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The tale of Lil’ Johnny and the three naughty boys

It's just a bawdy farce. However, when Li'l Johnny and the three bullies are described as engaged together in sexual acts, it is clearly stated that they are all of legal age. They are what I believe some people would describe as "twinks". References to previous periods of their lives briefly occur in chapter one. I got most of the situations from the "memories of youth" of the members of this site and the rest is just preposterous. The whole idea, I suppose, comes from the American published adult version of the traditional fairy tale "Jack and the beanstalk" which was illustrated in the late seventies by an elegant cartoonist who called himself Sir Rod M'Gurk. "Good job!" whoever you may be.

I am afraid you'll have to take my brainchild for what it is, if at all: lavatorial humour at its lowest, in the All American, time-honoured tradition of the "teenage comedy". You'll find in it bits of "Animal house", "Porky's", "The last American virgin" and the more recent "American pie". A higher-brow reference, but that is really for the more sophisticated ones among you, is "Memories of a young Casanova" by the French writer Guillaume Apollinaire.

Nevertheless, "ideas are free, as long as they do not pass one lips. Afterwards they can become crimes". Accordingly, should any of the more prudish —albeit large- members of this site consider inappropriate, or be shocked by, any element of my tale, please do not hesitate to let me know and the offending passages will be suitable amended. This is after all why one presents one's work to a selected and discerning audience. Curtains up!

The tale of Li'l Johnny and the three naughty boys

(The Narrator is Li'l Johnny's fairy godmother)

This is the tale of Li'l Johnny, who taught a lesson to three naughty boys who were bullying him at school. It is a tale with a moral, as every tale should be. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.

Once upon a time, in a pretty little provincial town, there lived an eighteen year old boy called Little Johnny, or better, Li'l Johnny, as he had used to pronounce his name when he was only a tiny tot and could not speak properly. Just like you, he was a very nice boy, who kept his room tidy, always did all his homework, brushed his teeth before going to bed, and always obeyed his mum and dad. Just like you, he was a good-looking eighteen year old boy, with sandy hair, large blue eyes, a pretty upturned nose, pretty freckles and pink cheeks and mouth. But, unlike you and indeed unlike most other boys, Li'l Johnny had a physical peculiarity: he was hung like a horse! And in fact his mum and dad only called him "Li'l" as a sort of sick joke. To have a massive package has its advantages, but to Johnny, who after all was not overbright, it had taken quite some time to realise it. It was only after Louise, the girl next door who was one year older than him, had wanted to play "Johnny the tank engine" for the twelfth Saturday afternoon in a row, and each and every time had pretended to be a railway tunnel, that at last the penny had dropped.

Now, as you can imagine, Li'l Johnny, being such a good boy, was also a very discreet boy, who could keep a secret, just like you, and did not boast about this sort of things. That, together with his good looks and the rapidly spreading rumour of the preposterous size of his manhood, made him soon very popular with the women of the pretty little provincial town. And so he began quietly to fuck, one after the other and sometime in pairs, his headmistress, his better looking teachers, most of his friends' big sisters and one or two of his friends' mums. In this ordinary, natural, uneventful, and wholesome way he would have quietly developed —well, further developed- into adulthood, finished school and perhaps would have even gone to college in order to gain a little higher education in between the wrecking of one pussy and another, but for three naughty boys who attended his same school.

These three naughty boys, who were called Kevin, Liam and Moses, had just the same age as Li'l Johnny and were the school bullies. They never missed an opportunity to tease Li'l Johnny because of his sandy hair, or his freckles, or his jug ears and rather overlarge feet and hands. Think that when one day that they had all gone to the lake to swim, Li'l Johnny dived, and his swimming trunks slipped off revealing, when he stood out of the water, his ginormous dick, there was no end to the laughter and the teasing from the three naughty boys. From then on there were continuous innuendo, winking, elbowing and calling of "Johnny the hose" and "Johnny the weener" and "Johnny, careful not to trip on it!". They were really mean to poor Li'l Johnny.

