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The Hung Neighbor: Part 1

Originally written by Checkin, edited heavily by me.

First, I am not a voyeur. I am a father of two and married for twenty-five years. My family has lived in the same middle-class home for twenty-three years, and we are, well happy and healthy. Can’t ask for more than that. Our kids are off on their own, and my wife has taken on a job since the kids left home. I’m still working, but just four days a week.

My neighbors to the South of our home are long time friends. We’ve looked after each other’s kids when trips, family crisis, or any other cause may have come to light. The kind of friends who have the keys to each other’s homes. When they recently went on a three-week trip to Europe to see family, they asked my wife and I to watch over their son, Tom.

He’s a good kid, nineteen-years-old, polite, but a little goofy. Not in a bad way, just unusual. He had no job, no prospects, and no ambition. He’s never had many friends, and as his parents have said he has limited interests. Tom was slightly built, maybe five foot eight inches, and on a soaking wet day maybe weighing in at one-hundred-and-forty pounds.

This starts out innocently. On a Friday afternoon at home in mid-June. I was yard work outside when I saw two young girls from the neighborhood walk up to my neighbor’s house. Although, these were no ordinary girls, I already knew them some of the hottest girls in town, Jenny and Allie.

Jenny’s older sister represented our state in the Miss America pageant a few years ago. Allie was a well-known gymnast who attended a local community college.

In my opinion, Jenny was hands down better looking than her sister who was a Miss America contestant. She stood at about five foot eight, had dirty blonde hair, and friendly personality. Allie was short at five foot three, a redhead, and even though she’s athletic she still had wide hips. They both must’ve been home from college for the summer.

Why were these goddesses at Tom’s house though? They were out of everyone’s league, and Tom was no movie star.

Jenny had on jean shorts and a black bikini top. Allie had on a red one piece suit. Tom had on some swim trunks when he answered the door so I figured they were going out to the pool.

They proceeded to the rear family room in the lower part of the house. I could hear them talking, but couldn’t make out much. I still tried to concentrate on my weeding, but what Tom was up to was much more interesting.

Finally, my curiosity brought me over to an open window to listen in. As it was, a side door leading outside of Tom’s home had a concrete staircase that went up to ground level. It allowed me to look in, and not remain hidden in either day or night. The inner door was open, so I had a great view and could hear everything.

Funny enough, Tom’s parents and I agreed it was the perfect spot for a perv to watch anyone downstairs. No one thought at the time that I would end up being that pervert.

Jenny had brought Allie over for her first visit to Tom’s home. There were some nervous exchanges as the kids stood and talked in the large family room. I was about to leave when I thought Jenny reached out and grabbed at Tom’s trunks. I wasn’t wrong, she did it again, and Allie turned into a giggling machine. Tom didn’t resist, and from what I could see, him and Jenny had done this before. Allie was new to the experience and they were sharing it with her.

Jenny got in closer and pulled down his trunks. It already looked like he had something stuffed in there. I could not believe what I saw when revealed.

I’m average in size in the dick department, this kid was already larger than me and he was still soft. His dick was hanging down at least three inches longer than my own when hard. That’s not even mentioning the girth which looked like a soda can.

When I shot a look at the girls, Allie ran to hide behind Jenny, her mouth and eyes wide. She peeked out from behind Jenny to take in Tom’s growing cock. Neither girl was a virgin, but it was obvious, that Allie had never seen anything like this. She couldn’t stop saying “oh my God”.

I thought, “this can’t be,” but Tom responded by getting bigger and bigger. Where was the blood coming from? It must have been over nine inches when Jenny raised her voice, “I want to show Allie something.”

Jenny ran upstairs while Allie stood in awe of Tom’s cock. He moved over to the sofa, his cock hanging from his small skinny body. Jenny came downstairs with a small bucket of ice and asked Allie to come over to the couch.

They proceeded to ice down Tom’s balls and cock. We all watched as it shrank to a size that was close to my size. Tom found it uncomfortable, but he knew what was coming. I couldn’t believe the girl’s bodies as they stripped. Awesome, both were tan, trimmed, and firm, and so was I, my cock that is, it was as hard as it had been in years.

Allie was in awe of how small his cock had become compared to before. To her it must have been some sort of weird magic trick, there was no way this skinny kid had a cock that could grow to be so big. The girls began pulling and massaging his now cold and wet cock. Tom sat back as it grew and grew.

