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The Trip

Originally posted by Quarrel. I loved the story so I edited it and added more.

As we pulled up and saw the sign for the resort my stomach leaped with excitement at what was ahead. We had arrived in Jamaica and were headed to Secret Cove, a nudist resort with a more sexualized environment.

I carried Tracy’s bag as we checked in and found our room. Included with our check in materials and what were the rules of the resort. These rules were crystal-clear, reading them got me excited for the journey we’re about to embark on.

  1. Clothing is always optional in all parts of the resort
  2. Erections are not frowned at and are entirely acceptable.
  3. Touching of genitals is allowed with the hands in all places
  4. Oral sex and intercourse are allowed in designated places only.

We don’t waste any time changing into our swimsuits, she is wearing a hot two-piece bikini that really shows off her large breasts and curvy body. We grab some towels and head down to check the place out.

When we head out to the beach area, it is an amazing scene. Naked men and women are everywhere. There are nude couples at the bar, naked woman walking together along the water, their breasts bouncing as they go. There are naked men playing volleyball, their cocks flopping everywhere. Some are sunbathing and others are up and around having a great time.

Clearly, this resort attracts a younger and more attractive crowd than you would find at the average nude beach. While there are certainly all shapes and sizes of people, most range from attractive to stunningly good looking and between the twenty-fifty years old.

It also becomes clear with a little time with the crowd; this place seems to appeal to men who are very confident being in a nude and sexualized environment. The great majority of men here have above average to large equipment. In addition, it is not rare to see a guy that has a huge cock strutting his stuff. Even the guys who are not real long seem to have thick cocks.

I am exactly six feet tall, with a medium build. I’ve developed a little bit of a beer belly, but generally I’m in decent shape. My hair is light brown and my eyes are blue. While I may not have movie star looks, I think most women consider me attractive. I have decently long legs for my frame and kind of a small butt that’s a little flatter than I’d like it.

When I’m completely soft my dick is about two inches long and one inch thick. If I go in the water or come out of the shower, it can be as small as just a little head poking straight out. My balls are also little and when I’m aroused they virtually disappear into my body.

When fully hard, my penis is about five inches long and four inches around. After spending a day at the resort, it looks to both us that, volume-wise, I may have the smallest dick there. But you know that’s ok with me. I enjoy the little smirks and occasional teasing I get from women. I also know that although I can’t pleasure a woman as well through penetration, I can drive them wild in other ways.

What’s incredible about this place is that not only are men and women naked everywhere, there are couples who are pleasuring each other in a casual but still highly erotic way. Men are rubbing their lady’s breasts and girls are giving guys hand jobs. I look over and as a couple gets up, she leads him away, pulling on his large cock. Some of the guys are flaccid and some are proudly displaying their raging boners.

We find a good spot to spread out our towels and sit down. I decide what the heck, I’ll go for it right away and I strip off my bathing suit. Tracy smiles as she notices that all the activity around us has me hardening immediately. My penis can go from limp to erect very fast and within seconds I am at my full five inches. The first thing I want to do is get her top off and rub some suntan lotion all over those luscious boobs. I sit down behind her and undo the strap on her bikini, releasing her breasts to the warm ocean air.

Grabbing the lotion, I squirt a generous helping on each nipple as I reach around from behind her. I love this position where I can use both hands to rub the lotion all over her breasts. Lifting each one I get lotion on every square inch of both gorgeous breasts. Her nipples harden as I rub them between my fingers, pulling on them to see how big and hard they can get.

My cock is hard as a rock and pressing into her lovely back. Tracy is more comfortable leaving her bottoms on for now, but I am hoping to change that as the trip goes on.

After I’ve covered her warm breasts, her back, stomach, and legs with lotion, she turns around to help me. I’ve already put some on my arms, chest, and stomach so she tells me to lie on my stomach. Carefully—my cock is still ragingly hard and sensitive—I lied on my stomach as she rubs lotion on my back and my ass.

Then she tells me to turn over on my back. I do so and she starts rubbing lotion on my legs working her way up to my cock. I’m in ecstasy as she takes a handful of lotion and rubs it all over my throbbing penis.

“Let’s go walk around,” Tracy says, which sounds fun to me. She decides to keep her bottoms on but I am now completely naked. Walking around the resort is quite an amazing experience. There’s no way I’ll lose my erection now, so I just try to enjoy walking around with my bobbing, hard penis leading the way.