They even scratched, unfortunately on the wall of the boys', rather than the girls', lavatories, "Johnny's father is a donkey"! They were very naughty and rude boys indeed! Li'l Johnny put up with it for a while, but in the end he began to feel bad. Was he really a dysmorphic freak, and were all those older girls and women who gave him heads and hand-jobs and took him to bed, only doing it for fun, and merely faking an orgasm when he pounded them, in order to mock him? Poor Li'l Johnny! He felt very sad, and for a —admittedly very short- while, even his spontaneous erections stopped.

But there was one thing Li'l Johnny did not know, and it was this. The same three naughty boys who bullied and teased him all day long, at night instead, alone in their comfy beds, or in their bathroom when nobody was home, or when they were smoking and circle-jerking in an old warehouse nearby, which happened quite regularly, unknowingly from each other, thought of nothing else but of Li'l Johnny's big dong and of that day at the lake when Li'l Johnny had lost his trunks. They were so very naughty, you see?

But so it happens that one of the three naughty boys, Kev, or perhaps Liam, no, it was Moses, well, now I do not remember which, and after all it doesn't really matter, he was the youngest but the naughtiest of them all anyway, had a Fairy godmother, who had the power of granting any wish, provided it was wished in earnest and from the bottom of one's heart. This Fairy godmother then, well meaningly, but perhaps ill advisedly, decided to grant the very thing her godson would be wishing for, right at the strike of midnight, at the end of the day of his eighteenth birthday. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, in that precise moment, even as the clock was striking twelve, Kev, Liam or Moses, I do not remember which and it does not really matter, was energetically wanking, fantasising, as usual, of Li'I Johnny and his meat, and of how great it would have been if Li'l Johnny had cum all over his face and on those of his two other chums. Abracadabra! Little bells chimed, the wish was granted, and, if you are as good a young man as Li'l Johnny, I shall tell you how it all came true in the next chapter.

A couple of weeks later, Liam, Kev and Moses were playing truant and, being the naughty boys they were, hidden behind the bicycle shed were smoking tobacco and drinking cider. It was there that Li'l Johnny surprised them, when he went to lock his bicycle. Immediately those three naughty boys stood up, and hastily tried to extinguish their cigarettes and hide the tins of cider. Noticing, however, that Li'l Johnny had seen what they were doing, and fearing the punishment, they decided to assume a defiant attitude. "There!" Said Liam, who being the biggest and strongest was also the leader of the group "Now I expect you will rush to report us to Mrs. Simms, "Wiener"! —Mrs Simms was the headmistress and had a bottom round and firm, which just asked for it "Yea! I bet you can't wait to blab, "Hose"!" Echoed Kev contemptuously. "You better run, then, "Hose". Why! You're her pet, anyway!" Jeered Moses.

Now, Li'l Johnny always tried his best to be always a very decent boy and he was really hurt by the implication. He looked affronted and with dignity replied that he was not a tittle-tattler -thank you- and that he did not tell on people, even if they were always disagreeable to him. But he felt that it was his duty to warn them. They were very wrong indeed to behave like that. Did they not know that smoke was poison? And Jeepers! Cider too! Now that was REALLY bad. What would their good teachers think of them, if THAT came to their ears? Beside, they should have not wasted their pocket money like that, but saved it instead, like he always did. You see what a good, sensible boy Li'l Johnny was.

But "Bah! What rot! We don't care a fig "Wiener"!" Was the sneering reply of those three so very naughty boys, who then added "We do what we like!" and again repeated "Headmistress' PET!"

Nettled by the reiterated insult, Li'l Johnny rather warmly expostulated, firmly asking the three naughty boys, please, -Such a well bred young man he was!- to explain the meaning of their very offensive words.

