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The Poker Game Part 1

The Poker Game
(c) 2010 Belgarion10

I love poker. Always have, especially Texas Hold’Em, my favorite game.
I used to go to casinos a lot, but I and my wife Donna I had to stop
going. She wasn’t keen on me frequenting those sorts of places,
although I also think she worried about me gambling away our money. I
played online sometimes, I still do, but it didn’t have the same level
of excitement as playing live, and it lacks the fun social aspect too.

So I began to arrange games with my buddies, gradually getting them into
the game. At first, it was just an excuse for a night of drinking beer
and smoking cigars, but slowly the lads began to appreciate the game
itself and the nights became more and more regular, until we were
playing once a month.

We would rotate the venue between our different houses, everyone taking
turns to host the night, although we always chipped in together for the
food and drinks, no matter whose house the game was being held at.

This one particular night was at our place, and we were hosting four of
my friends, Mark, Scott, Tony and Paul, and Paul’s wife, Claire. She
was a hottie, I’d always fancied her since school. She was in the same
class and me and Paul, but he had gotten lucky with her in the final
year of school and they’d stayed together since then, ten years ago.
She was blonde and busty – a real wet dream – really, flirty too,
though the furthest I had ever gotten with her prior to her and Paul
getting together was a bit of kissing and groping.

I had done okay though – my wife Donna was hot, just in the opposite way
to Claire. She was pretty rather than stunning, brunette and petite,
with a really tight ass and a small but beautifully pert pair of tits.

Mark was an old work friend of mine, and Tony worked with Paul, but he
had become part of our little group over the past few months, as had
Scott who played football with Paul on Sunday afternoons. They were a
good bunch of guys, and single, apart from me and Paul.

So here we were, nothing out of the ordinary, the usual poker game, with
us guys getting pissed on whisky and beer, and the girls too, drinking
white wine spritzers, and playing around making cocktails for each
other. I don’t know what they were putting in them, but Donna was
pretty drunk, slurring her words and in a bubbly mood to say the least,
and Claire was even more drunk, swaying to the music on the stereo with
her eyes closed and full lips mouthing the words.

Tony and Mark were both out of the game, but were still sat with us
drinking and watching the action unfold as the rest of us played the
game out. I’d been in a bit of a cold spell, no good cards for ages,
when suddenly I was dealt the best hand you can get. A pair of Aces. I
was the short-stack – I had less chips than the other two – so I
decided to go for it and pushed my lot into the middle of the table.

All in, ” I declared, and to my surprise Scott called. He had been
playing very conservatively, so I expected him to fold, giving me the
blinds as Paul had already folded.

Call, ” he said with a smile and turned over a pair of Kings. The next
best hand. Paul dealt the next three cards, and my heart sank as
another King came out. The final two cards came out, and there was no
Ace, so I lost and Scott thumped the table in victory! “Woo-hoo!” he
said, with a smirk. He was the youngest out of all of us at only
nineteen, and was a good-looking kid, but he had this cocky grin that
annoyed the shit out of me at times.

You lucky asshole, ” I sighed. “Let me re-buy back in?”

No way!” Scott smiled, stacking up his winnings in front of him.

Come on, ” I said, “It’ll put more money in the pot? And if you’re that
confident of winning, it’ll all go to you.”

It’s not about the money, ” he chuckled, “It’s the kudos.”

Let him, ” said Paul, sticking up for me, and Scott relented. I got to
buyback in, putting more money on the table, but only getting a modest
number of chips, so I had to play carefully now.

Next it was Paul’s turn to be on the wrong end of Scott’s luck. Paul had
pushed all his chips in with Three-of-a-Kind, only for Scott to get a
Full-House on the river card, the last card drawn. Like me, Paul tried
to beg his way back into the game, but Scott wasn’t having any of it –
even though he had a huge chip-lead over us now. I couldn’t persuade
Scott to change his mind, but then Paul grinned as he had an idea and
winked at me.

Listen, ” he said to a jubilant Scott, let me buy back in and I’ll get
Claire to give you a lap dance.”

Scott cocked an eyebrow. “Really? Would she?” He looked sceptical but
Paul nodded.

Look at her, ” he said confidently, “She’s completely drunk, and she’ll
do anything I ask of her anyway, she’s good like that. Got her well
trained, you know?”

All the guys laughed at that, and Claire and Donna caught the laughter
and looked at us quizzically from where they were dancing at the other
side of the room. “What’s so funny?” asked Claire.