We’re both enjoying what we see. There are gorgeous naked women, some with small perky boobs others with large breasts. Some of them are completely shaven down below and others are quite hairy. Some of them are rail-thin; other ladies have curves in all the right places. All of them are sexy in their own way. I notice Tracy enjoying herself looking around, feasting on the eye candy.

Most guys with little dicks must be too embarrassed to come here. There are guys with big, heavy looking limp cocks hanging impressively. There are also other guys who are very hard. You see guys with chubby seven-inch cocks and plenty of guys that must be over eight inches. This would throw off any man’s perception on the average penis size.

I seemed to be the smallest cock that actually had a girl with them! Everyone my size or smaller was alone. So, at least I have that going for me, I guess…

The girls seem like they are enjoying showing off their hung men and their own bodies, but that may be my imagination. I’ve never got a straight answer from Tracy or any girl if they like to brag if their man is well-endowed. I can see them checking out my cock as Tracy is checking out the other guys. I wonder if they think I look silly? Like a boy trying to compete with the men.

Not only am I seeing huge pieces of meat between their legs, but most of them have large balls to match. Each step they take the large heavy mass is swaying. I have slightly bigger than average balls, but that only manages to make my dick look smaller in comparison.

By now as we walk around I’m so aroused that there is pre-cum dripping from the tip of my throbbing cock. Which only caught the attention to more people and made me feel a bit embarrassed even.

After we strolled around most of the beach I suggest we go in the water for a little dip. Tracy loved the idea, so we head out in the water. The feel of the ocean waves around a naked body is great and I pulled her toward me to suck on those amazing breasts. The waves gently jostle us as I run my hands all over her body, caressing her hips, the insides of her thighs and up to her ass. I subtly slip my hand between her legs and give her pussy a little rub. I can feel the heat radiating from between her legs even in the water.

I use my hands to rub all over her legs and ass while sucking her large breasts that seem to float on top of the water and sway with the waves. The look is incredible as my cock can barely take it anymore. I reach down and start to slowly pull her bikini bottoms down, afraid that she might stop me.

Now she is naked with me in the water with a hundred people just a little ways away. I must get my hand down there and message her womanly folds. The textures of her pussy are incredible so soft and warm with my fingers finding their way to her anxious opening. I explore her insides a little and then withdraw to feel for her clit. There it is, hard and perky and I gently massage it with my left hand as my right went around under her bottom to rub her labia.

Tracy was now panting and I sense she’s ready for my cock. I grab her ass with both my hands and lift her up. This is so great in the water, I can effortlessly lift her up as she wraps her legs around me.

The head of my cock finds her hot pussy and I slide all the way in pausing to take in the luxury of her warm, wet, soft vagina. I pull her breasts against me getting her nipples to rub against my body. To help with lubrication we just resorted to grinding together.

I hope I feel as good to her as her juicy canal does to me. After what feels like forever, I lift her back up to me and pull her as tight against me as I can. I ground myself quickly on her clit and finally she goes over the edge gasping and moaning, trying not to be too loud. When I am sure she has cum I let myself go cumming inside her.

We stay in the water for a while to cool down and then make our way to the shore. I still have her bottoms in my hand and to my great delight, she doesn’t want them anymore. We both emerge naked from the water; her slippery body is shimmering in the sun with water dripping from her breasts and from between her legs. The warm but refreshing breeze blows through her legs and across her nipples making them hard as her boobs jiggle with each step. She is like some sort of sea goddess who doesn’t wear clothes and her nakedness is on display for all to enjoy.

As we emerge from the water I notice another couple walking in near us. They must have been fooling around in the water a little too because the guy has a huge erection. I got a better glimpse as they walked by us, it must be around eight inches long and as fat as a soda can. I don’t know what she did to that thing but it looks as hard as an iron pipe.

I glance down at my own penis and like I fear the time we spent relaxing in the water has shrunk it down so that just my little head is sitting on my tight sac and pointing straight out. I notice her glance over at the couple and can’t help but wonder if she’s thinking what it may have been like a few minutes ago for Tracy?

We spent the rest of the day lounging on the beach and the bar, tanning nude, and people watching. Both of us are having the time of our lives looking at the crowds. We both continue to be amazed at the number of beautiful women and largely equipped men in various states of arousal. We also take some time to tour the whole resort which is fun when you do everything in the nude.

