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TheBiggest Sizes

When I was a child the only monster cock I ever saw was hanging from my uncle Terry. He was in the locker room after a game, and I noticed his cock was several times larger than all the other cocks. It fascinated me.

In high school and university change rooms most cocks were average in size. Some big ones, and a few huge ones, but the repressed environment makes dicks shrivel up. The biggest belonged to 18 year old Michael, who sat beside me in science class. His extremely thick cut cock always hung at least 8 inches. One day it hung over 10 inches long for some reason, and all eyes were on him as he walked from the showers to his locker. Michael was blushing and grinning from ear to ear because of all the attention. He transferred to another school, and I’ve always wondered how big the kid’s cock eventually grew. I noticed in high school that guys with the biggest dicks were easily elected President of the Student Council. It was like you could tell who would win with a measuring tape.

When I was a youth, I travelled around the world. One day I was standing by a road outside Tangiers, Morocco. On the other side was a hill. Three teenage boys came down the hill, very excited. One of them had his gigantic hard cock sticking out of his trousers, and it was probably the biggest I’ve ever seen. It was like a fucking baseball bat! About 14 or 15 inches long, measured along the top. A couple of girls saw him, they shrieked in horror and ran, and he chased them as he shook his cock at them.

For over 5 years I worked as a lifeguard/pool manager and swam every day. I saw thousands of cocks, and the work made me an expert on cocks. Almost all dicks are average in size, a few are big, and monsters are extremely rare. In a swimming pool environment, dicks generally shrivel up, and there’s no way of knowing which guys are growers. Some of the longer ones looked like they had potential, and one was similar to Michael’s. But at swimming pools I’ve never seen a cock bigger than mine.

I don’t drink alcohol and have rarely been to bars, but years ago I picked up a few guys at bars. They all had little dicks except for one black guy named Jim. We never really had sex but my image of him is he was standing naked at his bedroom doorway with his very thick cut 12 inch dick hanging down. Jim was compatible intellectually, friendly, but he was very gay (everybody had to know he was gay) and called me, "my sweet Wolf"–which I rebuked him for because I have never tolerated endearments from anybody. He was definitely interested in me although I was indifferent. One night he dropped by my place all dressed up on his way to a bar. We were lying down together and I made it clear to him that I was definitely interested in him, but he abruptly got up and I never saw him again.

In the early 1990’s I became addicted to saunas, and regularly visited 3 bath houses. All sauna places are gay, and I was soon seduced by cocksuckers. Previously, blow jobs were too intense for me, but I learned to enjoy them. The cocks at the bathhouses were the same size as those at the swimming pools. Except, they usually weren’t shrivelled up. Some of the black dicks were large, but none of them impressed me. There were plenty of big and very big cocks, but only about a dozen dicks I saw in bath houses would deserve to be rated 5 stars on Monstercocktube.

One handsome young man with a lovely perfect ass, had a very thick cut cock at least 13inches long. Another guy had a similar dick that was thicker. I played with it in the sauna, but he couldn’t get it up. My favorite was Andy. About 12 inches long, very thick, with lots of foreskin overhang. Whenever I saw him in the shower I was so overwhelmed by his cock that I couldn’t stand it! With hindsight I know he had pumped his cock, but I didn’t know about pumping at the time. Andy had 2 lovers, and he inspired me to write a song, "He has 2 lovers and still can’t get enough". Interestingly, Andy generally avoided displaying his dick, and relied on his good looks to find partners. I’m certain they were all shocked when they checked out his equipment.

Ironically, the last time Andy saw me he was gawking in astonishment at the enormous size of my cock. In my rented roomette I had just used a vacuum cylinder to pump my cock up to 12 inches around, the biggest it has ever been in my life. I went directly to the showers, and Andy instantly walked by and saw it!

Most of the times I went to bathhouses I had the biggest cock, and was very popular. A teenage Adonis with a perfect muscular body and very handsome face, glowing with beauty, was in the showers with me. Everybody who passed by ignored me and admired him, which I resented because he had a tiny dick and I wondered why he didn’t leave. He wanted me! So I let him give me a blow job. For a short while I was exhibitionistic, but then the whole bath house scene became a total bore. I’ve done it, and haven’t been to one this century.

At another bath house I met a short guy, maybe 5 foot tall, but he had a monster cock identical to Andy’s. Also there was a husky bearded man with very broad shoulders who had a giant cock similar to Wade Pope’s, but with more foreskin overhang. There was a lot of discharge in the foreskin (don’t ask how I found out). I saw a tall bald man in the showers with a massive uncut monster cock, over 10 inches long soft. A guy named Richard had a nice 9 inch uncut cock and I wanted him for my boyfriend, but we had nothing in common. He usually kept his foreskin retracted and I thought he was cut until I got to know him better. The last time he saw me was a replay of the Andy scenario, and he was amazed at the size of my cock and also how great I looked naked in a black leather jacket.

At the third bath house, usually empty, was a resident hippie hustler with an enormous uncut dick, extremely thick and long. The first time I saw him he was wearing a clownish costume with an absolutely unbelievable bulge outlining an obviously pumped gigantic dick about a foot long! Once I played with his cock in a sauna elsewhere when he was not pumped up. He left and got dressed, and as I watched him leave the bath house he turned around, looked at me, and rubbed the money in his hand as a message.

Eventually I met David and his 10 inch beautiful cock. He won many Foreskin Contests because of his gorgeous overhang. He became my boyfriend, taught me about vacuum pumping, and we enjoyed docking. He is much older than me, and knew Tallulah Bankhead very well when he studied in NYC. She told him everything she knew about monster cock movie stars in Hollywood, and David passed the info on to me. He also knew Gary M. Griffin, and has all his books on cock size–which I’ve read, of course. We’re still friends, but 10 inches is not big enough for me now, and I cannot forgive him for not liking my Rock songwriting. David is an Opera snob, yet can’t comprehend that I’m infinitely superior to him because I’ve written a fucking Rock Opera. His artistic work is shit compared to mine.

Nowadays I’m only interested in monster lack solo videos. For many years now, whenever I see a monster cock in the flesh, my only reaction is a desire to video record it. Nothing else. I rarely masturbate. My favorite form of sex is the vacuum pump cylinder. Sex is for peasants.

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