t you tell me before now?” he asked.

“Well I was going to tell you, but then my brother told me something that sort of worried me,” she exclaimed.

Tommy tried to think of the relationship he had had with her brother. As far as he could remember they had barely talked, and the only time they had been together was in the men’s locker rooms after working out together at the college gym, so he was really curious to hear what he had said about him.

“I don’t know your brother that well. In fact, we’ve barely spoken,” Tommy explained.

“Ummmm, wow this is tough.” She paused. “It isn’t what you’ve said to him, it’s what he has seen.”

Tommy froze. But rather than let her know what he already assumed, he wanted to hear it from her lips. “What do you mean what he has seen?” he asked.

“Ummmm, Jesus I guess I just have to come out and say it.” She fidgeted in her seat. “He said that he has seen you in the locker room and the shower and that you have an enormous dick!” She blurted the word out as though she had rehearsed the statement for hours before that meeting – which, probably, she had.

Tommy was now in a state of shock. He wasn’t sure how to feel. Should he be upset? Should he be worried?

“Uhhhh, I’ve never heard you talk like that, Mary.” He tried to change the subject and cover up his obvious concern “Why would he tell you that?”

“Well he was sort of joking with me that if we tried to have sex that you would break my in half” Mary blurted.

“Ummmm, you and your brother talk about this stuff?” he asked again in a shaky voice.

“Well not always, but sometimes,” she replied.

Tommy was at a complete loss for words now. He didn’t know what to say, when to say it or even how to respond to what she had already said. Finally after a brief pause he muttered “Well I guess it’s pretty big. He felt himself start to turn red with embarrassment and turned away from her.

“Oh look, you’re embarrassed aren’t you?” she said laughingly “I think that’s cute!”

“You do?” he stammered “So what does this all mean? I’m really confused about why you told me this.”

“Look silly, I know you think that I’m just your book worm study partner, but I’ve had boyfriends and I’ve had sex” she said, sounding less fazed by the situation now that she had registered his embarrassment. “And honestly I wouldn’t want to be your girlfriend if we couldn’t have sex!”

Not wanting to admit to her that he was a virgin, Tommy played along and laughed at her comment. As she continued to smile, The teen caught her looking down at his crotch. She didn’t just glance down either, she was really examining the area and it was making him a little uncomfortable.

“Uh, what are you doing?” he asked quietly.

The only thing that made Tommy feel better about the situation was knowing that in the oversize pants he was wearing, there was little chance of her seeing anything.

“Shhhh, I’m trying to see if I can find him through your pants” she said with a giggle “It doesn’t look like there is anything special down there, so maybe my brother was just trying to be funny.”

Tommy now felt something different. He felt a sort of charge race through him. While he knew that he was larger than normal, this girl had come completely from left field and was telling him he wasn’t special. Fear was replaced with confidence, albeit in a small dose.

“Well I think I’m special,” he said firmly “So what do you think of that!”

She looked up at him with her green eyes, bit her lower lip in a very seductive and non book worm like way and said “Well I’m going to have to see it to believe it mister!”

Tommy had now been called out by a girl. A girl he had known for just a little while. A girl who wasn’t even his girlfriend, although he wanted her to be just that. He pondered what could happen, what could go wrong, what she would think.

“Ummmm Mary, I really like you, but I don’t know if this is a good idea” he said slowly.

“Well if you don’t want to defend your honor, I’ll understand, but I came here to learn the truth and I would prefer finding out the fun way” she said, and he was sure he could detect a note of excitement in her voice.

With that she stood up and bent over Tommy giving him a quick kiss on the forehead and walked towards the door to the room. She reached out and turned the lock on his door knob once there, and turned around putting her back against the door. Mary had short dark hair, was about 5’4″ tall and probably weighed 120 lbs. She always wore conservative and bulky clothing, so he only had a vague idea of what her body looked like. During many of his stroking sessions he had tried to picture her naked, but the real thing in front of him scared him a bit more than his thoughts had.

“You look like you are going to be a little bashful so I’ll start,” she said, and with that she reached down, unbuttoned her jeans and slid them to the floor.

Tommy was now looking at a half naked 18 year old girl not six feet from him. He felt a stirring deep down in his gut, and although he was turned on, he was also still a little in shock. Mary on the other hand looked to be in full control of the situation. She also looked very good in the dim light of the dorm room. He could make out the slight bulge of her pussy lips under her white cotton underwear, and her legs looked toned, lean and tanned.

“Why don’t you lean back and let me examine the situation for a moment” she said casually, as she walked over to Tommy’s bed in a very sensual way.

Tommy stood up. He felt in a daze and he nearly tripped over his own feet as he shot across the room to join her. She sat next to Tommy, paused for a second and then reached over and started to unbutton and unzip his jeans. He was frozen, perched back on his elbows, but he continued to watch her with enthusiasm. She started to slide his pants down his legs. He was pleased that he was wearing some of the more baggy pants and boxers that he owned. She continued sliding the pants off his past his socks and threw them into the corner of the room.

“Now it’s my turn!” she exclaimed cheerfully. Slowly she reached down and pulled her sweater over her head and placed it on the bed next to her. The only thing she was wearing underneath was a white bra, and for the first time Tommy noticed that Mary actually had a decent sized set of C or D cup boobs on her. This is something she had hidden quite well with the baggy sweaters and shirts she liked to wear on campus.

“Like what you see?” she asked and he nodded staring at her near-nakedness “Good, now it’s your turn!”

Thinking she would go for his shirt, Tommy sat up in order to give her access. She of course would have nothing of this, and immediately pressed him back onto the bed on his back. She then climbed off the bed, got on her knees between his legs and started pulling down his boxers at the waistband. And not once did she take her eyes off Tommy’s crotch while she did this.

“Oh you’re a furry one aren’t you!” she squeaked as the waistband of the boxes moved down over the top of his pubic area exposing a tangle of his curly pubic hair. Continuing to pull them down very slowly, she finally exposed the top of his manhood. He normally wore loose enough clothes that he would position his dick down one pant leg, and today that was exactly how he had done it. Pulling gently but persistently she exposed another inch or so of flesh dangling along his thigh and stopped.

“Well I’m certainly impressed so far!” she exclaimed and looked up at Tommy with a wink “That thing has got to be as thick as my wrist. Now let’s see if the length lives up to the rumors!”

She continued her pulling. Another two inches of flesh was exposed, and then another two. At this point Mary stopped completely, looked up at Tommy with those sexy green eyes that he had somehow missed all those weeks earlier and exploded with nervous laughter. “Holy shit, dude,” she gasped, “that fucking thing’s a monster for sure! I figured I would have come to the head of it by now!”

With this she continued her pulling, but at an even slower pace. As he watched her pull the boxers off, he noticed she kept biting her lower lip and stared intently at his crotch – without blinking, it seemed. Another two inches of cloth moved over his manhood and finally the waistband of the under garment caught on something. She seemed intrigued, and lifted the fabric away from his legs slightly and continued to pull downwards. As she did this is it slowly exposed a large cockhead partially covered by foreskin. Now that she had witnessed it fully, she seemed anxious to remove the boxers completely and quickly pulled them down past his feet. His dick fell to the bed between his legs under it’s own weight. She then sort of sat back on her legs and stared at Tommy’s fleshy tool.

“Well, my brother was certainly right. That is the biggest cock I have even seen in my life, and I don’t think it’s even hard at all,” she said in a quiet voice.

The way she spoke aroused something in him. He had never heard her use words like dick and cock. He had heard her swear before, but never this kind of language. For reasons he couldn’t explain however, he liked it and wanted to hear more.

“Why don’t you take a closer look?” he said. He wasn’t sure what else to say.

She then leaned in between his thighs. He spread his legs wider to allow her to have better access. His dick was now laying over his balls completely flaccid, yet thick and long. Even in this position, there were several inches of dick meat on the bed between his legs. Mary continued her inspection, first staring at the head with it’s huge pee slit and loose foreskin. She then moved up only inches away from his crotch taking in the length of the shaft hanging indecently over his huge balls. She then stood slightly and leaned over him in order to take in the top view of his member. He could tell she was mesmerized by it, taken completely by its powerful presence. He no longer feared the moment, but instead started to relish it.

After a minute more of worship, she stood up, and in a sexy way peeled off her bra, exposing two amazing boobs, each jutting upwards and tipped with a large, dark areola. The she sat beside him.

“I’m going to be honest with you,” she said. “I never imagined a cock could get that big and I’m a little worried. I’ve had sex with a couple of guys, but none of them were as big as you are soft even when they were hard.

“In fact your dickhead is as long as my last boyfriend’s whole cock was when he was soft.” she finished in a slightly shaky voice “I want to touch it really bad, would that be okay?”

Fear had been completely replaced by confidence in Tommy. He knew she was impressed, and finally someone had seen his manhood and seemed to like it. “Sure you can, but I should tell you something” he paused, and in an embarrassed voice mumbled: “I’ve never been with a girl before.”

She stared into his eyes and looked sort of stunned. “Really? But how can that be?” she asked.

“Well, I just never have, that’s all!” Tommy blurted .

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll be gentle and I like to break in new boys” Mary exclaimed with that giggle of hers “Oh but wait, I almost forgot something!”

She leaned over to nightstand and opened the class notebook which was sitting there. In the dim light he couldn’t tell what she was after, but soon enough she squealed with delight as she pulled something from one of the pockets and set it on his leg. It was a clear ruler about thirteen inches long with red markings from one to twelve inches.

“I knew you had a ruler in that notebook” she said slyly and with a wink. “Have you ever measured it?”

“No, not really” he answered. Actually he hadn’t ever measured it with a ruler, but he had compared it to various objects to get a general idea of his size many times.

“Well, let’s get a measurement while he’s still soft so we’ll have something to compare to once I get him hard!” Mary said with a grin.

Tommy was a little nervous. His friend seemed to be very good at this, and he was so inexperienced. He decided that he would let her do what she pleased, and he would try to look like he knew what he doing along the way. She took the ruler in her left hand, and reached over with her right hand and grasped his manhood where it met the bed just above the head. Mary then wrapped her hand around it and lifted it up so that the whole thing was laying straight down the top of his leg.

“Holy shit I can’t get over how big and heavy it is!” Mary squealed.

The whole scene was very hot, and he could start to feel the blood surging to his shaft “Mary, if you want a soft measurement, you had better hurry up!” Tommy warned her.

She smiled at him then took the ruler and laid it next to his dick being careful to line up the starting mark near the root of his penis. She then leaned over making sure to take in the whole sight from above, and looked to the end where the ruler was across from the tip of his helmet.

“Fuck me with a rolling pin!” she half yelled. “Your fucking cock is over nine inches long, and it’s not even hard yet!”

Hearing the numbers made Tommy feel good. He didn’t know what normal was, but could see that Mary was impressed.

“How big is a normal one?” he asked, trying not to sound too interested.

“The biggest one I had was just over six inches long when fully hard, but it wasn’t even half as thick as yours is” `Mary shot back, seemingly proud of her find. “In fact from the looks of it” –she leaned over staring at the tip of his member – “he could have probably stuck his dick in yours where you pee from!”

Tommy hadn’t ever thought of such a thing, but for some reason he was extremely turned on by her words and found himself thinking outlandish things. He felt he had been repressed, and he wanted release.

“Mary, will you stroke my cock please?” Tommy sort of begged, not believing what he was saying. She turned her head and looked at him with a devilish grin. “I’ll do you one better sweetie!” she fired back, a glint of pure lust in her eyes. With that she took his thickening tool in her right hand, lifting it ever so slightly away from his thigh. She started making small jerking motions with her hand moving his loose skin up and down his cock. It felt good and he moaned slightly. She then did something he couldn’t believe. She bent over so that her mouth was above his cock and stuck out her tongue. It was long and pointy, and before he knew it she had jabbed it softly into his pee hole. This was unexpected, but the sensations were awesome. “Unnngggggg,” Tommy moaned. “That feels so good. Keep doing it!”

The view was straight from an amateur porn scene. Her right hand was jerking his mammoth cock, while her left hand was supporting her own weight as she crouched over him. Mary’s heavy, rounded tits swayed as she worked, and her large nipples would brush against his lower chest as she jerked the shaft. Her tongue was like a nasty appendage from hell and made solely for fucking his sperm canal. He watched as she slowly plunged it into his hole, then pulled it out and jabbed it back in faster and faster, deeper and deeper. She now had it widened enough with her playing that she was making small circles with her tongue and twisting it as she moved in an out and was moaning almost constantly.

The sight and sound of this was very sexy indeed, and he watched as his manhood started to swell to ever more grotesque proportions. After pumping and tonguing him for several minutes, his cock had began to approach its full size.

“You’re making me so fucking hot baby that my pussy is dripping like a fountain!” Mary exclaimed. Tommy’s cock was now so long that she wasn’t really leaning over him as much as kneeling next to him. She continued stroking and probing his cock with her tongue and he marveled in the sensations it was giving him. He closed his eyes, and slowly moved a hand up to one of the breasts hanging there like soft, warm cantaloupes. He squeezed gently and kneaded it softly stopping only to pinch the large nipple and play with it. With the other hand, he started to explore her ass and soon found the tiny strip of fabric between her firm cheeks and followed it downward with his fingers. With a little effort he found the bulge of her love box and started rubbing it softly through the panties. As he did this he could feel the heat and moisture of her sex and it was intoxicating to him.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” Mary moaned, pulling her tongue from his slit. “Are you trying to make me cum?”

“Well,” Tommy fired back, feeling suddenly more confident and more manly than he ever had before, “you are sure doing a good job of that on me, so why can’t I have some fun as well? But,” he grimaced as she responded with a sudden burst of pressure and a faster up-and-down on his veiny shaft, “if you want a hard measurement you had better get it quick!” She pulled off for a second and sat on back on her legs. “Nothing wrong with a little science, even here,” she grinned with a sexy wink while reaching for the ruler again. The moved her hand to the base of his cock in order to stabilize it in the straight up position. With her other hand she took the ruler and pressed the end of it into his pubic area above the base and then pressed the ruler along the length of the shaft.

“Oh my fucking God!” Mary screamed. “We need a bigger ruler!” Indeed the plastic was only marked for twelve inches, and had about a half inch of plastic above and below the markings. The tip of his cock was actually about a quarter inch past the end of the ruler. The head was immense and seemed larger than Tommy had ever seen it before when he played with it, and the foreskin had completely retracted exposing all the meaty parts of his glans. This was probably a result of her expert tongue work and firm but gentle stroking. His veins were also protruding in a grotesque manner, and if he hadn’t known better he would have said it looked like his virgin cock was about to explode.

Setting the ruler aside while still shaking her head in disbelief, Mary continued with her work. Only this time, she was far rougher with her pumping and tongue work. “Are you going to suck on it?” Tommy asked anxiously as his young body began to convulse with pleasure. “Not yet baby,” she cooed, “besides I don’t think I could get your horse cock in my mouth anyway!”

Again and again her tongue returned to his cock opening while she continued to pump him. There was a prodigious amount of precum leaking from the tip now, and she would greedily lick it up before plunging it in again. He watched intently now as she worked his slit. He couldn’t believe how much of her pointy tongue was going into his cum tube. The sight was truly obscene. She had at least an inch of her hot tongue buried in his cock now, and would only remove it for a moment to lick around the slit in order to catch the juices seeping out. She continued to pump with her hand and mouth like this for at least a minute and then all at once he felt a tightening in his groin and a warm wave of insane pleasure flush through him.

Tommy wasn’t sure what was about to happen. “Oh shit, I’m going to… PEE!” he half yelled. He figured a warning was the nice thing to do, and all he could think of was moving her aside and running for the bathroom. Instead Mary pumped harder and faster and was now probing his slit so hard it was actually becoming sore. Then all at once she grabbed his cock with both hands and squeezed near the head and removed her tongue from his slit. She then hovered over him with her mouth agape not two inches from his helmet and then started pumping with both hands up and down faster and faster. The feeling was intense.
“Oh fuck, oh shit, it fucking hurts!” he shouted.

“Don’t worry baby, just push it out. Mommy will clean up whatever comes out of your big hose,” Mary cooed.

With that, Tommy could take no more. He felt the first rush of hot fluid escape his shaft with searing force. He was sure he was peeing. Never had he felt this sort of pain and pleasure when he had stroked himself. He opened his eyes long enough to watch the first jet leave his slit. It was a powerful blast that hit Mary in the back of the mouth and she quickly closed her mouth and swallowed and opened it again. Then another huge spurt, and another, and another!

She continued to pump his jerking meat and feast on his thick and creamy meal. “Unnnnnggggghhhhhh!” Tommy howled, abandoning himself now to the sensations that coursed through his young body. “It feels so fucking good!”

Pumping with both hands, she never took her mouth away from his opening. He felt three more full spurts escape his lengthy shaft and then felt the contractions start to subside.

Even though he didn’t feel any more contractions, she continued to pump and squeeze his shaft and licked his helmet as the juice continued to pour from the tip. She then placed her lips over Tommy’s piss hole and started sucking very hard while tonguing the opening. The pleasure from this was intense, and his eyes actually watered up as she did it. This went on for about another minute and then she finally stopped, licked her lips one final time and fell beside him on her back.”I think I downed a quart of your man milk,” the sated girl freshman purred. “I certainly hope it’s fat free!”

Tommy just laid there spent. He felt complete as a man. A feeling he hadn’t ever had before. His huge veiny cock started to wither and lay lifeless on his stomach, the helmet still swollen and red from her frenzied feeding. He could feel that his piss slit was sore, and in the dim light he saw that it was raw, red and the opening was gaped like a small mouth. He could sense an unfamiliar dull aching in his groin that he guessed came from sperm tubes that had just been used for the first time. His balls were also extremely sore, but in a good way he thought. Breathing hard, the young man looked into her eyes and said: “So are you my girlfriend now?”

Mary turned on her side and returned his gaze with a half-smile. She nodded slightly while her left hand moved slowly past her stomach to the moist bulge in her panties. “So now the only thing I have to figure out,” she grinned, “is how to get your huge fucking cock into my tight little pussy!” She was beautiful laying there like that, and Tommy knew he would remember that sight forever.

Mary lay there on her side next to Tommy, rubbing her pussy through her cotton panties while looking him up and down.

“Mary, I have never done that before and it felt like I was going to pee on you!” said Tommy, breaking the silence.

“You mean you’ve never masturbated before?” she asked.

“Well, sort of I guess, but I’ve never tried to you know, cum” he said while trying not to sound embarrassed.

“I thought all the boys your age played with themselves” she smiled. “Hell, I can’t keep my brother out of the bathroom long enough for me to use it, and I know what he’s doing in there.”

With that Mary rolled onto her back but she continued rubbing herself through her panties. Tommy was amazed at how easily this whole situation was for her to deal with. Her calmness in what he considered a pretty exciting time calmed him as well.

“Honestly, I wasn’t going to blow you tonight, I really just wanted to see it,” she continued, “but after I did, I couldn’t help myself. Honestly, you have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen!”

Tommy was pleased. Not only did he now have a girlfriend, but she was smart and cute, and she seemed actually to like his equipment. After so many years of feeling awkward and strange in a bad way, it felt very comforting to know that he was special, but in a good way.

Tommy continued to lay there and watch Mary stroke and rub her soaking mound. She had her eyes closed and seemed to be really concentrating on the moment, so rather than speaking, he decided to just lay there and watch her. Several times over the next few minutes the girl arched her back slightly and let out a soft but deep moan, yet she continued rubbing in small circles and never opened her eyes. As Tommy lay there watching Mary pleasure herself, he quickly realized there was a small problem that needed attention.

“Ummmmmm, Mary?” he broke the silence, “I think I really do have to go pee now!”

Mary quickly stopped what she was doing, rolled back onto her side, looked him in the eyes and then focused on his appendage. Even limp it was a sight to behold, and she took it all in. Wrist thick and perfectly formed with a huge plum sized head and light tan coloring down the shaft. His balls were also nearly perfect, she thought. They hung low and ominous between his legs, and each looked to be about the size of a lemon stretching the lower portion of his sack in the sexiest way. In that brief moment she fascinated about what it would be like to get that huge monster in her pussy. Her last boyfriend wasn’t way under half this size, and even that cock had given her a stretching when the first started having sex.

“Well if you have to go, you have to go” Mary said with a wink.

With that Tommy stood and started heading for the door to the bathroom. As he moved, Mary took in the sight. Tommy was still wearing a t-shirt and socks, but that wasn’t the area she wanted to see right then anyway. Watching him turn and walk towards the door, she could just make out the shadow of his huge ball sack and bat like cock bouncing between his thighs. On a six foot tall boy this would look impressive, but on Tommy’s rather slight 5’8″ build, it was simply intoxicating to watch.

Just as Tommy reached the door and started to turn the knob Mary asked slyly: “Did you need any help in there?”

At first he stopped and began to protest, but as he didn’t really know what to do sexually speaking and Mary seemed to be an expert of sorts, he nodded and waved her over. She jumped off the bed and half ran to the door beside him. Her breasts were simply awesome given the size of her body, and he loved to watch them bounce as she moved. Once at the door, she stood on tippy toes and gave him a small kiss while pushing the door open.

Tommy reached inside and found the light switch. Compared to the relatively dim light of the bedroom, the bathroom was very brightly lit, and he was a little embarrassed about her seeing him nude. Still the need to pee outweighed the embarrassment, so he ventured inside with her following closely behind him.

“Nice ass!” she exclaimed as she grabbed a cheek in each hand and giggled.

“Hey that’s not fair!” he shot back at her.

“Haven’t you ever heard the saying that all is fair in love and war?” Mary asked as she pinched each cheek playfully.

Tommy continued to the toilet, looking over the rest of the room as he walked. He wasn’t really expecting company that evening, so he worried that she might find the place a wreck. Fortunately he and his roommate were both pretty neat people, and all seemed okay on the cleanliness front that evening. Reaching the toilet, he lifted the lid and seat and stood over it readying himself for a pee as he had done countless times. Mary followed him to this position, then moved between him and the shower so that she had a good view. She watched as he grasped his manhood just above the head and lifted it slightly, pointing it to the opening of the bowl below him. As his member hung heavy, he didn’t need to make many adjustments and could have probably just let it dangle and still hit the bowl just fine, she thought to herself. Several moments went by and Tommy quickly realized this wasn’t going to be easy.

“Ummmmmm, Mary?” he asked quietly “I don’t think I can pee with you standing there watching.”

“Sure you can silly, I’m not even touching you” she said “just close your eyes, try to imagine being alone and just do it!”

Tommy trusted her, closed his eyes and thought about nothing except the task at hand. He could feel the pressure building up in his lower abdomen, and was now acutely aware of the soreness at the end of his penis as he pushed. With a slight tinge of pain, he felt the hot fluid rush down his shaft and out of the opening Mary had so diligently cleaned earlier. The mix of pleasure and pain as he started was amazing, and as soon as the thick stream of piss escaped his hanging member he moaned slightly and tilted his head back.

“Holy shit!” Mary squealed. “That’s fucking awesome!”

“What is?” Tommy asked, and he opened his eyes slightly and turned his head to look at her.

“I’ve never seen a stream that thick and powerful before, it’s like watching a horse pee!” she announced – again as if talking about her coursework. “Let me hold it while you go, please?”

She didn’t wait for permission, and instantly reached down pushing Tommy’s hand out of the way and grabbed his cock where he had been holding it. She could actually feel the hot rush of fluid as it ran forcefully from his fleshy hose, and was careful to make sure the stream went where it was supposed to. Having done this with her earlier boyfriends, she just stared and took in the sights and smells as her new man emptied his bladder with pure enjoyment and lust. This went on for more than thirty seconds, and Mary stood amazed at how much this boy could pee! As the stream subsided and turned into drops, she knew from experience that a good shaking was in order to get out the last of it. As she started to shake it slightly, she realized this would be a bigger job than she first assumed, and she reached down with her free and grabbed his thick meat near the base. With both hands she first shook, then started to squeeze and knead the shaft in a downward motion pushing the last drops of urine into the toilet.

“Oh my God!” Tommy moaned. “I never knew peeing could feel so good!”

“I aim to please my men!” Mary explained, while continuing to pull on and squeeze his cock.

With this Tommy leaned over and started kissing Mary passionately. He wasn’t sure if she wanted to at first, but her lack of resistance confirmed that she was fine with it. He had never tongue kissed a girl before, and knowing where her tongue had been just minutes ago wasn’t making things easier, but he followed her movements and quickly got the hang of it. The feeling was intense. He actually thought he liked the kissing better than the oral examination Mary had given his tool moments before. Mary continued stroking and pulling his cock as they stood next to one another and kissed. After several minutes of this, slowly but surely he began to feel that tingling sensation in his groin again, and knew that his tool would soon be hard and ready for action again.

“Oh wow!” Mary exclaimed, taking her tongue out of his mouth in order to speak “I can feel you starting to get hard again, but how can that be?” She asked the question not really wanting an answer.

“I mean, I just took a load from you that made me feel like I downed a whole glass of cum, there’s no way there’s more in there, right?”