Allie was repeating herself, “this isn’t real!” But it was, the kid was so thick the girls couldn’t get their hands around it, and it was getting bigger. Tom sat back, touching and admiring the girl’s bodies.

Allie’s body was beautiful, but it was blocking my view of Tom’s cock. They continued to work on his hardening mass which I guessed was now monstrous. From where I was watching I thought I saw Tom’s cock over Allie’s shoulder.

At that moment, Allie stood up and Jenny released Tom’s cock from her grip. I saw his cock suspended in midair for a brief moment before it fell. When it hit his body it made a loud slapping noise.

Allie paused for a while. “How long is… it?”

Tom said nothing, he hadn’t said a word since his trunks came off. Jenny spoke up, and informed her, “it’s well over ten inches, and it gets almost eight inches around at the base. Measured it myself. Doubt I’ll ever see anything like this again.”

Allie’s face told it all, but her words spoke for everyone, “he’s a freakin’ horse!”

It was easy to see the head of Tom’s cock was about even with his nipples. I never thought anyone could be this big. I thought back to when I was young and first saw John Holmes’ cock in a stag movie. This kid had him beat by a wide margin. Tom maneuvered his cock towards his left side, and it extended far beyond his hip.

I didn’t have a clue where the kid was going to put that thing. Jenny was the first to try, as she must have had prior experience. Jenny went to her small purse and pulled out a tube of lube. Both girls were extremely excited. Allie kept playing with herself, her eyes glued on Tom’s massive cock.

I hadn’t seen nipples this hard on such perfect bodies before. I finally noticed that I had pulled out my own cock, and was pulling it at a furious pace.

After lubing up the top half of Tom’s cock. Jenny stood on the couch and lowered herself onto his huge manhood. She took in around half while Allie pulled on the meat that was still in sight.

The kid’s dick looked to be close to three times the size of mine. That’s when I began shooting ropes of cum, almost giving myself away. Jenny was distracted though by the massive invader in her body.

Allie was mumbling something, but I couldn’t make it out. Both girls were cumming, Jenny from Tom’s cock and Allie by her own hand. I thought I could smell them, the sweat, the hunger, the stink of something beyond great sex.

Jenny pulled off Tom’s cock with care. If you could believe it, it was even larger now. Next to his thin frame it looked obscene.

Jenny looked exhausted but placed her tiny hand on the massive growth. Allie joined in with both hands too, making a total of three hands on his cock. What’s scary is there was still sausage leftover.

Allie finally placed her mouth on the head of his cock and sucked on the head. There was no way it would fit. Tom was moaning and placed one of his own hands on his now completely erect blood club.

My own cock was stiff again. I watched in disbelief as this skinny neighbor teenager had his way with two hot young women.

His cum came forth like a river that wouldn’t stop. Glob after glob, Jenny licking what she could catch. Allie was still in awe before helping collect the nectar and rub it her body while continuing to massage the monster. Tom was grunting with each spasm which provided another fresh load. Allie gripped his cock and couldn’t believe how hard he had become.

“He’s near a foot-long now, and as big around as a can of Coke. He’s near passing out. He nearly passed out on me two weeks ago, I’m serious, he’s beyond anything you’ll ever see.”

Tom was glassy eyed and looked spent. His shrinking cock was still larger than my own, and it settled at nine inches of thick swollen dick.

“My boyfriend is nowhere near this size, I’m freaking out still. He cums like nothing compared to what thing just did.”

Allie began to laugh and giggle in disbelief.

“You girls are welcome here anytime, I mean it.”
“You ready for round two?”

I knew Allie couldn’t comprehend Jenny saying that. She was gaping and sore already.

Tom grabbed his cock with both hands, brought it up towards his chin, leaned forward and placed the head of his cock in his mouth. Slowly sucking and licking his baseball bat cock. The kid had just cum a couple of minutes before, but he was already hard again. That look of disbelief was back on Allie’s face.

Jenny started playing with herself, and both girls were beyond horny. He was getting hard, steel stiff, as his hands and mouth worked their magic.

“You’re both so fucking hot. I want to fuck some big tits and tight pussy.” Tom was making strong eye contact. “I’ll be gentle or hard, but I want to fuck now.”

He stood up, and I started to cum a second time. His cock was looking beyond anything human. It hung at a forty-five-degree angle, straining to raise up, practically at his knees.

“He’s the biggest I’ve ever seen him… Oh my God…” Jenny was in love.

