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The key

Start of a new week, and Jessica was slightly bored, her sexual appetite had not been quenched lately and her mind wandered to what she could do about it.

She went down to her local shop to get some bits, there was a guy who worked there who always tried to help her,after all she was gorgeous who wouldn’t? but Rob, he seemed nice,polite pRobably rather too innocent she thought,she knew he couldn’t take his eyes off her,so a little fun first she thought…

So putting on her sexiest high heels, real noisy ones on their hard shop floors bound to get his attention, a white low cut t shirt, minus bra, leaving her tits pushing out and nipples showing.

In she strode to the shop, her heels making a seductive sound as they hit the floor, ah yes there he is, Rob, seemed to be fumbling around, pretending he had shelves to stack.

“could you tell me where the sauces are please? “asked Jessica but as she looked at him, he was staring at her nipples.

“I’m sorry, am I disturbing you?”

“Sorry, miss…..yes next aisle over”

“Be a love and show me would you.”

She knew he was in her grasp, but a further test to see his suitability.

She dropped her purse…

Both stood there for a moment…

“Well, you don’t expect me to pick it up do you?”

If he moved away making excuses,he wasnt going to be right for her, if he did it, he was half way there.

“Thank you Rob, you are a good boy… now I want you to lift your shirt up, that’s right,right up over your nipples.”

Jessica then got hold of both nipples and twisted them,Rob yelled in pain.

“That’s for looking at beautiful girls nipples, without permission.”

“What are you doing tomo night Rob say about 7pm?”asked Jessica.

“Why don’t you pop round to my place, I might have a little something for you.”

“Uh… I’m not sure… I’m…”

Jessica interrupted.

“Let me make it easy for you, Rob, be at no.7 at 7 on the dot! I’ll be expecting you…”

With that she spun on her heels and made for the checkout, Rob was in a daze,excited,anxious

On the way home Jessica flipped through her contacts on her phone,scrolling down…ah ha, yes Jake he will be perfect

Jake was a rugby player,fit,attractive, big arms and one of Jessica s fuck buddys, there was no emotional attachment just sex and goodbye

She rang Jake….” hi Jake, its Jessica here, I’m feeling very horny and wondered if you d like to come over and fuck me, no no, not now, tomo nite at 730,ive got a little entertainment arranged,see you then,ciao ”

It was all set up nicely

The next day,came, and it was nearly time for Rob,poor unsuspecting Rob, never mind she thought what fun it will be

She dressed for the part, a black one piece dress, a zip running down the middle of it,done up just enough to stop her breasts popping out, high heels to match and her favorite accessory, her key necklace, a large key to?

The door knocked at 1minute past 7

Jessica strode to the door

“Ah, there you are Rob, one minute late though… I don’t like to be kept waiting!”

“Sorry, I got here as quick as I could.”

“I’m sure…”

“Now then Rob, I’ve got a little treat for you, but I’m only going to be able to do that if you agree to it”

“Agree? What’s the treat?”

“Well… Let’s just say it involves fucking…”

“Is that shocking to you Rob?”

A little I suppose, erm, yeah sounds exciting”

Oh yes, it’s going to exciting… Now, no more wriggling… Let me hear you say you accept and we can begin.”

“Um… I…”

“Let me help you, thank you Miss Jessica I would love to accept my treat…”

Rob didn’t know what to say as Jessica continued to stare at him.

“Repeat it then…”

“Thank you Miss Jessica… I would love to accept the treat…”

“Good! Let’s get started Rob. Follow me.”

Jessica beckoned him into the bedroom with her finger.

“Ok Rob, so how would describe me?”

“Not sure what you mean?”

“Well… Would you say I’m sexy, or just attractive, or what?”

“Definitely sexy.”

“That’s the right answer… And how grateful would you be to see some fucking Rob?”

“Very, I’m ready when you are” he said nervously.

“Well get naked for me then, let’s have a look at you, see if you measure up hey?”