Tommy was actually just as shocked as she was at his developing erection, but not really knowing what to expect he just nodded as if he knew the answer to her question. Just then he heard the familiar sounds of someone approaching down the dorm corridor. Tommy’s room was at one end of a passage, so it was immediately obvious to him that whoever it was had to be heading for his room. Quickly he dragged Mary out of the bathroom and back into the main room, where they both threw on their clothes and took spots on the bed trying to look relaxed. Tommy was aware that this now huge rod was bulging hideously as it ran down his right thigh, but figured if he could just sit on the bed none who entered the room would suspect a thing.

Then they heard the jostling of the door knob, and Tommy quickly remembered Mary had locked the door earlier. A quick knock on the door provoked Tommy to jump up and move even faster than he already planned to do.

“Tommy!” he heard a familiar voice call, “Why is this door locked?”

Reaching the door he unlocked it and opened it to his roommate, Richard, standing in the hallway staring at him intently.

“You didn’t say anything about wanting the room to yourself!” he said angrily.

“Sorry, man, I guess I locked it accidentally when I closed it,” Tommy mumbled, while trying to hide his bulging pant leg behind the edge of the open door.

Richard peered into the room. “Why is there a girl in here anyway?” he demanded. “It’s getting kind of late.”

“Yeah” Mary spoke from behind them “I was actually just about to take off”

With that, she rose, crossed the room to the open door and slipped past Tommy into the corridor.

“See you in class tomorrow, Tommy,” she said as she passed him.

Tommy let Richard into the room, then closed the door again, went to his bed and lay down in order to think about the evening’s events. He half expected his roommate to come over and interrogate him, but it never happened, and after an hour of anxious waiting, he slipped into a deep sleep.

A loud beeping awakened Tommy. He was startled at first, thinking it was his alarm clock, but instead he realized it was his cell phone on the nightstand. Looking at the clock next to it, he realized it was only 10:00 pm although he felt as if he had been asleep for hours since Mary left.

“Hello” he said, lazily putting the phone to his ear.

“Tommy?” he heard Mary’s voice ask. “Are you asleep already?”

“Um, no, I wasn’t sleeping” knowing full well that she could tell he was lying.

“Is your roomie still awake?” she asked. “Are we okay to talk?”

“Um, it’s OK.” he said, trying not to sound tired. “He went out to some party somewhere, trying to score. So what’s up?”

Tommy tried to sit up and as he moved, he realized his pant leg was soaked through with sticky fluid where the head of his teencock had been resting against his upper thigh. He was a little disgusted at this at first, but figured he could clean it up after talking to Mary.

“I’m so fucking horny right now!” Mary blurted out through the receiver. “I can’t stop touching myself while thinking about your huge dick!”

Tommy still slightly disoriented from his rest, was taken aback at how forward this girl really was. Never in a million years would he have guessed that she was the horny little slut that she appeared to be.

“Yeah, I kinda made a mess in my pants while laying here thinking about you,” Tommy muttered, half afraid he shouldn’t have mentioned the heavy-scented grey cum oozing down his thigh.

“That’s so fucking hot!” Mary squealed. “If I was there, I would help you clean it up, big boy!”

“Yeah… that would be nice.” Tommy grinned as he thought about her devilish tongue on his manhood again.

“The minute I got home I went to my room and starting looking for things to fuck myself with,” Mary continued, “but the only thing I could find in my room that’s even kind of the same size as your cock was a large bottle of hairspray.”

Tommy was now fully awake, and fully engaged in the conversation. He was also surprised at how the few words Mary had said were causing his member to respond in twitching arousal once again.

“Well, ummmm, what did you need that for?” Tommy asked, honestly perplexed. “I figured you would just use your fingers to you know, masturbate like you did earlier.”

“Tommy – let’s get one thing out in the open,” she said in a matter of fact tone. “I’m going to fuck you. I need to feel your gigantic dick in my cunt. But I’m going to need to practice before that will ever happen!”

Tommy liked to hear her say the “c” word. It sounded dirty yet engaging coming from her. He then heard a rustling on the other end of the line.

“Mary, are you still there?” he inquired.

“Yeah.” She sounded distant. “I needed to put you on speaker phone because I need both hands free.”

“What are you doing over there?” Tommy asked with increased curiosity.

“I’m going to keep trying to stick this thick fucking can up my pussy, so just be quiet and listen, silly!” she said in her playful tone.

With that Tommy heard some strange noises on the other end. First some more rustling, then some more rustling and rubbing sounds. He tried to picture in his mind what she was doing, and found in this excitement his penis was slowly creeping down his thigh in a slick of lubrication spewing from his sore pee hole. He enjoyed the sensation, and watched intently as the bulge worked it’s way down his pant leg toward his knee.

“Ohhhh, ummmmm, uggggg, mmmppphhh,” he heard through the phone.

“Are you okay Mary?” Tommy asked caringly.

“IT’S… SO… FUCKING… BIG… UHHHHHHHHH!” She exhaled, breathing harder and harder into the phone. “But I finally got the top of it in me!”

Tommy was fascinated by this, and his shaft had reached full hardness, stretching down his pant leg almost to his knee while he listened intently. He wanted so much to see what was causing his hot new girlfriend to emit these sounds and statements down the phone, but there was no doubt she was doing this for some effect, and he liked the audible show of lust he was privy to.

“How does it feel?” Tommy asked wonderingly.

“Oh shit! I’m so stretched out, I feel like I’m giving birth to this bottle!” the girl panted. “And I’m not even sure this is the same size as your cock!”

Again Tommy heard more rustling, more heavy breathing and and then some squishing sounds. His cock was now pulsating on his thigh as his lightly rubbed it up and down though his pants.

“What are those squishy noises I hear?” Tommy asked.

“Uggghhh… I’m slowly… Umphh… shoving this … huge … bottle in and out of my… stretched… hole, baby,'” Mary said, with heavy emphasis. “Why, does it sound good when I do this?”

“Oh, hell, yeah!” exclaimed Tommy. “I could listen to you do this all night long!”

“Well… Ohhhhhh shit… I won’t last that long, sweetie.” She was still breathing hard. “this really hurts.”

And with that, Tommy just listened for several minutes with his eyes closed. He imagined a huge, cool, metal cannister pumping in and out of Mary’s pussy. Or he tried to. He hadn’t seen her pussy yet, and outside of some porno magazines, he really hadn’t seen one at all, so he had to imagine what it looked like, and wonder how the stretching made it look as well. He imagined a very small, pink hole pulled almost white with tightness by a container about the thickness of a 6.5oz coke bottle – then, glancing down at bloated meatstick spasming on his thigh, rapidly upgraded that mental vision to something rather thicker than a 12oz can.

“Ohhhhh… Uhhhhhhhh… I’ve got to stop…” Mary said, breaking the relative silence at last. “I’m absolutely dripping wet, but even so this thing is really hurting me.”

Tommy heard a weird clicking and electronic sound coming through the phone. He wasn’t sure what it was, but assumed she had just switched to something different to play with so he didn’t ask. He simply continued to massage his bulge and wait for her to say something. Then his phone beeped and he took it away from his ear to see what it was. New text message the screen read.

“Did you just text me?” he asked.

“Sure did!” she explained, her breathing more normal now “I want you to read it before you go to bed, but I’m going to sleep now so I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Night, baby!”

Tommy removed the phone from his ear ending the call, and again looked at the screen. Going into the message, he realized that she had not texted him, but had actually sent him a picture. Waiting the minute for it to download was like watching paint dry, and when it finally appeared his eyes bulged out of his head in disbelief. There in front of him, was a shot of his new girlfriend’s pussy stretched open to horrible proportions by a huge brown cannister! He couldn’t tell how deep she had it, but it was obvious she had a bit of it in her, and by the looks of her inner lips being pulled around the thickness of it, he knew she was stretched far and wide.

As he stared, he took in all the images there before him in that one picture. Her pussy was completely hairless, and looked to be a deep pink color inside. To his eyes it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, and he stared at the phone for at least another half hour while slowing rubbing himself through his pants until he finally slipped back to sleep forgetting about the funky mess drying slowly on his thigh.

Tommy arrived at school the next day with a new bounce in his step. He had always felt a little out of place at his high school, but here on campus he had found a confidence from within after his evening with Mary. He went from class to class not seeing Mary … which was unusual … but he figured he would catch up with her in music class for sure.

Walking into the music department, he was happy to see Mary sitting quietly on her chair making notes on a piece of paper. Not completely understanding their relationship yet, he chose to go up quietly and sit next to her like always, and not show any abnormal sings of affection.“Hey, what’s up?” Tommy asked as he sat down.“Not much, how are you doing? Mary said calmly. “I didn’t see you earlier and I was worried you couldn’t come to school,” he said.

“No I’ve been here, but I had a brutal time in philosophy and Italian, so I wanted to study some before I looked at my assignments.“Oh, that’s cool” said Tommy, confused about her nonchalance given what were, from his point of view, the past night’s earth-shaking activities. Class went on as normal. Tommy and Mary barely spoke other than to check up on some class-related issues. But as the lecture wore on, Tommy became concerned. He knew that he must have done something wrong, and wasn’t sure what. He ran through the events of the previous evening in his mind, but couldn’t put two and two together. Did his sort-of girlfriend think he should have kissed her sooner? Was she pissed that he hadn’t returned her attentions and tried to make her orgasm? Worst of all, maybe he had cum too quickly for her?

As the bell rang signaling the end of the class, Mary stood, grabbed her books and turned to Tommy. In a worrying tone, she whispered: “Hey, I need to talk to you okay?” He nodded and gulped, and followed her out of the classroom and down the hall to the outside doors. As it was lunchtime, he figured they were going to go somewhere to eat and talk.

Instead, though, Mary led him to her to her car, an old beat up Honda, which was parked against the wall in the back of the student lot. She unlocked her side and then motioned for him to get in. Still worried that he had done something wrong, he clambered in and took a seat .Before he even got comfortable, Mary had reached across with her right hand and started grasping at his pant legs and crotch.“Oh my God, I’m so fucking horny right now!” she yelled, staring at the teen with intense eyes. “I need to see your cock again so bad. It’s all I can think about!”

Tommy was shocked. Apparently the previous nights events hadn’t clued him into what Mary was really all about, but being confronted sexually in broad daylight in a car was helping with his mental picture of the whole good girl gone bad thing. “Mary, holy shit!” Tommy exclaimed. “You want to do that out here in the parking lot?”

“Yes, I need to see that huge cock of yours” she said flatly “are you going to pull it out for me, or am I going to have to go in after it?”

Tommy looked at her at found that he could see past her hot little body to the quick wit and irresistible smile he was starting to love. He took a quick look around and realized that, based on where she parked, there wasn’t really anyway for someone to see what they were doing. So he reached for his fly buttons and hurriedly popped them. After pulling his jeans down to about his knees, he figured she could find his equipment from there. He chose not to wear boxers that morning, and instead wore a pair of briefs. He did this sometimes as he could wrap his soft penis around under the waistband hiding his member better when he wanted to wear tighter pants.

Mary looked intently at the scene before her like a girl possessed. She could clearly make out the bulge of Tommy’s fat young shaft protruding from his crotch, then extending around his lower torso. Following it almost to his hip bone, she could see the dangerous-looking head of his thick kielbasa stretching the fabric near his glans. It was soft but immense, and looked even bigger in the daylight than it had the night before.

“I want you to know that I’m not normally like this” Mary said in a convincing tone, “but my pussy has seriously not stopped dripping since last night. In fact I had to use a maxi pad to keep the panties I’m wearing from getting soaked today at school!”

Tommy liked what he was hearing. He didn’t want to feel cocky so much, but it made him feel good that he was having this effect on a girl, and his newfound confidence continued to grow with every moment. He was still wondering why she gave him the cold shoulder in school, but figured she would tell him if she wanted to. “Well you said you wanted to see it!” he said with a new energy, and he pushed his groin towards her.

Before Tommy had even finished his sentence, Mary was reaching around to the back seat. She dragged her purse to the front and placed it in her lap. “Hold on, I need to know something before I start okay?” she asked while looking in his eyes. She started rifling through the bag, looking for something. He expected to see her pull a ruler of it with more marks then the clear twelve-inch model he had at home, but what she withdrew was a large brown bottle. She handled it gently, setting it on the center console of the car and then looking over at him.

“This is the bottle I was fucking myself with last night, and I need to know if your cock is bigger than this thing is, okay?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah, sure I guess” Tommy agreed. With that, the girl student reached over and pulled the waistband of his briefs down far enough to expose his tube of flesh. It was still limp, but he sensed if she handled it at all it would grow with a fury. She then took the large bottle and set it next to his flaccid snake, and slowly tugged on the head of it until his cock lay flat along the top of his half-off briefs and between his legs.

Laying the bottle on it’s side, making sure the bottom was flush against his pubic area, Mary then climbed over the center console of the car to get a clear top down view of it.“Holy fucking shit, you’ve got to be kidding me!” she muttered. “Your dick is bigger than that bottle when it’s limp!”

Looking down at the bizarre scene, Tommy had to agree that his soft member was both longer by at least an inch, and wider by a half inch than the fat brown bottle Mary had brought with her. A brief moment passed, and Mary sort of crouched back down in her seat and sighed.“I just can’t believe it… I measured the bottle last night with a sewing tape, and I was sure it was at least as big as your cock when soft.” She seemed pretty down, but added in a sad voice: “It took me over an hour, and half a bottle of lube to get that fucker a couple inches in my pussy, and I’m so stretched today I can barely sit down without crying!”

Tommy felt horrible. As inexperienced as he was, he didn’t know what to say or do, and couldn’t think of anything other than just reaching over and giving her a hug. This seemed to work to some extent, but he could tell that she was upset, so he did the only thing he could think of and got all scientific on her. “Mary, cheer up please. Think about it for a second. Girls give birth to babies all the time, and they are way bigger my penis is.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right,” Mary replied, still looking glum. “But I want so badly to be able to please you right now!”

“I understand,” Tommy replied, groping for the words to reassure her. “But I’ve waited 18 years, and a little more time won’t bother me. So cheer up, there are still a lot of things we can do!”

Mary pulled away from him and looked into his eyes.“You know what, you’re right!” she stated. “And because you are being such a nice boy you probably need a reward of some kind.”

Before even finishing the sentence, the petite freshman had already reached over and removed the bottle from his crotch. Lazily, she started stroking his loose cock flesh up and down his heavy member. He figured he would never tire of that sensation, but at least a small part of his brain couldn’t help thinking about the fact that he may never be able to have sex. This was certainly a new thing for him to consider, but in time he was sure his comments about the birth thing would be proven true. So for now Tommy just laid back in the seat, and enjoyed the pleasure Mary was giving him.

“Do you like my touch?” she asked.

“Yes, very much so!” Tommy replied. “In fact, please keep going because I need to cum really bad!”

Mary dipped her head into his lap and started licking his cock up and down. This was a new experience, and although her touch was very light, he certainly did feel what she was doing, and even in this stage of extreme inexperience he sensed that she was something of an expert. Her tongue was rough enough that it would pull his soft flesh and up and down as it moved. While wetting him with her mouth, she also continued jerking and twisting him at the base slowly. The feeling was amazing.

“Mary, what the fuck are you doing!” It was another girl’s voice, and it came from outside the car. Mary jumped straight up in her seat to see who was talking, and Tommy did all he could do to pull his briefs and pants back up over his rapidly bloating teencock. Looking out the passenger window, he could clearly see another freshman standing there holding some books in front of her slim body and staring intently into the car. The girl then made her way around the front of the car and over to the drivers side window where she stood and knocked on the glass.

Mary looked at Tommy with an anxious stare, and then turned to the door and rolled down the window.The girl outside was Jill. She was one of Mary’s best friends, and Tommy had seen them hanging out all the time so he recognized her instantly.

“Holy shit girl, what are you doing in there?” Jill asked Mary. “Ummmm, well,” Mary replied, “you know … just talking to Tommy.”

“Talking my ass!” Jill exclaimed, “I saw what you were doing in there!”

“Um, I was just…” Mary stuttered.

“Yeah, you were just playing with the biggest dick I’ve ever seen or even dreamed about!” Jill was smiling ear to ear.

“Jill, calm down and keep your voice down,” Mary pleaded, glancing worriedly around the parking lot to check if there was anybody else around.

“Okay,” said Jill, “but this isn’t over by a long shot. I want to talk to you both after school okay?”

Tommy was still in shock. He never thought that anyone would catch them, especially not Mary’s best friend. But rather than fighting about it then, Mary and Tommy agreed that they would meet Jill at her dorm room after class. Mary’s two roommates both worked in the evenings, so the room would be empty until at least 10:00 pm.

Returning to class with no lunch and after enduring a rather embarrassing situation didn’t settle too well with Tommy. He started to wonder what was going to happen at Mary’s later. Was Jill going to tell Mary’s friends, her friends, or both? What if she planned to report them for inappropriate behavior? He just didn’t know her that well, and was anxious the rest of the day.

5:00pm, and the meeting at Mary’s room, came all too quickly for Tommy. He came up the stairs just in time to see Jill and Mary turn the corner ahead of him, and met the pair of them at the door. Mary produced a key and let them into her room, which consisted of a large central area with three desks placed in corners, an annexe with a pair of single beds in it, and a small separate bedroom. Tommy was relieved to find that the separate room was Mary’s. It was strewn with academic books and loose papers, and Tommy caught sight of several heavyweight literature texts on Mary’s desk. Why was his very obviously very straight girlfriend so deep into The Epistemology of the Closet? he wondered, but there was no time to pursue that train of thought. Mary pointed for him and Jill to sit on the bed, and then locked the door after her and sat on a chair by the bed.

“Okay Jill, why did you want to talk to us?” Mary asked with a certain cold defensiveness in her voice. Tommy looked at Jill. He knew that she had a boyfriend, and he had to admit that she was actually more attractive than Mary was from a purely physical point of view at least. She was quite pale, had really pretty strawberry blonde bobbed hair and – from what Tommy could tell – an absolutely great set of breasts. She also dressed a good deal more provocatively than Mary did, favoring form-fitting dresses, ass-hugging pants and cleavage-bearing tops. Today was no exception, as Jill was outfitted in a pair of tight designer jeans and a tight sleeveless cutoff shirt that revealed a belly button piercing. The fabric stretched tight over the swell of the girl’s tits and left little to the imagination.

“Well, first off let me say that I can’t believe you two were doing what I saw you doing in broad daylight in the parking lot at school!” Jill exclaimed.

“I know, I realize that wasn’t very smart,” Mary responded, “but I still don’t know why you wanted to meet us alone.”

“Well, you know I have a boyfriend back at home,” Jill said, “and that we have been having sex for a couple of months now.”

“Yeah, it’s all you fucking talk about, you little slut!” Mary giggled, relaxing somewhat.

“Anyways,” Jill continued, “we’ve been fucking, but honestly he isn’t really doing it for me.”

“You’ve never said anything like that before now,” Mary pointed out, raising one eyebrow and giving her friend an amused look.

“I know, but I wanted everyone to think I was happy and that everything was great,” Jill continued. “Fact is, though, Brad has an absolutely tiny dick, and unless he fucks me in the ass I barely know he’s in the room!”

Tommy’s mouth fell open at the shock of hearing two girls discuss sex so frankly right in front of him. He was scared and intrigued all at the same time, but he figured it would be a bad idea to say anything. Instead, he would just let them continue talking.

“Wow, Jill, I would have never guessed that,” Mary replied. “But I’m still confused about this meeting. Why not just tell me about it sometime on the phone, or after class?”

“I know,” Jill replied. “I was planning to. But honestly, once I laid eyes on Tommy’s horse cock, I was instantly jealous, and I just wanted to have some of that action!”

“Holy shit, Jill,” Mary protested, her body language shutting down. She was clearly annoyed at her friend’s boldness. “Tommy and I haven’t even done anything really yet, and you already want to steal him from me?”

“No, no, nothing like that,” Jill explained, moving quickly to soothe her friend’s wounded feelings. “I just want to fuck him a couple of times, that’s all.” She paused to let this sink in for a second, but before Mary could reply, she grinned and added: “And I thought you might want to join in.”

Tommy looked over at Mary, waiting to see a look of disgust in her eyes. To his amazement, that never happened. Instead he saw that devilish look he’s only come to know recently creep across his girl’s deeply frowning face.

“Well, I have to admit that he is an awful lot of man,” Mary admitted, smiling at her friend. “In fact, there’s probably more than enough man there for two of us!”

Holy fuck, Tommy thought to himself. I’m not a piece of meat. I’m a guy with feelings!

“Um, do I get a say in this?” he forced himself to ask.

“Sure thing, sugar,” Mary said, suddenly decisive once again, “but let me see if this helps you with your decision!” She jumped up and climbed on the bed between Tommy and Jill. What happened next almost put Tommy in cardiac arrest. With no warning at all, Mary leaned in and started making out with Jill.

The boy watched frozen, unable to speak or move as his two classmates kissed deeply, rubbing each others’ breasts. He had had no idea Mary liked girls in this way, and especially not her best friend!

All at once, Mary and Jill broke the embrace they were in, and both turned and looked at Tommy. He was sitting frozen, and without warning they both pounced on him and forced him to the bed on his back. Mary jumped off the bed and started working on his shoes and socks, while Jill undid his jeans and started sliding them off over his hips. Within seconds the girls had him down to his briefs and shirt; then Mary joined her friend on the bed and they both looked on and examined Tommy as though he was some sort of specimen.

“So you haven’t fucked him yet?” Jill asked.

“Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t even think I can get that thing in my mouth, much less my pussy!” grinned Mary.

“Oh come on, I’ve seen it and it doesn’t look that scary!” Jill replied. She openly eyed Tommy’s crotch as she said it.

“Well, I almost killed myself last night fucking a bottle that’s smaller than his dick,” Mary pouted. Clearly she did not appreciate the suggestion that she was not woman enough to accommodate her admittedly donkey-dicked boyfriend. “In fact, my pussy is so sore I don’t want anything around it right now!”

“Well, then, maybe I should break him in for you?” Jill suggested the idea with a wink, but little Mary was still pissed with her.

“Ummm, I’m not sure I want you to fuck him before I do,” she said. “Besides, sweetie, there is no way you are getting that great big thing in your pussy.”

“Sounds like a challenge to me,” Jill said slyly. “OK … if I can get it in my pussy, can I fuck him now?”

“You really are a little bitch,” Mary replied firmly. “And perhaps you need to be taught a real stiff lesson. All right: let’s see what you can fit up your hole, but you can’t kiss him!”

Agreed!” Jill said, and with that she and Mary kissed again to consummate their bargain.

Tommy just lay there dazed, not sure what to make of the situation. It was so outrageous and so unexpected that he wasn’t even really turned on at that point. In fact, he sort of felt victimized, like he had no say in what was about to happen. On the other hand, his lack of experience didn’t help in these circumstances, so he didn’t protest much, either.

“Now let’s get his clothes off!” ordered Jill. She reached forward, unbuckled Tommy’s belt, and popped his fly buttons, then gave a strong tug on his waistband. Tommy’s jeans and briefs slid down over his knees and then onto the floor below, revealing a fat, limp cock that flopped over his balls and lay partially on the bed.

Mary and Jill both assumed a crawling position and moved over to examine the situation closer.

“Jesus Christ Mary, that is one fucking insanely huge slab of meat,” Jill squealed in delight. “And I’ve seen a few!”

“Yeah? Well, if you think it’s big now, you ought to see it when it’s hard!” Mary warned her. “And don’t even get me started on the cum those balls generate. He nearly drowned me last night, and I can still taste his sperm when I burp!”

“Let’s hope he tastes as good as he looks, then,” Jill said, and she turned to Mary and they started to kiss again. Then, one after the other, the two girls started removing articles of clothing from one another. First the tops, then the pants, and finally the bras so that the only thing they were wearing was their panties. Tommy was astonished by the show they were giving him; it was something he wouldn’t have dared imagine happening to him just a couple of days ago. He lay back enjoying the awesome sight of two 18 years olds exploring each other’s bodies. While Mary had a pretty, freckly face and a fantastic set of heavy boobs, she was a little thicker and a little shorter than Jill, who was the more obvious beauty and who had an amazing set of tits. They stuck nearly straight out from her chest and were a lot more pointed than Mary’s fuller pair. Each breast had a wonderful dark pink nipple with silver dollar sized areola in the same color.

Tommy was still a little stunned, so it was taking him time to become aroused even though this was basically turning into a full-fledged porn scene. Jill bent over him and really started to examine his junk. She never really touched him, just sort of ran her eyes up and down the heavy, thick-veined package.

“Um, you know, honestly, that cock looks a lot thicker than it did in the car…” The blonde girl admitted in a softer voice. “I’m really not as sure as I was five minutes ago.”

“Backing out are we?” smiled Mary. “I told you that thing was intimidating!”

“That it is. But I’ve got a plan!” Jill said excitedly. All at once the tall college girl turned around and laid down on the bed on her back. In one swift movement she stuck her legs straight up and pulled her panties off over her feet. From where Tommy was sitting he couldn’t her crotch area, but he was sure that was going to change soon.“Now come here between my legs, Tommy, and try not to let that thing get any bigger,” Jill instructed. Tommy did as he was told. As he stood up, both girls watched intently as his huge slab of fuckmeat swung and slapped his thighs as he moved. This also gave Jill a better look at Tommy’s balls, which hung at least seven inches from his torso and swung thickly with his manhood.