Tom motioned for Allie to lay on the couch, she of course obeyed. “Allie, tell me I’m a monster, tell me I’m your dream, tell me my big dick is more to you than anything you have ever had in your life. Worship my fucking cock.”

Allie nodded with each sentence, her hands working furiously on herself. Jenny joined in doing the same. Jenny was cumming again, as Allie reached out with both hands. Tom and her stroked and kneaded the large thing between his legs. He began to lower himself over her belly positioning it at her dainty mouth.

Allie used both hands and was in near shock as he was bigger this session. Now she could believe how he passes out from that thing.

Slowly moving back and forth, he pushed her tits around his cock as the head teased her mouth. He pulled back slapping her chest with his cock, hell, the kid was going to bruise her, but she didn’t care. She pulled him in, his third leg trapped between their bodies, and kissed him.

Jenny’s soft sexy voice was staring Tom right in the eyes saying some straight up filth. “Tom wants to fuck, doesn’t he? Does he want to fuck Allie? Just nod if you can hear me.”

He nodded as Jenny held his club as they both readied his entry to Allie. She just lay there, in a state of bliss, her face radiant, legs spread wide, and her eyes locked on his monster cock. How could he still be this hard, this long, and so fat?

Allie was trembling. They both reassured her that if it hurts or if for any reason she needs to stop to just speak up. Tom looked at her like she was his first, she was soaked, she was going to stain the couch.

I couldn’t believe it, I was hard again! My eyes were glued to the show before me with Allie and Tom.

Jenny looked weak in the knees, Allie locked her eyes with Tom’s and told him she never wanted anything more in her life. The fat helmet was placed at her tight pussy lips.

“Give me some!”

Tom, this skinny lightweight kid, was giving two of the hottest women I’ve ever seen the times of their lives. He worked in the head while Jenny’s hands worked over his cock and body.

Allie’s eyes shut tight. She was grabbing Tom’s arms as he supported himself and he sunk six inches in her. His hips were moving in circles resulting in the big intruder to re-arrange her insides. She had yet another powerful orgasm.

Jenny watched waiting for her turn, but happy to watch his Tom’s cock split open her best friend. Allie had settled in for the fuck of her life, and after a few minutes was begging for more. Tom lowered a couple more inches into her, but her hands motioned him to stop. She was already cumming again.

“How does your monster cock feel in my friend’s pussy? Stretch that slut out!”

He was stroking nine inches into Allie’s pussy and working her to another orgasm.

“Aahh! I-I’ve never had a orgasm from fah-fucking b-b-before. Oh fuck!”

Tom kept pumping, and pumping. Admiring that he’s conquered another hot woman and converted her to being a size queen.

“Who’s the best fuck in town? Who’s the biggest? Who owns your pussy?”

Allie’s only answer was obvious, she kept repeating his name until she was barely conscious.

“Jen, baby, get me some water, please. I need to keep my fluids up.” He pulled out of Allie’s pussy which was gaping. He began stroking his rod with both hands. Jenny brought water for everyone, but then her eyes quickly locked on his impressive growth.

“Thanks, Jen!” He stood over Allie looking at her beautiful spent body before taking in the needed fluids. “You know something, Jen? I bring myself off every day. I can’t help myself. I’m drawn to my cock every morning in the shower, and every night. I’ve seen cocks in porn and on the internet that are nowhere near my size. I have no idea how this happened, but I love being huge. I fucking love it!”

It was now Jen’s turn, and she was dying to be stretched by Tom again. I wanted to see him do it again too. Jenny was ready-to-go, Allie was still recovering and that big cock put her in a sex coma. Tom motioned for Jenny to assume a doggy position on the couch, he didn’t have to say a word.

His heavy dick was hanging down and brushed the end of the couch as he started to kiss Jenny’s back and neck. His masculine hands playing with her plump delicate tits. The nipples on this girl were perfect too.

I realized I was all over my cock. I must have been jerking on it nonstop since this started. I was even beginning to feel raw now.

After tonguing her womanhood, Tom pulled away and lined up the bulbous head of his cock. He pushed forward and Jenny pulled away as a reflex. Even for a size queen, she knew what that thing could do to her if he was too aggressive.

Jenny’s hungry pussy gobbled up half of his monster cock in no time at all. Tom reached around with his right hand to stroke her body. Her wanton lust only served to make him harder inside of her and giving her longer deeper strokes.

Tom stopped moving his hips encouraging Jenny to do all the work. Then he whispered something to her and she nodded her approval. He backed out leaving just the head in her box, then inched forward holding her hips in place.