"You take her for rides on your bicycle to amuse her, and you suck up to her and that's how you get your great marks, "Hose"!" The three naughty boys hotly replied. At that poor Li'l Johnny, was really flabbergasted and he showed it! "Don't deny it!" Liam, the leader, almost yelled, and then went on to tell him bluntly, that Kev, that scallywag, had heard with his own ears Mrs. Simms telling Mrs. Joyce —Mrs Joyce was the English teacher and had a huge great pair of boobs- what a great ride Li'l Johnny had given her only the other day, and how beautifully long and thick was his pump. "Although" added Liam musingly, "Why she should say that, beats me. It looks just like any other old, ordinary bicycle pump, not particularly long and rather thin".

At those words Li'l Johnny burst into laughter, and laughed and laughed until his eyes filled with tears. You see, he really was in stitches. The three naughty boys looked at each other. They were puzzled and also rather annoyed. Finally Liam, who, as I have told you, usually took the lead, asked Johnny exactly what did he mean with that? And what was so funny? "Stop it this instant!" he shouted "Stop it, I say! Or this time Kev, Moses and myself will really show you!" At these words Li'l Johnny almost grew hysterical with laughter, but at last, with an enormous effort, managed to control himself and, still shedding tears of mirth, finally revealed the mystery to the baffled trio. "Mrs Simms was not talking of my bicycle or its pump, you fools!" And he went on to explain that, when the other day he had gone to see her in her office after school for some extra tutorial, in the end, one thing leading to another, he had given her a good straight fuck on her desk with his wrist-thick cock. "And, by the way" He added becoming again serious "I do not suck up to HER for my marks and reject your outrageous accusation." And righteously pointed out, for THEIR benefit, that it was actually Mrs. Simms, if you please, as well as the other teachers, the good-looking ones that is, who all queued up offering to give him good marks if only he let them suck HIM off! So you see, once more the Three naughty boys were quite wrong.

"And as for you three showing ME!" And Li'l Johnny started laughing again, peal following peal of laughter, so that he could scarcely breath. I was there, invisible, you see, that's how I know everything! At last he managed to calm down and wiping the tears off his eyes gasped "Oh my! That's really too funny…giggle… OK, OK, wait! Oh my… I'm dying…phew!…giggle …I'll show YOU…giggle…OK! OK! Serious now! Look!" And Li'l Johnny unzipped his trousers and —What a sight!-he pulled out of them his meat using both his hands and then let it go: "Flop!" The thing went a jolly "Smack!" as it hit his leg. A cock so massive it looked as if it weighted a stone, as it hung limp almost half way down his thigh. Wouldn't you like to be as hung as Li'l Johnny? I knew, who wouldn't?

The three naughty boys, caught by surprise by Li'l Johnny's sudden and rather unexpected reaction, -obviously due to a silly misunderstanding- gulped and went bright red up to the tingling roots of their hair, until Liam, remembering he was the leader, mustered his courage and challenged Li'l Johnny. "Bah!" He exclaimed "You are nothing but a "shower" "Hose"! That's right, a "shower" and THAT'S all".

As facts then demonstrated, that was a very bad move. Johnny coloured and grew really indignant at the charge, now he was very angry with them, you see. "A shower, ME! Indeed!" He exclaimed "I'll give you the "shower, you jerk!". Tut-tut, Li'l Johnny, language! And he shouted "Watch THIS!"

Now, don't be scared, nothing bad is going to happen, but I really think that there was some magic at work here. Li'l Johnny shut his eyes tight, pursed his pink mouth firmly, clenched his large fists, planted himself steadily on his size 11 feet, concentrated, and lo and behold! A bit like in the tale of "Jack and the beanstalk" you used to like so much, his massive, flabby dong began to twitch and jerk, and stretch and swell and throb, and stretch a bit more, and throb a bit more, and jerk a bit more and swell a bit more and, well, to come quickly to the point, grew thicker and thicker, longer and longer until, My oh my! A huge horsedick, as long as Li'l Johnny's forearm and twice as thick as his wrist, stood up throbbing, magnificently obscene in its full equine massiveness, right in front of the three overawed naughty boys. Ta-daa!

And now that I hope you have learned your lesson on the great importance of self control, please wipe yourself clean and let’s go on.