He made his way around the bed and stood obediently by Jill’s legs. She had them crossed, so he still really couldn’t see anything, but once there she opened them and with her knees still bent spread them wide apart with her feet on the bed.

Jill’s body was certainly amazing, and her pussy matched the rest perfectly. It was smooth, with a tiny strip of dark blonde colored hair above the slit, and Tommy could plainly see a prominent hooded clit and a fat pair of lips bulging from her clean-shaved mound.

Jill lifted her left hand and started licking and slobbering on it. Tommy wasn’t sure what she was doing, but after a few moments she moved her hand to her crotch and started spreading the juice over her pouting pussy.

Watching her do this was turning Tommy on. “I’m usually always pretty wet”,” Jill explained, dipping one middle finger into her honeypot. “I’ve been dripping all afternoon since seeing that hot cock of yours, but a little extra lube can’t hurt, right?”

“Look, if you want me to do something while I’m still soft, you better quit playing with yourself like that!” Tommy exclaimed, feeling the stirrings of an erection, and he was annoyed at how nervous he sounded.

“Mary, give the boy a hand with that thing would you?” Jill asked. “And make it quick. I definitely don’t want it any bigger than it is now!”

With that, Mary pulled Tommy closer to the bed, not realizing that, as he moved in closer, his cockhead was actually hanging low enough to bump Jill’s mound. The tall blonde jumped slightly, as did Tommy’s cock. Mary seized the moment by grabbing his meat just above the head and beginning to rub it up and down Jill’s moistened slit.

Tommy was simply in heaven, and again he warned that he was getting aroused. Mary responded quickly by pulling Tommy even closer to paradise. She started to feed his immense cock head into Jill’s waiting body.

Tommy watched and figured there was no way that this tiny looking pussy could open to accept such a gargantuan intruder. Slowly but surely, however, as Mary rubbed the plum-sized head along her friend’s gash – pushing it in at the top by Jill’s swelling clit and removing it near the bottom of the slit – the head started to disappear in her warm body.

“Oh my God, that thing is thick!” Jill squealed. “Keep pushing… UHHHHHHHH… OHHHHH… Fuck!”

Mary continued pulling Tommy’s huge member into the grotesquely stretched pink hole. Tommy was beyond help at this point, and warned them both that he was on the rise and there was nothing they could do to stop it. He continued to watch as Jill took more and more of his now bloating, pulsing tool into her pussy. At last the head disappeared, then the first few inches of the shaft. Jill was writhing and drooling on the bed at this point, too stuffed with cock to say a word. Every other moment, a small gasp or moan would escape her but other than that, she lay there and allowed her friend to violate her with his huge manhood.

“Oh fuck Jill, he’s getting bigger, I can feel it!” Mary told her friend, still working Tommy’s cock in and out of her squelching fuck hole. Tommy started to move in his own rhythms now, and pumped in and out slowly as his meat continued to expand. At this point Mary completely let go and moved up to Jill’s breasts and started to suck on her long nipples, alternating from left to right and back again. This drove Tommy nuts, and his flesh rod soon grew to it’s full potential between Jill’s legs.

Jill was now taking about four inches of his dick shaft plus his enormous head. Tommy would pull it out almost to the point the tip was visible, and then push it back into her. Each time the flared part of his cock head forced its way back inside the stretched pair of pussy lips which gripped his veiny intruder, Jill let out a little squeal. At one point she reached her hand between her legs and grabbed Tommy’s cock shaft. Feeling it slide in and out, she then reached for his pubic area and grasped him as the base. It was then that Jill clearly knew how much cock was still outside her body, and knew what she still needed to provide shelter for.

In a low moan Jill broke the silence. “Tommy, I need to feel your whole cock inside me. Don’t worry, it will all fit.” Not wanting to displease the girl attached to the soaking pussy obscenely stretched around his cock, Tommy did exactly as he was told. With slow, steady pumping actions, he rammed more and more boy-meat into her teenage cunt. He continued this for several minutes adding a small amount of cock on each slow thrust, until finally he felt something inside her hit his head. It wasn’t unpleasant for him, but it caused Jill to jerk and tense up. Tommy pulled out and again, then thrust it in until his cock head again met the fleshy wall in her cunt

“Jill, I think you’ve taken all you can,” Tommy muttered through clenched teeth. “Unnngggghhhh…” his partner moaned as his cock pressed against the area again. “Nobody has ever bottomed me out before, it’s so fucking unreal. Please, I want more cock, push harder. I want all your dick inside me!”

Mary had switched to watching the action instead of pleasuring her friend’s now fully erect nipples, and her eyes looked like saucers as she drank in the huge slab of beef puncturing her friends love canal. The eight or so inches of Tommy’s cock that Jill was taking was slick-coated and wet, and the odor from their love making was rising up to her nostrils. It was magnificent and like nothing she had ever smelled before.

Again Mary saw Tommy push forward, this time not stopping when the fleshy wall attempted to stop his entry. He pushed harder, and harder. The pressure on the tip of his tool was intense, and then all at once it slipped by into a seemingly new and uncharted hole and another inch of cock slid inside her.

“Fuck me, you fucker!” Jill screamed. “It’s so fucking huge I’m splitting in two!“

Now that Tommy had found a new cave to explore, he was only to happy to comply, He continued his spelunking pushing another inch into Jill’s hot little box. As he began sawing ten fat inches in and out of the girl’s hole, he felt like a machine. Jill’s outer lips were red, swollen and were in a constant state of gape with juices dripping down onto the exposed portions of her ass and bed sheets. On the outward movements, they would cling and claw at his shaft and would extend a good two inches beyond the entrance to her body and wrap around his cock head like a glove. On the inward thrusts, Tommy’s stallion’s cock would push all the flesh back into her body and then continue it’s journey further into Jill’s spasming insides.

Believing now that Jill could take his whole staff, Tommy continued pushing deeper and deeper into her womb. With about an inch and a half remaining however, he felt the tip of his cock press against another wall of flesh. This felt different, and was somewhat elastic unlike the hard object he had found before. On his next thrust in he pushed harder and watched as another half inch of cock disappeared into her love canal. Again he withdrew and pushed in, this time getting another quarter inch of it inside.

These movements were making Jill writhe constantly and drawing sharp little breaths; her eyes had rolled back and lost focus as the whole of her brain switched to processing the overload of pleasure signals flooding out of her pussy. Tommy could feel her muscles begin to convulse around his cock every few moments. He felt regular contractions began to gather steam at the base of his extraordinary dick.

“Ohhhhhhh God… Is is all in yet?” Jill groaned as Tommy again pushed into her.

“Almost, you slut!” giggled Mary. “I can’t believe you’ve almost got that whole horse cock inside you!”

Tommy continued his sawing, and realized that the last two inches just weren’t going to fit inside his partner; regardless of how much she wanted it, there simply wasn’t anymore room. Honestly, based on Mary’s reluctance to even try his monster, Tommy was fascinated by how much cock Jill’s tiny fuck hole could swallow.

The sight of this along with the constant stimulation from her stretched pussy was too much for him to handle. “Girls… Unnnghhhhh… I’m going to cum!” he exclaimed.

“I really need to see this!” Mary shouted. She leaned in and grasped his pole at the base and, pushing him back hard, withdrew it from Jill’s greedy little box with a long wet sound that went “schlop”. Staring adoringly at Tommy’s bulging tube of overstimulated cockflesh, Mary pressed the twitching monster onto Jill’s stomach, then reached out, seized it, and starting stroking it with both hands. Her fast tight movements were too much for Tommy, and he lost control and erupted, blasting rope after thick grey-white rope of sperm over Jill’s stomach, chest and neck, and even on Mary’s face and hair. His body felt incredible, every pleasure center buzzing simultaneously as what felt like a never-ending stream of jism shot out of a penis that seemed to have turned somehow into a high-pressure hose.

When his jerking and pumping finally subsided, Mary took his the sensitive tip of Tommy’s cock and started licking and sucking off the steaming, highly scented juices. She continued cleaning him like this for a minute of two and Tommy just watched as Jill lay underneath them still. Her pussy was really red and swollen, and a constant flow of juice ran out of her and coated her ass and the bed below. Her one small fuck hole was still a dark red, distended and gaped open, and seemed to not want to close on it’s own.

When Mary finished her cleaning, she dropped Tommy’s still half-hard cock onto Jill’s flat stomach with an audible smack and started licking the cum off her friend’s body while she lay, still visibly trembling. Tommy noted the distance his shrinking cock still extended onto Jill’s young body. The head of his cock was two inches past her naval when his crotch was the same distance from her as when he had been fucking her. He wasn’t sure where all the cock had gone, but, he had to admit, it sure felt great when it was there.

“Finally” Jill spoke in a low moan. “Holy shit, I came like ten times in a row, one right after another. I don’t think I could even walk right now. That was incredible!”,” she groaned. “

“Did you like my new boy-toy’s tool, you little slut?” asked Mary.

“Oh my God, I’ve never felt anything like it. How much cock did you get inside me, Tommy?” Jill asked.

“Um, I guess about eleven inches or so, right Mary”? I would sure like to see you take the rest of it!”” Tommy said with a grin.

Jill propped herself up on her elbows, and, looking down at the fat expanse of shrinking cockflesh on her stomach, she patted the monstrous appendage on the head.”

“I’m not sure more will fit there, but I have another idea so don’t you worry big fella!”

Tommy left Mary’s house soon after the three-way tryst ended. He wanted to make sure he was back at the dorm before Richard was to keep the explanations to a minimum. Upon arriving he found the room empty so he went to take a quick shower. While cleansing himself, he drank in the musky smell of Jill’s girl cream, and noticed all the dry juice her wonderful pussy had left on his cock. He could clearly see the line where the juice ended marking the depth at which he pussy had accepted his appendage.

He thought back on the day’s events and wondered if this was normal behavior. He had barely met Mary, and already he was fucking one of her friends, although he realized that was more of a blackmail fuck than anything else.

Once out of the shower he toweled off and headed for his bed, where he lay down to rest … but within 20 minutes of doing so his phone was ringing. It was Mary.

“What the fuck did you do to my friend with your donkey dick Tommy?”

“Um, what do you mean?” Tommy replied.

“She’s still in my room and can’t leave because she can barely walk! She had to call her roomie and tell her she was going out for dinner with me as an excuse.” Mary laughed.

“Oh, well, uh, I guess I’m sorry about that and I hope she’s alright.”

He was still so inexperienced he wondered if this might be what was going to happen any time he fucked, and he felt genuinely regretful and sorry for Jill. For a second at least … then Tommy then heard laughing coming from both girls, and Jill grabbed the phone.”

“Tommy, your fucking cock has permanently made my pussy gape, you bastard! It’s been hanging open and oozing my juice and your jizz ever since you left. I’ve had to have Mary lick me clean a few times already!”

Tommy heard Mary giggle at this, and he felt a twitch in his pants. He didn’t so much care if this was normal behavior anymore, just as long as he was in the middle of it, cumming, somehow. “I’m really sorry about that, Jill” he replied. But he felt a lot less sorry now.

“Don’t worry about it! Just keep in mind you’ve ruined me with your elephant cock. There is no way my boyfriend could satisfy me now!” Jill responded playfully

Tommy thought that statement over for a second. Was this the right thing to be doing? He didn’t want Jill to leave her boyfriend because of him.

“Ummmm, look” he started slowly. “I’m not really sure what we are doing is a good idea. Maybe we should think about things?”

There was rustling on the other end of the line, and then Mary started to speak again.

“Tommy, look, I should have said something to you about this.”.. But, like, the truth is we planned this whole thing… Jill finding us at the car. The orgy after school, and like everything else. Are you mad at me?”

“No, but why didn’t you say anything to me?” Tommy’s heart missed a beat and his brain race wildly.

“Honestly I figured you were too bashful, and I wanted to surprise you!” Mary explained. She then told Tommy she had called Jill to tell her about his incredible endowment that first night she had seen it. She went on to tell him that she and Jill had known each other from High School, and had been together sexually ever since her 18th birthday. She explained that Jill was a confirmed size queen and was always sticking huge objects in her pussy during their intimate sessions.

The whole time Mary was explaining her story to him, Tommy’s cock pulsed and grew. He was certainly pleased she had told him the truth, but honestly he was so infatuated with the remarkable situation he found himself in that at this point she could have talked him into believing anything. After all, what teenage boy wouldn’t have wanted to be in the position the shy young freshman found himself intimately acquainted with two very different but equally hot girls, each complete head over heels in lust with his cock, seemingly ready to milk his thick shaft and to make it spew fat ropes of cum whenever he wanted them to, and ready to fight (and fuck) each other for the privilege as well.

Mary wasted no time in making precisely the same point now.

“So you see… my dear boy, you are in for a wild ride!” There was more giggling as she did a fake british posh accent.

“OK, I guess it’s all right with me, but what about Jill’s boyfriend?” Tommy asked.

“Oh, just don’t worry about that. He doesn’t even know about our special girl-girl sessions, so I’m pretty sure he won’t find out about you.”

Tommy felt better. While he was hugely excited about what was happening, deep down he really just wanted one girlfriend, and didn’t want Jill to break it off with her boyfriend for his sake.

Mary went on, “Jill’s roommates are leaving a little later for a field trip, and she has invited us over to her dorm later to hang out. So if you aren’t doing anything, how about joining us over there at say 8:00 pm?”

“Okay, sure I guess.” I’ll just tell Richard I’m going over to the library to study,” Tommy replied “so I’ll see you then.”

Mary looked at the clock on Jill’s nightstand again. It was 8:10 pm. Where was Tommy, she thought? Maybe they had scared the hell out of him, or maybe had been held up somehow. She reached for her cell phone to call him, only for a knock on the door to stop her.

“He’s here!” “I’ll let him in!” Mary squealed

Mary ran over and threw the door open, to find Tommy standing there looking cute as ever. He quickly apologized for being late as she motioned him in. “Richard had me help him with his assignment on the Columbian Exchange,” he explained.

“Oh, don’t worry, we’ve had that extra bit of time to prepare for you!” Mary said with a grin and a wink.

They were standing by a closed door. The dorm was dark and quiet except for some soft light and music coming from under what Tommy assumed was Jill’s door. Mary quickly opened it and pushed Tommy inside, following closely. The lights were off, but there were some red scented candles burning on the nightstand and some angry white chick music playing softly from somewhere.

In the dim light, Tommy made out the furnishings in Jill’s room. He noticed several posters hanging on the walls, and then he found the bed. What Tommy saw stopped him in his tracks and made his mouth hang open wide.

“Holy shit, what are you two doing?” he gasped.

“We needed to prepare for you sweetheart. Don’t you like what you see?” Mary asked with another grin.

Tommy was speechless. In the dim light, he made out Jill, lying on the bed face down. Her belly was propped on a pillow, with her ass poked high in the air and legs spread wide. Her hands and feet were tied to the bedposts with what looked liked stockings, and she was naked except for a plaid mini skirt which was hiked up, exposing her smooth, tanned crotch. As Tommy continued taking in the scene, he realized that there was something sticking out of her pussy but he couldn’t tell what it was. As he walked forward slowly towards the bed, closer inspection revealed the object wasn’t sticking out of her pussy, but was actually lodged in her ass!

“What the fuck?” Tommy exclaimed as Mary passed by him and crawled on the bed, posing seductively on all fours.“

“Don’t you like her like this?” I needed to prep her for your huge boner, Tommy!” With that she reached down and started pulling the object out of her friend’s asshole.

Tommy saw that it was an outsize rubber dildo, one of the sort that realistically moulds the shape of a dick and comes complete with a thick skein of veins on the shaft. Of course, it was a girl’s fantasy of most men’s cocks … far longer and vastly thicker than the average five-incher, in fact very nearly a foot in length. Compare to Tommy’s monster, though, the massive dildo was only a scale model. It was noticeably shorter and thinner than the very real tube of boyflesh now stirring in his pants.

As Mary pulled the ample rubber substitute out of Jill with a plop, her friend moaned and squirmed, and you could tell she was enjoying this. “

“What do you think of our little friend?” Mary asked as it popped out of Jill’s ass and she started waving the dildo around while bitting her lower lip. Mary then set it on the bed next to her bound friend and stuck her head between Jill’s ass cheeks. Jill continued to moan and let out little whimpers as Mary worked her lips and tongue up and down her obscenely exposed crack. In the dim light he could make out Mary circling her tongue in Jill’s still wide open bung, and watched intently as she would work her hole, then move down to her plump pussy crack and up again. This scene was having an obvious effect on him by now, and his cock was creating a huge tent in his right pant leg.

“Oh look, he’s getting excited watching us! “Do you want to come and play, big boy?” Stopping her assault on her friends nether regions for a moment.

Tommy didn’t need much of an invitation to join this. He was horny, hard and ready to go. He pulled his pants and boxers off releasing his now turgid erection, which sprang forth long and proud.

Climbing on the bed next to Mary, he paused waiting from instruction from his girlfriend. At this close vantage he could make out Jill’s pussy lips swollen with excitement, it was still slightly gaping from the earlier session with the monster cock. Right above abused pussy Tommy saw her perfect pink asshole, wet with spit and lubricant.

“Okay, come here and let me help you with that”,” Mary said while she reached out and grabbed Tommy’s swaying tool halfway up the shaft.

“Ohhhh, he’s really huge and hard, Jill, are you sure you are ready for him?”

“Fuck yes!”

The strawberry blonde was half moaning into a second pillow into which she had plunged her face. She seductively swayed her hips side to side and gave her butt a cute little wiggle. Stay away from my pussy, though… it still feels like it’s on fire. Stick that fat cock in my ass!”

Mary pulled Tommy forward, and squirted a glob of lubricant from a bottle onto the swollen tip of his pole. She then started rubbing the fluid up and down his cock, making sure to coat it good. The lubricant felt nice, and went from cold to warm as she did this.

Once satisfied, Mary pulled him again and pressed his huge helmet against Jill’s starfish. He was amazed that such a small hole had swallowed most of the dildo Mary used earlier, and he wondered how his tool could possibly go in. His girlfriend started really pulling on him hard now, forcing the tip of his helmet into her friend’s hole. Jill let out whimpers in short intervals the whole time.

The sounds and sights were putting Tommy into sensory overload, and he wanted more than ever to stuff his rod into his new lover’s ass. He pushed Mary’s hand away from his shaft, grabbed Jill by the hips, and relentlessly squeezed the fat mushroom shaped head into her body. Jill was now panting, and her body heaved as he continued. Slowly but surely the head slipped into her body. The fat ridge of the helmet forced her ass flesh apart to an extreme diameter.

“Oh Jesus! He’s fucking killing me!” Jill shouted, still muffled by the pillow.

“Do you want me to stop, Jill?” he asked, his voice once more full of real concern.” Tommy stopped pushing.

“Fuck no, you bastard! You force that horse dick into my asshole!” she squealed.

Tommy continued his assault, forcing more and more dick meat into her hungry little hole. After inserting about half his cock, he started to slowly pump in and out of her backside, making sure to plunge more into her on each thrust. Her ass was eating up his cock much easier than her pussy did earlier. Within minutes he was pumping at least 8 inches of cock into her hot depths. Jill was showing no sign of slowing down either, she pushed back her hips with each thrust, hungry for more big dick.

“God, I can’t believe how much of his cock you’re taking in your poor asshole.” Mary helped speed up the process by grabbing her best friends hips and pushing them back further on the massive intruder. She loved watching Jill squirm in pleasure and continued playing with herself after doing this.

Deeper and deeper the long trouser snake went in her bowels. The sensation was quite a bit different than what he had felt in her pussy earlier. There was a gripping tightness at the ring of her asshole that felt incredible.

“Fuck! Oh God, fuck me!” Shove your whole fucking donkey dick in me!” Jill screamed in a crazed state.

Another inch slid in, and his lubrication-coated member was shimmering in the candle light. Mary watched intently from the side, rubbing her pussy under her skirt as she did letting out small gasps of encouragement to her friend as Tommy violated her body.

Tommy was shocked. How could this tiny girl’s ass take his dick so much easier than her pussy? He now had all but one inch remaining outside, ready to be gobbled up. Finally, with a final thrust, the hung boy completely buried his huge cock into Jill’s tight butt hole. For the first time he got to feel himself balls deep in a woman.

“Oh my God! You fucking slut! You took the entire fucking monster cock in your ass!” Mary yelled playfully before spanking her best friend.

Jill continued squealing obscenities into her pillow as he completely withdrew before then shoving all 13 inches back into her ass, over and over again. Tommy could feel her butt tense up then relax and then tense up again for each climax. He was listening to her sob as his monster appendage continued fucking virgin territory. His balls were swinging freely and slapping against Jill’s now plump, hot, pussy on each thrust. He loved the sound and feeling this produced.

Watching as Jill’s tight sphincter muscles grabbed and released his steel-firm intruder. On each retreat, her red inner ass ring clenched his member tight and bloomed like a flower stretching from her body. With all this aural, visual and physical stimulation Tommy knew this ride was quickly coming to an end.

“I’m going to fucking cum, what do you want me to do?!” Tommy yelled to the horny girls.

“Fffuuuckk! Spraaay it deeeep! Spray it deeeeep in my ass!” squeeked Jill between her screaming.

Tommy, again wanting to please them, did as he was told. He felt the tensing and the rising of hot sex juice from his balls, and he buried his fuck-muscle deep in and pushed for all he was worth. What an amazing sight! This 18 year old tight ass taking one of the largest dicks in the world balls deep. Not only that, she was loving every second. Jill knew that she was never going to find a bigger dick than this, and she was going to enjoy every cock-stretching second.

“Ohhhhhh… Shiiiitttt!” he yelled as he came.

Again and again his horsecock pulsed and sprayed long white jets of sperm. Each contraction expanded Tommy’s cock to even larger proportions, causing Jill to scream with every shot. This continued for what seemed like an eternity to both of them, but the contractions finally subsided. He started pulling his spent sex tool from her opening.

The scene was graphic. Between the lube and his cum, the teen’s fat cock looked used and abused as more snaked out of the tight hole. It was puffy and pink, still heavily engorged.

Jill’s tight ass seemed unwilling to give up its prize so it took a while. Once the glans pulled free of her hole Tommy quickly removed the rest. He watched her gaping hole spasm while jizz oozed from it and ran down over her pussy onto the bed.

“Oh my fucking god! You’ve completely fucking destroyed both my holes today! I won’t be able to sit for a week!” Jill then completely collapsed on the bed on her stomach and closed her legs while turning her head. Her entire lower end was covered in cum, which the never-ending supply of it was still seeping out her gaping asshole.

“Jesus, Jill, you should have seen what he did to your ass! It was fucking… Oh my God! I-I never thought you get the whole thing in!” Mary could barely get the words out.

Tommy sat down, totally spent. The large lifeless cock and sore balls hung between his legs. It was soaked with his cum and lube. Having blown multiple loads in one day had taken it’s toll on him, and all he could think of right then was how good he would sleep that night.

Tommy returned to his dorm room after saying goodnight to both girls. He thought long and hard about the evening’s events, hoping to make some sense of them. Somehow he had gone from virgin to sex demon in a matter of days, and he wasn’t sure it was what he wanted. He felt a bit used, and was very disturbed. He felt like he was being used as a tool, not like a man, and especially not like a boyfriend. He decided even before finishing his reading for the next day’s classes that he would tell Mary he didn’t want to see her anymore. But first he needed sleep. The day’s events had drained him and he figured he would make a better case with Mary after a good night’s rest.

The next day came and Tommy showered, dressed and headed for class. He had been planning how to tell Mary that he needed some time to think. The plan was simple and foolproof, at least in his mind anyway.

“Well good morning you!” Mary said greeting him by the doors to the lecture theater with a smile and a hug. “I been thinking about you!”

“Ummm, hi,” groaned Tommy, faking a smile. “I’ve been thinking about you too.”

Tommy hugged Mary back, taking in the sweet smell of her hair and urgent pressing of her breasts against his chest. He tried to act calm. The problem was his hands were starting to sweat, and his heart was beating fast and hard. He had no experience dealing with girls, and didn’t want to upset Mary.

“Mary, I’ve been thinking about some things” Tommy stammered, trying to sound calm. “I’m not sure I like what we have been doing the past few days. I just really wanted a girlfriend, not all this crazy sex stuff”

Mary looked into his eyes as he said this and replied: “Tommy, don’t you like me and my friend? I promise things will only get better. Besides, you are my boyfriend and I want to be your girlfriend. What more could you ask for?”

“I don’t know,” Tommy said miserably. “I just feel used a bit, I guess. Don’t get me wrong – I really like the sex. But I want you to like me for more than my you-know-what.”

“Oh baby, I do like you for more than that!” Mary paused to look down at his crotch and smiled. “But it sure is nice. In fact, it’s so nice, Jill had to call in sick today!”

Tommy smiled more positively. He was content with her answer, and figured that if he felt bad later on, he could always break up with Mary then.

The rest of the day was pretty normal. Classes went by one after another, and by the time they got to Dr Chappel’s deviance forum, Tommy felt better about his situation. He couldn’t help but think about Mary and Jill and the things they had done – to each other and to him. He assumed they were kind of lesbians, but they both seemed to like him, so he tried not to rationalize their relationship and just thought about the good parts he had experienced.

“What’s up?” Mary broke the silence as she sat down next to him in Chappel’s class.

