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The Photographs

Stacey got back from a trip to the shops to find a note through her door from the postal service, the parcel was too large to post and has been taken next door. She knew what it was, a selection of pictures her friend had taken and had blown up for her to A3 size. The young lad that took the envelope in signed to acknowledge a rip in the packing. Upon further investigation it appeared the contents had not only been opened but used, and most certainly abused, by the Post Office staff. There were a plethoa of fingerprints on the collection of pictures of the sexy brunette in short skirts, tight tops and leather pants, along with a few dubious stains.

He’d text a few of his mates “Get round here now I’ve got sexy pictures of the bird next door. Let’s have some fun before she comes to get them”, and a gang of young lads surrounded the dining room table stroking their hard cocks over the horny picture collection. “Looks like someone’s already had fun with these” piped up a breathless Ahmed, noticing some streaks across the glossy finish. The lads all sniggered as, unknown to them, Stacey peered through the window to see if anyone was in, having tried the doorbell to no avail, only to see each lad in turn squirt their copious loads onto her pictures.

“HEY!” She shouted, banging on the window. “Oh fuck!” exclaimed Craig, “here she is, i’d better let her in”. Once inside she burst into the room anxious to save some of the pictures. “You’ve ruined them!” she bleated red faced with anger, “you’ll have to pay for new ones, I’ll tell your father”. “Yeah he’ll pay if he can keep them, he’ll be bashing over them all fuckin’ day you horny bitch! That’s if he’ll be able to see any of you beneath the jizz we’ve shot and will continue to squirt over them before he gets home”.

“You cheeky bastards!” shouted Stacey, concerned by what they were doing with her images but also slightly turned on, despite the lads being 14 if they were a day. “Keep them, I’ll speak to your dad later”. With that she turned round and started to walk out. Ahmed ran in front of her and prevented her getting through the door. Despite his young age he is tall and a sports player. He grabbed her by her arms saying “why are we wanking over pictures of you when you’s fuckin right here?” “Yeah” said Simon, “let’s fuck the whinging bitch”.
Stacey had dressed for a nice Spring day, a tight blue cotton crop top with elastic pulling the material in under her huge breasts, and a pair of black leather trousers. The very outfit she’d worn for one of the pictures now drowning in cum. The buttons at the back of her top, already straining trying to keep her tits in, were almost popping as she squirmed, trying to escape Ahmed’s vice like grip. He spun her round to face the lads, all re-hardened at the prospect of actually doing something with their captive. Simon walked up and started grinding into her and both lads dry humped her. “We like them sexy pants bitch” declared Ahmed as he rubbed his cock into her leather covered buttocks as Simon rubbed vigorously against her lower belly, grabbing hard at her hips. Ahmed’s hands reached round and grabbed at her huge breasts roughly, tweaking her nipples through her top. The lads moved quicker and quicker and Stacey knew what was coming. Simon let out a moan, as did Ahmed, as both shot their loads over the front and back of her pants. No sooner had they finished when Craig and Ste ran up and wanked furiously at their hard pricks. It was only moments later when huge shots of thick white jizz were flying out of their cocks onto the front of her pants yet again.

“Right” she exclaimed, “you’ve had your fun now let me go, you’re in so much trouble”. “Fuck that” shouted Carl stroking himself at the table, “you’re not going until we’ve finished with you. Get her on the floor”. With that Simon gave her a dead leg and she was pulled to the floor, where Carl straddled her belly. Struggling beneath him and kicking with her legs, she tried to break free… without success. Carl placed his fingertips in her cleavage and grabbed at the material holding her breasts so tightly, ripping the material from the centre out, her designer top now in shreds and her huge fleshy mounds wabbling like two jellies sitting atop her chest.

“Please no, let me go!” she screamed, but Carl merely placed his 7″ cock between her breasts and, grabbing one in each hand, pressed them into his manhood as he rammed in and out of them. Ahmed grabbed his iPhone and started videoing the rape of her tits, Carl pounding away at them for all he was worth. It wazsn’t long before his load shot out right up to the top of her neck, before grabbing his cock and squiting the rest of his load onto her face and tits, to rapturous applause from the others.

As he sat there atop her rib cage massaging his load into her soft milky flesh with his cock head, Ahmed grabbed at her pants. Finding the zip at the side, he undid it and roughly peeled both her pants and thong down her legs, pulling them completely off and throwing them across the room, landing by the door. Despite her protesting Stacey was wet but these lads were too young to understand why. Ahmed wasted no time pushing his mate off her and climbing over her, holding down each arm as he entered clumsily her wet cunt. Stace knew she came easily and it’d be nothing to reach five or six orgasms in one session with her boyfriend, so it wasn’t going to be long before she had a reaction to these lads, even if their technique was rudimentary and rough.