Almost nobody we see has any clothes on and she seems to be comfortable maybe even a little aroused, at being fully nude. My state of arousal varies depending on the situation, which makes me look even smaller. What I mean is, fully limp may be the worst as my two inches looks tiny compared to some of the long and very plump hangers we see flopping around.

With some of these guys just the head of their well-developed penis is bigger than my whole thing in a soft state. Sometimes I see something or she even gives my cock a little tug and I am back to being fully erect, my penis trying to look as big as it can for her and the other women who are checking me out. Sometimes I am about half erect and this is maybe my least embarrassing state because I still point down and look like I have an average three-inch softy.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time I am feeling aroused but can’t maintain a raging hard-on all the time so I end up with just a chubby. In this state, I look erect because my penis stands out parallel with the ground but it is only about four inches long and even slimmer than my full erect state. I feel like I am being short changed with my size. Oh well, it just adds to the fun!

Later that night, we’ve had dinner and have started drinking and having a great time. Wandering around, we find a beautiful outdoor area with a few hot tubs with tiki torches and a great view of the ocean. We decide to take our drinks and sit in one of the empty hot tubs.

The swirling water feels great on our nude bodies and the few drinks we’ve had have us feeling great. This hot tub has very powerful and numerous jets and it seems that no matter where or how I sit, there is a strong stream of water flowing over my penis making me rock hard yet again. Being in the bubbling, foaming hot tub is fun because it’s impossible to see under the water and I take advantage of that by surprising her with some big rubs of her large breasts and running my hand between her legs. She returns the favor by giving my dick little squeezes.

After we’ve been relaxing for about ten minutes I look up and notice a couple walking our way. What a gorgeous couple they are! They both are quite young, looking like they can’t be older than their early twenties.

The girl has straight, long light brown hair. She is very feminine like Tracy, with a curvy body and large natural breasts. They aren’t as big as hers but they must be D cup, very full and round. Her areolas are striking as they are as big as silver dollars, and surround two very large and hard nipples. Her pubic hair was thick but trimmed, with her labia area shaved so that her pussy lips were prominently visible.

The young man she was with was equally attractive. Tall, thin, and moderately muscular, he clearly worked out. His trimmed pubic hair sat above a limp cock that looked to be at least six inches long soft and sat on a pair of very heavy testicles.

While his cock was quite long for being flaccid, what was shocking was how thick it was. It hung and swayed heavily between his legs as they approached. If I had to guess he was around six inches’ girth, or maybe more. Which is fatter than I am long! The things I would do if I had something like that dragging around. I bet Tracy would be smiling more, that’s for sure.

They both seemed very friendly as they smiled at us as we made eye contact.

“Hi! Mind if we join you?” The attractive girl asks.

“Of course not, please do!” Tracy says as they climb in the hot tub with their drinks in their hands.

I watch our new guests climb in, their genitals jiggling as they do and my cock twitches a bit with hardness.

“My name is Jenny,” our new friend said as she smiled broadly and reached out her hand. “-And I’m Mark,” Mark also shook our hand as they both leaned back.

We introduce ourselves and sit back to continue to relax. It became clear very quickly that Jenny was a very bubbly personality, constantly smiling and chatty, and maybe a tad tipsy.

She liked to sit very upright in the hot tub so that her breasts stayed above the water and jiggled constantly as she spoke in her giddy, animated way. I wasn’t complaining.

Jenny and Mark told us they were from California where they like to go to nude beaches occasionally, but that this was their first time here.

“I love the openness here, the ability to express your sexuality!” Jenny said.

Then she turned to Tracy and said, “Don’t you just love seeing all these big men? It seems like all the guys here are such studs! Some of the guys are even close to my Marky’s size!” She giggled as she looked at Mark. He smiled at us with the confidence of a guy who knows he has a huge slab of meat between his legs.

“I can’t imagine what it would be like for a guy with a little dick to be here with all these big cocks,” she said innocently.

With that comment, Tracy smiled and reached over under the bubbles and gave my straining hard-on a little tug.

We continue to talk and laugh about how fun it is here and I notice that everyone’s drink is getting a little low. I admit to myself that I’d love to have Jenny see my manhood so I volunteer to go over to the bar and get us all refills. Everyone agreed they wanted another. Tracy gave me a sly smirk, knowing exactly what I was up to with doing this.

As Tracy handed me her glass, I stand up out of the water, exposing my insanely hard penis. Jenny was looking right at me and clearly suppressed a smile as she turned toward Mark. She grabbed his drink and her own and slid over through the water to hand them to me.