“Not much, just waiting to start” Tommy said flatly. “What have you been up to all day?”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about you, for the most part” Mary said with a smile and wink. “So – are we going to get together again after deviance?”

“Ummmm, sure,” Tommy replied in a somber tone. “I just don’t know if I want to, you know, have sex today.”

Mary looked at him with open eyes, and nodded in a seemingly understanding way.

“Sounds good, you probably need your rest anyway,” she said with a sly grin. “I’ll give you a call later on, then.”

Chappel droned on and on, spouting something incomprehensible about Foucault, but Tommy couldn’t help but think about his situation. He just couldn’t shake the feeling that the only reason Mary liked him was because he had a big – no, make that monstrous – penis. The fact that she was willing to share him so willingly with her friend just reinforced this in his mind. Of course, he and Mary hadn’t really had sex yet, so maybe he was jumping the gun. He figured once they got together later outside of school, he could express what he was feeling better.

The phone vibrating on Tommy’s nightstand awoke him. He had come back to the dorm and taken a short nap after dinner, figuring he might be up late that evening. He picked up the phone and saw that it was Mary calling.

“Hello,” he said, trying not to sound sleepy.

“Hey there, so do you want to come over?” Mary seemed chipper as always “My roomies have both gone out for the night, so we have the place to ourselves!”

“Sure, give me a minute and I’ll be down,” he said calmly.

“Sounds great!” Again with the happy tone.

Tommy arrived at Mary’s room in short time. Heading downstairs he kept thinking of how to start the conversation with her that he had been having in his mind all day long. Unfortunately the conversation in his mind always went smooth and easy, but he knew real life never was.

“Hey there,” Mary blurted out as she pulled the front door open to let him in, “glad you came so quickly.”

“Yeah, well, you know I’ve been thinking, and I really need to talk to you about some stuff,” Tommy said, trying to sound confident. Already the conversation wasn’t going as well as it had done in his head.

“No probs, just follow me in,” she said as she walked towards her bedroom.

Tommy watched her ass rock to and fro intently in her tight low cut jeans as she moved. This sight was making his goal of expressing concerns very difficult, to say the least.

Once in the room Mary sat on the bed and motioned for Tommy to join her. “Come here and sit down silly,” she said. “Do you want something to drink?”

“Sure, what do you have?”

“Let me check,” she said as she reached into the small fridge next to her nightstand. “How about a water?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

Tommy twisted the cap off and took a long swig. The water tasted good, and as his mouth was dry from being a little nervous, it really hit the spot.

“So your friends are away for the night?” he asked.

“Yeah, they practice forensics at least once a week, and tonight was the night this week.”

“That’s cool,” he said, privately thinking that forensics was not cool at all. Suddenly he started feeling warm and a little drowsy, “Is it getting hot in here or something?”

“No, I feel fine. Why don’t you have another drink?”

Tommy did, and immediately felt worse. He started seeing halos around the dimly lit objects in her room and realized something was badly wrong.

“Mary, uh I don’t feel so goo….”

Tommy’s eyes opened and although the scene was still blurry, he could make out the comforter on Mary’s bed in front of him. Groggy, but aware, he realized that he was in fact lying face down on her bed. Not comfortable with his, he attempted to roll over. No dice. He quickly figured out his hands and legs were tied tightly to the bed posts, stretching him in a prone position. That woke him up with a jolt, and he realized he was completely naked.

“Mary?” What is going on?”

No reply, and a brief moment went by. Then he heard giggling behind him.

“Mary, is that you?” Tommy turned his head as far as he could to try to catch a glimpse in the direction the giggles came from.

“This isn’t funny, dammit! Untie me now!”

More silence and then more giggling. He was alert enough now to realize there were at least two girls laughing behind him.

“What the fuck did you do to me?” he said, completely pissed off.

Tommy started to really struggle against the ropes that bound him, hoping for freedom. He quickly realized just how tightly he was confined, as his wrists and ankles burned with the strain, and he went limp.

“Please let me go! I won’t be mad! I promise!” He burbled

“That’s the problem, bitch boy!” “You need to grow a set and get mad… Or better yet, don’t, and I’ll educate you!” The female voice spoke sternly.

The voice was unfamiliar to him, and again he strained his neck trying to get a look behind him.

“You know, girls, for a guy with a horse’s dong and balls the size of lemons, he really is a big pussy!”

Next Tommy heard a crack, and soon after felt an intense stinging sensation on his right leg near his ass.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed. “What the fuck are you doing?!”

“I’m teaching you a few manners, bitch boy” the voice said calmly, and it was followed by another cracking sound and even more intense pain, this time closer to his butt cheek.”

“You have two hot girls, who want to have sex with you, and you are getting cold feet. Is that right?”

“So let me get this straight,” the voice continued.

“Umm, not exactly.” “ Tommy managed to get the words out while trying not to think about the burning sensation emanating from his backside.

“That’s is exactly what I’ve been, told bitch boy, so don’t deny it!”

Another cracking noise and intense pain followed this comment.

“Quit fucking hitting me, bitch!” Tommy gathered his courage and spat the words out.

“Oh, so you do have a set on you, do you?”

With that he heard rustling behind him and realized there were now three girls standing next to the bed where he was pinned. He could clearly make out Mary and Jill standing over him. Both were wearing very sexy lingerie and holding hands, but the other girl was still too far behind his line of sight to identify.

“Hi, boyfriend!” Mary exclaimed, and she waved as if nothing had happened.

“Mary, did you drug me or something?”

“That’s exactly what I did. I needed to call in the reinforcements to help train you, as I knew you wouldn’t willingly allow it!”

“Training for what?! I don’t understand, and why is that girl hitting me?”

“It’s all part of the training process.”

“So, I suggest relaxing and enjoy what’s coming next.” Mary continued.

Tommy was pissed off. He didn’t like this at all, but honestly he wasn’t sure he had any choice in the matter. Being tied up the way he was, he couldn’t escape, so he figured he had better just be quiet and do what he was told.

“So, bitch boy, I want you to know that although I hate men and would never consider soiling myself with one,” the pain administrator spoke, ”you certainly have the most impressive cock I have ever seen!”

“Well I’m glad you approve,” Tommy said, trying to stay calm. “Is that why you are here?”

“Yes and no,” she answered. “I’m here at the request of Mary. She was worried you were going to break up with her, and she wanted to make sure you understood your place before trying to do so.”

“My place? What does that mean?“

“You are here to service Mary and her friends, and nothing more” the unknown girl said frankly. “If Mary chooses to call you her boyfriend than so be it, but you must understand your place amongst the girls. You exist to please.”

“What the fuck is this? Are you guys in some sort of sex cult or something?”

“Something like that… You can call it a special club, my little bitch boy!”

“Stop calling me tha-!” Tommy’s words were cut short by another painful crack across his lower back.

“From now on, you will only speak when spoken to, and you will not contradict anything I say … do you understand?”

Tommy nodded, wincing helplessly in pain.

“Good. I’m glad we understand each other. Now, let’s get started with the training.”

With that, the girls again disappeared from Tommy’s view. He could hear them whisper, but he couldn’t make out what was being said.

“On the request of your girlfriend, I will no longer call you bitch boy. But as you haven’t earned the right for me to speak your actual name during this process, I will refer to you as donkey boy. Does this please you?”

Afraid of the painful alternative, Tommy again nodded in agreement.

“Perfect, I see that we are going to get along just fine” the girl said calmly. “Now, let’s get a closer look at your package, shall we?”

Tommy heard more giggling, and felt the end of the bed near his feet compress. It was obvious that the girls were kneeling on the bed behind him, but he had no way of knowing what they were doing.

“It’s actually very amazing that there is so much cock meat sticking out from under him, don’t you girls think? I usually have to move the balls aside and go digging for the little fella when I have a boy in this position!”

Tommy lay there trying not to think about what was happening or what was being said. He tried to imagine himself at home in bed. His mental drifting was interrupted by the warmth of a hand softly grasping his dick below the flare of the helmet. The hand continued kneading and pulling slightly on his meat. He tried not to become aroused, and thought about anything he could to keep from getting hard.

“Donkey boy,” do you like when I play with your soft cock this way?”

“Uh… Yes…” Tommy uttered completely overwhelmed by the situation.

“Are you going to get hard for me?” This time the voice seemed to plead.

Before Tommy had a chance to answer, he felt some sort of cold fluid being dribbled onto his appendage. The hand continued massaging him, making sure to coat the exposed flesh with the juice, which quickly started to warm up.

“There, now doesn’t that feel better?” The girl asked, and Tommy again heard muffled giggling.

Tommy had never really gotten himself into this position, but he knew that lying on his stomach the way they tied him down, there was probably at least six inches of soft cock lying on the bed between his legs past the base of his testicles. This thought stirred something in him, but he tried to push it out of his head in order to suppress his impending erection … which was difficult, considering the expert handling he was now receiving.

“Well girls, I don’t think he’s going to get harder than this, should we see if it will reach like this? I think it will!”

“What was the crazy bitch talking about?” He thought to himself. At least he could feel proud that he had managed to not get an erection. That meant he was still in command, not just some walking cock responding in an animal way to stimulation.

Within seconds, Tommy felt the bed move underneath him, and he could tell that the girls were repositioning themselves for some reason. Then without warning he felt a hand grasp each butt cheek, and they started pulling his ass apart.

“Well, well, look what we have here girls!” What a pretty little asshole he has!” The unseen girl exclaimed. “

Tommy shuddered. He was starting to put together what this was all about, and he was certain that he didn’t like it.

“Give me some more of that lube, Mary, I think he’s going to need it!”

He felt more of the cool fluid being poured on his cock … and now into his asshole, too. Again a hand started working the fluid around, only this time most of the attention was being paid to the area between his butt cheeks.

“There, all ready to go now. Do you think he’s ready for it?”

“What the fuck are you doing back there?” Tommy exclaimed, unable to hold back any longer.

“Oh you’ll see, donkey boy, you’ll see.” The girl snapped. Her comment came accompanied by more giggles from the other girls.

Tommy decided to keep his calm. Maybe this was just a joke to rattle him. However once he felt a hand grasp his cock near the tip and start pulling, he realized very quickly this wasn’t going to be funny. The hand massaged the cock while tugging softly. The pulling became more vigorous, and the grip on his flesh-rod tightened. After a few seconds of this, he felt the girl stretch his cock away from his body, and then straight up and towards his back. At first he figured he was going to get more hand action, and maybe even a blow job. Again, maybe this wasn’t going to be that bad he thought to himself.

“Now pay close attention, girls.” Again his unknown captor spoke. “He certainly has the length for this project even soft, but getting it in will be more difficult in this unaroused state.”

Tommy shuddered. She wasn’t really going to do what he was thinking she was, right? He wanted to speak. In fact, he wanted to rip his arms from their restraints and punch this want-to-be-dominant bitch in the face, but since he knew he that struggling was useless, he continued to be docile.

Then he felt more pulling. He also could detect two hands working his shaft now, instead of one. Without warning he felt his cock flesh being pulled tightly around his balls and the large tip of his cock was being pressed into his ass crack.

“Holy shit! Stop, you bitch!” Tommy screamed.

“Oh, calm down now, this will go easier if you relax,” she assured him. “Even soft, that’s a huge piece of meat, and I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.”

He felt her pressing his cock deeper between his butt cheeks. Once the helmet made contact with his bunghole, he winced and tried to relax as she had warned him to. He felt more pressure on his cock head, and could tell she was slowly forcing his dick into his asshole – very slowly.

“Oh, look at how nice that is, girls. Even flaccid, there is plenty of length for the head to reach his dirty hole,” she continued. “Now we just need to get that fucker in there!”

With a final grunt from her, and an intense push on his plump head, he felt it slip inside his tight virgin asshole and heard small cheers from the girls.

“Ughhh! You bitch! That hurts!” Tommy screamed.

“Well, you are a big boy now, aren’t you?” she answered, keeping very cool. “But now that the, uh, hard part is done, I’m interested to see what happens next.”

Tommy was confused. The girl had stuck his dick into his own ass, something he never considered doing on his own. He felt humiliated. What could she be waiting for next, he wondered, trying not to clench his ass too tight. Then he felt the stirring deep in his gut. He knew the feeling well, but didn’t understand why he was feeling it now. Why was the act of sticking something in his ass beginning to turn him on? Was he gay, he wondered?

“Ooh, look, girls – I think he’s starting to fatten up!” the bitch exclaimed.

Try as hard as he could, Tommy could not prevent the pleasurable feeling that was causing blood to pump into his still limp tool. He tried concentrating on anything he could to avoid thinking about that moment, but to no avail. His dick started to expand, slowly at first, stretching itself away from his balls and ass cheeks. Suddenly hopeful that this expansion would force his cock to pop from his hole, Tommy started concentrating on getting hard. But his plan was soon squashed when he again felt a hand working his shaft from the base near his balls up towards the head planted in his asshole. The bitch was working his dick into his ass, feeding each new inch in as his shaft lengthened and stiffened.

“See, you need to guide the big ones in” the girl said, as if reading instructions. “If you don’t help out, once they start to get hard, they try to pop out.”

Tommy was in hell. He wanted so badly to hate this, but honestly he was as turned on as he had ever been in his life. After a few conflicted moments, though, he decided that – since the damage was done – he may as well enjoy the rest of the experience.

“Now that we have some extra meat to work with, let’s see how much he can take, girls!” The bitch continued excitedly.

He again felt another hand join the first. One worked the lower part of his shaft, pulling and jerking him slowly in upward motions, while the other pinched and fed his rapidly expanding member into his shit ring. He lay there unable to move or even speak. The feelings coming over him were overwhelming to say the least. It was an oddly nice sensation as the girl worked more and more of his hardening cock into his hole. He felt the increasingly firm pressure inflicted by his self-intruder, but something about the act made the slight pain take a back seat to the great pleasure.

“Oh girls, we certainly have a fine specimen of manhood on our hands here today!” the bitch squealed as she finally began to withdraw Tommy’s thickened tool from his bung. “Look – he’s taken at least seven inches of his own cock! I didn’t ever think I’d see that! With most guys, you are lucky to get just the head in before you run out of shaft!”

Tommy closed his eyes as the girl plunged his cock back in as far as it would go. Wave after wave of pleasure came over him. He could feel the hands that were prying his ass apart now massaging his cheeks in slow circles. The hands on his cock continued pumping and kneading his meat up and down and in and out. Then he felt hands on his balls. Rubbing them gently and pulling them ever so slightly. This was all too much for Tommy, and he knew that the sensations would eventually drive him over the edge.

The pace quickened. His breathing became erratic, and he felt his balls start to tighten.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to cum!” he yelled.

And with that the bitch shoved as much cock in his ass as she could manage while the other hands squeezed his balls tightly and he felt the first jet of fluid escape his cock…

“Tommy! Are you awake?” He heard a voice and sat up – realizing slowly he wasn’t tied to the bed. Holy shit, was that a dream he thought to himself? He took a deep breath and swung his legs over the side of the bed.

“I’m coming!” he shouted back, unaware in his confusion of the irony of that statement, and started for the door to his room.

As Tommy rose from his bed, he realized his half hard member had pumped out a huge dollop of man juice, and the head of his dick and the surrounding fabric of his underwear was soaked in it. This sticky revelation prompted a quick change and clean up before heading out to the campus cafeteria for dinner. At the table, he reflected back on the crazy and highly sex charged dream he had just been awoken from. He didn’t know where or why such strange thoughts came to him that way, and he certainly wasn’t sure about the self-sex acts, either. His friends seemed quieter than usual, making only a few comments and asked him general questions about school. He thought about telling them about his new relationship, and asking about the dream he just had, but he decided to pick a better time and excused himself from the table once he finished eating.

After heading back to the dorm, Tommy decided to take a quick shower. He wasn’t sure what the rest of the night’s events had in store, but he figured a good cleaning was always a good idea where girls might be involved.

Normally. he didn’t play with himself when showering or taking a bath. It wasn’t that he had never thought of it, but the lack of visual stimulation seemed to keep the act of cleaning, well clean. For some reason, though, tonight he was feeling different ,even though his routine hadn’t changed. He had done his usual check in the mirror before getting in the shower, flexing and showing off a bit. He had brushed his teeth and checked his face carefully for signs of stray hairs and blemishes. So why the change of heart about masturbating in the shower all the sudden?

He wasn’t sure, but his mind kept wandering back to his crazy dream from earlier in the evening. He found himself closing his eyes while visualizing the events he had imagined. His right hand cupped his loose, low hanging balls, while his dominant left hand instinctively pumped his soft dangling manhood, slowly kneading the fleshy root from the base near his pubic bone down to the head. Thinking back on the fierceness of the bitch-girl from his dream, his cock started to thicken, and it grew towards the shower floor in small but steady increments. But why did all this turn him on? Tommy was pretty sure he didn’t like the treatment he had received from his imaginary mistress, but his rapidly expanding flesh pole begged to differ.

He opened his eyes long enough to stare down at his freakish appendage. Having never really studied it, he had never really considered it attractive. But tonight was different. He watched the great cock fatten and grow as his fingers worked its flesh with squeezing, pulling motions. He closed his eyes again, thinking about the invasion the bitch-girl had orchestrated, and seemingly without meaning to, he started to stretch his huge tool between his legs,re-enacting his dream. Using his left hand to pull his rod downward, he reached around his back with his right, and grabbed the tip of it. His member was nearly half hard at this point, and bending it upward posed a little difficulty, but he managed to push it around underneath himself far enough so that his shaft pointed straight behind him, parallel to the shower floor.

Tommy continued imagining the bitch girl working his cock, and using his left hand in front to press his appendage deeper into the space between his balls and legs, he used his right to pump furiously at the exposed pillar of cockflesh sticking out behind him.

Deciding this was not enough, he pulled still harder on the tip and bent it farther around so the the shaft now actually was embedding itself in the crack of his ass. Never opening his eyes, he realized that in this semi-erect state, the head of his penis was actually several inches beyond his bung hole. He felt a sense of pride knowing how much cock he really had, and this only caused his pumping to quicken and his erection to grow considerably firmer. Rather than worrying about any penetrative acts right then, Tommy continued pulling and jerking his cock, massaging it between his butt cheeks, and making gyrating motions with his hips.

A few minutes of this was all it took to bring Tommy to the edge. He felt the rich surge of gooey semen rushing to his shaft and let go of it with both hands opening his eyes to take in the results of his work. As he had just released his dick from the bent position it was in, rather than poking straight out in front of him as it normally would, it jutted out, stiffly fat and long, but pointing straight down between his legs and more than halfway to his knees. With his hands on his hips, he felt his knees buckle as the pleasure hit him, and the first shot violently jetted from his cum cannon.

Tommy watched intently as the first huge rope of thick creamy goo erupted from his tool and spattered on the shower floor. Volley after volley of fat white skeins exploded from his jerking shaft, and he marveled at the force and consistency of them. Once the contractions finally ceased, he grabbed the spent flesh still easily dangling 10” from his thickened root, and started kneading the deflating shaft from base to tip between his fingers and thumb, expelling the love juice still trapped in his engorged sperm canal from his gaping slit.

Proud of his achievement, Tommy climbed from the shower and started drying himself. He looked in the mirror while drying his hair, this time taking in the sight of his awesome member still swinging proudly between his legs. He noticed for the first time how very pronounced the veins were, and how the whole shaft was exceedingly fat and still dark red, as if he had been abusing it … which wasn’t so far from the truth. He decided he liked masturbating in the shower, but was concerned that the thought of him servicing himself turned him on so much. Still uncertain whether he was partly gay, or just in a state of intense sexual exploration, he chose to accept the latter for now, and went back to thinking about the events to come lattr on that night.

As Tommy dressed, he pondered on all that had happened that day. He sort of assumed Mary had an alternate motive for liking him, but wondered why that mattered. He was young and having fun, and maybe he was taking this relationship thing too seriously.

“Tommy, someone’s here for you!” his roommate shouted from outside. “I’ll send her in!”

Shit, it was Mary, he thought to himself. He quickly finished dressing and went to the mirror check his hair as he heard footsteps crossing the floor of the dorm room. He then heard a soft knock on his partly closed door and the faint squeak of the hinges as it was being pushed open slowly and then closed. Tommy turned expecting to see Mary waiting for him. This was not the case, however.

“Hi!” the strange girl said. She was extremely petite, only about 5’ and had a sort of Goth or emo thing going on. She was fairly pale, though not unhealthily so, and had long jet black hair and piercing green eyes which were outlined in heavy black mascara. She wore a short skirt with white knee high stockings and had on a tight white top. And although she had what looked to be a Mr. T sized collection of necklaces on all complete with crosses, he could make out what looked to be a pretty good-sized bust underneath. Certainly for a girl her size.

“Umm, hi?” Tommy responded.

“Do you know who I am?” The Goth girl asked with a half-smile.

“Umm, sort of. I think we have a class together right?” Though he was pretty sure he hadn’t done more than see her around the campus.

“Well sort of. I actually have a class with Jill… You got to know Jill, I think?” The girl said quietly, but with a grin, like I knew what she was talking about without needing to say more.

An alarm bell started going off in Tommy’s mind – or was it a sex alert. Any girl who knew Jill probably knew about him and his excessive size; the strawberry blonde size queen wasn’t the sort of girl to stay quiet about that sort of a discovery.

“Yeah. She’s Mary’s friend.”

“Well, we all sort of know each other…”

The little shiver that ran the length of Tommy’s shaft told him his cock certainly hoped that she knew everything.

“My name is Faith by the way. So… I guess you are wondering why I’m here?”

“Uh, yeah, the thought did cross my mind.” Tommy admitted, smiling.

“Well… Mary was busy tonight, and Jill wasn’t feeling up to coming over to see you, so I decided to come and keep you company. I hope you don’t mind?”

Her pale skin was now blushing, which made her seem a lot more human. Tommy was still a little confused. He remembered talking to Mary about doing something, but figured he would be going somewhere to meet her, and he hadn’t planned on company.

“No, I guess it’s all right. What did you tell Richard?”

“Oh, I told him we needed to study for that quiz on Wittgenstein for philosophy class, and he seemed fine.” Faith said. She held up a well-thumbed copy of the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.

“But we aren’t really going to study for the test, right?” Tommy asked, raising one eyebrow and leaning back against the wall. The angle emphasised the large bulge in his crotch, and he followed Faith’s shining eyes as they swept down his torso and lasered onto it.

“Well, we could study Proposition 4… if you really wanted to.” We both laughed which helped break some of the sexual tension.

“But… to be completely honest with you, I’m done with logical positivism for the day. I’d prefer a little biology lesson.”

She took two steps towards him. Tommy noticed as she came closer that underneath all the makeup, she was an extremely beautiful girl. She also had a very seductive walk and look, and she made the most of her physical attributes as she moved.

“Ummm, uh, I’m not sure this is a good idea. Richard’s outside, and I don’t think Mary would like us being here alone.” Tommy interjected.

“Silly boy, I sent your roommate on an errand. And don’t you think Mary and I talked about this today? If you want, you can call her, but I’d prefer that we didn’t waste any more valuable time.” Faith spoke while continuing to edge towards him with her cat like walk.

“Well,” Tommy returned, “I guess if you two have spoken than it’s o….”

His sentence was interrupted by Faith’s lips as they pressed into his, and he closed his eyes. While she may have looked like a teenage college student, the little Goth girl kissed like a pro. With her mouth partially opened and her tongue exploring the inside of his mouth, he started kissing back using his tongue to circle and play with hers. During this he noticed she had a tongue piercing of some sort. It felt fairly large, smooth and round, at least from what he could tell with his tongue, and the thoughts of what she could do with it started making their way through his brain.

Instinctively, Tommy wrapped his arms around her, pressing his body to hers attempting to feel her up as best he could. She was very small, probably no more than 100 pounds, but she was muscular and toned. He also noticed her rather pronounced ass as he grazed his hands past her skirt. Her large-for-her-frame breasts were pushing into his lower chest through all the jewelry. This went on for what seemed like minutes to him, and he admired her strength as they wrestled passionately against the wall of his room.

Removing her mouth from his only for a second she moaned into his ear: “Can I touch it, please?”

Without giving him anytime to think about it much less answer, she started caressing his crotch through his pants and went straight back to kissing him. He chose to wear boxers that night, so the majority of his member was actually snaked down his left pant leg, a fact she soon discovered and revelled in.

“Holy shit, they weren’t kidding!” she moaned between kisses as her small hand ran the length of his tool. It was too small to grasp the whole shaft fully, but she began working it up and down.

Tommy quickly realized that there was a problem with all this. First off, he had just cum buckets in the shower not fifteen minutes ago, and second he really needed to pee, as he had neglected to do so while showering.

“Uh, Faith?” He pushed her away slightly and grasped the hand that was rubbing his crotch. “Sorry, but I need to take a break for a second, is that ok?”

His visitor looked confused and distressed. “Did I come on too strong?” Faith asked.

“No, it’s not that” Tommy reassured her. “It’s just I really need to go to the bathroom, and if you keep doing what you are doing that won’t be easy.”

“Oh, shit, sorry about that, sure no problem. I figured you didn’t like me or something,” Faith shot back with a grin. Then: “Can I watch?” she added with a sexy little wink. She bit her lower lip seductively.