I was speechless. Tom must have placed three-quarters of his cock into her before she let out a cry for him to stop.

She fell forward on the couch in the throes of yet another orgasm. His manhood was still partially clung inside. I noticed Allie sitting up and watching the scene. Her eyes wide eyes turned to bedroom eyes as she watched Tom’s cock being crammed in her friend.

Jenny looked over her shoulder, with the most content, lustful gaze at Tom. Her smile could melt any man’s heart, and Tom was no exception. The skinny teen was working his cock with his hands now and it continued growing. It may have been my imagination, but his skin seemed to get lighter as more and more blood rushed to fill the big dick.

Jenny and Allie were spellbound. I’m sure both wondered how they could’ve taken even a portion of this meat. Tom looked a little shaky, and finally uttered some words “get a ruler.” Jenny didn’t move, she couldn’t, she had to stay where she was. She knew how Tom wanted to finish himself off. Jenny instructed Allie to go to the center drawer of the desk while continuing to stare at Tom’s manhood like it was a dangerous animal.

Jenny assumed the doggy position again and moved to the end of the couch. Allie brought over the ruler and placed it on top of Tom’s massive cock. It appeared to be a standard twelve inch ruler, and his penis extended beyond the ruler. Allie’s angle of looking straight down on this image yielded one word, “Jesus.”

I never imagined it possible. Tom continued stroking his massive meat over the floor and finally moved it over Jenny’s butt and back. It extends past her beautiful plump ass cheeks and ends at her lungs.

The kid placed his body over hers, his hips blurred, his arms holding firm on her body, as he jerked himself off on her back. Jenny was past being into it, she had done this before, the girl was shaking in orgasms. Allie was all over herself again while I began cumming.

Just then, the giant cock erupted. Jenny screamed out for the whole neighborhood to hear. As a reflex, I ducked down, which was a reminder that I was being a pervert neighbor.

Nothing else mattered. I rose to see Tom’s huge tool over Jenny’s back as the cum was still oozing from its massive head. Allie was on sitting on the floor. They were speechless like me. Allie was in awe of what just happened, Tom’s snake was lying on top of Jenny’s back.

Tom looked exhausted as he rubbed it all over her back. He finally pulled away, his third leg hanging almost to his knees.

Allie reached out for a feel. “It’s like, even thicker than my ankle! It’s like another arm! How did I take any of this big thing?” Both Jenny and Allie were giggling.

Tom gave her a sheepish grin and moved next to her on the floor, resting his back against the couch. From my angle, I could still see his third arm, and it still looked to be in the double digits. Jenny moved near the end of the couch, raised her legs up, and placed them on either side of his head over his shoulders. Her beautiful feet, with her painted nails resting on his legs. Allie got them all some glasses and they sat in blissful silence. Allie and Tom cuddled on the floor, and Jenny sat on the couch taking in all that had happened.

I knew they were done. I was so embarrassed, my pants and underwear were at my ankles, my dick felt raw, but thankfully no one saw me. They must’ve been sitting there for around fifteen minutes. I stared at them while my mind was still racing and playing back all I had seen.

I pulled up my pants and quietly zipped up but I sensed movement. I saw Allie had got up from the floor and she sat down on the floor across from Tom. I figured it was time to get the hell out but Allie’s feet moved towards Tom and Jenny’s feet seemed busy as well. Tom placed a hand on his cock to position it as the girl’s feet worked on his now growing slab. This can’t be happening. Can it?

I had to go, I must go, but I couldn’t turn away. The kid was getting it up for the third time. “God damn, this is stupid! They should be exhausted,” I thought to myself. The sexy girl’s feet were working some kind of strange magic on Tom’s sleeping monster. It rose up just as large as before but it seemed darker in color. Almost as if it had been abused and was mad and was going to do something about it.

This was Allie’s first time with Tom and her hunger for his cock was not close to being satisfied. Tom, per usual, said nothing, he sat back, digging what the girls were doing. I envied him, I would have to bend over backwards for either of these girls to give me a second glance.

The girls grabbed his monster with their hands and tongued it’s huge head. Tom leaned in and did the same. The head looked to be larger than a doorknob, or more similar to a pool ball. His incredibly huge cock was now glossy from the spit of everyone in the group.

“Do condoms even like fit this thing?” Allie was smiling ear-to-ear.

“Standard condoms are a joke, a very very painful one. We have to order custom ones from Europe for my Tommy.” Jenny felt the need again to answer for Tom.