Come here babes, ” said Paul and Claire came over and sat over on his
lap. “I’ve been knocked out of the game by this cheat here, and he said
he’ll let me back in the game if you give him a sexy lap dance.”

Oh, is that right?” said Claire, giggling at young Scott who had turned
bright red now. Paul had made it sound like Scott had suggested the lap
dance, but he wasn’t going to protest because Claire agreed. “Okay,
young man, ” she purred and all the guys watched with huge grins on
their faces as she proceeded to step between his knees where he was
sat. “Keep your hands off, ” she told him and then proceeded to dance
sexily right in front of him. She had huge breasts, and several times
she put them right in his face. The top she was wearing was low cut,
and her cleavage was spilling out so much that occasionally I got a
flash of nipple so Scott must have seen much more. He was sweating and
obviously horny when she finally gave him a kiss on the cheek and left
him to dance, rejoining a laughing Donna.

Did you enjoy that?” Paul asked Scott, although the answer was obvious,
as he restarted the game with a small pile of chips like I had.

That was amazing, ” Scott replied, “Think she’d be interested in strip

Again, all the lads laughed. It was only a joke, but there was no
denying that Claire’s little show had gotten us all a bit horny. The
atmosphere had definitely changed.

Scott didn’t get so lucky for the next few hands, and it was me against
Paul for the next big pot. I pushed all my chips in, and Paul called
with all of his, but then raised the ante further.

Look, ” he offered, “If you win, you get a lap dance like that from
Claire, but if I win, I get one off Donna?”

I looked at my girlfriend from across the room. She was drunk, but she
simply wasn’t quite as outgoing as the flirtatious Claire.

I don’t think she’ll do it, ” I said, but I really wanted to be on the
receiving end of Claire’s sexy dance as Scott had a while ago, so I
agreed, taking the chance that I would win. “Okay, turn your cards

To my horror, and Paul’s delight, he flipped over a pair of Aces, which
went on to beat my pair of Queens. “Come on then, ” he said, rubbing his
hands, “Tell Donna what she’s got to do.”

I had to call her over, and explained what I’d done. “I really thought
I’d win, ” I said apologetically as she glared at me. Then she sighed,
and said she had to honour the bet, but told Paul she wasn’t anywhere
near as good at this as Claire was.

I expected to get really jealous, watching her dance provocatively for
my best friend, and at first I did, as she stepped in close and swayed
right in front of him, sexily and suggestively. She even rubbed her
backside in his groin slightly, as she didn’t have the natural moves
that Claire did but I could tell Paul was enjoying every moment, and at
my expense as he gave me a non-too-subtle wink and then grabbed her

Donna pushed his hand away, but didn’t tell him off which rather
surprised me, and she continued to dance, closing her eyes and getting
into the music. What surprised me further was that I was getting
excited at watching her dance for him, especially when she again rubbed
her ass against his bulging crotch and she allowed him to feel her
thigh through her trousers as she straddled him.

Then abruptly, she stopped and walked away to Claire, who gave her a
huge kiss. That drew a massive cheer from all the boys. Paul was
looking as flustered as Scott had a while ago, and told us we should
get on with the game as it was getting late.

I was out, and wasn’t about to go through watching her dance again, so I
sat and watched the final games between Paul and Scott, and nothing
else untoward happened until Scott finally beat out Paul, and claimed
the money.

Mark and Scott went home, just leaving me, Tony, Paul and the girls, and
Donna and I were clearing away while waiting for them to go, when Paul
offered me another quick game.

Claire’s winding me up, ” he moaned, and then his wife explained further.

You two are rubbish, ” she teased, “To get beat by young Scott who didn’t
know what he was doing! I think even me and Donna could beat you.”

Well that was it, my male pride wouldn’t stand to be goaded like that,
so I told Donna she was playing too, and Tony stayed behind for a quick
game as well. He was much older than us, and was Paul’s supervisor at
work, but was a really nice old guy.

We only played with a few chips, to make it a quick game, and before
long our skill started to show over the girls’ enthusiasm. Claire was
out fairly quickly, and looked really disappointed so I offered her a

You can come back in the game for one of those lap dances, ” I said
cheekily. Both Paul and Donna looked like they were going to object,
but I pointed out they had already been guilty of this earlier, so it
was my turn to have some fun now. Donna didn’t look very happy but I
was drunk and desperate to see Claire’s bulging tits close up.