Who was Tommy to say no? Besides – Mary had watched him go, and that seemed to turn out just fine. He turned and started towards the bathroom with Faith in tow. It was still steamy and warm from the shower. He made his way to the toilet and started lifting the seat when Faith jumped in front of him and sat down on it.

“Oh, no, you go there!” She pointed at the sink while giggling excitedly “I need a place to sit and watch the show!”

Tommy looked at her strangely, then decided, rather than arguing, a quick piss in the sink couldn’t hurt anything. He moved in front of the mirror which was right next to the toilet and unzipped his pants. Reaching in, he pulled his long fleshy rod from his pants bit by bit and flopped it over the edge of the sink. He gave it a quick tug to straighten it out completely, then carefully laid it into the bowl. The head was still a bit red and swollen from his efforts earlier. Lengthwise it was completely flaccid – and yet the head almost reached the drain.

A quick glance in Faith’s direction confirmed she was looking on in a state of what certainly seemed to be lust. Her eyes were huge and round, and she stared intently at his member with her mouth hanging open slightly. She bit her lip again, this time unconsciously, in wonder. After a few more seconds, she leaned in and rested her chin on her crossed arms on the edge counter next to the sink. From this position she could see everything.

“I can’t fucking believe what you’re packing!” she cooed. “It’s completely soft and as long and big around as my forearm!” She paused briefly, licking her lips.

“I want to see you piss, baby. Make it squirt for me. Please!”

Not wanting to disappoint her, Tommy focused on the task at hand and after a second are two of pushing felt the liquid making its way down his shaft. His pee slit was gaping a bit and looked a little raw as the fat stream of urine started to exit his body. The pee was hot and burned slightly, as it always did after a good cum session.

“It’s like watching a fucking farm animal go!” Faith blurted. “If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would never have believed it!”

Tommy continued emptying his bladder into the sink with his arms crossed in front of him. He took in the sight and aroma of the hot piss making its way out of him, but after a few moments he realised that the stream of pee was overwhelming the drain and that a pool of urine was slowly climbing the bowl and soon overtook the tip of his cock. Rather than moving, he decided it would be better to rinse off after going than spoil the visual effect for Faith. The piss continued out of him for nearly half a minute, by which time the end two inches of his shaft was submerged in the pool. Worried that this might put a halt to future activities with Faith, he decided a good cleaning was in order and started to reach to turn on the faucet.

“Hold on, lemme get that for you baby!” the Goth girl squealed, and she reached in the bowl to retrieve his manhood with her small hands.

Thinking she would rinse him off under the tap, Tommy didn’t stop her, but he soon gathered that she wouldn’t be needing water to clean him up. Faith pulled the shaft out carefully, opened her mouth wide, and popped the head right in – taking several inches of the shaft as well. Tommy was in heaven, and he never knew anything could feel so good!

“Oh, Jesus, that feels nice!” he stammered.

He watched as her small, stretched mouth engulfed his cock, and felt her tongue swirling around his piss slit and under his glans. She worked the little tongue piercing like an expert. Running it around his crown and then plunging it softly into his slit – then around again. He closed his eyes and drank in all the pleasure. He had never realized a blowjob could feel so good. He wasn’t sure if it was because he just came, then pissed, or if Faith had some sort of magic powers, but he loved every minute of it.

At length, she removed his dick and looked it over.

“Oh you taste so good baby, and you are such a very big boy, aren’t you!” she teased. “I guess I’d best clean the rest of him while he’s soft enough to fit!”

And with that she promptly forced Tommy’s stiffening member back into her mouth. She then started pumping and kneading his cock towards her throat with both hands. He opened his eyes to take in the sight, and loved how her small hands made his appendage look even more grotesquely oversized than it actually was. With her constant tugging and pulling, he realized that she was forcing more and more of his soft tool into her mouth. The discolored ring around the shaft that was four inches below his head was now barely visible, and he marvelled as her lips sucked and pulled more and more of his meat tube into her mouth. He then felt pressure on his cockhead, not unpleasant mind you, but he realized it wasn’t her tongue doing the pushing and guessed that she had actually stuffed the tip of his cock into her throat.

Determinedly, Faith worked her tongue under the monstrous intruder in an attempt to lubricate it as it went in. Two, three, then four inches of his flesh slowly disappeared into her gullet. Her eyes were tightly closed, but the evidence of her efforts in the form of tears rolled down both of her cheeks, and he cocked his head slightly to see the bulge of his member making it’s way down her throat, smiling broadly as he did so .

“Holy fuck! That feels awesome, Faith!” He was nearly shouting.

This last comment only made her work harder. Her tongue was now thrashing under his shaft pressed tightly against her lower lip, and both her hands grabbed and pulled at the remaining inches of cock near his balls with reckless abandon. Within seconds she had managed to shove the almost the whole semi-flaccid tool down her throat! Thinking she would quit, he was surprised we she again stuck her tongue out and began bathing his balls. She used her hands to feed the dry parts to her ever flickering tongue, and massaged the shaft inside her with her throat muscles. The scene and feeling was intense, and all the attention his cock was getting was causing it to grow exponentially.

“God, Faith, you’re turning me on. I’m starting to get properly hard, I better take it out now.” Worried she might choke, or worse.

But the little Goth girl would have nothing of this. She put her hands on his ass and pressed her face ever further into his crotch. The constant assault with her tongue and throat muscles was forcing more and more blood into his weapon. Although he couldn’t see it, he knew that it was growing longer and thicker by the second. Strangely Faith didn’t seem to notice and continued her work.

He watched as her mouth began to stretch around the base of his shaft in a grotesque manner, and he could see a huge bulge forming in her throat. Didn’t she need to breathe, he thought to himself? After only seconds of this, to his surprise he sensed another climax coming on. Although he had only cum minutes earlier, he felt another load boiling in his balls and making it’s way up his shaft.

“Oh fuck…. Unnnggghhh… I’m going to cum so fucking hard!” Tommy blurted out.

Again he tried to pull away from Faith, and again she clamped on to his ass with her hands and pulled him into her. The first massive jet of love juice took him completely by surprise. He had never felt a release like this. It was an intense mixture of pleasure and pain, and the tip of his cock buried deep in her throat felt as though it was on fire. He pumped five more long streams of boycum into her stomach, then slowly felt his orgasm subside. Even though he had already gave up a load that day, he figured she still got a belly full!

Slowly but surely Faith started pulling the huge spent cock from her mouth. She milked it with both her hands and her mouth as it came out, as if she was trying to make sure she got all it’s wares. His tool was covered in gooey saliva and it looked a real mess, and the more she exposed, the worse it looked. By the halfway mark, it was flame red and raw and bloated. As it appeared gradually, he was amazed she could stretch her mouth around it, much less her throat. Once the tip appeared and escaped her mouth she bowed her head and exhaled hard and took a couple of deep breaths.

“Holy shit, Faith!” Tommy exclaimed, “were you holding your breath that whole time?”

She didn’t answer, but continued to breath in and out hard, and nodded. A few more seconds of heavy breathing went by then Faith leaned in, grabbed Tommy’s spent tool, and started cleaning it with her little pink tongue. He watched as she wrapped it around as much of the girth as she could, then moved up and down. She also spent a lot of time on the tip, making sure the helmet, glans and slit were properly clean by probing and sucking with her lips. AS for Tommy, he just stood awestruck, not wanting to interrupt or his enjoyment of the cleaning.

“There, all done now! That’s officially a record for me by the way. That long fat fucker almost killed me right before it came, and I’ll bet I’ve gained five pounds with all the goo you shot into my belly!”

Faith rubbed her exposed belly with one hand in circles and continued holding his cock in the other.

“That was fucking awesome Faith! How did you learn how to do that!?” Tommy was gasping for air still.

“Well, you know what they say, practice makes perfect! But honestly, I’ve never tried to throat anything half as big as you are… And I can only hold my breath for a minute or so… So, I’m glad you came quick!”

“That was intense and had I not just masturbated in the shower before you got here I would have probably cum even sooner!”

“You mean you just came before I got here, and still pumped me that full of juice! Holy shit boy, you must make that stuff by the barrel in those huge balls of yours! Next time I want you to save it up for me so I can come over and have dinner at Tommy’s dangling diner, sound good?” Faith exclaimed, and she began delicately stroking his nuts up and down.

Tommy laughed and nodded and Faith smiled back with a wink. Maybe Mary and her friends weren’t so bad after all!

After helping Tommy stuff his now furiously raw and partially saliva coated dick back into his pants, Faith convinced him to walk her back to her room, which was on the far side of the campus. The college had a number of themed dorms, one for jocks, one for non-drinkers, and the one where Faith lived was for women only and had a reputation around the school for being packed with geeks, nerds, Goths and other general misfits. For the most part it was regarded as the sort of place you’d be more likely to encounter a girl with skin problems, a bad haircut and a fixation with the works of Chinua Achebe than a hot little fuck minx like Faith, but the dorm did have one important thing going for it: in an attempt to capture some of the business conference trade during the vacation months, the college had spent heavily on its facilities. The student rooms were bigger and much better appointed than the ones in Tommy’s dorm, and there was even a small gym complex that included a lap pool, a sauna and a couple of Jacuzzis on the ground floor.

Since Tommy wanted to get to know Faith better anyway, a walk seemed like a good idea.”I’m going to walk Faith back!” he yelled to his roommate as they closed the door.Richard grunted an OK, but he did not look up from his print-out of A Three-Dimensional Model of Corporate Social Performance or show the least interest in Faith or what she had been doing in Tommy’s room.

“Your friend seems cool,” Faith remarked as they made their way towards her dorm.

“Yeah, he’s not bad as roommates go, I guess.”

“I wish my roomies were more like yours. I couldn’t imagine what mine would say to me if a boy showed up out of nowhere at our dorm.”

“Well,” said Tommy, “you’re a girl, and they’re probably just trying to be protective, you know.”

“Or jealous,” Faith smiled. “But maybe they have a point. After all, I do need protection from handsome young men with salami-sized junk, right?”She gave Tommy a hot little wink and they both laughed a little and continued towards her room. Somewhere along the way, Faith reached out and grabbed his hand and it made him smile confidently. It occurred to him that he hadn’t even thought about Mary since Faith showed up, and although he felt bad about that to some extent, he was completely smitten with Faith and wanted to spend more time with her.

After a few minutes they had reached her dorm. Tommy reflected that he had passed the building many times but never knew about the hot girl living there.

“Do you want to come in for a sec?” Faith asked him with devilish grin. “I’ll give you a tour.”

“Umm, it’s getting late,” Tommy replied, “and anyway, aren’t your roommates around?”

“No,” Faith explained, “they’re both away for the weekend, so I have our room to myself.”

“Oh. Well I guess that would be OK, then.”

They made their way in through the front entrance. The dorm was actually very nice inside, decorated in a contemporary style with a lot of cool furniture and artwork in the public areas. There were very few other girls about, and Tommy and Faith made several stops along the way to hug and kiss while making small talk. Tommy enjoyed the quick tour she gave him, which ended in the deserted gym complex by the hot tub.

“Man, this place is awesome,” Tommy whispered. “I’m surprised it doesn’t get more use.”

“The college kind of discourages it,” Faith explained. “I guess they don’t want it being used for student parties. We have to pay extra to access it, and it’s nearly a hundred bucks a month to get an entry pass. I pay because I like to stay fit, but most of the other girls round here are either whales or Jesus freaks – a lot of them are both. So they’re into mind and spirit. Whereas…” – and here she pressed in close to him, and looked up with a come-on smile – “I, as you maybe have realized, am very much all about the body.”

Tommy felt a familiar lurch in the pit of his stomach – the lurch that told him his cock had registered this fresh opportunity to see action. He sensed it twitch and became aware that the first preparatory pumps of blood were making it stiffen slightly as he began the long, slow journey to erection.

“So – do you want to go for a dip in hot tub, Tommy boy?” Faith added in a voice that was part humorously sultry and part genuinely needy come-on. She pointed at a nicely decorated and well lit circular shaped pool.

Tommy’s confidence had been growing as he dealt with the parade of increasingly hot young women who were all intrigued, not to say desperately turned on, by his freakish genital endowment, but Faith’s frank proposition still had him blushing furiously. “Uh, well, I don’t really have a swimsuit with me” he stuttered.

“Don’t worry about that, silly, there’s no one here but me. Are you worried I might see something?” Faith replied with another wink as she started to undress.

Tommy decided to take in the strip show before disrobing himself. Beneath her Goth decorations – the overdone black makeup and too much jewelry – he discovered an absolute stunner. Although fairly skinny, Faith was extremely toned and muscular all over like a gymnast or runner. And when the piles of silver necklaces were removed and she started pulling her shirt over her head she revealed her true treasure. The fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra of any kind didn’t surprise Tommy, but once he took in her naked breasts he certainly got a shock.

Faith’s boobs were simply awesome. There was no sag and almost no undercut. Better, they were also huge, full and beautifully curved and weighty, and each was tipped with a three inch diameter pink areola with a perfectly formed half inch long nipple that jutted upwards at an angle of 45 degrees. Aside from the small bar style piercing she had in each which he wasn’t sure about, Tommy figured they were hands down certainly the nicest tits he had ever laid eyes on.

“Holy shit, Faith! You have an awesome body and I love your boobs!” he stammered.

“You think so?” she responded, biting her lower lip seductively and grasping her globes in her hands. “Personally I think they are too big.”

“Are you kidding?” Tommy replied in astonishment “I think they are perfect!”

She smiled at his remark and continued disrobing. Sitting on a chair by the hot tub, she removed her shoes and hold-up stockings and then slid her skirt to the ground over her feet. She was wearing very simple white cotton panties, but even seated the way she was he could clearly make out the bulge of her labia between her smooth and well-shaped legs.

Faith stood and, with the same seductive walk she had used in his bedroom earlier, she made her way to the edge of the hot tub, sat and started soaking her feet.”Wow the water is really hot tonight!” she exclaimed. “So, are you going to get undressed or do I need to come over there and help?”

Tommy took that as a sign it was time for him to start remove clothes. He stripped quickly, providing Faith with much less of a show than she gave him. Once down to his boxers, he decided to stop there and made his way over to the water, sitting next to Faith.

“You’re right, the water is hot,” he said as he dipped his feet into the lit pool.Once next to her, he just stared in awe at her fantastic body. Upon seeing her for the first time, he had thought she was a little pale, but now that he could see the perfect creamy white skin that covered her, he quickly changed his mind. He paused at her seemingly unending breasts. They were so firm and protruded so proudly from her lithe body that he would have guessed they were fake. Making his way to her waist, he again noted mentally how tight and firm she was with well defined abs.”Like what you see so far?” she asked coyly and leaned back on her arms spreading her legs slightly.

In this position, the fabric of her white panties was stretched taught over the pronounced bulge of her loins. From his vantage, Tommy could clearly make out the outline of her outer lips noting a small bulge toward the top. No doubt this was another piercing, but he figured he would be seeing it soon enough so he didn’t stop there. He continued downward taking in her firm thighs and calves half submerged in the water, and ended with her tiny perfectly shaped feet. Honestly on a scale of one to ten, she was at least an eleven in his book. As hot as she was, though, he wondered about all the heavy black makeup and piercings.

“So are you going to get in?” she asked.Slowly, Tommy slid himself into the water. It was actually very hot so, it took a minute to adjust as he walked around the exploring the bottom with his feet.

“Hey you, come over here.” Faith motioned to him with her index finger.As he made his way over to her, she scooted to the edge so that her butt was the only thing supporting her, and then holding herself with her arms behind her back she spread both legs wide and placed her feet on the edge on either side of her.

Tommy again took in the area between her legs noticing the plump flesh of her sex parts straining the white fabric even further than before. Upon reaching her she pulled him in close and they started a hot and heavy make out session. She was an excellent kisser, and rather than exposing his lack of talent in this regard, he followed her motions carefully throwing in a thrust of the tongue here and there to keep things interesting. Several minutes of this went by, and he moved his hands from her lower back to her tiny ass cheeks. He gave them each a quick squeeze and then started softly massaging them.

He noticed she was making small gyrations with her lower body, and she would emit a low moan between kisses now and again. “You are making me so fucking hot,” she said, her voice quivering in his ear, “and my pussy is dripping wet.”With that he pulled away from her far enough to look down the steep-sided valley between her huge tits at the white patch of fabric below. He quickly understood why she was gyrating the way she was. In the position she was in, the small bulge between her lower lips was pressed against the edge of the hot tub surround and the small circles she was making was grinding it into her mound.

No longer able to keep quiet on the subject he asked “What is that little bulge thing you are grinding into the tile there. Do you have a piercing down there or something?””Do you want to see?” Faith asked, with the same seductive look that started things earlier.

“Um, yeah, of course I do!”

She pushed Tommy away farther and leaned back on the tile again. Straightening her legs out, then pulling them into a crunch position in front of her, then slipped her panties off and threw them aside. Rather than going back to the spread position she was in earlier, she leaned back even further and stuck her legs straight out past Tommy’s side.

Slightly embarrassed, Tommy took a small glance at first, and then decided a full on stare was in order. To his amazement her pussy was even nicer than her tits. It was completely shaved except for a tiny heart shaped patch of hair above the top of the slit. It also looked to be very small, much smaller than any he had seen so far, with maybe a two inch long slit. And aside from a small hood shaped bulge of flesh protruding past the outer lips near the top, it was a complete innie, with no exposed inner labia.”See, no piercing!” she exclaimed pointing between her legs and smiling.Sure enough, there was no sign of any metal objects in or around her perfectly formed vagina.

“But I saw a crazy little bulge when you had your panties on?” Tommy told her.Without answering, Faith reached down with her right hand and, using her index and middle finger, surrounded the small bulge of flesh he had noticed earlier and pinched it. The hood shaped bulge immediately pushed away from her body at least an inch and flared out at the top revealing a small hard nub of flesh underneath.

“See: it’s my clit!” she said as she kneaded the hood between her fingers, forcing more of the nub to appear “It’s sort of gross how big it is, and it’s been that way as long as I can remember. But on the upside, I can grind myself to orgasm when sitting without touching myself!”

Speaking of bulges, all the physical and visual stimulation was causing Tommy’s bulge to really twitch. Never in his life had he been so turned on. Here in front of him was a girl seemingly built for sex, and she was basically his for the taking.

“Now, here’s what I want you to do, sir.” Faith tried to look serious as she spoke. “I need you to quit staring, drop your drawers, and push that huge fucking horse dick of yours into me. Do you think you can handle that?”

Tommy nodded, and without wasting a second pushed his underwear down into the pool and started stroking his dangling cock meat in a downward motion.

“Fuck! Even soft that thing’s a monster!” Faith sighed. “It’s so long it’s hanging in the water!”

Tommy looked down, and sure enough, even though his crotch was at least six inches from the water surface, there were several inches of cock meat already submerged. He continued kneading and pulling it while staring at her, but even though he was extremely turned on, there wasn’t much happening. He figured that two huge orgasms within the last couple of hours probably had something to do with it.

“Having troubles there?” Faith asked with a wink.

“Uh… Lots of activity today. Sorry…”

“Oh Tommy, most men would be in a coma by now if they had your schedule! Let me help!”

Faith pulled him close to her again, making sure to grab his dangling cock flesh in the process with a free hand and kissing him passionately. Next, she put both hands on his tool and worked the top and bottom part simultaneously. Although this felt extremely pleasurable, Tommy grew no more than an inch longer, but–on the up side, as Faith might say–he sensed that he was already slightly firmer and starting to thicken.

Tommy pulled away from his Goth girl’s ever-searching tongue just long enough to catch a glimpse of her small hands pulling and stretching his plus-sized sex organ. Her fingernails were painted black to match the rest of her look, and he noticed that even in his semi aroused state, her fingers didn’t reach all the way around.

“Don’t I turn you on, Tommy?” Moaning in his ear again.

Embarrassed, he responded mutely by reaching out and grasping both her breasts, one in each hand. They felt as amazing as they looked, and if he had any doubts that they were real, a firm squeeze certainly confirmed the fact that they were. As large as Tommy’s hands were, he could barely cover half the exposed breast meat. He kneaded and massaged them with increasing firmness, and noted that as he did so, Faith would moan in response. His cock on the other hand didn’t seem to care at all, and remained in a semi erect state in spite of her help.

“Here, I know what will help.”

With her right hand grasping the shaft below the head, Faith lifted his cock from the water and pressed the tip of it into her moist slit, rubbing it up and down in all the wetness.

The view was obscene. Even when not fully aroused, his dick looked immense compared to her small opening and he knew without question there was no way it was going inside her. Despite the obvious size issues, however, she continued working the heavy tube up and down, kneading the head with her hand on the upstroke.

This activity was having a very positive effect on Tommy’s now hardening member, and she seemed pleased with her work.

“I feel like I’m stroking a horse!”

Tommy nodded in agreement as she continued stimulating his stallion’s cock. All the day’s activities had taken their toll on it however, and it still looked red and bit raw. Tommy was unsure if he could cum again.But then, without warning, Faith leaned back, resting on one arm, and started to pull his thoroughly lubricated and thick crown into her firm young body with the other.

The feeling was so intense and there was so much pressure that Tommy thought for sure he was going to tear her apart.

“Fuck, Faith you are too tight!” he yelped. “I don’t want to hurt you!”

“Don’t you worry sweetie, it’s small but very, very hungry!” Faith smiled and then licked her lips.

Remembering the effect that making these sorts of challenging comments had had earlier, Tommy wasn’t surprised that she proceeded to tug even harder on his shaft, trying to stuff his lemon-sized cockhead right up into her womb.

Slowly but surely, the head made it’s way into her body, and Tommy watched in amazement as the thick part of his helmet pushed past her tiny outer lips, causing her pussy to stretch obscenely.

“Oh my God, you are splitting me in two” Faith half screamed into the stillness of the gym. “I can’t believe how thick your fucking cock is!”

Ever diligent with her pulling ,she continued the assault on her little opening, stuffing more and more of his swollen flesh into her. She made sure to pump it in and out slightly as it went in order to keep things lubricated, and Tommy could do nothing but watch, half in arousal, half in in horror, as she violently penetrated herself with his increasingly engorged tool. He watched her pussy intently as she went on, noting on each outward thrust how her inner lips clung to his flesh and extended at least an inch from her body, and on the inward thrust her pussy lips seemed to fold in on themselves and disappear into her hole with more of his dick. Her clit was also at full attention, fully exposed and standing proud if its hood, and on each thrust the stiff pink nub danced and skipped across the top of his flesh causing her to shudder.

After several minutes of this pulling and stretching, together with a lot of moaning, at least six inches of fat hard dick was now invading Faith’s young snatch in in-and-out movements of excruciating slowness, and on each thrust Tommy could clearly see her belly inflate and deflate, indicating exactly how much space his monstrous dick was occupying inside her.

“Ohhhhhhh Goddddddd….” Faith moaned, eyes clamped completely shut and her head tossing side to side.

After another minute or so of this, she removed her hand from Tommy’s engorged appendage in order to lower herself to her back. Once there, she put her legs over his shoulders and grabbed the edge of the hot tub with her hands.

“Now fuck me!”

Tommy began thrusting in and out without her assistance. At first he only pushed as much dick into her as she was doing earlier, and he wasn’t sure how much more she could handle. He noticed how slick and wet the part of his tool that was being plunged into her womb was, and started to really enjoy watching her tiny hole stretch and grip his plump member. On each inward movement, Faith began to grunt like an animal, raising her hips slightly and pushing back to meet his thrust.

“Ugghhh… Uggghhhh… Ummpphhhh…. Uggghhh… F-Fuck!”

“Are you sure you are ok? I can stop if you want me to.” Tommy asked mid-stroke.

“No way! Don’t you dare stop until you’ve buried that whole horse cock inside me!”

Tommy needed to remember that this girl seemed to like a challenge, and offering sympathy didn’t seem to slow her down any. So rather than argue, he recommenced sawing his fat dick in and out of her tiny slit, getting more ambitious now and pushing more and more into her on each thrust.

“Ohhhh… Ummmpphhh… Gododdodd! I’ve never felt anything like this!” Faith blurted out between loud moaning.

Tommy watched her intently now, trying to gauge how much more cock she could take before he bottomed her out. He had to admit that her hole was indeed hungry, as it had already devoured over 9 fat inches of his meat. He guessed from experience with Jill that this was nearing an end, and since Jill was a much larger girl than Faith, he guessed he only had another inch or so to go.

“Unnnnh! Your pussy feels so nice, Faith!” Tommy gritted, “and it’s so fucking tight that if I hadn’t already cum twice today, I would be getting close by now!”

“Ummmmm… Ummmppphhhh… Don’t you dare cum until you shoved that whole thing inside me!” Faith demanded.

Not wanting to disappoint her, Tommy took care that each thrust he made was pressed home hard and firm, but the pressure on the head of his dick alerted him that the ride was almost over. Faith’s belly was also bulging out obscenely on each inward thrust – Tommy wasn’t sure if it was from his penetration or her movements, but he did know that it turned him on.

On the next outward thrust he removed his cock completely from her body, watching in awe as her her gaping pussy reluctantly released it, but remained stretched open. Then he laid it on her belly with his heavy balls pressed up against her mound. She opened her eyes again, and looked down in disbelief at the fat head of his staff, which was a good four inches past her belly button. Thinking this might cause Faith to rethink taking any more of his dick was a mistake, however, and she simply closed her eyes again and used her hand to shove the head right back into her soaking wet slit.

