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The Intern

The Intern

As anyone who has tried it can tell you, it can be hard to get ahead in business. In order to get experience you have to have experience. With the deck apparently stacked against her, Noelle was getting close to giving up.

After working as a stripper for 4 years to pay her way through her undergrad Noelle had expected things to start turning around for her after she finished school. She had even managed to land a prestigious internship at her top pick, a law firm that had an international reputation. But as it so often seemed to, things just were not working out for her the way that she had expected them to…

Things had started to go south as soon as she had started, but her coworkers were by far the worst of her problems. She swore left, right, and center that her breasts were a curse from god for something she had done in a previous life, and they were proving themselves a burden in ways beyond the literal yet again. Oh sure, men loved her body, but it is hard to be taken seriously with DD breasts, and the attention she got from the men did little to help her reputation with the women.

She had expected better when she had started working here. The law firm that had offered her the internship was one of the top ranked firms in the country. But instead of treating her like a person they mostly treated her like meat. Her boss spent most of his time staring down her shirt, and her female coworkers hated her because of the attention she got but didnt want from her male coworkers.

What annoyed her the most was that aside from the peer interactions she loved her job. She was convinced that part of the problem was that she was an intern, which made her less than human to many of her coworkers, she was sure if she could just be hired on that a lot of the issues would resolve themselves.

Lucky for her, a position had just recently opened up that she was almost over qualified for. Unlucky for her was that she was one of 20 interns, and the only female, so the chances of her getting the position was slim.

The one positive thing that really stood out to her about her job though was her boss’s boss. The regional manager was not only about her own age and smoking hot, with smoldering good looks and an air of confidence that could only come from true competence, but he was kind to her when so many others were not.

Noelle was at her lowest point when hope came from a most unexpected place. She had been putting in as much face time with her the regional manager’s secretary, trying to build bridges, when the woman had let slip what she claimed was something of a widely known but publicly ignored facet of the company. It turned out that there was a bathroom on the 10th floor that was a well known hook up spot for employees.

While officially the company frowned on sexual interactions between its staff unofficially it was encouraged. The company had high expectations which created a great deal of stress, so a little release as it were was subtly encouraged. Noelle had been utterly ignorant of this part of the company due to being so shut out from so many of her peers. The other woman had hinted that more than one career had been made in the secluded bathroom and if Noelle was brave enough it could be the answer to her dilemma…

She entered the bathroom and… was utterly shocked by its nondescript appearance. She was not really sure what exactly she had been expecting from a place of so much rumored debauchery, but this unimposing room with its purple brick walls was not it.

Noelle was not entirely sure what she would do if she were caught here. Seeing as how she was several floors away from where she worked, and that each of the floors had a full complement of bathrooms, she really had no good excuse for being here. She inspected the stalls that lined one of the walls. She had been told that she would know she was in the right spot because one of the stalls would have a cutout in it for… “servicing” of male employees.

Her heart skipped a beat in her chest when she opened the second stall and there in front of her was a wide hole cut between the stalls. She had almost hoped that she would not find anything, that the whole rumor about this bathroom and the things that went on here would turn out to just be a myth, but clearly that was not the case.

She had made sure to wear something revealing, a low cut red top that showed off her ample endowments in a way that any other time would have made her uncomfortable. While she tended to spill out of any normal top anyway this particular one displayed her assets in a way that was impossible to miss. She had baited the trap by letting the district manager’s secretary know that she was headed up to this floor to use the restroom, since she was sure the gossipy bitch would let him in on such a juicy piece of gossip right away. She was not sure how much more obvious she could have been as working that into a conversation without it being transparent anyway had been tough enough.

She had paid plenty of attention to her intended target throughout the morning, and with the veritable canyon she had put on display even his normally respectful eyes had strayed quite a bit.

She stepped into the cramped little stall that boasted the famously porous wall and started to carefully strip. someone had thoughtfully installed hooks and a small shelf above the toilet and she folded up her clothing carefully so as to avoid wrinkles until she stood completely nude. Although she would have prefered to keep some of her clothing on until things got underway she had been told quite clearly that if you were seeking a promotion you entered the stall nude, and she figured if she was going to do this she might as well do it the right away.

She waited anxiously, her thoughts straying to what she would do if this did not work no matter how hard she worked to redirect them. She was just about to give up when she heard the door to the bathroom open and close, followed moments later by the stall next to hers opening and closing as well. The fleeting thought that it would be ironic if she fucked the wrong person flitted through her mind but she chased it away.

“A supplicant is here seeking advancement.” she said quietly.

The words she spoke had been told to her very clearly, she had been instructed that there was a specific phrase that one spoke in order to denote what their position was and what they wanted, though how such a formula had been worked out and how everyone could remember it was beyond her.

The sound of a zipper gliding downwards and the rustling of cloth followed shortly after her pronouncement.