She pretended to think about it, then practically raced around the table
and began to dance for me. It was every bit as good as I’d imagined it
to be. She shook her blonde hair loose from the bun she’d had it up in
earlier, and even undid a further button on her blouse so I got to see
the full curve of her tits in the half-cup, lacy white bra she was
wearing. Her nipples were showing above and through the thin fabric so
I could see every detail, and by the time she’d finished, my cock felt
like it was going to burst through my trousers.

Donna was definitely glaring at me, but Claire made her smile with
something she whispered in her friend’s ear, and the game continued.

Tony spoke up during the next hand, which made me laugh. “I really hope
Donna loses the next hand to me!” Even Donna grinned and Tony seemed
encouraged by that, but when he really did beat her in the next hand,
he only looked at her half-expectantly.

I didn’t expect her to do anything, but giving me a ‘this is your own
fault’ look, she walked over to him, and undid several of the buttons
on her top. Donna didn’t have the tits of Claire, but did show her
small but perfectly formed cleavage off to Tony. I could see her lacy
little black bra she was wearing, and he must have got a lovely view as
she danced so close to him. She ground her ass into his lap, and as a
finale she pushed his face right into her gaping top.

You’ve made an old man very happy, ” beamed Tony as the game carried on,
and Donna gave me a really smug look as she rejoined the game.

So she wanted to play like that, did she?

Everyone sat around the table was drunk, and the atmosphere was quite
highly charged. What happened next was inevitable, but still
unexpected. Claire lost out to Donna, and asked her friend what the
forfeit was to get back in the game. Donna just shrugged and smiled,
and Claire walked over and began to lap dance for my wife. It got very
hot and crazy, with Claire rubbing her tits right in Donna’s face, who
just laughed, knowing it was winding all the watching boys up. Claire
finished by sitting on Donna’s lap, and then full-on kissing her,
tongues and all, while being watched by us; the appreciative audience.

That kiss changed everything. I beat Claire next, and of course, I asked
for a kiss just like that one. Donna arched an eyebrow at me, as did
Paul but the mood round the table was a horny one and I wanted to see
what would happen next. Claire came over and sat on my lap. Her top was
fully unbuttoned and gaping open so I could see her bra and the shape
of her tits perfectly as she positioned herself and then leaned in and
kissed me. It took everything I had not to reach up and cup those huge
tits, but I managed to resist. I expected Donna or Paul to be angry but
they were whispering something to each other, and then as we played the
next hand they both bet against each other so I knew they were up to

Surprisingly Donna came out on top, but they still went ahead and did a
forfeit. Donna asked Paul for a kiss like the one Claire had just given
me. He winked at me as he passed and leaned over my petite little wife.

If it’s got to be like the one my wife just gave your husband, then this
needs to be undone, ” he said, and unbuttoned the rest of her top,
pulling it open to reveal her B-cup bra to everyone. It was black and
lacy, and basically see-through. Her small, dark nipples were clearly
visible, erect and poking through the sheer fabric as Paul leaned in
and kissed her.

As they made out I looked first at Tony, who was staring at her exposed
bra, and then at Claire who shrugged her shoulders and mouthed, ‘Don’t
worry, ‘ at me. I wasn’t worried, I was slightly jealous but also
extremely horny, and beginning to wonder where all this might lead. I
was soon to find out, as Paul took it up a notch by reaching down and
doing what I had managed to resist doing with his wife. He took one of
Donna’s tits in his hand, and squeezed and cupped it in his hand, while
they kissed. Donna didn’t make any move to stop him, in fact when he
finally broke off the kiss, she was flushed and breathing heavily. She
even thanked him as he sat down, and then stuck her tongue out at me

This is getting naughty, ” said Claire when we started dealing again,
“Why don’t we just go the whole nine yards and play strip poker?”

Donna looked alarmed, as did Tony, but I asked Donna why she was worried
if she had been so confident the girls could beat us. Was she backing
down now? Tony said that he was a bit old for strip poker, but Paul
pointed out that the slim old chap had probably got a better body than
both us two guys, and so with a shrug of his shoulders he told us to
deal the next hand, and that he was game if everyone else was.

The way strip poker works was as normal, but when you ran out of chips,
you had to take off an article of clothing to get carry on. If you won’t
enough chips back you could buy back some clothes, but after a brief
discussion between us all it was decided that was too complex.
Especially considering how drunk we all were, and so we agreed instead
to strip, or just do forfeits or dares, on whoever had beaten who.