Tommy figured he was done messing around and would just finish this up and go for the glory if that’s what she really wanted. He pumped several times at the depth he had been at to thoroughly lubricate his rod, and then started pushing more and more fat meat into her greedy little cavern.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Fuckkkkk mmmeeeeeee…” She was screaming now, eyes closed tightly.

Another inch, and then another, slipped into her as Tommy continued to assault her opening with long, firm strokes. He had no idea where a girl that size was putting so much meat, but he knew from the immense pressure he felt on the tip of his rod that she had probably taken as much as she was going to.

“It’s soooo fucking huuuge… ” she moaned, then panted: “Is it… uuunnnnnhhhh… all in yet?”

“Still… a couple… of inches… to go.” Tommy gasped, concentrating on his stroke and breathing hard as he pumped in and out.

Seemingly not believing him, she put her hand between her legs and groped for his shaft near her entrance in an attempt to determine how much really was outside her. Faith was in disbelief when she realized he was right and there’s still more dick to go.

“Got… To…. Get… More… In…” Faith was grabbing his hip and pulling him towards her with all her strength.

Tommy decided not to encourage this craziness anymore, and he watched her strain and pull on his root, offering no assistance. To his amazement and horror, Faith managed to pull another inch of his manhood into her tight body, so that only three of her small fingers would fit on the remaining flesh. He noticed that instead of penetrating her deeper, the intense pressure was actually bending his penis inside her womb. This wasn’t terribly uncomfortable for him, and realizing he might be able to press all the way in like this, and not wanting to disappoint her, he pushed himself into her with all his weight.

“Oh Jesus! It’s fucking killing me!! But give me more!!!”

This time the effect was quite dramatic. Faith screamed, tears dripping from her clenched eyes as she removed her hand from his shaft to grip the side of the hot tub, squeezing hard in a useless attempt to relieve the agony.

Tommy watched in utter horror as the remaining inch of his cock slid into her tight womb. Her distended clit was rubbing against the base where his cock met his belly, and the pressure of his bent tool inside her made her belly bulge out in a hideous way. Tommy was sure he was destroying her, but was again shocked that rather than pushing him away upon bottoming out, the tiny Goth started grinding her overstretched opening and engorged clit against his shaft.

The small circular movements she made were causing her to whimper and moan louder and louder. Every time her clit brushed against him, she let out a soft sigh, and she continued this for another minute or so, gaining pace as she went. Then all at once amidst the furious grinding, Faith stopped, arched her back, and clamped her already tight pussy down on his thick rod.

“Ohhhhhhh fuccckkkkkkk I’mmmmmm cummminnngggggg!!!” she screamed, lips trembling and her eyes opening wide with shock. Her whole body started to quiver from her feet up to her torso. Tommy watched in awe as she shook and squirmed, all the while clamping his imprisoned dick in her girl vice.

Tommy knew he would not be able to remove it even if he tried, and he drank it the sight of Faith’s orgasm as it unraveled before him. She quivered, jerked and gasped for at least 40 seconds, then without warning went completely limp, releasing her pussy muscles in the process.

Tommy was not sure what to do, and he started to pull his still hard cock from her sopping, tight-stretched slit. As he withdrew the immense head of his cock, he noticed her once firm pink pussy was now swollen and red. The hood of flesh covering her formidable clit also seemed fully engorged from their activities.

“Faith? Are you ok?” Tommy called out worried.

He watched her lie all but motionless, but breathing hard from all her efforts.

“Yeah… I-I think so…” She slowly responded, easing gingerly back until she was flat on her back on the edge of the pool.

“I sort of blacked out for a second… But that was fucking awesome! How am I going to fuck an average cock after this Tommy?”

She moved one of her hands to between her legs, which were still perched on Tommy’s shoulders. He watched intently as she explored her moist sex parts with her tiny fingers.

“Holy shit, my fucking pussy feels like raw hamburger!” she squealed, then stretched out her arm to grasp the still hard tool thrusting unsatisfied between them.

“How is he doing?”

“Ummm a little sore, actually, but ok I guess,” Tommy replied.

“Oh, the poor guy didn’t cum, did he?” Faith whispered, still stroking his steely flesh.

“No, but that’s OK.” Tommy wanted to sound upbeat, and he tried to hide his obvious discomfort.

“Well then come lay next to me. We’ll watch the stars.” She gestured upwards to the glass ceiling, as if naked stargazing after sex was perfectly normal.Tommy pulled himself from the hot tub, and lay beside her on his back, his now softening dong slowly subsiding between his legs to curl over his sore balls. He felt Faith’s hand reach for his, and he grasped it intertwining his fingers with hers. A wave of warmth came over him, and he knew Faith was special.

Minutes turned into what seemed like hours for Tommy, and as he lay next to Faith he started dozing off into an exhausted sleep. Slipping into a deep slumber in the warm night air, he began to dream about his recent experiences and explorations. As he slipped towards sleep, he fantasized and took the situations farther than he had in real life. He even dreamed up new girls, but the consistent theme was that all of them were worshiping at the altar that was his vast appendage, and he loved the attention.

Tommy half-awoke more than an hour later to feel a strange sensation between his legs. As his eyes flickered open, he turned his head and realized that Faith was no longer laying next to his side. He looked down between his legs in an effort to identify the strange feeling that had woken him in the first place, and there in the hot tub, crouched between his legs was Faith, doing her sword swallowing trick on his half hard prick. She hadn’t noticed that Tommy was awake, and he watched her work his tool quietly and without movement to keep from alerting her of his state.

Taking in more of the scene, he realized that his feet and lower legs dangled in the tub, leaving his balls only inches from the edge. In this position, about six inches of semi erect cockflesh was spilling over the tile surround and into the pool area. Faith … seemingly not wanting to wake him or be noticed … was only concentrating on this part, and she kept her head below the tub’s edge.

Her technique was awesome, and Tommy enjoyed watching and sensing what she was doing. Using only the tip of her tongue, she would slowly circle the fat head of his dick several times, stopping to give the piss slit extra attention as it glided by. Every third time around or so she would take the entire helmet into her mouth and bathe it with her tongue using constant pressure in slow circles. Before letting it go, however, she would open her mouth farther and slowly push all of the tool hanging over the edge into her throat simply by leaning into the wall of the tub. Her hands were hidden from his view, but he knew that she wasn’t using them and was impressed with the talent she possessed with her mouth alone.

The sight was extraordinarily erotic, and although Tommy had already cum twice that day, and his balls were still sore from the effort, his shaft was reacting to her assault as though this was its first erection of the day. As his dick stiffened, it started to rise, changing the angle of attack Faith needed to use to continue her efforts. Realizing she would probably be able to see him soon, he quickly lay back down flat and pretended to be asleep rather than interrupt her work.

In this position he couldn’t see anything, and had to rely on his other senses to figure out what the tiny Goth was up to. Luckily she had been going at it for some time and he got to take in some of her craft while sitting up, so he found he had a pretty good idea of what was going on from the feeling and the sounds she made alone.

“Mmmmmmmmm…. Mmmmmmmm…” Tommy heard her moan as she worked her magic, sliding more and more of his rapidly hardening rod into her throat.

As she continued, he noticed that he couldn’t feel the cold concrete touching the underside of his penis anymore, so he figured it was hard enough that it was probably sticking straight out from his crotch parallel to the floor. Taking full advantage, Faith was stuffing more and more meat down her gullet, making sure to work his head with her tongue when she withdrew it between stokes. Based on the feeling, he guessed she was downing more than eight thickening inches of cock now, and she continued to moan with each swallowing motion.

For the first time since Tommy realized what she was doing, he felt Faith’s hands join in the action. One went to the fat base of his shaft and began stroking in short motions, while the other started rubbing and caressing his extremely sore nuts. Several times, the pressure from this caused him to wince in pain, but he kept quiet, still not wanting her to know he was awake.

This went on for several minutes, and Tommy could sense the frustration in her movements as they became increasingly urgent. She knew how many loads he had conjured up already in the past couple of hours, he thought to himself, so why she thought there was another waiting for her confused him.

The girl was not one to quit, however, Tommy felt a new and unusual sensation between his legs. Faith had stopped massaging his balls, and had pressed a finger against his anus and was slowly circling the entrance with it. Then without warning, she slowly started to push the digit into his asshole. The experience wasn’t painful, and in fact he thought this felt much better than her squeezing his tortured nuts. He tried to relax and let her work her finger into him, and after a few seconds he felt her knuckle touch his cheeks signifying the penetration was over. Not really understanding the girl’s intentions, Tommy felt her start to probe around, but he had no idea why. Then he felt her stiff fingertip graze across something that felt strange, and rather than continuing her search, she paused and began to rub the spot slowly with increasing pressure.

He noticed almost immediately a new warm sensation flooding into his balls. This didn’t replace the pain exactly, but sort of added to the intense feeling of it while not making it more uncomfortable. She continued this for several minutes and then heard her speak.

“Come on big boy, give me what I need.” She said in a quiet voice, before returning her lips to his flesh.

All at once, Tommy felt very odd. Again not wanting to appear alert, he tried to focus on what she was doing in his mind rather than on the overwhelming feelings her actions were producing. Another couple of minutes went by, and her stroking and expert mouth work continued while her naughty finger lingered on the sensitive area deep in his ass.

Suddenly Tommy realized what the sensation was. He needed to pee again! Holy shit, he thought to himself, talk about bad timing! But wait, he thought, she started this, and he was still asleep as far as she knew, so maybe he should just let go and see what happens. Based on their earlier experience, he knew a little urine didn’t scare her.

As he lay there, he felt hot fluid begin to rise up his long, stiff shaft … but it didn’t feel like pee he realized. No, this was an entirely different sensation. Realizing there would probably be discomfort if he stopped, he chose to continue pushing the fluid softly. As the first drops escaped his slit, he noticed Faith quickly removed her mouth from his flesh. “Thank God” he thought.

“Ahhhhhhhhh… There it is… Come to mama.” He heard her whisper to herself, and she placed her tongue under his ominous slit.

Tommy continued pushing harder and harder, but this only confirmed that he was not peeing. He was, in fact, beginning to cum, although not in a way that he ever had before. How was this possible, he thought to himself? And why was it so different to the others he’d experienced? Rather than the several short intense contractions he was used to when he came, this felt like one long pulse. He needed to see what was going on, and no longer cared if Faith knew he was awake or not.

In one swift movement, Tommy propped himself up on his elbows and looked down at what was happening. The scene was straight out of a porno movie. Beautiful busty Faith was pumping the entire length of his cock with one hand, poking and rubbing the inside of his ass with the other, and had her perfect mouth poised at the tip of his firm dick. Her eyes were fixated on his huge cock head, and he was pretty sure she didn’t realize he was watching her.

As she pumped his tool, a thick and almost transparent liquid ran from his pee slit down onto her waiting tongue and into her mouth. The feeling of this was quite intense, and Tommy found it hard not to make any noise. This continued for almost a minute, and he was shocked and amazed at how much of this new fluid was escaping his body.

“Holy fuck, boy, how much more can there be?” Faith muttered to herself, then continued swallowing the fluid with her open mouth, making sure to catch all of it with her extended tongue.

Then, all at once, Tommy felt another weird sensation gather in his loins, and this time he knew exactly what it was. Sensing a huge orgasm coming, he tensed up and felt his cock expanding to even more impressive proportions. Faith seemed to realize this and started pumping harder and faster, all the while continuing to rub the strange little spot in his ass. She kept her mouth open at his tip the whole time.

“Ohhhhh fuckkkkk!” Tommy yelled into the night air and Faith looked up at into his eyes, but never stopped her motions for even a second.“

“I’mmmmmm cummmmminnnnnnggggg!”

The constant drool of fluid from his thick head stopped as Tommy felt first pulse of cum blast up his cock. Rather than shooting a quick burst, he watched in amazement as a fat arc of thick white cum left his tool, hitting Faith in the back of the mouth with an audible wet sound . This pulse lasted for what seemed forever, and Tommy groaned as his biggest ever load quickly filled her mouth to overflowing. Had he not known it was cum, he would have assumed it was pee based on the quantity.

Faith closed her mouth only long enough to swallow, and then continued pumping and working his ass with her mouth wide open. Before the first arc of boy cream had fully subsided, Tommy felt another huge spurt making it’s way up his shaft and again a thick rope of fluid pushed past his slit and spattered into Faith’s waiting mouth.

“Ohhhhhhh shittttt!” The freshman screamed as he drowned in the intense pleasure and pain of his release.

The second blast lasted nearly as long as the first, and again Faith was forced to close her mouth, quickly swallow, and then reopen it for more.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” She hummed aloud while collecting Tommy’s third thick load in her open mouth.

The next four blasts, while impressive, didn’t have quite the quantity or duration of the first three, and it took all four to fill Faith’s greedy little mouth. Tommy assumed his orgasm had to be nearing an end, and when the next three jerks were finished, he felt the contractions completely subside. What that was left was a slow but steady trickle of semen from his thick spout which ran like a small stream onto Faiths awaiting tongue.

Being the good little girl she was, Faith slowly removed her finger from Tommy’s ass as the flow stopped, but she continued diligently sucking and pulling on his now spent tool, trying to extract as much teen juice as she could. The pain that plagued Tommy earlier had also started to disappear, and he was glad Faith decided to take care of him while he was sleeping.

“Holy shit Faith, that was fucking awesome!” he blurted. “I’ve never cum that much before!”

“Awake now I see! Well I thought about how good you were to me earlier, so I decided to return the favor!” Faith licked her lips plump lips and kept nibbling on his open slit “Besides, I was sort of hungry, and I knew those huge balls of yours had to have more yummy cream for me!”

“Can I ask you a question?” Tommy groaned. The effort his cock had put into its massive orgasm seemed to be draining his entire body of energy.

“Sure, anything”,” she responded, going back to cleaning his massive tip with her mouth.

“Why did you put your finger in my ass?”

“What, you didn’t like it?” she smirked.

“Well, no, it’s not that, I just didn’t understand why.”

“Silly boy! I was having a hard time getting you to, you know, respond while you were sleeping, so I figured a little prostate stimulation couldn’t hurt!”

“Prostate stimulation, what’s that?“

“You really are inexperienced, aren’t you!” Faith laughed. “I think it’s cute that a hot boy with a mule dick knows nothing about sex!”

“Hey, that’s not funny, I know some stuff!” Tommy protested.

“I’m just giving you shit!” she soothed, gazing up at him. “You are doing just fine …and besides, when you’re hung like Man of War, you get points for just showing up!“

Tommy grinned as Faith spoke. He watched her huge wet boobs bounce as she giggled, and loved the way she smiled when talking about him. He really liked her a lot, and though he felt a little guilty thinking about Mary, he decided that Faith was the girl he wanted to be with.

“Faith, I had a lot of fun, but I need to get going or I’m never going to get my paper on Durkheim’s conception of the moral community in,” Tommy groaned, wishing – not for the first time – that he’d dodged the bullet that was Dr Greibnitz’s sociology class.

“I didn’t realize you were the cum and run kind of guy!” Faith smiled, but she winked him her approval. “Go ahead, but maybe we could do something tomorrow night after school?”

“Sure, I guess so,” Tommy said, feeling a great anticipatory jolt shoot along his slackening horsecock as he did so, “but what about Mary?”

“Let me take care of that. You just rest up and I’ll come by your dorm around six, OK? You’ll need your energy, I promise you.”

“Sounds good!”

As they rose, they kissed passionately for a few minutes, then Tommy rounded up his clothes, got dressed, and headed for his room. He couldn’t stop thinking about what a total succubus his hot little Goth girl was, and he was still in awe of how much cock she could swallow and fit in her tight, warm pussy.

Upon arriving back at the dorm, Tommy chose to go straight to his room. He didn’t think his friends would be angry or anything, he really just wanted to take a shower and get to bed.

The next day at class, Tommy never saw any of the girls. He figured Mary was sick or something as they both usually attended Fallibeau’s comparative religion lectures. When class was over and he’d picked up the books he needed for the evening at the library, he headed back to the dorm feeling very anxious about his date with Faith. He was so excited that he could not even focus on his history, and he barely ate a thing. When six o’clock finally rolled around, he found himself counting the minutes until he heard a faint knock at the door.

“I’ll get it!” Tommy yelled to his roommate as he shot towards the door.

He grabbed the handle and pulled it open as though his life depended on it. There waiting for him was Faith, and he was pleased to see that she had dressed to impress. She was wearing a tight black sleeveless sweater that showed off the curve and heft of her large high-set boobs to perfect effect, and a flirty little miniskirt in the same color with just enough fabric in it to twitch and twirl around her firm young thighs as she walked. This outfit was offset with a cinched gold belt that drew attention to her narrow waist, and the signature pair of gartered thigh-high socks that inexorably drew Tommy’s attention to the flash of flesh between the top of her socks and the hem of her skirt. Just as Faith had planned, visions of her fat clit and tight little pussy began to dance before the freshman’s eyes.

“Hey, Tommy, what’s up?” she chirped, flashing a big smile while allowing her gaze to drop demurely from his face after making eye contact. It was a maneuver that allowed her to take a crafty but lingering look at the sizeable bulge in the boy’s pants.

“Nothing, I guess, but I’m sure glad to see you.”

“Yeah, I’m a little late,” she grinned, “but I had a hard time figuring out what to wear. Do you like it?”

“Man, yeah I do – you look great!”

“Hey, thanks, Tommy! It’s just for you. So – should we go?”

“Yeah, let me tell my roomie I’m leaving” Tommy nodded, then turned and yelled over his shoulder “Hey Dick, I’m taking off now!”

“Sure thing, dude,” Richard responded, his head deep in an introductory pharmacology text. After a beat, he added sarcastically: “I’ll see you kids later. Be sure to have fun.”

Tommy turned to catch Faith biting her lip seductively. “Oh we will!” she giggled, a distinct gleam in her cat’s eyes.

“Faith, you dirty girl!” Tommy whispered as he pulled the door closed behind them.

As they walked down the path towards the bus stop, he noticed that Faith was walking a bit slow and had a bit of a limp.

“Hey – are you OK?” he asked, a concerned note in his voice.

“Yeah,” Faith reassured him, “I’m fine – just a little sore from last night, that’s all.”

“Oh man … last night… I’m sorry about that.”

“Why are you sorry, I wanted your whole dick inside me, and that’s what I got!” Faith answered in a matter-of-fact tone.

Tommy looked at her and smiled. He loved how open she was, and was excited to get to know her better.

“So what are we going to do?” he asked.

“Well, since we aren’t going to be able to have sex until I heal up a bit, I thought a movie would be fun. How about you?”

“Sure, I like movies.” Tommy said, but he felt his heart sink and his cock shrivel at the realization that there were going to be major disadvantages to being hung like a blue-bill duck.

The walk to the movie theater was nice, though and he and Faith held hands and talked along the way about school and everyday stuff. Tommy found it very comfortable, and he hoped she did too. Upon arriving at the theater, Tommy purchased tickets, and they went inside to find a nearly empty auditorium. Still holding his hand, Faith pulled him towards the upper seats, then went across to the middle of a rear row and sat down. The only people in the theater were several rows ahead of them, and Tommy just figured Faith liked the upper seats better.

“Are these seats ok?” she asked.

“Yeah, great.”

As they waited for the movie to start, they continued to talk. Tommy was interested in her conversation and tried to focus on it, but he found himself staring down at her outfit more than once.

“Hey, boyfriend! Are you staring at my tits?” Faith enquired in a mock-scolding sort of voice.

What could Tommy say? In the tight sweater she was wearing, Faith’s breasts bulged out obscenely, and her legs were on full display as well.

“No! I was just checking out your outfit.” He blurted, feeling his face redden.

“Oooh Tommy. I love how bad of a liar you are! My outfit, huh?” She playfully punched him on the arm and smiled.

With that she reached down and slowly pulled the flimsy fabric of her skirt up her thighs until her tight white panties were exposed. Even in the darkened theater, Tommy could clearly make out the outline of the plump mound that nestled between her legs, and he was absolutely fascinated by the sight. His cock was pretty interested, too, but before he could really take in the view, she pulled her dress back down and stuck her tongue out at him.

“Now I can’t have you getting all excited,” she explained. “After all, we’re in a public place.”

“Too late for that”, Tommy thought to himself. Just then the movie previews started and the theater lights dimmed further until the room was nearly dark, with the only light coming from the projector illuminating things. Tommy couldn’t help but glance over at Faith, though, and in the dim light she looked particularly hot. She seemed very interested in the previews, and didn’t pay much attention to him staring at her, which was fine by him as he was able to focus his full attention on her impressive curves.

After what seemed like ten previews, the movie finally got underway. Faith sat demurely and watched it for a little, but not five minutes in Tommy felt a tug on his shirt.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I’ve already seen this one,” his date whispered, uncrossing her legs. “So I guess you’re going to have to entertain me. OK?”

At first Tommy was confused about why Faith would drag him to a movie she had already seen, but when she leaned into him, lips parting, looking for a kiss, he responded eagerly. For the next five minutes they kissed and caressed each other in a hot and heavy make-out session. Tommy was surprised and not a little frustrated that throughout this time, Faith never reached below his beltline, and actually seemed completely disinterested in his dick altogether. His penis seemed oblivious to the apparent lack of attention, however, and was slowly extending down the right leg of his loose fitting shorts.

Tommy still felt a little awkward exchanging such passionate kisses, since he had so little experience of girls. But since Faith appeared so determined that they take turns pushing each others tongues in and out of their mouths, he tried to avoid seeming inexperienced by following and then duplicating her movements. He also made certain to pay special attention to her heavy teen tits, cupping and crushing them, massaging them in small circles, feeling her pierced nipples stiffening and lengthening as he did so. At least, without warning, she pushed herself away and stared intently into his eyes.

“Is that fat shaft of yours hard yet?” Faith demanded in a soft and sultry voice, and without waiting for an answer she reached down and started squeezing at the fabric in the crotch of his shorts.

“Down here,” he muttered, gently pushing her hand about halfway down his thigh.

With his expert guidance, Faith clasped one small but strong hand around an impressive bulge in the fabric and started working it up and down with her left hand, squeezing his stiffening member as she did. Without missing a stroke, she then leaned back and again pulled her dress up above her panties, then placed her right leg on the chair in front of her. This had the effect of spreading her legs slightly, giving him a full access view of her bulging cotton-covered pussy. Sensing she had his full attention, Faith began to slowly run the index finger of her free hand up and down the small crevice in her panties. After several strokes, she had managed to push the fabric into the opening beneath, making the outline of her slit clearly visible. She began moaning softly with every touch.

Now Faith leaned into him and whispered in his ear, never stopping her stroking with either hand. “Do you like what you see, Tommy boy?”

Tommy tried to answer, but the words stuck in his throat as ever-intensifying waves of pleasure began to course through his young body. He groaned and closed his eyes, and since he couldn’t answer verbally, he chose to nod instead.

“Good boy!” she whispered, and continued working the fabric of both her panties and his shorts with ever firmer strokes.

Tommy’s mind was having difficulty wrapping itself around the strangeness of his situation. Here he was in a public place, and not only was he getting a hand job, but a hot girl was masturbating right next to him! His dick, on the other hand, seemed not have any trouble at all simply enjoying the stimulation, and thanks to her constant attention it made its slow way on down his leg. By now his huge bulbous head was making an obvious bulge in the thin fabric, and Tommy watched as Faith licked her lips and stared at the growing cock advancing down his shorts.

“I need to see it again”,” she moaned. “Please get it out for me, please?”

Even if Tommy had wanted to, which given his current location he didn’t, he knew that there was no way he could get his cock out of his shorts in its current engorged state.

“Ummmm, I don’t think I can” he hissed in response.

Still stroking her dampening pussy, Faith suppressed an animal whimper and replied: “Here, let me see if I can help.”

She paused her stimulation of the member long enough to reach down between his legs, where she grabbed the end of his shorts and pulled it up his thigh exposing his meaty cock head where it lay several inches above his knee.

“Ohhhhh, there it is”,” she purred.

With that she reached her small hand around the head and gave it a welcome squeeze. As she did this, a huge dollop of Tommy’s precum leaked out of the massive slit and hung motionless, as if waiting for instruction.

“Oh look, its already juicy”, Faith whispered, and she ran her fingertips through the large drop, coating first her hand and then the tip of his cock with it.

Tommy wasn’t sure if it was the fact they were in a public place or Faith’s expert handling of his equipment, but he couldn’t remember his dick being harder or needier than it was right then. Not only was it continuing to grow, pushing more and more stiff flesh from the end of his open short leg, but the shaft looked thick and menacing, and the ridge at the base of his helmet was immensely swollen.

“Oh my, it certainly is big tonight”,” Faith remarked, continuing to stroke her own cloth covered opening as well as head of Tommy’s cock. “Did I do that?”

Tommy looked over at her and watched as she pulled up her sweater. She was wearing a pale bra underneath with a front fastening; expertly, she popped it open and pulled first one, and then the other breast free. Both nipples were standing proud and fully erect by now, and Tommy drooled slightly as he watched her slowly rubbing and caressing her firm boobs with both hands. Then one at time she lifted them to her mouth and licked and sucked on her own perfect nipples.