A cock followed and with a racing heart she got to work. Noelle took her ample breasts and wrapped them around the intruding cock, which she noted was already standing at full attention. Gathering up a mouth full of saliva she spit into her cleavage to provide some much needed lubrication. The anonymous cock started to glide back and forth between her sensitive flesh, and a particularly vigorous thrust drove the breath from her lungs. She did her best to catch a glimpse of the man who was fucking her tits, but the position needed to expose her chest to be fucked meant that she could not see her mysterious partner.

The rather degrading nature of the task aside she found herself starting to get turned on. It had been a long time since she had experienced a cock between her breasts and she thrilled at being found desirable, even in a situation like this. The occasional grunt and deep throaty groan of desire that echoed around the room from the adjoining stall told her all she needed to know of her performance, and the innate desire to satisfy a partner started to kindle a fire of desire that surpassed the uncomfortable nature of the act itself.

After the titfuck had been going on for a moment or two her own rising desire demanded that she take the cock into her. Following a particularly forceful thrust on the part of her partner she dropped lower onto her knees and pulled the rigid cock into her mouth with a hungry sound.

The cock on the other side of the bathroom stall, which she highly suspected as belonging to her boss’s boss quickly pulsed fervently under her tender care. Noelle might not be great at working with spreadsheets, but she was a pro at working with cock.

She found the entire experience far more… erotic than she had actually expected that she would. She was doing what she thought she had to do to keep her job, and she had expected to feel… well, degraded, even dirty and while she had felt elements of that when she started they had quickly faded. What had blossomed in their wake was a powerful longing, the longing to be fucked.

She had never considered herself a slut, and while she enjoyed sex as much as the next girl the notches on her belt were not yet in the double digits. In the past she had never been what you might consider a lights out kind of girl. You know the kind who enjoys virtually unmoving missionary in the dark.  But while she had her kinky side, sucking off a stranger naked in a bathroom stall at work was a little more… risque than anything she had attempted before… and she LOVED IT.

“Oh god, suck my fucking cock you slut!” The gruff male voice from the other side of the stall groaned.

His voice was enough to confirm to her that the cock in her mouth did indeed belong to the individual whom she had suspected all along. She had thought that she recognized the shoes from the meeting earlier in the day but her position, on her knees naked on the dirty bathroom floor, while allowing him an ample view of her ample chest afforded her a poor view of anything other than his cock. Though she supposed that was all that she really needed at this point anyway.

She worked her mouth along the rigid shaft of his cock, stroking rapidly in time with the motions of her head. But as much as she normally enjoyed sucking cock, being naked and degraded was arousing her to the point that she wanted something… more. She really wanted his cock in her tight little hole.

“Is this all you want?” She asked coyly.

“What’s that slut?” He asked.

“I said, is this all you want sir? For me to suck you off? Or would you rather I put this massive cock somewhere… wetter?” She asked.

She could feel the shiver run through his body as his pulse raced at the promise of something more. She suspected that he had been sucked off more than once in this stall, his willingness to stick his cock through a hole for a stanger said a great deal about his experience, but she was hoping that few women had offered to fuck him too. She was betting that she could get two birds with one stone, or with one fuck as the case may be. Not only would she get off, but she might earn enough points to get the promotion she was hoping for…

“Yes… Get on your knees and push your cunt against the hole…” He commanded.

His voice quivered, though she could not tell if it was due to excitement or something else…

Obediently she pressed her bare cunt against the hole in the bathroom stall. She shivered slightly as the cold metal touched her skin but the discomfort was quickly eclipsed as her boss drew the tip of his cock between the lips of her pussy. He slipped it back and forth a few times, gathering up some of her moisture before plunging his cock inside of her.

“Oh fuccccckkk…” She moaned as his cock pressed inside of her.

The sheer metal wall of the stall prevented any significant freedom of motion, although any sexual frustration she might have felt was overwhelmed by the immensely erotic nature of the act.

While she was normally at the mercy of the man while in the doggy position, forced to rely on his thrusts for stimulation, the wall between them turned the tables. Her partner was forced to remain mostly still, unable to thrust effectively due to the barrier. Noelle took matters into her own hands, driving her ass and cunt against the waiting cock with enough force to make the stall walls shudder with each impact.

Each time she thrust she could feel herself drawing closer to her climax, but she realized with increasing frustration that the erotic nature of getting fucked in the bathroom was just not enough to overcome her need for stimulation.

“Fuck this! I am coming in there!” He said.

She felt his cock slip out of her, followed moments later by the sound of the stall door next to hers flying open. Without ceremony her boss kicked open the door and stood before her.

He had shed much of his clothing, unwilling perhaps to have the product of their illicit union marring his expensive designer suit. He was, she noticed with a shudder of desire, remarkably well built. Broad shoulders and smoldering eyes were offset by slabs of chiseled muscle. He sat on the nearby toilet and, with as much effort as she might take lifting a kitten, reached out and pulled her into his lap.