At this point, her face was about two feet from my dripping cock. I climbed out of the hot tub and could feel her steal another look at me as I walked away.

It was a lot of fun walking among the partying group back to the bar. My dick was pointing up at full strength and bobbing around and I was enjoying it. Several women, perhaps less inhibited by drinking made an obvious show of looking down at my erection and then giving me a big smile a kind of a aren’t-you-a-little-guy kind of smile.

I got us four new drinks and headed back to the hot tub, my hard dick still leading the way. They all looked happy to see me when I arrived passing out the drinks. It felt euphoric to climb back into the hot tub.

“I’m sorry if what I said before offended you, I shouldn’t have been so blunt.” Jenny tapped the inside of my arm.

“What do you mean?” I ask, knowing exactly what she means. This was part of the foreplay for me, getting them to admit it.

“I mean what I said about big cocks and about… well… smaller guys.”

“Oh, he’s not offended, he likes it,” Tracy pipes up with a big grin on her face.

Immediately Jenny’s face lights up and she smiles broadly.

“Oh really?! Well, that’s kind of fun. Can we talk about it some more?”

“Sure,” I say, excited at the thought that my penis has become the topic of conversation.

“Can I look at it again?” she asks giggling, like a horny school girl virgin.

I stand up and sit on the edge of the hot tub as she also stands up showing me her marvelous naked body. As she made her way over to me, my cock throbbed with excitement. I was thrilled when she took it in her hand and examined it almost clinically like a doctor, feeling its size in her palm and lifting it up to examine my balls.

She was smiling very broadly and clearly enjoying herself.

“It sure is excited; I can feel it pulsing in my hand.”

She looked it over a little more and gently rubbed it in her palm kind of being gentle like she thought it was fragile.

“Your dick is soo skinny. Is this really as big as it gets?”

“Can’t you tell? I feel like I’m going to explode!”

“Mark, come over here,” then catching herself she looked at me, “is that ok? We’re all just having fun, right?”

Jenny came off as an aggressive girl that always got what she desired in life. That can be a turnoff, but she was so nice other than that and she had this nerdy infectious laugh. If you got her really going she would even snort. For some reason, her geeky giggle was humanizing and made her likable. I can sense that Tracy is getting excited by all this and is fond of Jenny too.

“Sounds like fun,” Mark replies as he starts to stand up.

“Come here honey, let’s do a little fun cock comparison,” Jenny says seeing that I’m still smiling and enjoying this.

As Mark emerges from the water, I am again impressed and envious at how big and fat his penis is. I can’t help but imagine what it must be like to have that much manhood hanging between my legs, especially in an environment like this resort.

As he comes over in the water next to me, I slide off the edge of the hot tub and stand to face both Jenny and Mark with you sliding over to look more closely. Tracy is smiling broadly as well, enjoying the contrast.

Jenny lifts Mark’s heavy limp cock and holds it next to my dainty dripping erection. The difference is amazing as his penis is so much thicker than mine. It’s like comparing an arm to a finger.

Instantly the energy around us became much more erotic—if that was even possible—we were all cock worshipping Mark’s monster cock.

“Look how much thicker his cock is than yours,” Tracy said to me grinning, “and he’s not even hard.”

I look over at her and she looks like she is getting aroused. Her nipples are hard and I see Mark is admiring her womanly assets. Mark remained soft as Jenny puts our cocks side by side, making me look lame already with my eager boner.

“How long is your penis?”

“About five inches…”

“That’s not very long, is it?”

Jenny says, clearly getting into the teasing more.

“Are you sure yours is full size? Mark’s hasn’t even started to grow yet and look how much bigger it is than yours!”

She began to spin Mark’s like a helicopter, it’s funny but I could honestly feel how much wind it was generating too. I noticed her hand didn’t even fit around the hefty girth while still soft.

“Mark is about six inches long right now, soft, but he grows a couple more when hard, it’s really the perfect size.”

With that, she starts to stroke the dangling horse cock. While everyone was watching, she took her other hand and started to use both to jerk him off. I was watching more and more dick pop out between her hands as he grew.

“Can I help you with that?” Tracy was salivating, “I haven’t held a big one in a long time, and nothing ever that huge.”

Now both Tracy and Jenny are stroking Mark’s cock and as it grows gradually in length it starts to rise and even thicken a little more. They were stroking his monster cock with three hands while playing with his balls. In comparison, I only used one hand to jerk off, and Tracy has to use her index and thumb when it’s soft to get me hard.

