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The Roommate Affair

Lisa was ashamed of herself, she did not know how it had come to this… She was 42 years old and felt like she had nothing to show for it. Nothing that is except a failed marriage and a job she hated, despite the fact that it paid very well. This was just not what she had pictured as a kid. She had wanted kids, a husband, a family. The last thing she had expected was to get divorced in her 40’s and have to live with a roommate who was almost half her age…

Though, if she were being honest with herself, she did like Tori. The young woman had a lot of spunk and was so persistently upbeat that it was hard to stay blue around her. That being said Lisa really missed having a romantic life. While her ex-husband had not been anything special in the sack at least she had been getting fucked on a regular basis…

Oh sure, she had gone out on a few dates since the divorce, mostly collage age boys looking to fuck a MILF (and fuck them she had…) but it was just not the same. No matter how many guys she fucked something was just… missing.

Tori told her to keep at it, not to give up, that there was someone for everyone, though Lisa had noticed that while she herself had brought a few guys back to the house, Tori never did. In fact the only guy she had seen her around was her brother… Though she had noted that Tori was very popular with the ladies, she went out to the bar with a couple different girls almost every weekend.

Lisa was not entirely sure what to think about her young roommate. She could not shake the feeling that some of Tor’s gazes were more lingering than was normal for a roommate, and she had thought she saw the shadow of suppressed lust reflected in the younger woman’s eyes more than once.

Lisa’s thoughts had drifted to the possibility that Tori was a lesbian, or bi at the very least, and although Lisa was from an older generation she had never ascribed to the bigotry that some of her peers engaged in. While she might consider herself as straight as an arrow what other women did in the privacy of their homes was none of hers, or anyone else’s, concern.

At the same time thoughts about Tori had started to encroach on Lisa’s thoughts from time to time. She had started to ponder what it would be like to hold the other woman in her arms, to feel her body pressed against Lisa’s own.

At first these thoughts had concerned her, after all she was straight… wasn’t she?

The younger woman possessed a charm and energy that was impossible to ignore, and the more time that Lisa spent with her the more erotic the nature of her thoughts became. The appeal of young cock and a cunt full of cum was simply not as appealing lately as it had been before.

Then again she was probably old enough to be Tori’s mother. The girl could not be more than 20 if she was a day. The age difference made it wrong… didn’t it? Besides she was sure that the lust for her she saw in the younger woman’s eyes was just wishful thinking. After all, what would a vivacious 20 year old knockout want with a divorced woman in her 40’s? Still…

On a day just like every other Lisa found herself in the shower. As they had so often recently her thoughts drifted to Tori. She had retreated to the solitude of the shower to try and escape from her forbidden lust but as the scalding flow of water streamed over her breasts and coursed down between her legs she found that instead of hiding from her lust she had only inspired it.

She ran her hands over her body, rubbing soap gently into every nook and cranny as she struggled to get clean, in body if not in mind.

Her touches started out with a pure purpose, but her body cared little about whether or not she was touching her breasts and pussy because she was horny or because she was trying to clean herself.

As her body reacted to the stimulation her touches provided her hands started to press more firmly into her slick, soap covered flesh. Gentle caresses turned insistent as her arousal grew.

Her hands slipped between her legs, one finger quickly splitting the lips of her cunt as it sought out her clit. In her mind she was joined in the shower by Tori, her slim, lithe body pressing against Lisa’s own. She tried hard to pretend that the hand questing between her thighs was Tori’s.

Try as she might however her climax eluded her. Although her arousal climbed to new heights she found herself unable to cum no matter how hard she tried.

Her hand started to cramp and the rapid movements as she stimulated her clit were quickly abandoned in frustration. Annoyingly enough this was not the first time that this had happened lately. She had found herself unable to cum and had been forced to go to bed and try to sleep with a wet cunt more than once lately.