Cupping her huge melons in her hands, Faith again leaned into him and whispered “I’m so fucking wet I think I’m going to go out of my mind.”

Leaning back again and releasing one of her enormous tits, she placed her hand between her spread legs and yanked the crotch of her panties to one side. Even in the dim light, Tommy could see a glistening sheen of wetness surrounding her inner lips. They were protruding from the girl’s perfectly shaped and smoothly shaved outer labia, and he could dimly make out the huge sheathed clit bulging from the top of the opening. Without hesitation, Faith pushed two of her small fingers into her moist inner realm and let out a soft sigh as they bottomed out. Never missing a beat, her other hand had pushed one huge boob towards her mouth again, and Tommy watched in awe as she chewed on her own nipple and pushed two very wet fingers in and out of her steamy hole.

“Holy shit. Faith, we’re in a movie theater!” he whispered in a hushed but stern tone. “What if someone catches us?”

The Goth girl never even opened her eyes and continued her work as if he hadn’t even spoke. Realizing that attempting to stop her was futile, Tommy decided that joining her couldn’t make things that much worse, so with one hand he cupped and massaged the exposed head of his cock and with the other he stroked the fabric bound shaft. Their mutual exploration went on for several more minutes, during which Tommy guessed Faith had cum at least three times. He based his estimate on the sharp, short breaths she drew as she orgasmed and on her moaning, which … thankfully … she did quietly.

Shuddering through the last of these cums, Faith suddenly opened her eyes and starred into Tommy’s. “OK, now it’s your turn”,” she grinned.

“My turn for what?”

Not really understanding what Faith meant, or getting any sort of answer to his question, Tommy was surprised when she pushed his hands away from his tool and replaced them with hers. She went to work right away on his bloated helmet and his steel-stiff shaft, pumping and squeezing hurriedly but for all she was worth. With her expert attention, Tommy quickly grasped what “his turn” meant. He felt his balls begin to tighten, and the familiar feeling that he got prior to cumming was setting inexorably in. As she worked him furiously, he couldn’t help but stare at her huge tits bouncing and her half covered pussy. The sight was too much and pushed him over the edge.

“Oh fuck Faith, I’m going to cum so fucking hard,” he whimpered, still trying to stay quiet.

Tommy felt his cock jerk and a liquid ecstasy wash over him as the first fat wad of boy chowder left his balls and shot towards his cock.

“Hhnnnnnh!” he gasped in desperation, striving not entirely successfully to swallow his bellow of release. To his horror, a huge gush of sweet-smelling jizz jetted from his tool so forcefully it flew over Faith’s head and arced across the row of chairs in front of them, impacting with an audible splat. The next few ribbons splashed on the backs of the same chairs, while the last remaining spurts squirted and dribbled onto the floor between his legs. Not wanting to leave any ammo in his great cum-cannon, Faith continued pumping his shaft towards the tip with one hand and squeezing his head with the other, forcing one huge drop after another from Tommy’s swollen slit onto the seat by his thigh. The whole area was a mess, and smelled of sex.

“Fuck, that was good”… but can we move down? It’s sort of a mess here.” Tommy exclaimed quietly.

Faith giggled quietly and fixed her sweater so as to contain her massive breasts once again. She stood up and then slid down six chairs or so. Tommy not wanting to stay there any longer, followed suit and pulled his shorts down to cover his now shrinking member as he did.

Upon arriving in the new seats, they embraced and kissed for several minutes until Faith interrupted once again.

“It’s just not fair, though.”

“What’s not fair?” He asked.

“Well, I came a whole bunch of times, and you only came once”,” she explained. “So, like I said it’s just not fair.”

Tommy sat stunned, not knowing how to answer, and watched as she rolled her eyes and made gestures like she was deep in thought.

“I’ve got it!” Faith announced at last, with a wink a little too knowing for Tommy’s tastes. “Let’s try something new.”

Now what, Tommy thought to himself? He had just completely destroyed a perfectly good set of theater seats thanks to her, and still she seemed to want more.

“Uh, Faith?” he whispered softly, “I don’t really want to make any more messes in here, OK?”

Faith was too preoccupied with carefully removing her panties to answer him. She wasn’t really doing this in a sexual way, but the visual effect was still exciting to Tommy and he enjoyed the show. When she got them completely off and stowed on the seat next to her, she turned and got close enough to Tommy to whisper in his ear.

“Now here’s what I want you to do…” She paused and flicked her long pink tongue into his ear, causing all the little hairs on his neck to stand straight out. “I want you to fuck me, right here, right now!”

Tommy turned to her in shock, “but you told me you were to sore to have sex, remember?”

Leaning back into his ear with her sensuous lips grazing the delicate skin.

“Silly boy… I don’t want you in my pussy, I want you in my ass!”

Tommy froze and a sick, warm feeling rushed over him. He had seen the damage his member did to her pussy, so he couldn’t imagine sticking his huge rod inside her asshole.

“Are you really sure that’s a good idea?” he asked, a puzzled look on his face.

Faith didn’t answer him directly. Instead she bit her lower lip seductively, turned and curled up in her seat on her side so that her ass was hanging over onto his seat, and hiked her skirt up around her hips. This of course exposed her sex parts to him completely, and there between her perfectly formed cheeks was her tiny asshole. He had seen it before, mind you, but it looked hotter than ever in that dark theater and he never thought she would want him to take her there in a million years.

While he stared, she put several fingers of her right hand into her mouth and slowly licked and sucked on them. Removing them from her lips, she reached around her backside and started to caress her perfect little rosebud. Tommy watched, mouth agape, as this hot little goth girl played with, and then penetrated, her own ass with her small fingers. In and out she pushed them, pausing occasionally to moan softly, and then continue.

Amidst the show, Tommy noticed something stirring in his pants. He decided that rather than waiting for his tool to extend down his shorts leg again, he would fish it out now. Unzipping his shorts, he reached in and pulled his still half-flaccid dick out, exposing it to the conditioned air in the theater. Then he curled up on his side facing Faith, and slid his crotch closer to her rear end. Sensing his movement, she stopped fingering her ass and grabbed his thick but still mailable penis by the head and pulled it over to her bung. Slowly and carefully, she started to push the head of his hardening cock into her tiny body.

“Oh my God,” she whimpered, “even soft it’s soooo fucking big!”

Not one to give up easily, Faith continued forcing Tommy’s bulbous helmet into her tight ring.

“There, it’s in!” The hot goth squeaked as his whole head finally popped into her dilated hole. “Now it’s all up to you!”

Tommy didn’t really understand, but before he could say anything which would confirm his lack of experience, she started stretching and stroking the several inches of hardening cock flesh dangling between their bodies with her spit soaked hand. Figuring she had the situation under control, he looked around the theater to see if anyone was watching them, and when convinced nobody was, he closed his eyes and concentrated on the moment. The feeling of having the tip of his over sized dick stuffed into her tiny asshole was intense, and this, combined with her expert hand job, was causing his limp flesh to fatten and lengthen at a furious pace.

“Ohhhhhhh fucckkkkkkkk!” Faith whined as several thick inches of his hardening tool slowly forced it’s way into her hungry hole.

Sensing that he was actually causing her real pain, Tommy began to pull his hips away from her in an attempt to remove some of his intruder from her body. To his surprise, she dropped her hips more to get it back in. Then shook her head back and forth in pleasure. Once satisfied that he wasn’t retreating from the action, she went back to stroking his growing cock.

Several minutes went by, and several more fat inches disappeared into Faith’s nether region. Aside from the six inches or so of hardening teen meat still exposed to the air between them, she had managed to stuff the rest of his dick into herself.

Pausing for a moment, Faith turned her head and looked straight into Tommy’s eyes. “Now fuck my ass with your donkey dick!”

Not needing an engraved invitation, he started pushing his hips into her behind. Christ, she was tight. As the gap closed, Faith continued lubing the exposed flesh with saliva by licking her fingers and rubbing his cock. Before his hips touched her ass cheeks, in the dim light Tommy looked between them taking in the sight of his huge and by now fully turgid fuck rod completely punishing her small hole. It was distended and stretched to gigantic proportions, and she was hissing in ecstasy in rhythm with his strokes. From that moment on, Tommy was completely convinced that she was some sort of sex demon from hell.

Just like Jill, Faith was able to take the young man’s monster cock balls deep in her ass. Tommy felt his hips make contact with Faith’s supple bottom, she let out a low moan and grabbed the back of the seat next to her with both hands. Instinct took over, and he withdrew and then shoved his now fully hard cock back into her over and and over again. He did this slowly at first, wanting to make sure she got used to the sensation, and then he picked up the pace. Her low moans were now replaced with much more audible grunts every time his cock bottomed out in her ass. She continually orgasmed, not believing anal could feel this wonderful.

“What have you done to me, Tommy? My poor little asshole is now ruined by your monster dick” she whispered while grinding into his hips. She was now addicted to feeling Tommy’s cockhead scraping the deep regions of her ass.

The feeling of his huge cock invading her tight rear was overwhelming, and within minutes Tommy felt the now-familiar hot rush of semen making it’s way up from his balls and into his oversized shaft.

“Oh shit, Faith, I’m going to cum again!” he hissed in a low voice.

“Dump your load deep in my ass!” his partner pleaded in a hushed voice between moans.

Tommy did as he was told and completely buried his tool into her stretched out orifice one last time while Faith pressed down heavily on the giant intruder. Holding it there, he felt the first scalding jets of fluid escape his cock under tremendous pressure deep inside the tiny goth girl’s bowels. Tommy remembered how much cum he released inside Jill, and somehow, if possible, this felt like even more. It just kept shooting glops of thick hot seed in Faith who couldn’t stop climaxing. She loved feeling the copious amount of cum explode inside her.

“Ughhhhh!” he groaned as the ecstatic sensation of release coursed through the pleasure centers in his brain.

Several more hard pulses followed as Tommy’s 19-year-old mule cock sprayed its load of sweetly-scented boycum deep inside her. These thick streamers of jizz were followed by nearly a dozen smaller contractions, and then his third orgasm of the night was over. Cum was already pouring out around his cock while it was still deeping embedded. There was so much of it, it had no where else to go!

Suddenly exhausted, Tommy more or less collapsed over Faith, hugging her petite body to him in a pleasurable stupor, until…

He froze at the feel of a tap on his left shoulder.

“Uh, excuse me, you guys,” came a young female voice from behind him.

Tommy felt an icy shudder of humiliation jolt right through him, and he gritted his teeth, realizing they had been caught and turning to see who was speaking.

“You know you can’t do that in the…”

The voice trailed off as Tommy twisted round, inadvertently pulling most of his softening but still immense and liberally cum-covered dick out of Faith’s asshole as he did so. Now exposed and completely embarrassed, the freshman just froze and averted his eyes, not daring to meet the gaze of the girl who had interrupted them.

She was average looking and averagely built, with light brown hair swept back into a ponytail, and somewhere in her very early twenties. She was carrying a small flashlight in one hand, and wearing a loose-fitting nylon shirt with the theater logo on it – obviously an usherette. Tommy watched out of the corner of his eyes as she came closer, her eyes wide with shock, taking in the sight of his spent – but still fat and still ten-inch-plus – cock dangling from Faith’s ass. Glancing down at Faith, still bent over the seat, her hair a mess, her pale skin glistening with sweat, her large breasts fully exposed and hanging heavily beneath her like udders, while a steady stream of off-white jizz leaked from her asshole and trickled down the inside of one thigh. Tommy figured she had to be even more embarrassed than he was. He could only assume that she was planning her escape from the theater at that very minute. Then…

“Like what you see?” Faith asked the girl quite nonchalantly.

Pulling away from Tommy slightly, the petite Goth girl clenched the fat helmet still buried in her ass, and stretched the now flaccid meat causing it to distend. She rocked back and forth on her side several times, continuing to stretch the huge soft organ between them, and then she pulled away farther allowing the plump head of the boy’s tool to pop from her stretched and abused sphincter.

“See what he did to my little asshole!” Faith giggled. As she spoke, she reached back, stuck four small fingers into her gaping ass, twisted them around and then removed them. “What do you think about that?”

“I… I… don’t know,” the girl replied, apparently completely stunned and struck nearly dumb by the sight of Tommy’s huge soft schlong flopped messily on the seat between him and Faith, still oozing copious gobs of semen. “But you had… ummmm… better get dressed and come with me.”

Not wanting more trouble than he could handle, Tommy hastily rolled over on his back , stuffed his sticky dick back into his shorts and zipped up. Faith also seemed willing to comply, and twisted into another seat and she sat up, pushing her fat tits back inside her sweater and pulling her skirt down to cover herself. The girl led them out of the row, past the funky-smelling mess Tommy had deposited earlier, and then up the remaining stairs to a little door at the back of the theater. Unlocking the door, the girl opened it and motioned for the couple to go inside.

Tommy, followed by Faith, slowly entered the small dark room. It was the projector room, and looking to the left he could see a bank of large projectors pressed up against the wall. Closing the door behind them, the girl then led them to another door to the right and opened it, motioning again for them to follow. This room was a small office. The brunette girl headed for a small desk and sat down. She motioned for Tommy and Faith to sit the two chairs on the other side of the desk.

“Now look here, you two” the girl spoke sternly, “there are rules that must be followed!”

To Tommy’s shock, Faith ignored all this, instead reaching into Tommy’s lap and started caressing the fat tube of softening flesh running along his thigh. Trying not to acknowledge this, he continued staring straight at the girl as she spoke and hoped she couldn’t she what Faith was up to.

“Now, you guys have to understand that we don’t… tolerate… this…” The voice was pitched to sound severe, but it trailed off again, and Tommy realized the girl was now staring at Faith’s hand rubbing his bulge.

He was now completely stunned and sort of pissed. He knew that they were in some sort of trouble, and he couldn’t believe Faith was trying to antagonize someone who, though young, had enough authority to get both of them into hot water with the dean.

“Um, miss, could you please stop that?” the girl asked sternly.

“Stop what?” Faith smiled, giving a little wink.

“You know what!” the unknown girl responded with a note of anger in her voice.

“Actually, I don’t know what you are talking about,” Faith shot back, even as she continued to grab ,rub and pull at the thick bulge running down Tommy’s thigh.

“Now, I’ve had about enough of you!” the usherette responded, reddening, and she stood up and walked around the desk and over next to where Faith was sitting. The girl bent over, and to Tommy’s horror, reached out her hand and grabbed at the half-hard fabric-covered flesh under to Faith’s hand. As she did this, she turned her head and kissed Faith passionately.

For fully 30 seconds, the two girls’ tongue-kissed and kneaded Tommy’s cock at the same time, leaving the boy completely speechless. At last they stopped, and the new girl stood up and smiled at Faith, an amused glint in her brown eyes.

“Took you long enough to come get us!” Faith purred, continuing to squeeze her man’s oversized meat.

“Well… I didn’t want to interrupt you, as it looked like you were having so much fun!” the girl responded.

“You saw that … thing, didn’t you!” Faith grinned, looking down at Tommy’s bulge. “Of course I was having fun!”

“You know what?” the new girl said, “I think I need to get a better look at it – to be completely honest with you,” And as she did so, she winked.

“Tommy,” Faith smiled, and she gazed adoringly over at him, her pretty face alive with lust. “Meet Jessie!”

Jessie turned and went over to the open door to the office and closed it, quietly locking the knob as she did. She then turned around and walked over by the chair Faith sat in.Tommy took this opportunity to check her out. Compared to Faith, or even Mary for that matter, Jessie wasn’t special in the looks department at all, he thought. Of course her loose fitting black pants and theater logo enhanced shirt weren’t helping matters, but, even so, there was a certain something about her that he couldn’t put his finger on and he was intrigued to learn what it was. He felt pretty confident he would not have to wait too long to find out. If the events of the past few weeks had taught him anything, it was that things tended to happen around a cock as grotesquely oversized as the one that swung between his legs.

“Now, Tommy, be a good boy and take off your shorts. Then hop up there on Jessie’s desk for inspection.” Faith said in her little-girl voice.

Tommy felt his heart break into a rapid patter of anticipation as he hurried to comply with the order. It really was bizarre, he caught himself thinking as he did so, how normal this sort of request was becoming now – how quickly things had changed for him since he had fallen in with Mary and her little coven of teenage size queens. Only a month ago, his dick would have shriveled up in terror at the thought of being put on public display. Now, despite the heavy duty that had been demanded of it already today, the freshman could sense its thrill at the prospect of another devoted admirer to the growing ranks of girls who were only too happy to sate its increasingly urgent need to be petted and kissed and teased and stroked, squeezed and pumped and drained.

Loosening his belt, Tommy pulled down his pants and boxers in a single swift motion, exposing his by now not quite flaccid cock to the girl’s’ gaze. He knew it was an impressive sight: darker colored than usual, he thought – the lingering result, no doubt, of all the urgent action that it had seen already that evening. Even in its exhausted state, the fat shaft still looked thick and veiny, heavy with menace, and he could see his half-inch piss slit gaping open, still drooling a last thick gob of sperm from the mighty cum he had enjoyed only a few minutes earlier. Meanwhile, swinging a good 15 inches below his own bloated purple corona, Tommy’s egg-sized testicles began revolving lazily inside their capacious sac. He watched, awed by his own growing potency, as they began the pleasurable task of churning up yet another steaming load of boy-batter.

This brief reverie was broken by a startled gasp from Jessie’s lips, and Tommy looked up to see her cover her mouth with her hands and her eyes widen in shock. Not waiting to slow down the inspection, nor delay the moment he would feel a new set of slender fingers take his mighty cock in hand, Tommy took several steps back and perched on the corner of the desk. In this position, his bull balls sprawled on the desktop while his dick spilled down over them and hung over the edge of the desk for quite a number of inches. Not realizing the visual impact his movements were having, Tommy shifted around, spreading his bulging thighs wider to allow an inspection Faith had demanded to get properly under way and getting comfortable on the desktop. This caused the dangling part of his shaft to swing magnificently as he moved about.

“Holy fuck, Faith!” Jessie yelled, watching the enormous tool swing to and fro, “that’s the biggest fucking cock I’ve ever seen in my life, and it’s still soft for Christ’s sake!”

“I know, it’s fucking crazy isn’t it?” Faith laughed. Tommy felt a surge of pride when he heard that. He leaned back a bit and spread his legs even farther to make sure Jessie could see his whole package in explicit detail.

“How in the hell did you get that huge thing in that tiny ass of yours, you dirty little slut” Jessie demanded in mock outrage.

“You know my motto,” Faith replied. “Go big or get something else – and lucky for us Mary found this one in need of some serious female attention!”

Yes, I see that now!” Jessie chimed in with a giggle of her own, still staring intently at Tommy’s now twitching and quivering fuckstick.With a devilish smile on her face, the young usherette got on her hands and knees and crawled over to where Tommy was seated, making sure to brush her mousey hair against his legs as she did. Tommy quivered from the feeling. Once stationed between his legs, Jessie turned over and sat on the floor. She then slid underneath the desk, facing out with her eyes lasered on Tommy’s hardening shaft.

In this position, Tommy couldn’t see her at all, but he had a pretty good idea of what she was up to. “Oh look, it’s all dirty and in need of a cleaning,” Jessie squealed from under the desk.With that, he felt a subtle touch on the tip of his dick. It was so soft he might not have even noticed it had he not been acutely aware of her actions.

Wanting to see what he could, he leaned forward enough to peer over the edge of the desk, and although he couldn’t see all the action, he did catch sight of Jessie’s tongue as it flicked past his thick helmet several times.

“Oh, I love the taste of your ass, Faith!” Jessie crooned from under the desk.

“Well I should hope you do, because he practically pushed that thing into my throat!” Faith responded. Tommy watched as she sprawled back in her chair, hitched up her skirt and spread her legs, pulling her cotton panties roughly to one side as she started to rub herself with one hand while she squoze a plump tit through her sweater with the other.Tommy was fascinated by her technique, which was a good deal rougher and more urgent than the comparatively dainty frigging he had seen Mary administer to her tight box.

After several minutes of this, Jessie finished cleaning the tip of Tommy’s dick, and was evidently hungry for more. Sucking the plump helmet into her mouth using only her lips, she worked her tongue around the glans and made sure to spend a lot of time probing the piss slit. As she made circles she continued pulling in more and more of his tool, using only the suction in her mouth.

The feeling was very intense, and had Tommy not cum just ten minutes earlier, he figured he would have shot by now.”Holy shit, it’s just unbelievable!” Jessie gasped, popping his newly cleaned cock head out of her mouth. “I can barely fit the head in my mouth and the damn thing is still half soft! What does it take to get this thing hard?”

In any other circumstance, Faith would have had something to add, but by now she was completely absorbed by the jolts of pleasure streaming from her fully erect clit, and it seemed didn’t even seem to notice what was basically a full-on porn scene unfolding a few feet away.

“Now, what’s next?” Jessie asked, talking mostly to herself. She was still crouched under the desk, and Tommy was so absorbed by Faith’s show that he was not really paying attention as the usherette slid completely under the desk and began rummaging through a drawer behind him.

He loved how Faith was so comfortable with her own body, and enjoyed watching her play with herself. Her eyes were squeezed shut tightly, and her mouth slightly agape – just enough for him to hear her labored breathing and soft moans.

“Here it is, glad I brought the right one or this wouldn’t have worked!” Jessie said, walking around the desk and dragging a chair over so she could sit directly in front of Tommy, bending so her face was only a couple of inches from the boy’s cock. She broke into a broad grin. “Do you know what this is?”

Tommy looked at the strange device the girl held in her hands and shook his head side to side. He had never seen anything like it, but could tell from the shape that it had something to do with his penis. It was a long clear tube with some sort of hose comings out of the top and with what looked to be a small hand pump attached to the end.

“This, Tommy, is a penis pump, and as my sucking didn’t really arouse you, we’re going to see if it will help!”

“Hey!” Tommy protested. “It’s only that I’ve cum twice in the last half hour.” But as he said it, he felt Jessie grab his thighs and wrench them wide, pulling him forward as she did so that his full package was now hanging over the edge of the desk.

Now she had him where she wanted him, and she picked up the clear tube and slowly slid the open end over his half-mast penis. He looked down and watched with great interest as she pushed his cock head through what looked like a thin rubber cap with a hole in it. It was not uncomfortable but it was a snug fit, and Jessie continued pushing more and more of his soft meat into the tube moving it upwards as she did. Once the tube reached his crotch, she moved it parallel to the desk, and continued working the remaining flesh into the clear container until it pressed against his lower abdomen.”Holy shit, I am glad I brought the sixteen inch model from home” Jessie muttered, a new and wanton look in her eyes. “You would have bottomed the smaller model out soft!”

Tommy was entranced. He couldn’t take his eyes off the huge clear tube sticking out from his crotch. His semi filled two thirds the length of it, but it was much thicker and his penis looked unexpectedly thin inside it. He then looked over at Faith only to see that she had stopped diddling and was in watching her friend work between his legs.

“Well, now, let’s see what you’ve really got there, big boy!” Jessie whooped, simultaneously grabbing the strange hand pump in her right hand and steadying the clear tube with her left.

She started slowly pumping the handle in and out. At first, Tommy couldn’t tell that anything was happening, but within seconds he felt a tug on his flesh inside the tube. He watched in excitement as his member began to grow, each little leap and jerk corresponding to a pump from Jessie’s hand. After a couple more minutes, the head of his cock had crept a long way down the length and was only inches from the end of the tube. Tommy was amazed at how quickly this strange device had aroused him, and loved watching his dick get pumped for the first time.

“It’s fucking unbelievable!” Jessie stated staring at the tube as it filled with flesh. “I’ve barely started, and that thing is already over a foot long and way thicker than my wrist!”

She continued working the pump, more slowly and deliberately now, and Tommy noticed that she was finding it far tougher to move the handle now than she had when she had when she started. He also noticed that the head of his cock had continued down the tube and was now only a couple inches from the end. This meant that the pump had already pulled his flesh to a new record length of nearly fourteen inches, and he revelled in the sight.

Jessie squeezed off several more pumps, and Tommy guessed that his tool had at least reached it’s maximum length. The head didn’t seem to be getting any closer to the end now, but he noticed that it was still getting thicker, especially near the base of the tube by his crotch. His flesh at this point was rapidly expanding and was actually pressing hard against the inside walls of the huge plastic container. Where his cock pushed the plastic, it looked almost sponge like, swollen, and was bright red.

“Ummm, does this look ok?” he asked Jessie, slight concerned, pointing at the base of the tube.

“I would guess that’s normal, but then I’ve never pumped anyone who was so big to begin with – so just let me know if you feel any pain, OK?” Jessie replied.

Again Tommy’s focus switched to the tube. Although he still didn’t feel any pain, he could definitely feel pressure, especially near the base of his dick where it was pushing outward against the plastic. Thirty more seconds of pumping went by, and by now his dick was filling the circumference of the tube down most of the length. The weight of the engorged organ was also causing the tube to point downwards despite Jessie’s attempts to keep it up. He also noticed that near the end, his plump head had managed to struggle another half inch closer to the hole where the vacuum line was attached, and the skin close to his helmet had started to swell and grow around the base of it.

“I can’t fucking believe it’s almost touching the end, and look how thick and heavy it is now!” Jessie exclaimed, staring intently at the inhuman mass of pumped up cockflesh pointing angrily her way. “Tommy, I might need your help to hold it up!”