Ahmed thrashed away at her as Simon and Carl forced her head from side to side, each fucking her mouth as she faced them. She shuddered and moaned into Carl’s cock as she came. Unsure of what was going on (all 5 being virgins) Ahmed pulled out, sending Stacey’s load squirting up and onto his belly. “Woah!” shouted the lads as Ahmed looked straight into her eyes and smiled. Knowing what his own load looks like as it shoots out of his prick he knew that was her cum. He smiled as he ploughed back inside her, looking down at her tits bouncing around to his beats as he grabbed her hips firmly, ramming her hard and fast, before shooting his load deep inside her.

He collapsed on top of her whispering into her ear “thank you, you horny fuckin bitch”. She lay there for a moment hoping that would be it, but after he got off her Ahmed pulled her up and he and Carl lowered her onto Simon’s throbbing prick, standing upright as if putting it’s hand up straight to say “me next miss!” Simon watched as his regular 6″ length disappeared into Stacey’s dripping cunt. Grabbing her hard he pounded into her, his cock ramming in and out, in and out. A tear left her right eye as her body was to betray her again, she tensed her muscles around his pumping shaft making him come quickly, far quicker than he had imagined. She felt his load fill her up and started to shake, and a grin spread across her face. “She’s gonna fuckin do it again look” shouted Ahmed, as she released over Simon’s balls before collapsing onto him.

She was then pulled off Simon and placed atop Carl’s wanton prick. Carl, a good 8 inches and with a wide girth, drew a wince from his reluctant partner as he slid up inside her. She knew that if she wasn’t so well lubricated she’d be in a lot of pain. As he started thrashing away at her, loving the way her mammoth mounds flew about with every thrust from his pelvis, she watched as Ste got behind her. Not imagining for a moment that a 14 year oild would know anything about anal sex she thought he was going away, but then she felt his hands on her hips. “NO!” she shouted, “please, please no”. “Shut the fuck up, tart” replied Ste, scooping cum from her breasts and rubbing it over his dick before placing his mushroom head at her tight asshole, and pushing in gently. She gasped as she felt him enter her slowly but surely, until he was balls deep in her ass, the two lads now pumping into her as fast as they could.

Ahmed returned, standing beside her and moving her mouth onto his cock. “You’ll make me come once more bitch” he declared before fucking her face. Although repulsed, she’d never felt so turned on. At 30 she was still being found attractive and, despite being under age, these lads could fuck. It wasn’t long before the shakes started again and another long moan disappeared into Ahmed’s cock this time, as she prepared herself. The lads all knew now what this meant and ramped up the speed, filling her cunt and ass at the same time. Her cum met their’s, her cunt awash with thick white jizz. Ahmed held her hair tightly, pulling her head to the hilt of his dick, squirting down her throat.

She was pulled off Carl and placed in a heap on the rug, as the lads dressed and moved upstairs. At this point Craig’s dad walked in and stopped at the leather pants strewn across the entrance to the room. Picking them up he noticed the sticky fluid front and back and soon cottoned on to what it was. He then walked past the table and looked at the cum splashed pictures of his neighbor. His prick hardened in his pants as he drank in her sexy poses and outfits, he’d always had an eye for her but, being fifty, deemed he was too old. Then he looked across the room and saw Stacey lying there naked, cum seaping from her pussy and ass.

“Oh that’s how it is, is it?” he said, “you give my son these and then fuck him eh?” “No, no, your son and his mates raped me” she replied. “Raped you? Raped you? They’re fourteen! They wouldn’t have a fucking clue! Now, if you don’t want me to call the cops you’d better spread ’em you little slut”. “No, no, you don’t understa… ”

All she heard was his zipper being pulled down and his cock sprang out, all nine inches of it. “Oh fuck no” she blubbed, tears streaming down her face. Holding her around the neck, he positioned himself between her legs and rammed his length home, pushing right up to her cervix. Kissing her roughly, he pounded in and out of her, grabbing her hips hard. He fucked and fucked her sopping wet pussy, her tits bouncing all over the place turning him on more. She shook and let out a huge moan that the lads heard in the back bedroom. Rushing down the stairs they surrounded them cheering, as she came one last time. Craig’s father pounding away making sloshing noises as he pulled out quickly, firing thick wads of cum right up her body. As he squezzed the last drop onto her trimmed pussy hairs he said calmy “now get the fuck outta here, slut!

Stacey put her soaking wet pants on and went to the table for her pictures. “You can leave those” said the father, knowing they’ll be getting use from his son and his mates AND him across

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