Allie suggested that Tom lays on the floor. To see Jenny hold up his cock towards the ceiling was an experience none of us would forget. It towered over his body. A mass of long fat flesh that looked as hard as steel.

Tom’s hands were behind his head as he watched Allie try to figure out the best way to sit on his giant throbbing cock. I almost felt sorry for her. What the hell was she thinking? The kid had too much meat.

She turned around and ended up resting her ass on Tom’s abs. The appendage was between her thighs and was long enough to reach her tits. Allie rubbed it on her belly and chest and squeezed it between her thighs. It was large enough to practically hug it.

The girls both looked at how far his cock went up Allie’s body. Her tight body stood no chance of ever taking all that Tom had to offer. They started laughing, and Jenny admitted she would never be able to take him either.

Damn it! My cock is out again. I wasn’t even aware I had pulled it out.

Tom wasn’t laughing, he got off on it. He knew he was monstrous, and he wanted to see it for himself. “Sit on my legs so I can see this thing next to your body.”

Jenny watched it all, her hands were a blur on her box. She was cumming again.

Tom and Allie were stroking his blood club, trying to make it bigger, to see it climb higher up her body. Jenny’s voice trailed off as she had another orgasm. “Fuck Tom! You’re the biggest I’ve ever seen you, look at it! It’s up to her nipples… You’re sooo thick now too.”

Tom’s cock was far and above bigger than could be described. Jenny was having another orgasm before popping off and giving Allie a turn. Allie couldn’t wait to hop on, but she slowly adjusted herself to the thick head. Gradually her pussy accepted about seven inches of it.

“Fuck me stud! Give me that horse meat!”

Tom’s hips rose up and down inserting a couple more inches, but it had to be too thick for her now. The amount of cock he inserted was insane, and yet he had plenty to spare.

Jenny had calmed down by now from her climax but started masturbating watching Allie and Tom. I was cumming again, but it was dry this time, I was spent.

Allie looked like she was trying to sit down on a chair with one monstrous leg. She kept yelling out, and damn, she was cumming all over the place. She could barely stand. It was as if Tom’s cock was holding her up.

After she was stretched Allie had to finally throw in the towel, “I’m too full! Please gimme a minute!” Regrettably, she moved off him. Both girls grabbed his monster, sucked, licked, and stroked his impossible cock to new heights. Tom was moaning loudly, and it was clear he was about to cum again.

Now it was time for Tom to unleash his third load this afternoon… and damn, you would think he’d been saving up for three years. The girls continued to stroke and work his beef, their tongues up and down the huge shaft. Spoonfuls of cum were bursting out and covering the hungry women. It must’ve been over a cup of hot nectar.

I turned away and looked at the staircase leading out to the yard, underpants, and pants at my feet yet again. Guilty, but not so, I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. The beautiful young girls, Tom’s monster cock.

I had never been so turned on in my life. For the second time, I was zipping up and decided before I left to take one last look. The four of them were laying on the floor. Yes, the four of them, Tom’s cock was its own being. It was slack now but swollen from use. Resting between his legs, it looked to be around eight or more inches long and fat. The beautiful girl’s arms draped over Tom and the perfect time to leave with none the wiser.

Like I said before, I am not a voyeur… But if I’m able to, I will never miss one of Tom’s adventures.

It’s been six days since I caught sight of Tom’s girls and his massive cock. My wife is away to at sisters for the entire weekend, and in a little over two weeks Tom’s parents will return home.

When my doorbell rang this morning I figured it was just the UPS man. Surprisingly, it was Tom. He had come over to tell me he was having some friends over on Friday night for a party. He wanted to make sure that it was cool with me since I was “keeping an eye” on him with his parents away.

I said it’s no problem. He then assured me it wouldn’t get out of hand and that most of the guests would be gone by around 11 PM. My mind raced with what might happen, if I could be so lucky.

Friday came, and Friday night finally started. The first to arrive was Jenny. Damn, she looked great, and that was enough for me. I made it a point from then on to not watch anyone else coming in. If something was going to happen. It would happen late.

The kids were going at it pretty good, but just as Tom said, they started to trickle out a little before 11 PM. It was quiet at around 11:10 PM. I hoped the only lights would be in the rear of the house, and I wasn’t disappointed. Those that were left on were in the family room downstairs. I made my way outside, and into position to see what may or may not be going on.

Tom and Jenny were playing pool with another couple. The new girl was skinny, had amazing breasts, and was extremely cute. The guy was tall, around six foot two, and over two-hundred pounds. Both of them looked to be in their early twenties.

