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The Virgin

He said that he had browsed a few escort sites, and that as soon as he had seen me, he knew that I was the one for him. I e-mailed Mike back with great excitement. Of course I would see him, I love giving sex education lessons! I recommended that he come round to my apartment, as it has a relaxed, comforting, homely atmosphere and that he should arrange a longer visit so to allow plenty of time for chatting and bedroom fun.

This was a visit that I was really looking forward to. Especially after talking to him on the phone and finding out actually had a few things in common and how much he liked weed. Oddly, I felt like there was something he wasn’t telling me or something he wanted to say but couldn’t before hanging up.

The day of Mike’s visit arrived. I had spoken a couple of times with Mike via e-mail, to discuss times and what he would like to do during his visit. He came across as a really genuine lovely man. I decided that I was going to make this a very special evening for him. So, during the day I went to the hairdressers in town to get my hair done, and I also visited my favorite lingerie shop to get some sexy new things! I had a nice long soak in the bath late in the afternoon, getting myself all wet and horny whilst I thought about all the naughty things I was going to do with Mike. I couldn’t wait!

Finally, I heard a knock. As I opened the front door, there stood an attractive but very nervous looking young man. “He-hello, I’m Mike, you must be Kaci.” Awww, it was clear that he was very anxious as he presented a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I kissed him on the cheek and thanked him, placed the flowers on the side table and led him through to the lounge. As Mike sat on the sofa, I made us drinks and reassured him that it was okay for him to be nervous and that he should try to relax. I turned some music on, we sat back on the sofa and just chatted for a while with a nice glass of wine. Soon it became apparent that Mike was beginning to relax and he became more open and flirtatious. I took his hand in mine and lent towards him gently kissing him on the lips. Mmm he tasted good. Mike smiled and told me that he was ready to have some fun.

I knew from speaking before our visit that Mike wanted to do things slowly. He had little or no experience with women, so it was up to me to show him the ropes. This is what excited me. I love playing sex teacher! He leaned over towards me and French kissed me passionately. As we kissed, I slid down my mini skirt and kicked off my heels. Mike looked down towards my new French knickers and my lovely toned, tanned legs.

“Oh God, you’re so sexy,” he blurted out.

I lifted my top off to reveal my sexy new bra, his eyes now fixated on my massive heaving bust. I smiled back at him. “Mike baby, you are in for a treat young man.” We continued to kiss for a while, whilst I gently guided Mike’s hand towards my breasts. Mmm I love men playing with my big boobies! I took my bra off slowly to reveal my huge soft fleshy tits. Mike took them in his hands and began to play with them, squeezing and squishing them gently before leaning in to lick and suck them. I felt myself becoming wet as Mike softly bit at my nipples, tweaking and teasing them. Mike asked me to sit on his lap sideways. We continued kissing passionately sometimes breaking while Mike lowered his head to suck and lick my huge tits. Mike gently caressed my inner thigh with his hand before slowly slipping it into my French knickers, which were starting to become a little damp.

“Do it Mike, please do it” I let out.

Soon Mike’s left hand was foraging in my knickers gently rubbing my clit. My tight little bald pussy was now soaking and I let out a gasp of pleasure as Mike roughly shoved two fingers into my cunt and began to frig me off with some real vigor. As I pushed my knickers all the way down, Mike continued to work on my pussy with his eager fingers. It soon became apparent as I was sitting in Mike’s lap that he was hiding a massive erection in his jeans.

“I feel like I’m on top of something veeerry big right now! Do you have something you want to show me?” I teased.

“I should tell you someth-” Mike was cutoff by me putting my finger on his lips and then sliding off him. I sat closely next to him, still kissing one another intermittently as he finger fucked me harder and harder. I could see that Mike’s jeans were now seriously straining, so I unzipped him to relieve the pressure!

“Wait, don’t do tha-” Mike blurted out before his jeans dropped down and I got an eyeful of the biggest cock of my life! He would make a horse shy it was so large. That wasn’t a fully erect cock in his jeans I felt, he looked to be less than half hard and still it was unmatched. Not only was it the longest, but by far the thickest too. It had to be wider than a beer bottle. I was left speechless, my mouth was hanging open by the trouser snake, well, trouser anaconda in front of me.