“You’ve got such a nice… big cock, Mark.” Tracy was infatuated with it. Her cock worshipping a bigger dick in front of me makes me almost explode on the spot. Tracy is still stroking Mark’s anaconda, which almost looks like it’s at full mass.

“Do you want to touch it?” Jenny is talking to me and I’m not sure what to say.

“Go ahead,” Mark says.

I felt a little weird touching another guy’s cock but I gave into temptation and held it in my hand. It felt strange considering the only other cock I had held was my own. It filled my hand with its thickness in a way that was dramatically different than my cock. It was also harder and stiffer than mine. It’s like it’s tremendous girth gave it a rigidity I couldn’t match. It was also different to see my hand only cover a small amount of his nine incher.

Jenny was starting to get really turned on now and began to hold and rub her large tits. Her nipples were rock hard and I looked over at Tracy and saw the nipples on her big boobs were also hard.

“It must be tough having a little dick at a place like this, poor guy,” Jenny is absolutely loving this teasing now. “All the women here checking you out and comparing you to the other studs. You’re so much smaller than most men.”

“He might have the smallest of all the guys here,” Tracy joked.

“Looking at these two guys, it’s hard to believe some women say size doesn’t matter. I can’t really say for sure, I’ve never felt a dick this small inside me… I have an idea! I don’t know if you’re up for it, but we could test out the theory.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well… What if we both had sex with our guys, and then switched, and then switched back? Y’know, as a little comparison. It will be fun!”

My cock jumps at hearing that idea and I can hardly believe it when Tracy thinks it sounds fun. I made eye contact with Mark and gave him a shrug, as a kind of “why not”.

“That sounds good to me. You have a very beautiful wife.” Mark smiled at Tracy who was already blushing. Not only was he hung like a horse but he was charismatic too.

Jenny glides through the water over to Mark’s arms and I sit down and move next to Tracy. This is incredibly exciting as I start to caress her big breasts and rub her hips and the insides of her thighs. We were all very turned on and not needing too much foreplay.

I sit down in the hot tub and she straddles my lap facing me. She reaches down and grabs my cock and sits down on me in one motion. Her plump tits are right in my face as she rocks up and down on my cock.

As we are fucking, she tells me to slide over and turn a little. I understand, she wants to be able to watch Jenny and Mark.

Mark sits on the side of the hot tub and Jenny decides to lower herself on him while facing us. Her plump tits are hanging as she offers up her tiny pussy to Mark’s obscenely large manhood.

“Oh baby, you feel even bigger now. You must really want to give them a show. Let’s give them one!” They were certainly made to be the center of attention with those assets.

He guides the enormous head of his dick to the tight slick entrance of her pussy and eases it in. Jenny moans and closes her eyes as he starts to enter, a little at a time but consistent. She seems to be in absolute ecstasy as she bobs up and down on his monster cock.

We were both in disbelief as Jenny’s tight-looking pussy gobbled up inch by fat inch. Her lips seemed to be straining around the girthy hard shaft. She quickly took a little more than half before needing a little pause. With a few more grunts, we saw Mark’s big balls flat against her ass. She took the whole thing!

“Ahh! Perfect size!” Jenny smiled and gave her nerdy laugh with that massive thing still all the way inside of her. “Ohh! Fuck me! Let’s give them a show!”

Jenny was now uncontrollable, bouncing up and down as we watched Mark’s cock go all the way in and out. I would never be able to match such a long stroke, it was freakish in nature.

Tracy seems more interested in watching them than what I’m doing between her legs. Which of course I don’t blame her, I pretty much stopped humping so I could watch them. It would be depressing to compare stroke lengths too.

Even though I stopped fucking Tracy, I felt myself explode inside of her after watching Mark and Jenny more. I don’t think she even noticed, she was too transfixed with the show in front of her.

After about two minutes of monster cock fucking Jenny starts having an ear-shattering orgasm. I don’t think she could hold back her screaming even if she tried. When Jenny finally calmed down a little, she lifts herself off his cock, she practically had to stand before it finally slipped out.

“Oh my God! He’s still rock hard!” I thought I didn’t say it out loud, but my wife turned and looked at me in agreement with an astonished face. Looking at the size of it, it is hard to believe it was just in Jenny’s pussy. Which she was now gaping wide open too from Mark’s large appendage.