In the hushed, awesome, silence, in which one could have heard a pin drop, behind the bicycle shed, I'm afraid that the three naughty boys had by now coloured to a crimson hue and that their eyes were almost popping out of their sockets. Moreover, the bulges produced in their trousers by their erections, humiliatingly dwarfed by the size of Li'l Johnny's, bore witness to their excitement. They stared speechless and agape for a full minute at Li'l Johnny's huge throbbing slab of meat, every pulsating vein swollen; and at his engorged gland, as large as his fist and flame red, from which was now beginning to hooze a copious amount of sticky pre-seminal fluid…What? At you age you should know well what THAT means!. Anyway, at that sight they completely lost control, and their own pathetic dicks, in turn, began to ooze and stained the front of their trousers. And now please pay attention and listen carefully to the grand finale. Liam, Kev and Moses looked down at their bulges and at the slowly enlarging spots, then looked at each other aghast, and realising that their fate was now sealed, resigned, and got down on their knees.

Li'l Johnny was somewhat surprised to see the three naughty boys go down on their knees in front of his Priapic erection. He was a lady man, as you already know, and would have never kneeled in front of another boy's cock, no way! No matter how large it was! Had it been ever so large, even…larger than his!— but I must tell you, that across three counties there were no boys, or men, and really only a handful of horses, with a trunk-like dong as large as his.

But on the other hand, he was a very nice and generous boy to whom his mum and dad had often repeated that HE WHO HAS MORE —as he certainly had- HAS A DUTY TO SHARE WITH THOSE WHO ARE LESS PLENTIFULLY ENDOWED. Besides, he must admit that he himself had noticed, in the open showers after PE, the rather appetisingly meaty, and yet firm and round, bottoms of the three naughty boys. So "What the heck!" he thought "If they are so keen…let's fuck those sweet assholes and give the shitheads a good time!" Li'l Johnny, as you see, was a bit of a vulgarian, but only in his thoughts.

He grabbed his massive manhammer with both hands and stroke it a few times, grunting hoarsely —Li'l Johnny! And now he was thoroughly aroused. His gonads were full and he needed relief, and for the three naughty boys kneeling on the grass in front of him, I am afraid, there was no going back any more. And so it was that Li'l Jhonny, who up to then had been grinning a self satisfied grin which went from ear to ear, stopped smiling, took two steps forward, and looked down on Liam. Poor Liam, leader as he was, now was almost shaking, I tell you, at the sight of Li'l Johnny's thick horsedick throbbing, hoozing and swaying only a few inches from his face. In order to avoid that frightful sight, he looked up, towards Li'l Johnny who towered over him, with his sandy hair, pretty freckles, pink cheeks and mouth, sky blue eyes AND puffy hard nipples. He was already beginning to say "Listen "Hose", we are very sorry if…" When Johnny roughly grabbed him by his flaxen mop of hair and sternly commanded "Suck it!"

Now, in fairness I must tell you this. Liam was naughty, but was also a very brave boy. He closed his eyes, opened his mouth wider, trusted his head forward and… the fun began —at least for Li'l Johnny. There! there! I do declare! I have never seen a young man consume so many paper tissues!

As you can well imagine, Li'l Johnny constant practice with the ladies of the pretty provincial town had given him a superior expertise and in no time, thanks to his organisation skills, clear thinking and firm direction, each of the three naughty boys had removed his trousers and underpants and had been allotted his own particular task. Having removed Li'l Johnny's clothes, and smelly, sweaty size 11 shoes and socks —I knew you would have liked that- and piled the lot, neatly folded, in a corner of the bicycle shed, soon Liam was busy blowing our sandy-haired friend, who in turn was tea bagging Moses, whilst the task of rimming, or ANALINGUS, had been given to Kevin, who was a stupid and lazy boy, who only liked to lay flat on his back all day long,.

But being …Oh, you don't know what all that mean? Well, if you are not impatient, you will soon understand. Please concentrate on Li'l Johnny and let's go on.