She straddled his hips and groaned in satisfaction as his cock forced its way back between her legs.

She slammed her hips down into his lap with enough force to elicit a grunt, his cock pounding into her with a satisfying smack, and started working her hips back and forth sinuously.

He reached up with one of his massive hands, cupping her breast firmly and pulling her against him. This at last was sufficient to help her reach her long elusive climax. Her body betrayed her, convulsing spasmodically as waves of pleasure rocked her body from atop her perch. Her lover paid her orgasm little attention, his mind locked on achieving an orgasm of his own, and continued to assault her cunt with unrestrained fury. Each powerful thrust of his hips lifted her bodily from the seat of the toilet, only to have her come crashing down until his cock again.

She could tell that he was becoming frustrated and tired, his body drenched in sweat from his prodigious efforts and apparent difficulty in achieving climax.

“Get down on the floor.” He commanded as he gestured vaguely towards a spot in front of the sinks.

“The floor?” She asked confused. After all, this was a bathroom, she didn’t want to touch anything on the floor let alone press her naked body against it.

“Now!” He commanded harshly

Mindful of how much she had already done to get to where she was, and unwilling to let all of her work go to waste, she gritted her teeth and lay down on the hopefully clean floor in front of the sinks. She was grateful at least that he had indicated a part of the floor that was least likely to have urine on it…

She was given a mercifully short amount of time to consider what she may have rubbing against her body as her partner quickly joined her. He lay behind her and pressed his cock into the folds of her cunt. Taking her from behind one hand clasped her ample breast, while the other rested on her hip. He used his handholds to good effect, pulling her body roughly against his own, his cock thrusting deep inside of her unprotected pussy. She quickly forgot about where she was, losing herself in the moment.

Each thrust caused her breasts to bounce and wave, and her cries quickly filled the bathroom, overpowering even the wet smack of his cock slamming into her.

She was nearing the prospect of another orgasm, his mastery of the carnal craft surpassing even the revulsion she felt at being fucked on the bathroom floor, when he announced that he was going to cum.

She acted on the announcement of his imminent orgasm with all due haste. While he sprang to his feet, stroking his cock fervently, she rose to her knees and waiting for him to finish. With each hand she grasped the massive expanse of her bare bust, pressing her ample breasts together and bouncing them slightly for him. Any question she might have had about the effectiveness of her efforts to be enticing were quickly answered by a spray of cum. He threw back his head and let out a throaty groan as he climaxed. The first spray of cum went wide of her cleavage, landing squarely on her chin, but the following spurts were true and a wave of liquid cum splashed across her breasts.

“Oh god!” He moaned

She watched as his body shuddered subconsciously, the waves of ecstasy brought on by his climax rolling through him. Although it was not enough to elicit a second orgasm on her part she enjoyed the show he put on none the less. While she did not relish having to finish out the work day with the remains of his cum on her, there was something perversely gratifying about the experience.

“Did I do ok sir?” She asked nervously.

All of the instructions she had been given ended at his climax, as she had been told that what happened next was up to her to figure out for herself. While the events leading up to his orgasm had been carefully scripted she had little guidance moving forward.

“Yes, you did great. Noelle right? The intern down in the copyright department?” He asked her.

She could tell from the inflection in his question that it was more of a statement than anything else, he knew exactly who she was and what she did.

“Yes sir.” She answered.

“You are applying for the open position yes?” He asked her.

Again his tone was such that it was a statement but she answered it anyway.

“Yes sir, I have an interview set up with you for tomorrow.” She said.

“Well you can go ahead and cancel that interview, I think I am sufficiently well versed with your qualifications and what you bring to the team for the time being.” He said

“Sir?” She asked nervously. Her heart raced at this, the critical juncture. For while he had said to cancel the interview, he had not said that the position was hers…

“Go ahead and finish out your day today and I will leave a note for maintenance to move your things into the office next to mine.” He said.

“Yes sir, thank you sir.” She said giddy with relief.

“Don’t thank me, you earned this.” He said with a smirk “and make sure you are here at 8:00 am tomorrow for the staff meeting” He said

“Yes sir!” She said enthusiastically.

She stood up, catching herself on the sink as her legs almost gave away beneath her. She watched him ready himself to return to work while she made the most of a wet paper towel and started cleaning his cum off of her breasts.

He is a fucking god…” she thought to herself as she watched him walk out the door, “I would probably sleep with him even if I did not get a promotion out of it…”

All things considered it really was more convenient that if she had to sleep her way to the top that the person she had to sleep with was not only handsome but good in bed as well. She had not missed the fact that he had positioned her in the office next to his own, which meant the chance for future… advancement was a distinct possibility. Which was a prospect she would not mind at all.

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