So the first hand came down, and I was delighted to see I’d been dealt a
pair of Kings. Everyone folded except for Paul, disappointingly both
br>the girls didn’t want to play this time, probably due to slight
nervousness at what would happen if they lost. The rest of the hand
played itself out and I won.

Well, what can I dare another bloke to do?” I chuckled.

Want me to dare him instead?” Claire offered. She was sitting next to me
now, to my right, then going around in a circle; Tony, Donna and
finally Paul, sat on the left of me.

What are you going to dare me to do?” Paul shrugged, “You’re my wife. It
should be Donna really?”

We all looked at my little wife, and her eyes widened. “I don’t know, ”
she giggled and looked to Claire for help, but none came, so she
shrugged. “Um, okay you have to take your shirt off?”

Paul breathed out, relieved that the forfeit was an easy one. Claire
rolled her eyes, perhaps in disappointment.

What?” Donna questioned her, “I couldn’t just tell him to get his dick
out straight away, could I?”

We all laughed out loud at that, and it was Tony’s turn to deal the next
hand. This time I was dealt poor cards so I folded and watched instead
as Donna and Claire went up against Tony. He won and after beating
them both, he got them to both remove their tops. Both girls did it
without too much fuss, which was surprising, but fun to see them both
sat in just their bras, so contrasting – the busty blonde in the white
bra and the petite brunette in black.

The game went as strip-poker should. Tony lost his shirt, Paul lost his
jeans, as did I, and then finally both the girls, one after the other,
lost their trousers too. Only Tony was left with trousers on. Paul and
I were in only our boxer shorts, with the girls just in their bras and
panties. Things were getting hotter by the second.

The next hand was won by Tony, and he dared Claire to give him a lap
dance in just her skimpies. She didn’t hesitate – she was drunk, we all
were – and this time it went further as Paul pulled his wife from
Tony’s lap after the dance and sat her on his knee. They kissed and
then to everyone’s surprise, he popped the clip on her bra, and her
huge breasts came into view. My eyes almost popped out of my head, and
I tried hard not to stare in front of Donna. Luckily, my wife didn’t
notice, she was too busy laughing at Tony’s reaction – his tongue was
almost hanging out.

Paul won the next hand, and I knew what was coming. Donna must have too,
because when he asked for a dance, she didn’t sigh or complain, she
just went and sat in his lap. There wasn’t really any dancing, she just
shyly wiggled her bra-clad breasts in his face while he had a close-up
look. Then he took everything another stage further, reaching behind my
wife’s back to pop her bra clasp too.

I held my breath, wondering what I should do, and how she would react,
but things had gone too far for her to stop him. She let her bra drop
from her breasts, covering them with her hands.

Oh, don’t do that, ” Paul said softly, and reaching up, he eased her
hands away. Donna was blushing furiously, cringing in embarrassment as
we all gazed at her beautifully pert tits. She was obviously horny from
the attention because she simply sat there in his lap, not even making
any attempt to resist as Paul reached up and cupped her tits in his

I finally exhaled, taking in another deep breath as I fought a mixture
of emotions. I felt jealousy burning inside me, and yet I was
incredibly horny too. A still topless Claire was sitting next to me,
watching my reaction closely. All I could do was smile at her, and she
smiled back. Damn, she was pretty, and those breasts were just… wow!

I wish I’d had the balls to do that, ” Tony commented, watching Paul
squeeze my wife’s tits.

Donna wouldn’t mind you having a feel, ” Paul said cheekily, then asked
her, “Would you?”

When Donna didn’t say anything, Tony moved his chair closer, and Paul
moved his hands so the older man could feel instead. Tony cupped and
squeezed them, saying how firm they were, and even gently tweaked her
already-hard nipples. My cute, young little wife letting a much, much
older man play with her tits was so wrong, and yet so erotic to see.
She didn’t say anything, but she glanced at me with an odd expression
on her face,

Tony was still having a good feel, when Donna suddenly shifted
uncomfortably in Paul’s lap, and then let out a little laugh. “You’ve
got a hard-on, ” she giggled to him, making him redden slightly. She
stood up as Tony let go of her breasts, and then prodded the front of
Paul’s shorts, where his erection was visible. Paul just shrugged, so
Donna lifted the hem of his shorts and looked inside.

Hey, ” Paul interjected, “You have to win a hand to do that!”

Oh, stop being such a spoilsport, ” Claire laughed at him, “You know
we’re all going to end up naked anyway!”

And we did, plus a lot more – read part 2 to find out what happened… and please rate this story to help others decide whether to read it or not!

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