“I… Uh… wanted to tell you this before. The reason I’m a virgin is because no girl would be willing to… y’know… take this…” Mike shyly pointed to the hanging appendage that I was still gawking at. “I’m really sorry, I should have said something sooner! If you want me to go, I can, I would understand too.”

I was ignoring what he was saying and kept staring at the delicious looking slab of meat. I began to lick my lips before biting my lower lip. Whenever he slightly moved while talking it would cause it to sway back and forth, like it was teasing me. I never consider myself much of a size queen, I always felt girth mattered more. Seeing this right in front of my face was causing me to have hot flashes. I felt my lust rise to uncontrollable levels.

“Shut up, stud. Fuck me with that monster dick.” I pushed him back onto a couch and began to molest the impressive specimen. Mike whimpered as I took his big one in my hand and began to slowly wank it. Mmmmm, what a sight that was; the two of us sitting next to one another engaged in a bit of mutual masturbation with maybe the biggest dick in the world.

Mike begged me to stop. He certainly didn’t want to cum just yet! I stood up, held out my hand and led him into the bedroom. Mike smiled with delight as I lay down on the bed and said “Use me as you want honey.” He slowly took all his clothes off, and as he pulled his briefs off properly his lovely big dick flopped between his legs. Mmm, I was looking forward to tasting that. As I lay there, Mike began kissing me all over, discovering every part of my body. He held my legs and kissed them from the bottom up taking special attention to my inner thighs. He clearly liked the look of my tight young cunt and began lapping and licking at it with his inquisitive tongue.

“Yes baby that’s the way,” I remarked as he kissed and tongued my soaking pussy. His oral skills were amazing for such an amateur.

“Let me see your gorgeous ass,” Mike demanded. I willingly turned over and put my ass up into the air. Mike delved in with just as much enthusiasm, allowing his face to be smothered by my lovely soft bum. I could tell he was enjoying himself as he let out squirms of delight while he licked at my cunt and ass. The licking became more vigorous and he had begun to finger me once again; soon my body was shuddering as I orgasmed heavily.

“Mmm Mike, you’re good. Now it’s my turn to pleasure you. Let me suck that lovely big cock for starters.” Mike’s eyes lit up as he lay back. His fat veiny cock was already proudly standing to attention. It was even bigger than before, if that was even possible. This kid was going to ruin my tight pussy for all the other clients, I giggled to myself.

I leaned over him and realized his girth was too thick for my mouth! I had to settle for licking the head or sucking on the side of the shaft while stroking. Either way, yum! I love sucking nice cocks, especially big ones on sexy young men. My head rocked back and forward as I attentively gave Mike his first blowjob. It was a lovely sloppy blowjob, lots of tongue use and lots of spit, saliva and pre-cum. Very dirty and very sexy! Mike let out a pleasurable moan as I vacuumed sucked the part of the tip that fit in my mouth.

“Oh my God baby, that feels so goooood.” A couple of deep breaths later, I went back to work slobbering all over his lovely thick prick, whilst playing with his balls.

Soon Mike began to moan, “oh baby, I’m gonna cum.” I pulled his cock out of my mouth and while jerking it, and told him to cum in my mouth. I quickly vacuum sucked the head again and felt the hot spurts of seed filling my mouth to the brim. Mike moaned continuously as he shot loads in my mouth while I desperately tried to swallow quick enough. My lips were still sucking around his tip, sucking every last drop out of his balls.

Finally, he stopped cumming. I was left with my cheeks puffed out filled with his tasty goo before swallowing it with multiple loud gulps. Some managed to dribble out onto my big soft tits. Mike sat there staring in amazement.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked. His silence spoke volumes!