This dude had a way about him that I didn’t like. He seemed like a bit of a bully and was a smart-ass, he didn’t seem to treat the girls well either. I wished Allie would show up so a ‘real party’ could get started again.

I learned their names, Mike and Erin. Mike was doing most of the talking, mostly he questioned Jenny why she was hanging around with Tom. Jenny smiled flirtingly, “because he’s sooo sexy.”

Erin was embarrassed by Mike’s attitude this entire time and kept hitting his arm. I heard her scolding him too, telling him to shut up or that he was a jerk. “Don’t be rude, this is Tom’s house. I swear, what wrong with you?”

Tom and Jenny excused themselves and went upstairs. Mike put the moves on Erin and started trying to kiss her, which she eventually gave up and let him.

I thought I might as well go, Mike ruined the mood for any fun. Before heading out I saw Mike pushing Erin to go beyond kissing. Erin protested at first but Mike was persistent and whipped out his dick.

I normally wouldn’t watch and I only did because of the comparison of Mike’s penis to Tom’s and the entertainment value. What I saw before with Tom would stop anyone in their tracks. Mike looked to be about average and so this was more humorous.

Suddenly, Jenny and Tom came through the doors. Mike attempted to cover up but obviously they knew what was going on. Erin began blushing and apologizing. Mike had a different tune though…

“Jenny, why don’t you come join us? It’ll be fun! Tom, sorry, can you go get us some drinks or something, bud?” I couldn’t believe how arrogant Mike was; if only he knew who he was talking to. “I’d like to show Jenny why they call me Monster Mike. Haha!”

Erin went from flustered to angry, she berated Mike for once again being an ass. Jenny smiled at Tom and then started to pull Mike in asking him to show it off “if he’s not afraid.” Erin appeared confused about why Jenny would be doing this but didn’t stop her or Mike, not that he would listen.

“What about the fag?” Mike was referring to Tom, who I was hoping would put this asshole in his place already. Jenny spoke for Tom who remained quiet, “oh, he’s fine, he can stay.”

Mike didn’t miss a beat he fell right into their trap, Tom and Jenny held all the cards here.

Erin was annoyed with Mike cheating in front of her. “Yeah… Go ahead, Mike. Show her your monster.”

He didn’t hesitate, sitting in the chair, he started to bring himself to an erection. The young man was longer than me, he was maybe about seven inches, maybe a little more, but it was so skinny it’s hard to tell. I swear it was as big around as a hot dog.

Mike proceeded to act cocky and rude, he needed to be put in his place badly.

“I said drinks little man, this is no place for fags.”
“Mike… Tom wants to show Erin something… You can leave anytime you want.”

Jenny was on the brink of laughing in Mike’s face. He had no idea that he was about to become a cuckold.

Mike started to laugh as Jenny walked over to help Tom pull down his pants and underwear. Mike laughed even more at Tom’s soft cock. He had no idea it was a sleeping monster.

Jenny took care of that she pulled on Tom’s shaft, stretching it out, all the while watching Mike’s expression. Tom’s five inches or so soft cock grew to eight inches within a half minute. Mike was silent now. Tom was already much larger than Mike, his girth made Mike‘s cock look like a pencil. Erin was watching this event just as Allie had a week ago eyes wide mouth hanging open.

Tom was at least four times bigger than Mike, and to Mike’s tortured face it wouldn’t stop growing. Jenny couldn’t help but say it, “instead of Monster Mike, they should call you Micro Mike? Tom is like, soo much bigger than you! Erin, wanna give it a try?”

Erin, like Allie had done, couldn’t help but gawk at Tom’s growing cock. Mike sat like a fool in the chair and started to cover himself up. His cock was shrinking, while Tom’s was still making it’s way to a colossal size.

Erin’s nipples looked they were trying to bust through her tight dress. She did want a taste, and without a word removed the dress and everything else. She felt strange having dropped her clothes without asking Jenny’s approval. She was about to but Jenny’s beat her to the punch and said it was fine.

Jenny disrobed and went to work taking off Tom’s shoes and clothes. In any position, even an awkward one as she removed Tom’s clothes, Jenny looked like an angel. Tom sat on the couch, his cock still increasing in size, hanging over the edge of the couch.

Erin started towards Tom but stopped in mid-step. “I can’t take something that big, it will rip me open!”

Jenny was there to console Erin and guide her. “Only do what you can, we won’t force you to do anything… but you should feel this.”