But being the good and altruistic boy he was, even while he was being given a French bath Li'l Johnny did not miss the opportunity to improve and educate the three naughty boys, and every now and then he gave them little useful tips. For example, one time he would remark to Liam, while firmly gripping his head from the back and forcing it on its equine dong, that there was no point in him trying to wriggle away. Had Liam tried to breath regularly through his nose and relaxed his gagging reflex, he would have certainly found that he could manage to take at least half of the length of Li'l Johnny's flagpole-thick shaft in his mouth, as well as his monstrously intumescent gland. And actually Liam, following Li'l Johnny's advice, did, which pleased him no end and made him feel very glad and proud of himself, just as I know that you would have been glad too, had you been Liam sucking on Johnny's cock.

Or another time he would say to Moses who was really struggling with Li'l Johnny's massive testicles: "Now Moses, they are too big for you to take both in your mouth at the same time, don't try to show off, you know, there is no need. And I wish you were more careful, they are delicate, in spite of their size".

To Kevin instead, while delicately squatting on his face, Li'l Johnny would suggest: "If I may presume, Kevin, don't just keep lapping, but try to stick your tongue THROUGHT it and continue what you are doing from within. It is more effective that way!" And very useful pieces of advice they were too, of which the three naughty boys would have certainly profited, but for the fact that, having been so very naughty until then, they were not quite, quite reformed yet. So much so that at a certain stage Liam could not stand Li'l Johnny's didactic attitude any longer, and managing to release himself for a moment from his iron grip, expostulated "Bah! Shut up you, oversized prick!" and then restarted the FELLATIO —Now, isn't that just a nice new big word for you to learn?. Li'l Johnny, taken aback, for once in his life had nothing to reply. He was, or at any rate had, an oversized prick, after all.

The golden Summer afternoon wore on, and under Li'l Johnny's firm and assured guidance they had all had their tutorial and had swapped places a few times before having finally to rest, take breath and massage their aching jaws. Then Li'l Johnny, who had by then his brain in his gonads, sharply ordered them to lie on their bellies by way of relaxation, proceeding then to instruct them to lift their round, plump and firm bottoms up, spread their legs well a part, take a deep breath and relax, for he wanted to introduce to them his "best friend", which by then, it sounds incredible, but it's true, as true as I am a Fairy godmother, had grown even bigger, longer, thicker, redder, and more engorged and pulsating. Phew!

Although the meeting rather startled them at first, and frankly, judging from the racket, sounded also rather painful, -I did not have the heart to watch, honestly!- in the end, My oh my! With Li'l Johnny's enormous manhood massaging their prostates, were they not charmed by the acquaintance? And you must remember after all what a good and thoughtful boy Lil' Johnny always was, and that before the "introduction" -Got the joke?- he had worked on their ANAL SPHINCTER -another two big useful words for you to learn, you see?- with two or even three of his thick oversized fingers. He had gone so far, that capital lad, as to use the bicycle oil to grease his throbbing Maypole! Now, that was good thinking, wasn't it?

And so, similar to a well oiled machine, literally, they kept rhythmically relaxing and contracting, whereas Li'l Johnny, who after all, had all the all the heavy work to do, kept pounding them with his tool, one after the other and each one in turn, while the other two played the customary supporting role, rimming him a bit, sucking and teasing his firm cherry nipples, licking his big large feet and toes, but NO kissing, please, because, as Li'l Johnny remarked to Moses when he made a slight attempt, "Ewwww! Go away! I'm not a sissy!"

And when finally Li'l Jhonny with a bull-like snort and a loud grunt reached his orgasm and cummed, -My! That was a wonder to behold! His EJACULATION —another new word for you- was just like a fire hose, only spurting gallons of semen, rather than water! Do you remember the wish that had landed all three of them in that big mess? It happened exactly like that, of course, so much so that the three naughty boys, having swallowed as much spunk as they could, were completely inundated and afterwards had to wash their hair for a week in order to get all the splooge off. Yuk! I know, but this sort of things happens when one's Fairy godmother tries to surprise one without checking before!

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