She decided that she was unlikely to get anywhere in the shower at the moment, but she did have a few toys in her room that might be enough to tip the scales in her favor.

She quickly washed up and toweled off, the steady dripping of the shower head the only sound in the room.

Lisa looked up when the door to the bathroom opened without warning. She realized that she had failed to lock the door when she had come in and since she was making little sound whoever was outside the door must have thought the bathroom unoccupied.

Lisa started to voice a warning to the intruder but the words were frozen in her throat as Tori walked into the room. Lost in her own thoughts Tori had clearly had the same idea for a shower as Lisa, and as the younger woman had assumed the bathroom was unoccupied she had started to disrobe as she entered.

Lisa was treated to a full frontal view of Tori’s small but perky breasts as she casually tossed her shirt on the bathroom floor.

Both women reacted at the same time. Lisa making a vain attempt at covering herself while Tori raised an arm to shield her breasts from view.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry!” Tori stammered “I didn’t hear you in here so I thought you were done already!”

“No no, its ok! I should have locked the door, it ok really!” Lisa responded

“No, I am so sorry. I should have knocked to make sure!” Tori said.

“No really, its ok. We are just girls after all, it’s not like I have never seen a pair of tits before.” Lisa said. She made an attempt at levity to sooth the other girl who was blushing furiously at her unintentional intrusion.

“Yea, you and me both!” Tori said with a laugh.

Lisa suddenly felt a stab of lust go through her body as she caught Tori’s eyes rove over her exposed flesh for a split second. Although the movement had been almost too quick to notice Lisa felt as though she had been thoroughly evaluated, and shortly thereafter Tori dropped the hand that was shielding her breasts.

“I mean… I guess we are roommates, and you are right they are just breasts.” Tori said.

Tori stood in a way that was almost defiant, and Lisa was stuck by the thought that if she had been evaluated then this behavior must mean that she had passed the younger woman’s test.

“I will get out so that you can have the place.” Lisa said.

She gathered up a towel and wrapped it around herself, she caught the look of disappointment as her exposed flesh was removed from view but again she attributed it to her own wishful thinking.

“Alright, thanks. Sorry again for popping in on you.” Tori said.

Lisa rushed back to her room and softly closed the door. With a somewhat suspicious amount of haste she rummaged around in the drawer of her bedside table and pulled out the thick glass dildo that she had purchased recently.

The expensive toy boasted a number of bulbous protrusions that felt nothing short of amazing when she plunged it into her cunt. The ridges of the toy stretched out the walls of her pussy and provided a most delicious sensation.

Lisa could not get the thought of her roommate’s body out of her head. She plunged the glass dildo in and out of her sopping wet hole, the image of the other woman’s body would not stop running rampant through her mind.

The erotic fantasies that so often flooded her mind when it was gripped by the throes of ecstasy, which usually involved muscular firemen, were replaced by Tori’s slim build and gentle curves. The image of her breasts, and what it would feel like to take her perky nipples into her hungry mouth, occupied her thoughts.

Try as she might however, and her wrist was getting sore from the repetitive motion of the dildo, she could not achieve climax.

So engrossed was she in her current activity that she almost missed the sound of the quiet knock on her door.

“Lisa? Are you in there?” Tori’s voice called.

“Uh… yes? What’s wrong?” Lisa asked, she strained to keep the sounds of her frantic activity from entering her voice, but the husky tones betrayed her lust.

“Can I come in?” Tori asked.

Looking back at it now she could not say what motivated her to act as she did. All common sense would say that when you are all but naked, in your bed, with a dildo between your legs, you politely but firmly instruct all comers to go elsewhere. But Lisa, her mind covered by a thick haze of lust and sexual frustration, did the opposite, she invited Tori in.

Tori stood in the doorway wearing nothing but a smile. Her hips tilted just enough to give her a sassy slant that matched her smirk. Her small but perfectly formed breasts stood proudly on her chest and if there was a hair south of her neck it was surely lonely. Her body was smooth and slim, her form showing the efforts of her frequent exercise with a hint of muscle tone. She radiated health and youthful beauty, and to Lisa she was a dream made reality.