Like before, Tom grew even more, it was stupid. This skinny 140-pound kid was packing enough meat for three men. Erin’s slender fingers matched her slim figure and made Tom’s cock look even bigger.

Tom looked to be fully erect now. He never once looked at Mike, his focus was the girls, Jenny’s constant kisses on his massive erection.

“I-I-I, I have to try I have to try.” Erin was soaking wet, she got on the couch next to Tom and cuddled with him as his fingers played with her pussy. Jenny took over working his monster. He hadn’t lost anything, in fact, the kid had everyone’s attention. Including Mike. He sat and stared. Me, I was about to cum for the first time, I wasn’t going anywhere.

Say what you want, but skinny girls can sometimes be sexy. Erin’s petite body looked so sexy as she was trying to try to mount such a fat cock. She stood on the couch over Tom, his dick was being held in the air by Jenny.

Erin’s tiny pussy looked over-matched, but hungry. Jenny held one of Erin’s hands and helped guide her onto the head. It was a snug fit, to say the least.

Erin looked weak in the knees and was shaking. She surprised everyone by sinking down onto Tom’s cock with relative ease. In one gradual motion, her pussy swallowed up eleven inches. She erupted in a powerful orgasm.

This tiny chick has taken more than Jenny has, which defies all logic.

Jenny began laughing, helping hold up Erin, and Mike was a speechless witness.

“Fuck Erin, you’re so tight!”
“Not anymore I think!”

Jenny giggled louder while staring at Mike the cuckold.

“Did she even feel your dick inside of her, Mike? Look how big of a cock she needs to be truly satisfied.”

Erin wasn’t finished, she was still lost in her earth-shattering orgasm. Her fluids were flowing like water from a hose. She never moved off the huge invader.

After a few minutes Erin began moving up and down. Where she put it I’ll never know, but she went after it, taking as much as she could.

“Awwhhh God! Fuckin’ huuuge cock… st-stuff it in me!”

I couldn’t believe what she could take. Erin was now asking to be on her back, missionary position. She slowly stood off Tom’s cock as each inch revealed itself, it felt like it would never end. Allie’s lips were clinging to the massive intruder. When it was completely pulled out, it’s so heavy that it instantly fell towards his left stomach.


Jenny giggled at the impact, I was hard again jerking away, and Mike was still in shock. Tom stood up, his giant appendage right in Mike’s face. Covered in his girlfriend’s juices it was staring right at him less than four feet away.

“Hey micro man, go up and get us some drinks. We’re gettin’ thirsty.”

Tom’s cock was the master. Erin was on her back on the edge of the couch pleading for Tom to put it back in. Jenny stood in all her beautiful nakedness watching Mike as he got up like a little boy to do what he was told.

Mike, the six-foot plus bro, who had at least eighty pounds on Tom was obeying him like a dog. Tom grabbed his monster with both hands and placed it up to Erin’s quivering pussy. He was going to stretch the hell out of her.

I was all over my cock. Funny enough Mike came back down with some sodas and didn’t head for the door. No one was going anywhere.

If Erin and Mike were a couple, it was over now. Tom owned Erin. He placed in half his cock and worked it back and forth, side to side, little circles, and big circles strokes. Erin was out of control in a state of ecstasy few people ever experience. She let Tom know again and again that he was the best.

Tom pulled himself almost all the way out then placed in the most that he could. Erin had multiple orgasms before her hands came out to stop him.

Tom had felt it, he had bottomed out but still, he had plenty more to give her. Jenny’s nipples had never so big, clearly she got off on Tom humiliating other men.

Tom pulled out and placed his cock over Erin’s pussy, up her body, up to her breasts, Erin’s eyes were wide as she grabbed his monster with both hands. Tom placed a hand on and so did Jenny. He began to cum like I’d never seen. The kid must have been saving it up, it was everywhere.

Four hands working his cock. I began cumming watching this all unfold. Mike the cuckold was defeated and all he could do was watch. He was owned and humiliated by Tom’s big dick.

Tom was rock hard, as big as ever, and still, the four hands worked his monster. Erin and Jenny were both cumming, Tom’s monster cock lay over Erin’s skinny body like a meat log. He left it there for a minute or two looking over towards Mike, then pulled his huge cock off Erin letting it slap against his thigh. Tom knew Mike was intimidated by his size.