Half an hour later, after a rest and a quick drink, we were back on the bed. “Now, you’re going to fuck me, donkey boy!” I was gently stroking Mike’s long cock as it began to swell up again to an impossible length. My fingers weren’t close to touching around the fat girth. He had already been fingering me once more and I was wet, horny and ready for sex.

As I lay back, Mike gently lowered himself onto me. The massive head began to poke at my quivering entrance. We both moaned with great pleasure as he fed his thick prick into my tight little snatch. I felt like my lips were going to rip when he first started to nudge it in. Finally, with a little bit of pushing with his hips the bulbous helmet was sucked in by my pussy.

“Oh my God, that feels so good,” Mike exclaimed. I groaned then laughed in agreement. I held onto my partner’s lovely tight ass as it moved back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of my warm love tunnel. The air was full of moans and groans; we were both really enjoying such passionate sex. The sounds of squelching and the feeling of his big one inside me, stretching my pussy, was to die for.

“I’m not just saying this, but you’re excellent at this. I LOVE your huge cock, Mikey!” I could tell he wasn’t used to having a woman praise him. Especially the way I was lusting after him now. With that ego boost he was now fucking me even more earnestly. I could feel the large invader going even deeper causing me to squirm and squeal. It’s sort of rare for me to climax with a customer, but this virgin was giving me multiple orgasms.

Mike asked me to go on top so that he could see me properly. I taught him how to roll over with me still inside to get me on top, a move that he could show a few other lucky ladies someday. It was a turn on being the sex instructor for this eager and well-endowed student.

“Ooohhh fuck!” I let out with a huge groan as I lowered my self onto the fat cock head. Wow, it was amazing! Mike smiled up at me as I began to slowly grind on top of his tip while working up the courage to go deeper. I leaned forward so that my clit was rubbing against him, and so that he could get a handful of my big wobbling boobs.

As I began to bounce up and down, Mike held onto my ass and he started moving his cock in and out of me. As I lay forward onto his chest, Mike continued to fuck me, pulling apart my ass cheeks and began to finger my tight little asshole.

“What a bold move for a virgin,” I thought to myself, “he must sooo horny.” This is why I love going cowgirl!

Mike was keen to get as many positions in as possible. He was doing very well for a novice. Soon he was having me doggy style, fucking me hard from behind as I held onto the iron bedstead. The monster intruder felt even deeper in this position, but I wasn’t complaining! My big titties wobbled back and forth and my hair was now covering my face. A sheen of sweat was covering my soft skin now, something that almost never happens with clients.

Mike grabbed my tits and squeezed them as he fucked me harder and harder and going deeper and deeper. The room was filled with the sound of us moaning lovers. I never felt such a long dick stroke, I had yet another orgasm provided by his monster cock. My arms now gave out and my body fell forward, but I kept my butt in the air. This young stud didn’t care, he didn’t miss a beat and just continued pile driving into me giving me another climax.

Soon, Mike was groaning, I knew he was ready to cum once more. He pulled his cock out of my soaking pussy, which my womanhood didn’t want to let go! With a wet sounding pop and me groaning he finally got his monster cock freed.

“Did this really fit inside me?” I didn’t realize I was talking out loud, “I hope my pussy isn’t permanently stretched.” The once virgin boy was now beaming with sexual confidence as he heard me say that. The large cock throbbed more in response to my worshiping and more precum formed at the tip. Good thing I don’t have any clients for the next few days, otherwise I doubt their dicks would feel anything in my loose pussy.

It looked absolutely massive now that it was slicked with my wetness. I took his cock in both hands with plenty of room to spare. I started jerking it off like a shake weight, my entire body jiggled in all the right places.

“C’mon donkey boy! Make this monster cock give me another monster load!” I began saying some really naughty things causing him to start to grunt and engorge even more in size.

“Ohhh shiiit! Here I cum!” Mike let out as he sprayed his gooey load all over my face and tits. Mmmm, I was well and truly covered in his salty, sticky cum. We both slumped back onto the bed.

Mike thanked me for showing him the ropes, I certainly enjoyed showing him the ropes! Mike was good but he could be the best. I’m looking forward to our next lesson

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