“I heard you playing… and I thought maybe this would be ok?” Tori asked.

Lisa could tell that the younger woman was hesitant, although her actions and her expression screamed of an almost brash level of confidence her tone quivered just enough to communicate some level of anxiety. After all, showing up naked to your roommate’s door while she was masturbaiting is a pretty bold move no matter how you looked at it.

“No it is not ok…” Lisa started to say.

The younger woman looked like she had just been slapped, her face drooping like a whipped puppy.

“You are waayyyyy to far away for it to be ok…” Lisa finished with a laugh.

Tori’s face brightened.

“Well, maybe we can do something about that…” Tori said.

Tori closed the distance between them, and Lisa opened her arms and pulled the younger woman close. Their bodies pressed together and their lips quickly followed suit. Lisa could feel Tori’s rock hard nipples pressing into her as their breasts were pressed together. The younger woman’s body radiated heat, and Lisa moaned hungrily. The sensation of their bodies being so close together, of skin against skin, was something that she hadn’t realized before this moment that she was desperately craving.

Tori’s hands slipped down Lisa’s body, and the younger woman pulled back just enough to slip her hand between Lisa’s legs.

“God! You are so wet!” Tori moaned in Lisa’s ear.

“I know, I am so fucking horny but I just can’t seem to cum.” Lisa responded.

“Oh, you poor thing.” Tori quipped “I am hear to help now.” She finished with a lusty smile.

Tori acted on her promised offer of help, slipping one of her long, delicately tapered finger inside of Lisa’s inflamed cunt.

“The drawer, in the night stand.” Lisa gasped, she made every effort to speak coherently but the intruding digit made rational thought difficult at best.

Tori broke their embrace and fished around in the drawer beside the bed. Her questing hands quickly retrieved Lisa’s only other sex toy, a thick, pink, battery operated vibrator.

Pushing Lisa back until she was laying on her back Tori gently, but insistently, spread the older woman’s legs, exposing her pussy fully.

Although Lisa’s cunt lacked the completely hairless nature of Tori’s, Lisa prided herself on her personal care, and what little hair she had left was carefully trimmed into a triangle.

“God, your cunt looks so delicious!” Tori moaned.

Wasting no more time Tori switched the vibrator up to its maximum setting and placed the tip of the toy against the lips of Lisa’s pussy.

“Ohhhhh fuck….” Lisa moaned in response.

The powerful vibrations of the toy enflamed her lust even further, the pulses penetrating the lips of her vulva and stimulating her clit even without being inside of her.

Tori teased her, drawing the pink tip of the toy up and down the outer lips of Lisa’s pussy, causing the older woman to squirm and writhe in response.

“God, just put it in me already!” Lisa begged.

Tori, deciding to be merciful, obliged her and slowly forced the toy inside Lisa.

While the sensation of the toy had been highly pleasurable in its external application, Lisa’s enjoyment was amplified by its insertion. The thick toy stretched the walls of her cunt, forcing her body to shape itself around the intruding object, and the vibrations rocked her to her very foundation.

“Oh. My. Fucking. God!” Lisa moaned “I am going to cum!”

“Yea baby! Cum for me!” Tori responded.

Lisa’s body shuddered, her hips gyrating wildly in a primal effort to stimulate her mate. She was beyond rational thought by this point, acting only on the overwhelming desire to reach her climax. Waves of ecstasy rolled through her, accompanied by her eyes closing and an assortment of animalistic grunts and moans.

When at last rational thought returned to her Lisa struggled to catch her breath. Tori continued thrusting the toy in and out of her cunt, bending the tip to hit just under her pelvis, and although she had just cum she could feel another climax building under the younger woman’s persistent efforts.