“Ok… Time to switch!” Jenny says, looking exhausted but still spunky. She didn’t care to ask if we were done, she knew Tracy wanted in right away… and she wouldn’t be wrong. Tracy couldn’t pull herself off me fast enough as she heads over to the bigger cock.

Jenny slides into her place, putting her hand down to find my cock. “Oh, you can cum that fast? Doesn’t look like much…” She was talking about the unprovoked orgasm I had while watching them fuck. “Ok, big guy, let’s feel what you’ve got. Although, it may not be fair to make you go after Mark.”

She guides my cock to her hot pussy and slides down my cock in one quick motion. She doesn’t say anything but starts to gently bounce up and down on my cock. Not surprisingly, I can’t feel myself in her, just a slight heat. Mark’s monster cock stretched her out too much!

“I can’t feel you in me, sweetie! You don’t fill me like Mark does, sorry.” She rocks on me for a few more minutes, looking me in the eyes and smiling at me slyly, “I don’t think I could ever have an orgasm from your cock. Mark makes me cum every time, multiple times.”

Meanwhile, we both look over at Tracy and Mark. She’s sitting on the edge of the hot tub with her legs spread wide.

“Oh, I didn’t even notice he came inside me,” Tracy said to Mark, both laughing, “to be honest… I was more interested watching you and Jenny… I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Mark is holding his big manhood and guiding the head near her tight pussy, which looks swollen in anticipation. My wife gasps as his bulbous head—like a small apple—forces its way into her quivering pussy.

“Ooohh my G-God! Fuuck!” Tracy could barely speak as the massive invader started its journey, “S-sooo fuck-biig!”

He stops there to allow her to adjust to his size and I can see on her face she is experiencing pain and pleasure at the same time. Mark continues to work his cock in Tracy, her womanhood accepting a little at a time.

Jenny has been sighing and keeps giving me a frowning face. Clearly, she is not satisfied as she continues to bounce on my cock.

“Your cock just doesn’t stretch me at all. I think it’s too skinny to really stretch any woman if I’m being honest. It leaves my pussy craving something more… Keep playing with my tits though, that feels good.” Jenny gave up with me, I was especially useless because I was so drawn to watching my wife with Mark’s bigger dick.

Tracy looked down to see how much she had managed to fit. To her surprise, she was only barely half-way! It was close to my size though inserted, he was just much, much thicker.

“Look how much her pussy is stretched by Mark’s cock,” Jenny whispers to me. “All her sensations are dominated by the size of it. It’s all she can think about.”

Jenny was berating me while I watched my wife’s once tight pussy accept Mark’s big dick. It started to dawn on me that he was stretching out Tracy so much she might not be able to feel me again for a few weeks. The beast inside of my wife only seemed to get fatter and harder, if that was even possible.

“The feeling between Tracy’s legs is starting to be overwhelming. It doesn’t hurt but the fullness is intense. She can feel her stretched pussy lips pulling on her clitoral hood with each stroke, stimulating her deep in her once tight pussy and on her clit at the same time. His entire cock is in her now and she is in heaven. His manhood has taken over her vagina and is compelling it to an explosive orgasm.”

I was listening to Jenny narrate as I saw my wife clearly showing signs of having a big orgasm. Her toes were curling, her chest was turning red, her beautiful face was scrunched up, and soaking wet.

Suddenly, it hits her in a flood of pleasure. Tracy’s pussy is trying to grip around Mark’s fat rod while the waves of pleasure are radiating out throughout her entire body. It takes several minutes for her to come back to this world and open her eyes.

Mark stopped thrusting during Tracy’s powerful climax, but then after a while, I saw her wiggling her hips teasing him. In response, he sunk another inch deep inside my wife, causing her to groan.

Mark was somehow close to fitting the entire thing inside her. I sincerely don’t know how she managed to get even this far, and she wasn’t done yet.

He repositioned her body effortlessly so she was bent over the hot tub and her plump butt was raised up. Again, she wiggled her behind to taunt Mark’s monster. He wasted no time in sinking right back to where he was previously.

“Ohhh! Ahh! Puh-please slow, you feel soo much deeper in this position…” Tracy pleaded with him, but still pushing her hips back desperately. Mark consoled her by gripping each one of her butt cheeks and massaging them while doing slow deep strokes.

“It can feel painful even for me in that position with Mark. Feels like it might pop out my mouth!” Jenny giggled. I was still playing with her body as she let me use it to get off. I clearly couldn’t provide her any pleasure compared to her husband.

