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Tied, Robbed and Fucked for His Pleasure.

Well I arrive with a bag full of goodies as normal and chuck my bag on the bed where you are lay next half naked. I jump on and give you a big cuddle and start french kissing you as it’s been a while an extremely long time infact. We laugh and giggle explain we missed each other then proceed to get each other naked. In my bag of goodies I have some serious sexy gear. For you I have a gimp mask, Crotch less leather trousers, nipple clamps, anal beads, strap on. For me I have a short black pvc skirt, black pvc basque, thigh length boots and a nice long lunging crop. I start to crack my whip which makes you nervous but excited and wonder if it going to go near you.. I then start to dress you in these black trousers with virtually no crutch and they are a tight squeeze and quite hard to get on. But once they are on I can see all you cock, balls and bum exposed. I place the gimp mask over your head and add the nipple clamps tightly to your nipples and give them a little pull. I sit you on the chair and straddle you whilst I’m completely naked. I run my cunt up and down your pvc trousers making them shiny from my wet juicy cunt. I start to tease you with a long tie I have rubbing it between my legs and draping it over the arms of the chair. I lean you back and kiss you. You can’t see but I’m tying your arms to the chair. You are now sat in an electric execution position and are at my mercy. I then proceed to tie your legs to the chair. You are useless, no way of getting out, no way of moving nothing. I start to get dressed up and look the part before I start my punishment on you for ignoring me so long. I want to leave you a whimpering wreck after your months, maybe years of ignoring my plight for shopping funds. Your a bad boy and now you’re at my plight you are going to get it hard and no matter what I won’t be stopping. I crack my whip into your face. You’re in fear but have to take it. I do several more cracks and start smiling as I am enjoying my torture I am imposing on you. The cracks are loud and each one is hitting the side of your face and leaving whip marks on your chest. I pull on your nipple clamps and twist them and can hear you moaning in pain. Shut up you pathetic weasel I shout in your face. Say after me I love your torture Mistress, I will never ignore you again. Whenever I say speak repeat those words. “Speak”. Good looks like your learning fast!. I like a good slave and an obedient one ” Speak”. You repeat it again. I drag a chair and sit opposite you. I have a paddle in hand and ask you to lick it. As you lick it I slap it hard into your face. God this is turning me on I say. So I slap you a bit more. I then use the paddle and slap down onto your cock, so hard you feel your balls are in your throat. “Speak”. Your mumbling the words “”I love your torture Mistress, I will never ignore you again””. Louder dear slave, you shout louder but feel sick at the pain. I then proceed to slap your cock 5 more times. Awww aren’t I a good Mistress!. I then start to suck your red battered and bruised cock. Mmmmm it is lovely… It does start to stiffen slightly. I untie one of your legs and place it over the arm of the chair and tie it to your arm. After taking the other leg and doing the same. You are in a widespread position with you asshole on display oozing juices looking straight at me. I love it yum. Mistress loves a juicy A hole at her pleasure, please give it me. No infact I’m taking it anyway. I get a long string of anal beads out of my bag and kneel in front of you and start to push the beads inside you while I lick your A hole. As I loosen up your insides I decide you need something not only thicker, but harder and longer putting in there. So out of my bag of goodies I get a 10 inch strap on cock. Jet black rigid as fuck with a vibration to stimulate your balls. I lift my skirt and get the strap on attached. God it feels good knowing I am going to fuck my helpless slave. I am not going to use lube, you have been bad and deserve a hard nasty fucking. “Speak”. Just making sure you haven’t forgotten. I get a cloth a pour droplets of poppers onto it and smother your nose and mouth with it. It is sending you high and into oblivion. Your eyes are rolling. I start to inch my strap on into you. Only 4 inches in and I can hear you whimpering. “Speak”. “Fuck you slave you ignored me and you’re getting it. No crying or screaming or safe word is going to make me stop” I yell. I ram you with the strap on harder and harder. I got 8 inches of rigid black cock inside your virgin A hole now. I can see tears running down your gimp mask. I reach up and put my hand around your throat, I start to squeeze tightly. That’s it all 10 inches in now. I can see your out of sorts. I push onto your A hole, so I can’t get any more in. I start to tighten my right hand around your neck and start to wank your hard cock with my left hand. I can see you are struggling to breath and are reaching heights of pleasure dominated by pain that you have never been to before. I can now see as I strangle you that you are drifting in and out of consciousness. As I watch you go into a coma I laugh at you, you pathetic weasel. I remove my strapon off me but leave the cock in you. I empty your wallet into my bag and dress quickly. I then place a towel over your head so if you wake you would be unable to see anything. I tidy the room of my belongings and get changed. As I hear you waken I quickly dab the poppers on a cloth and rub it into your nostrils and stuff the cloth into your mouth. I then Proceed to use my hand and hand fuck the vibrator into your A hole and fuck the brains out of you whilst wanking your cock. You don’t know where you are or what your doing. You don’t know whether to moan in pleasure or in pain. I leave the dildo inside of you and remove your leg straps so you are now virtually sat on the cock. As you come round I leave, calling reception en route and telling them I am in your room and I have had a fall. Can someone please come and help. Receptionist arrives but luckily for you he is a fit 26 year old Italian who is gay and knows what you have been up to. He asks have you been a good slave? You reply no I ignored my Mistress. Tut tut tut explains the receptionist. He takes your arms and binds them together and release you from the chair but pushes you face down on the bed. Your ass is in the air and the receptionist takes great pleasure in lobbing his cock out and wanking over you and easing his cock into your ass. He holds onto your hips and pulls your sorry A hole onto his rock hard cock. As you moan in pleasure because now it’s for real, A man with a hard cock fucking you like you have always wanted. He thrusts you hard and has an almighty explosion and empties his sack into you. Sweating and happy he quickly adjusts his clothes and makes himself respectable. The telephone from the room is ringing he answers it and explains you are ok and all you need is some sleep. He undresses you and leaves you to sleep off the effects of being raped and drugged. What a kind man he was did a nicer job than your Mistress but hey what are Mistresses for…

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