Tommy gave Jessie a hand by steadying the tube, and glanced over again at Faith – who was still fingering herself, but seemed to be staring intently at the flesh-filled appliance rather than concentrating on her activities. Another minute or so went by, and Tommy was starting to feel some discomfort. His helmet was now completely covered by the huge ring of swollen flesh that filled the tube, and the bloated end of this flesh was almost touching the end.

“Uh, it’s starting to hurt a little.” Tommy grimaced, not wanting to sound like a wimp.

“But you’ve almost filled it completely, are you sure you want me to stop now?” protested Jessie with a hot look on her face. “I promise if you fill it, I’ll give you a special treat!”

Not wanting to disappoint the girls, Tommy decided he could take a little pain. “OK,” he said, “but just go slow.”

Jessie resumed her pumping with slow and deliberate motions. The pain was pretty intense now, and Tommy watched the end of the tube carefully hoping the swollen flesh would reach it soon, putting an end to his discomfort. Sooner than he thought, the engorged flesh covering his cock head touched the end of the enormous tube.

The sight of the flesh-filled cylinder was staggering, and he Tommy was impressed with the dramatic increase in his size.”Well, that’s got to be a record!” Jessie squealed “He’s filled a sixteen inch long by three inch wide tube, and I think if I had a bigger one he could still get even bigger!

“Now I promised you a treat” she continued, winking as she spoke. “And you’ve been a very good boy so let me show you what I’ve got for you.”

‘That sounds good,’ said Tommy, a little doubtfully. “But I’ve shot twice already in the last couple of hours, so I don’t know that there’s that much left.”

“Don’t worry, silly,” Jessie said. “I’ve got a few things that I want to show you. We girls all have our specialities, you see. Faith may be able to take a cock much bigger than I would dare let near my pussy, but round here I have a reputation, and that is as the hand job queen.”

“She’s right,” Faith put in from the far side of the room. The hot little Goth girl had slumped down into a chair and raised her knees up to her chin. Her feet were splayed on the chair rests and her hand snaked down to play lazily with the folds of her plump pussy. As Tommy watched, fascinated, Faith pressed first one, then two, then three fingers into her hole and began to pleasure herself. He noticed that she didn’t have to work too hard to push them in. Her snatch still gaped and dripped from the severe stretching it had received from him the day before.

“I take my job pretty seriously,” Jessie continued, dropping a chair cushion to the floor and kneeling demurely between Tommy’s legs. He looked back to the little usherette as she pulled her shoulder blonde hair from her face and tied it back, then leaned forward so her head was in the young teen’s lap.

“See,” she went on, poking out a small pink tongue. Tommy looked down and saw that Jessie had a piercing in it, a silver dumbbell right towards the tip. “This helps,” Jesse explained, ‘but actually most of the effect is in the technique. You see, from what I hear you are a pretty eager young man. You cum a lot, but you cum quickly. I am going to show you want can happen when you wait.”

With that, Jessie eased up on the trigger in her hand and slowly released the vacuum in the pump. There was a long hiss, and Tommy felt a slight but welcoming release of the pressure on his overstimulated dick. It took a few seconds for the pressure inside the plastic tube to equalize, so stuffed was it with stretched and spongey boycock, but Jessie reached into his groin and took a hold on his shaft at the point it entered the pump. Then, slowly and with infinite care, she eased Tommy’s gargantuan tube of flesh out of the machine.

Tommy knew at once that something had changed. He wasn’t hard, exactly, but his stretched-out piston felt vastly bloated and pumped full of blood – far heavier, and more massive, than it had ever been before. He gasped as Jessie gently let it fall back between his thighs. The extra weight and heft was very noticeable, as was the dark red hue that had replaced the usual white-pink of his shaft. Looking down gave Tommy an unhelpful perspective on his dick, foreshortening it, but he could sense that, with the release of pressure, it had retreated at least a little from the full 16-inch magnificence it had attained as a result of the girl’s ministrations. For all that, though, he sensed his penis was still longer and measurably fatter than it had been before it’s adventure in the pump. He touched the great tube of flesh lightly with one hand, his fingers exploring in wonderment what almost seemed to be an unfamiliar creature. His cock felt hot and heavy and a little puffy, and he knew for sure that that it was once again excited. Far from shriveling as blood drained slowly from the shaft, he felt the great vessels at its base pulsing with determined rhythm as they strove to fill it fully once again.

Jessie’s eyes were wide with wonder as she reached up to grasp Tommy’s rapidly hardening cock. The monster was still dangling between his legs, but it was jerking and rising with every pulse, and the usherette gently took it in one hand and began slowly to tug on it. One every fourth stroke, Jessie switched hands, then drooled a big drop of saliva into the hand she’d freed. Before too long, Tommy’s cock was slick with spit, and despite his recent orgasms he began to feel an all too familiar tightening sensation in his groin.

Jessie was now jerking the base of Tommy’s hardening end dick with excruciating slowness, firmly pulling down on the sensitive skin with her hand on the down-stroke, so that it stretched shiny-tight around the head. At the same time, she began tickling his aching balls with the long fingernails of her other hand.

Tommy was still inexperienced enough to find her technique a little odd. When Mary, Jill and Faith had jerked his dick they had all used quite a fast stroke, racing urgently to force him to cum; and he had enjoyed it. This slow, very steady pumping of Jessie’s was different, though, and the confused teen was beginning that to feel a whole new range of sensations, the most intense of which was a slow-burning, tingling feeling that slowly spread from the shaft of his cock into his groin, then down his legs to the soles of his feet. At the same time the wet, sloppy clacking noises that Jessie’s clenched fists made as they slowly slid up and down Tommy’s by now turgid shaft began to really turn him on. After five minutes or so of this treatment, Tommy felt that he was nearly fully erect again, and he watched fascinated as the first thick drop of pre-cum came oozing from the tip of his erection, held on his glans for a long moment, and then slid slowly down to where the motion of Jessie’s hand spread and mixed it with her spit.

That drop was followed by others, until Tommy’s dick began a steady drool, and the river of self-lubricant trickled over Jessie’s fingers and on down his shaft to coat the flesh of his ball sac. He was impressed at the intense feelings the girl was coaxing from with fingers that barely even covered one fifth of his vacuum-pump-enhanced penis. She was staying away from his head, he realized, and focusing solely on the bottom third of his rod, deliberate in her focus, staring fixedly at her handiwork.

A few more minutes past, and the projection booth began to fill with the smell of sex. The aromas of Tommy’s juices, Jessie’s spit, and Faith’s sloppy pussy cream mingled in the air to create a heady scent of lust and excess. Even though he had orgasmed so recently, Tommy began to feel that if this kept up, he would soon be able to cum again.

“I’m getting close,” he warned, and quickly Jessie stopped.

“Wait, Tommy,” she cautioned, “you’ll cum much harder if you do.” And with that she recommenced her tickling, running slender fingers lightly up and down the boy’s shaft like butterfly kisses, keeping the cock hard but carefully refraining from over-stimulating it or going anywhere near the sensitive glans that towered monstrously more than a foot above her head.

After a long moment, Tommy felt the imminence of orgasm subside. Jessie pulled him down in his chair so that he slumped with his legs straight out in front of him and his dick stuck straight up in the air. His cock still felt stretched from the pump, and it had stayed an angry red, making it seem even more dangerous to any girl foolish enough to mess with it. Jessie certainly seemed impressed by it. She sat on the floor next to him, putting her eyes level with the base of his erection, and ran her gaze along the veiny pole.

“You really are incredible,” Jessie breathed. ‘I’ve never met a guy who leaked quite so much self-lube. Your balls must be churning up gallons of the stuff. She thought for a moment, pouting sexily, then added: “Well, I guess Mother Nature is taking good care of you, Tommy, my boy. A cock that big needs plenty of greasing up to get into most pussies.

She fell silent again, then giggled: “You know, I bet that if we both just stare at that” thing intently, that by itself would make your cock keep oozing.

And that is what they did. Jessie greedily worshiping Tommy’s pole with her green eyes, while he switched his gaze between his cock and the girl’s awed face, her lips moving as she muttered to herself… “Fucking hell, it’s huge, immense, I never realized that they made them so big, but does it cum big too” well, we are going to have to see. The sight of her staring turned him on, and sure enough the pressure of her gaze kept the same clear fluid running in a steady stream from his glans down to the base of his shaft in a sticky rivulet. At last, Jessie reached out her hand and started tickling Tommy’s heavy balls very gently with her fingertips. She could feel his massive testicles revolving menacingly inside their sac, preparing fresh wads of sperm for the boy’s next orgasm, and she smiled as Tommy jumped at the almost electric shock of her nails scraping and playing with such a sensitive spot.

She seemed intoxicated at the effect she was having on him, and still transfixed at the sight of his huge dick, drinking in its magnificence.The steady pressure on Tommy’s balls was setting him on fire. It seemed to him his dick had never been so hard, and it had worked so valiantly that day already that he felt as though it was burning up, radiating heat and lust like some fleshy, drooling brazier.

To his anguished cock, wanting to come and yet unable to, Jessie’s deliberately tantalizing touch was nothing but slow torture. He sensed that had she only wrapped her hands around his dick, and jerked, he would have cum almost straight away, and hard as well. But she merely kept on with her tickling, and her staring at his throbbing tool. The sensations were sending Tommy insane: he was panting: and he noticed that the clear fluid leaking from his cock was pulsing now, seeming to become exhausted, then beginning to flow again in greater volumes, so much that he could sense a large damp path spreading slowly through the fabric of his chair.

Then, suddenly, without any warning, Jessie did move her hand, and drew two fingers lightly up the whole length of his shaft from bottom to top. That did it! Before her hand had even reached his glans, Tommy felt his groin explode and great gouts of sperm begin to jet their way from his over-sensitized balls towards sweet release through his cock.

The first spasm at the foot of Tommy’s cock set his whole penis jerking, and Jessie moved like lightning when it struck. Suddenly both her little hands were clasping tight around his base, squeezing hard at the thick ridge where it joined his body. The pressure crushed Tommy’s urethra at the spot where it emerged into his cock, and moments later the onrushing sperm found its way blocked by the handjob queen’s determined fingers.

Tommy’s cock twitched spastically as it battled to release its load, but Jessie kept her grip. The great dick throbbed and pulsed beneath her hands as the cum churned upwards from his balls, the pressure building quickly. The cock kept jumping, seeking some relief. It was almost as though the monstrous tool could not believe that such a slip of a girl could possibly defy it. Somewhere in the distance, Tommy heard a base animal shriek of pain … then realized it was him, screaming out at the torture of his ruined orgasm. It took fully twenty seconds for the ecstatic agony of his almost-cum to gradually lessen, and he winced at the strange, never-before sensation of his spasms pathetically subsiding as his beaten load retreated to his balls.

“Now we wait”, Jessie smiled up as she held his immense dick between a single thumb and forefinger. “Then we take you to the edge again, and then again. I tell you, Tommy, by the time I’ve finished with you, you are going to experience cumming like you’ve never done before. And I mean really feel it – not just as a quick pulse of pleasure, as a climax, but as a whole gamut of distinct, intense sensations. You’re going to realise, really know, what it feels like when the cum begins to leave your balls. You’re going to sense the way your piss slit opens up to let it out. You’re going to feel each and every contraction this beautiful cock makes at it spews its load, and I tell you, I will make you feel them individually. You will feel an orgasm of such richness that I swear that you’ll want nothing more than to start cumming again, right then, right there, even though your balls will be empty of the last drop of sperm, and screaming for mercy.”

Thus began the strangest, most intense few minutes of Tommy’s young life. With Faith urging them both on, and under Jessie’s expert ministration, the teen stud who had pounded pussies into awed submission surrendered himself and his cock to a girl in a way he had never once imagined doing.

Tommy was truly in ecstasy. The sensations he was feeling, coupled with the outrageous sexuality of the situation were simply too much for him; all he could do was lie back numbly and watch as Jessie continued to milk him steadily, occasionally breaking the silence to tell him how hot she was getting from watching his big dick cream, with its swollen skin pulled tight from the pressure of her hand. By this time the pool of pre-cum that was collecting at the base of Tommy’s cock had formed a deep puddle, about an eighth of an inch deep. Jessie squealed as the stream ebbed and flowed, and called on Faith to look whenever a particularly thick gob emerged from the boy’s dickhead. She and Tommy both seemed dazed, completely immersed in masturbation.

Ten minutes passed, and Tommy had another near-orgasm, though this time his warning came in time for Jessie to stop it simply by relaxing her grip. Soon after this, the usherette announced another variation, saying that she wanted to stop jacking him, and see how long he kept dripping fluid. She stopped the circular tugging she had started, and slowly withdrew her hand up Tommy’s shaft, running it all the way from his balls halfway along the endless shaft before pulling it away.

Tommy felt his balls settle back into their usual position, dangling deep between his legs, but his shaft did not relax at all, so taut was it with the excitement of his exhibitionism. The helmet-like head was completely distended, stretched purple, smooth and shiny, a slowly diminishing silver rivulet of fluid still running from the piss hole. Jessie leaned forward, sticking out her tongue, and caught the string a pre-cum with her piercing as it dripped down from his head. She smiled, brought up a finger, and lifted it, pulling the clear thread out from her mouth and seeing how far she could stretch it before it eventually snapped. She got about two feet before it sagged and broke.

Tommy had regained most of his control during this interlude, and Jessie realized that his cock could take a little more direct stimulation. Reaching forwards with her left hand, she took hold of his erection and formed her thumb and first finger into a “C” shape. Next, she encircled the edge of Tommy’s glans as far as her little hand allowed her to, adjusting the size of her encircling fingers so that they would just slip around the edge of the head, and began to slide up and down over the glans itself with a moderately fast rhythm, rubbing only lightly and going about an inch and a half below the rim. This motion induced incredible pleasure in Tommy’s now highly sensitized shaft, followed almost at once by an intense, burning sensation. It was almost more than Tommy could bear but, suddenly, Jessie stopped. After about thirty seconds, she resumed her rubbing.

She kept up that pattern, thirty seconds on, thirty seconds off, for five more minutes, then placed her right hand on the bottom of the penis, twisting the two hands in opposite directions as she jerked them up and down the shaft.

The pleasure Tommy was feeling redoubled. He knew for sure that he was close to cumming once again, but Jessie controlled him expertly. The short breaks that she took eased Tommy’s crises while somehow still intensifying his sensations, and the boy noticed that gradually the thirty-second breaks were filling more with pleasure than frustration, the intensity of the stimulation having time only to partly subside before she began her work again.

Jessie kept up with this for a remarkably long time, and Tommy guessed his tolerance for extreme stimulation must be building markedly. The myriad of nerves in his cock, indeed, were now so over-loaded with conflicting pleasure signals that they seemed hardly to know when to transmit them or where – Tommy’s vast monster grew almost numb, but it kept on creaming steadily, the pre-cum slicking up Jessie’s expert hands. To the boy, it seemed as though he was wide open in every sense of the word – physically, emotionally, sexually; then Jessie reached up and touched her forefinger to the most sensitive spot on his entire cock, the place where the glans parted at its base to admit the young teen’s frenulum. At the same moment, the usherette reached down with her other hand and squeezed both his balls gently but firmly.

Thinking back, Tommy could never quite recall the order that things happened next. The whole experience was beyond words. His monster dick twitched and pulsed with need and power; the pencil-thick veins along what was, thanks to its time in Jessie’s care, very nearly 14 massive inches stood out in twisted skeins as they strained to pump yet more blood into the ever-thickening length. Tommy’s apple-sized glans filled and darkened, too, until it grew taut and glistened in a slick of its own clear love juices, the pre-cum leaking steadily again from the boy’s tip to be gathered and swept back and forth by Jessie’s unrelenting finger as it caressed the sweet spot that screamed its pleasure at the base of his bloated helmet.

Stretched and loosened as it was from its spell of imprisonment in the girl’s monster penis pump, Tommy’s enormous weapon felt so heavy he could scarcely believe that he had blood enough to fill it, and Jesse’s arms ached as she tended the cock with one hand at a time, her little body funnelling every bit of its remaining strength into fingers that could not stretch even half-way around the insane girth of Tommy’s head. But Jessie knew what King Cock needed now: a firm and steady pressure, constant, unrelenting, to send a message to that monstrous cunt-destroyer that there could be no further holding back.

Still kneeling, staring intently, with her face only an inch or two away from him, the girl now wrapped both her hands together around Tommy’s dick. Swollen as it still was by its testing session in the pump, it had to be the best part of nine inches round, she calculated. Jessie felt half sad but more than half relieved that she’d not dared to test the monster in her pussy. And still not quite hard, she thought to herself as she gripped the swollen cock flesh harder.

This was quite true. Tommy had never felt bigger than he did right now, yet – bloated and heavy though his penis was – the session in Jessie’s vacuum tube had left his monster yielding and a little spongy. Jessie curved her hands round until her thumbs met on the thick ridge that ran along its base, and as she jerked with ever-firmer strokes, she pushed both hard against her partner’s corpus spongiosum, squeezing Tommy’s urethra half-closed once again.

A second or two later, she redoubled her assault, leaning forward to stretch her mouth as far over the immensity of the boy’s glans as it would go, jabbing at his piss-slit with her tongue, running her piercing across and along the hypersensitive spot at the base of his glans, then lapping and sucking on the whole of the head with all her might. For Tommy, at the receiving end, the sensation was unreal. He felt as though his monster dick might burst. Under Jessie’s urgent ministration, his apple-sized crown had swollen further still, and it now stood nearly half an inch proud of the shaft, by now dribbling a veritable Amazon of pre-cum. As Jessie gagged and pulled her face away, Tommy could see through his cum-clouded eyes that the clear liquid was mixed now, as he neared his end, with ever thicker, longer strands of off-white sperm. Jessie’s kept sucking and lapping noisily at the boy’s darkening pole. Then, as she drained his drool in obscene gulps, he heard her begin to murmur – more to his cock, it seemed, than she did to him.

“That’s it, baby, that’s it, come on now,” she said. “Let it go, let it shoot. Cum for me. It’s alright, sweet, I promise, promise, swear to you. It’s all OK, relax and cum, shoot it, shoot it now, oh please. I swear, I swear, I won’t stop you, I won’t stop you again. I’m done. It’s time, cum now, cum hard, I’m waiting for you, baby, cum.”

And she said this, Jessie began at last to jerk Tommy’s cock with the firm, fast strokes he sensed would quickly bring him to almighty orgasm. The boy was almost unconscious with pleasure as the first great stream of pent-up cum jetted from his aching balls and coursed the length his vastly swollen dick, emerging finally at high pressure from the tip as he grit his teeth and howled at the release. That blast was followed by another, and another, seemingly endlessly. But, as Jessie had promised, he felt his orgasm more intensely than before, sensed his balls churning, the muscles in his cock contracting powerfully, rhythmically. Above all, he felt a pleasure so enduring, so extreme he doubted it could ever be surpassed. It seemed almost as if he had never come before.

This was glory. The great, jagged pulses of an immense orgasm sent Tommy into spasm. Never, never had he felt so good. A rich tide of warmth built unstoppably from his tightening balls, and wave after wave of ecstasy crashed through brain and body, surging through every last corner of his being like some liquid fire. Bolts of pure pleasure built swiftly from the muscles that were twitching at the base of his vast cock until the sensation became all but unbearable, and if it had not been for the relief that Jesse was supplying with her firm, unyielding hands, Tommy really thought that he might have passed out altogether.

As it was, the girl’s firm double-handed jacking had finally begun to scratch the nagging itch in Tommy’s pencil-thick sperm canal, and his angry, pulsing dick was at last enjoying the one thing it demanded: the pure release of cumming and cumming and cumming again. Now, each one of Jesse’s urgent twelve-inch strokes was speeding a sticky bolt of thick white teens cum along the length of Tommy’s endless cum tube. The boiling jizz went scudding up his spasming length and it exploded from his body in thick, heavy-scented ropes. Kneeling before him, Jessie flinched involuntarily as fat gobs of cum shot with great force onto her face, splattering her cheeks and teeth, roping into her hair, half-filling her open mouth and dripping from her nose and chin in viscous, swaying strands to spatter on the concrete floor below her.

The sheer volume of the output was obscene, but Tommy was not done. As yet another tsunami of pleasure crashed down over him, his toes curled, his teeth clenched, and every muscle tensed in the agony of orgasm. It seemed to him as though his whole body had become nothing but one stupendous cock, all veins and blood and aching stiffness, its only purpose pumping sperm, it’s only pleasure spastic twitching, existing for no reason other than to feel the endless joy of spewing out cum – cum enough to give Jessie a child, cum for Faith, Mary and Jill, gouts and gouts and gouts of sperm, enough for every girl in his school, every girl in his town, every girl in the entire world.

The next few weeks passed in something of a blur for Tommy. He was still coming to terms with the sudden lurch he seemed to be making from a quiet and conscientious student, facing a start at a tough college, into some sort of freshman sex god. Of course, part of him welcomed the attention he was getting from girls; any young man from Tommy’s rather sheltered background would have been bowled over, and most likely had his head turned, to be treated with the sort of awe that Mary and Jill and now Jessie had shown. And while the stud-in-making scarcely liked to admit it, there was something almost addictive to having his bloated dick worshipped and drooled over, to be told how different he was – and how very superior – to all the other boys. After all, even Faith, who was by far the most confident, outgoing and experienced of Tommy’s strange little harem of college-age size queens, made it abundantly clear each time she fucked him that he had something very special swinging thickly between his legs, something so brutish and so powerful it was like a drug for her, and which threatened to ruin her for other guys. Slowly but surely, Tommy began to look at himself in a new light.

He took to spending more time in the bathroom, checking his body out in the full-length mirror there and getting a kick from acknowledging, at last, just how enormously his cock had grown. He knew his penis wasn’t beautiful, exactly – it was too blunt, too thick, too dangerous-looking, and too capable of doing harm for that – but now he began to feel as proud of his extraordinary equipment as he had once been ashamed of it. Tommy had never been that outgoing or sure of himself growing up, but it was impossible not to grow more confident knowing he had a cock between his legs that for certain put every boy in his school to shame – a veiny tube of dark, salami-thick meat that, as Faith put it in her usual blunt way, “looked like something a mule might grow after watching donkey porn for an hour or so.”

Showering, too, became a pleasurable ritual. Tommy had always kept in shape, and he found he liked the way his slim lines and flat, hairless stomach took nothing away from the massive heft of his engorged dick. He liked the way the water channeled down the natural ‘V’ across his hips, forming a liquid arrow pointing directly towards the little thicket of hair – which he had begun to keep neatly trimmed now, to further accentuate his length and girth – that sprang from the base of his shaft. He grew to revel in the effect that the cold jet had as it beat down on his cock and balls, the way the coolness tautened the skin – and, most of all, he found himself giving way, time and again, to the deeply enjoyable sensation of arching back and simply reveling in thoughts of sex. As Tommy dreamed about the tightness of Faith’s pussy, or the firm control of Jessie’s hands, he would become unstoppably erect, drinking in the sensation as each rich pulse of blood caused his cock to lengthen and thicken a fraction more until his whole rigid shaft pulsed with power and need, his balls, bloated with cum and heavy as a lead plum bob, dangling low and menacing beneath the shaft.

Yet there was no denying that there was a downside to all this. Time spent jacking slowly in the bathroom, or pounding exhibitionist Faith into a juddering mess of sperm and girl flesh in some dangerously public spot, or in a quiet corner in back of the movie theater, letting Jessie’s magic fingers work him to ever better orgasms, was time that Tommy had once spent focusing on coursework, or simply hanging out with friends. He knew that his GPA was suffering. And there was another problem, too.

From having had no sex at all, no girlfriend, not even really masturbation, Tommy had begun cumming two, three and often four times a day; there had even been one glorious Saturday when, caught in a two-girl sandwich in the long grass behind the baseball field, he had splooged, and splooged impressively, seven times in just six hours – a sexual feat that left the undergrowth spattered with a gooey coat of jizz across a six-foot radius, and Tommy’s cock and balls so drained and raw he had not even been able to bear to sleep with a sheet covering him that night. Not yet having made the transition to thinking of himself as any kind of stud, the boy was surprised and rather grateful to find himself able to cum so much, and he began to notice that the more he ejaculated, the more his balls responded, churning up even bigger wads of boy cream so as to be sure to satisfy his growing demand for sperm. Sometimes, though, everyday life intruded on Tommy’s increasingly urgent need for sexual fulfillment. There were tests to take, or the demands of everyday student life got in the way.

At such times, when it was just not possible to cum as often as he needed to, the teen would begin to feel a dull, persistent aching in his ball-sack. He began to realize, half horrified, half proud, that his over-active testicles now actually needed to be milked, almost like a cow’s udder, on a regular basis if things weren’t to become seriously uncomfortable, and there were many times when he felt as guiltily in thrall to his vast penis as his girlfriends did. So, though Tommy did now sometimes fantasize about becoming the ultimate cocksman, able to have any girl he wanted, and to satisfy her, he had to admit that he was not at all sure about the way his brain and body were turning into little more than a life-support machine for the biggest cum-cannon in five state.

Originally made by waytoohungforyou and edited by maxgirth.

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