Jessica circled him,looking him up n down

“very nice Rob,not too bad….i have a rule…i don’t get undressed until a man shows his gratitude by getting his cock hard for me, then…..well, we will begin”

Rob started get his cock hard while Jessica stared at him,

“Good, now stop that..go and stand over there by the wardRobe doors?”

The door bell went.

“Ah, I must answer that, but I don’t want you going anywhere, so I’m just going to fasten these hands?”

She leant over her heaving breasts in full sight, and with one quick movement his hands locked behind him onto the doors

“Back in a sec”

What was going on he though, this beautiful girl had him locked up alone in her bedroom,he thought it was some sexy foreplay but was a little nervous when he heard voices approaching the bedroom

The doors flung open, Jessica came in with a tall muscular guy, he instantly was embarrassed

“Rob… This is Jake… He is what you call a friend, when I need certain things doing…”

Rob looked up, the man half smiled and nodded

“You see Rob your treat is to get to se me getting fucked,up close and personal, I treat any man would pay big bucks for, so you see Rob your e getting it for free,how lucky are you?”

Jake started get undressed,and Jessica came over to Rob

“You are my audience tonight, I expect your undivided attention……but not pleasure…youve noticed this key around my neck have you?”


“Well, it has one very important purpose.”

She fumbled in a draw and out came a shiny and gold Chasity device.

“What is that?”

“It’s going around your cock Rob!”

“I’m going to lock you in with my sexy key, hows that?”

“I don’t really like this”

“That’s a shame, cos youre going to do as your told for now…i don’t want to hear you speaking unless I ask you to is that clear?”

She ran her fingers down the metal clasps of the device taping it with her long nails

“Ok, let’s begin.”

“Jake’s going to fuck me until I tell him to stop, and youre gong to watch,two rules I have, I always keep my high heels on and I always get the man to come where I can see it, today he will cum on my lovely tits..and you Rob, are going to lick it clean… How does sound? Another mans’ spunk in your mouth? Divine, no?

‘Jake be a love and move the bed over a little.”

The bed was now inches from Rob standing chained to the wardrobe.

“Come and unzip me Jake.”

Lay me down and lick me all over.

“that’s enough of that, get up here and fuck me” she said.

Rob looked on, as Jake stood up revealing a large erect cock, how he wished it could be him, to get to fuck Jessica,he was so near but so far.

Jessica lay inches from Rob….”are you watching me Rob? I do hope so” she laughed.

Jake entered Jessica,she let out a moan of ecstasy as Jake thrust back and forth.

Her tits bouncing as he pumped her.

“Now don’t get too excited and come will you Jake, you know the rules”

Jake held her legs high in the hair, together, her heel s pointing to the ceiling, it was excruciating for Rob

Jessica then turned round,” do me from behind”

She got on all fours, swept her hair over one shoulder and knelt inches from Rob.

“Look me in the eyes Rob, what a great view youve got”

Jessica was getting fucked from behind, her face smiling at Rob as she swung back and forwards with Jakes cock.

“Time for you to come Jake I think,i want Rob to get his second treat of the day”

Jessica moved to sit on the edge of the bed, facing Rob, Jake walked round and masturbated his cock pointing it at her tits.

“You ready Jake? Give it to me!”

out came spunk all over her tits, dribbling down through her natural cleavage.

Jake quietly left the room, but Jessica hadnt finished.

“You are a lucky boy, not many men get to watch me getting fucked, and now I’m going to let you lick my tits clean,what do you say?”

“Do I have to, I really don’t…..”

“Yes, you bloody well have to! You will ask permission too! Where are your manners?”

“Lick them up, go on, get that spunk off me, I want to see you swallow…come on swallow it….there you go, wasnt so bad was it?”

Jessica got up, and left Rob there, ” ok Jake thanks for coming over. Bye”

“Now… Let’s get you unlocked… Get dressed then” she commanded.

“before you go I need to hear the magic words don’t i?”

“Thank you?”

“Thank you miss Jessica for letting me watch you get fucked…”

“It was my pleasure Rob! I hope to do it again soon.”

“Oh, and Rob… Next time you hear my sexy heels on your shop floor, don’t be in such a rush to please me. That’s your lesson.”

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