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The Train Journey

It was Monday morning the alarm clock was going off and I knew it was going to be a crap day. I got out of bed jumped in the shower and got ready for another day at work. My job is not that interesting and the journey into work is always horrible, the walk to the train station is creepy and the train is always packed and no one ever gives me a seat so I am standing all the way to the last stop.

I got to the station and the train was on time, as always it was packed and I had to stand by the doors. The train stopped at the next stop and I had to move forward to let some people on, I didn’t take much notice of the people getting on the train I just thought that there was too many people as there was no space so everyone was in very close contact.

The train started moving with a jolt and it was then that I felt the man behind me. His breath was on my neck and I could feel his cock under his trouser pushing up against my ass. At first I didn’t take any notice and just thought to myself “it’s okay, the train is packed, he doesn’t mean anything by it.”

Now this had never happened to me before but feeling his breath against my neck and his cock pushing against my ass was getting me turned on. So, and this is unlike me, I pushed slightly backwards with the motion of the train to see if I would get a response. Really, I would never tease a stranger like this! Believe me! I just felt a pang of lust in that moment.

My response was feeling his cock getting harder and him pushing up against me gently but enough that I could feel that he was very, very, big and very interested. The thought that I was on a packed train rubbing myself up against a complete stranger with a potentially massive cock had got my pussy soaked. I wanted to fuck this man and I could feel that he wanted to fuck me. We got off the train at the same stop and I whispered in his ear that I wanted to fuck him and to follow me. I was not sure if he would, but I hoped he would.

I walked into the ladies toilets without looking behind me, but I could hear his masculine foot steps. I walked into one of the cubicles and slid my panties down my legs. A few seconds later I heard the door open, it was him.

He stopped in front of the cubicle door and pushed the door open with one hand. His eyes followed my body up and down slowly and then gave a sexy smirk. Before I could blink he had his mouth on mine and began groping my body. He closed the door unbuttoned his trousers, which I’ve been dying to see if he was as large as I thought. What I saw was incredible!

His pants and boxers hit the floor and out popped the biggest cock I had ever seen. I was taken aback from how throbbing it hard it was already, I blushed thinking that I had caused him to be in this state. Before I could say anything he took his monster dick and bent me over and slowly pushed it inside my dripping wet cunt.

I had to make sure not to scream, but I couldn’t help whimpering and moaning. The head was so giant and it was splitting me real good, but it’s exactly what I needed. I felt his strong hand cover my mouth as he began to make me take more of him. Already, I could feel an orgasm approaching. My legs began to shake and he held up my weight in his strong arms. That drove me over the limit and I started climaxing right then.

He then proceeded to fuck me good and hard as I was bent over the toilet. After awhile I ended up taking the entire damn cock! I was astonished it was able to fit into my tight little pussy. I could feel his balls slapping against my clit as he pumped his big hard cock in and out of my tight pussy. I was close to the point of no return again, so I put my hand between my legs and started rubbing my clit and pushing back hard on his cock. I started to cum and he fucked me harder and faster then pulled his cock out and I felt his hot cum splash over my ass. He pulled his trousers up opened the cubicle door and left me there bent over the toilet with my ass covered in cum.

Just goes to show that what you think my be a crappy day could turn out to be a great day.

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