“You are so good at this!” Lisa gasped

“Well, I have had a lot of practice.” Tori giggled. “Now it is my turn… Wait here a second.” Tori instructed.

She rushed out of the room and returned after a moment with a thick black dildo in a nylon harness of some kind. Lisa quickly realized that she was holding a strap on.

“You want me to fuck you with that?” Lisa asked

“Yes please.” Tori said

“Alright, but you have to help me…” Lisa said.

Tori approached the other woman and helped her step into the legs of the harness. With quick, deft movements born from extensive practice Tori tightened and secured the strap on around Lisa’s waist until her synthetic cock stood out proudly from between her legs.

Lisa was not quite sure what to think at this point. Her mind was a little more clear now that she had been able to cum, but while she did lust after her younger roommate this was something a little outside of her experience. Though she figured it would be the height of rudeness not to repay Tori since the younger woman had helped her cum. She would hate to be a selfish lover after all.

Tori climbed onto the bed and after a brief moment of hesitation Lisa positioned herself behind the younger woman. She had seen enough porn, and had enough sex, to understand the mechanics even though she had never been on this side of the cock.

She positioned the head of the synthetic dildo against the thin slit of Tori’s cunt and gently pressed it inside of her.

“Ahhhh… fuck! That feels amazing!” Tori moaned

Lisa took the other woman’s comment as encouragement and continued pressing forward until her hips were pressed firmly against the other woman’s ass. Mirroring movements that she had seen (and experienced) she took hold of the other womans hips and pulled her body against her own.

Lisa’s movements were more than a little awkward at first, but she quickly gained familiarity and confidence, thrusting inside. There was something highly erotic about being in control and for a split second she had a sliver of insight into what it must be like to be a male. The sound of Tori’s pussy as it gripped the false cock, and the scent of her desire were a powerful aphrodisiac. Each thrust pressed the butt end of the dildo against Lisa’s own cunt. The blunt force was insufficient to actually make her cum, but it was more than enough to turn her on.

“I am getting close! I want to cum on my back.” Tori moaned.

Lisa obediently pulled the strap-on out of the other woman’s cunt and helped her flip over onto her back. Both of them were covered in a fine sheen of sweat from their activity and the smell of pussy flooded the room with its heady aroma. Lisa had never before realised how good pussy smelled.

Tori leaned back and spread her legs, mirroring the position that Lisa herself had been in not so very long before. This time however, Lisa was in charge.

Lisa took hold of the younger woman’s ankle and firmly pulled her closer before slamming the cock into her waiting hole. Tori moaned at the rough treatment but did not protest. Lisa thrust into her as hard as she could, each thrust rocking them both, Lisa’s breasts swaying hypnotically. Tori however was not in any state to notice the hypnotic effect of the other woman’s massive mammaries at that time. The rapid assault of Lisa and her pseudo-cock pushed her over the edge at last.

While Lisa herself had been relatively quiet when she had cum, Tori was on the opposite end of the spectrum. Although her cries were no more intelligible than Lisa’s had been she all but screamed as she came. Her ecstatic utterances echoed off the walls, filling the bedroom with her climax.

Her job done at last Lisa collapsed next to Tori on the bed. Although she had enjoyed being in charge she had a new appreciation for how much work a man had to do in order to get a woman off. Although she was far from out of shape she was more than a little worn out from the whole affair.

Tori sighed happily and snuggled closer to the Lisa, who wrapped an arm around her young lover and pulled her close. A short time later Tori’s rhythmic breathing deepened into the telltale sounds of sleep and Lisa was left alone with her thoughts.

She struggled against the encroaching sleep and pondered what had happened that day. Although she had always considered herself to be straight she could not deny that there was something just so… right about Tori. She reflected that she might need to give more consideration to the fairer sex in her future sexual encounters. But for the time being she happily allowed herself to drift off into sleep, her sex drive sated at last.

In the end she slept deeper than she had in a very long time.

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