Tracy only had one inch left to take, I was speechless. She was wet enough to have a puddle underneath her, it was even going down her thighs in drops.

“If you want the last inch, push your hips back and get it.” Mark didn’t say much this whole time, but when he did it was a demand to my wife. The strong silent type.

Tracy took up this challenge and wiggled her hips back, biting her lower lip, trying to make it fit in her stuffed pussy. After almost a minute she felt her ass touch Mark’s hips, she managed to fit it all!

I was shocked, especially when he pulled all nine inches out of my wife; it was all shiny with her juices. In one motion, he shoved it all the way back in causing Tracy to make noises I’ve never heard. It only took three balls deep strokes to make her climax, and then a couple more after that for her to do it again. She had become uncontrollable like Jenny, bucking crazy.

Speaking of Jenny, she was now clapping and cheering on Mark to fuck my wife “into oblivion”. Jenny was getting enjoyment out of her husband ruining my wife for me and being the bigger stud.

Mark had to stop because he practically fucked Tracy unconscious, and we still had to switch back. He still hadn’t cum either, if that was possible, the guy was a real stud.

I quickly got another erection, but it was so tired and weak that when Tracy hops back on and I notice she doesn’t even moan. Not only that, but I couldn’t even tell I entered my wife’s pussy! She was gaping loose from Mark, just like Jenny.

“Sorry Babe… I don’t want you to hate me but… Mark’s dick just felt so… so amazing. It’s just so much bigger and harder… I came so much and so hard… I-I want to do this more often. I think I really do need a big size to be happy.”

With that, I explode in her loose pussy for the third time that day. Again, I don’t think she could tell, she was distracted from watching Mark and Jenny.

After I’ve finished coming I look up and Jenny starts gasping and convulsing as she climaxes hard again. Another orgasm provided by Mark’s large appendage today.

Finally, it was Mark’s turn to cum, which I should say too, his stamina is legendary. He pulled out of Jenny unwillingly and exploded on her stomach, big tits, and face. A one-man-bukkake-machine. I think he just wanted to give us a show on how much cum he can shoot out.

To my surprise, Tracy helped clean up Mark’s dick. He’s too thick to fit in her mouth so she uses her tongue to get as much cum as she can. I never saw Mark’s dick get soft after, but we retired to the hot tub because I think the girls were too exhausted.

The four of us spent another half an hour or so relaxing in the hot water, talking about our plans for the next day and such. Jenny was sitting in Mark’s lap as we relaxed and the two of us just leaned back and let the water massage our backs.

When the four of us decided it was time to turn in, we all stood up to go. That’s when we discovered that Jenny had been sitting in Mark’s lap because his big cock had been lodged in her pussy the whole time we were relaxing. As they stood up Mark’s reluctantly pulled out of Jenny’s swollen pussy.

“Oh, darn!” Jenny was giving me her classic smug smirk.

As she did that she glanced down at my cock. Sitting in the water, my spent cock had shriveled up like earlier in the day. My little penis looked a little like a mushroom, about an inch long with my tight scrotum causing it poke straight out like a tiny little erection.

“Oh my God! You poor thing!” Jenny giggled at me, “one more tease before we go.”

With that, she grabbed onto Mark’s cock and pulled him over. It took me by surprise a little when she used the tip of Mark’s cock to jiggle my penis back and forth a couple of times. The sight of his thick six-inch that was still soft hanging next to my little nub was comical. Just the large soft head of Mark’s big tool dwarfed my whole package.

“How come your dick didn’t grow when you hit puberty, cutie?” Jenny’s sexy laugh got more infectious and everyone else joined her.

“I hope I don’t stay stretched out from Mark’s big thing so I can actually feel my husband when he’s inside me again.” I was caught off guard with Tracy teasing me like Jenny.

“C’mon, don’t say that you’re actually going to make me feel bad,” even silent Mark had to step-in, “but not bad enough to not stretch out Tracy again!”

Tracy blushed but laughed with everyone else. She obviously wanted to take him up on that offer.

Just as she says that three naked women walk by and cover their mouths and giggle at what they see.

As Tracy and Jenny got out of the hot tub, the sight of their big swaying breasts and well-serviced pussies was imprinted on my mind forever. I fear I’ll never experience such a fun night of erotic teasing again.

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  1. princesss says:

    Logged in just to say I think you did an AMAZING job freshening this up. I remember the original version.

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