“Maybe you should leave Mike… We’re not finished yet and I’m going to fuck the hell out of these two… And you, well… you just don’t measure up.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. You’ve probably heard of ‘Fight or Flight’. Mike darted for the door, they didn’t even pay attention but I heard it close.

Tom had destroyed Mike’s ego, lessened him as a man, and was the ultimate proof that big things come in small packages. Tom stood with his back to me, I could see his massive meat, still swollen, hanging between his legs, he was watching Erin and Jenny recover.

Jenny knew it was her turn she wasn’t going to rush. Erin was like everyone else who had seen Tom for the first time: utter disbelief, awe, and longing for more of it.

Tom’s appendage needed some attention and Jenny didn’t disappoint. She crawled to it and placed both hands around it, which looked tiny in comparison. Since Tom wasn’t fully hard she could fit more of the fat head in her small mouth. Soon he became too hard and so too big for Jenny’s mouth so she had to resort to kissing and licking it.

Erin joined in playing with the growing erection. Erin was still dumbfounded by the sheer size of it. “I’m seeing this, but I don’t believe it.” Erin was horny, but it was Jenny’s turn.

“Tom, I want you to fuck me, put on a show for Erin, let her witness what it‘s like to be truly fucked by your monster cock.”

Thankfully, Erin sat on the couch away from me so my view wasn’t disturbed. The side view of Tom’s massive cock about to enter a stunning woman had me rock hard. Jenny lay on the couch, grabbing her ankles with legs spread wide. Erin’s eyes were like mine, focused on the now straining cock, the obscene length and girth almost made me sorry for Jenny.

The bottle of lube was resting on the couch, and Tom started to apply a large amount to the top of his cock. Tom was still not saying much, but he was still dominating them.

He moved forward placing his big endowment on top of Jenny’s body past her stomach up to her breasts. Erin was shaking as she saw how insanely far Tom could penetrate if the body allowed.

In response of being used as a human ruler for his dick, Jenny began to rub his shaft against her body, side-to-side. She used both hands to jerk him off while rubbing his pre-cum on her belly. I could tell Tom was watching for Erin’s expression.

“Holy shit!”

Jenny loved his size, lived it, and wanted nothing less than Tom’s cock to ravage her over and over. In the dictionary, under “size queen” there’s a photo of Jenny with Tom.

Tom began entering Jenny. Erin had felt this monster first hand, his flesh was hot and the girth was so fat and heavy. Jenny felt the stretch as her body was forced to make room for such a large intruder.

The delicious fear that he might go too far, the crippling damage it could cause. Tom placed in around two-thirds of his dick. He pulled his monster completely out and slapped his third leg from side to side between Jenny’s legs. Covering her thighs in her wetness and his pre-cum.

Erin’s hands were all over herself, and I wished I had her view. I started to cum yet again, I would’ve given anything to be in his place.

Tom reentered her body with a vengeance. With fast strokes, he ripped inside her with nine inches. He had his fist around the base of his manhood, not that she was able to go that deep.

Jenny, was egging him on, moaning, his hips were a blur, then he stopped, leaving his monster meat in her as she came. She had a death grip on his arms as wave after wave of pleasure ripped through her body. He started up again, Erin was cumming all over the place, her gaze fixed on the near impossible union of huge cock, and Jenny’s very hot body.

Tom stayed in her as she moved into a doggy position, her face was buried in the couch while he continued to pummel her body. The sweat was pouring off Tom and Jenny, who had her eyes rolling to the back of her head.

It was clearly larger than before, his hand held even more out of Jenny’s body. How could this be? I felt I was in the room standing over her myself. I imagined his cock as my own, as I fucked this insanely hot girl. My own cock was as hard as stone.

Erin could see it too. She was asking Tom to ease up, pull it out, it’s too big. Erin repeated “Tom it’s too big! Tom, it’s too big!” Jenny was cumming again from the scene in front of her.

Erin was frightened. He couldn’t be this big, but he was. The largest I had ever seen him. His hands, plus Erin’s, stroked the final fury of cum from his monster. Jenny had turned around when he pulled out and placed her hungry mouth on the bulbous dick head.

The cum spurted forth initially, but then belched forth in a stream from its gigantic head, which could no longer fit in Jenny’s mouth. Damn, I wanted to measure it, take pictures, it was beyond anything he had been before.

Erin was in the throes of another orgasm. This kid was making the entire room cum, and he didn’t have to do anything but be there with his massive cock. Erin held his cock in her hands.

“Incredible… Fucking incredible!”

Jenny kissed and held his massive meat and then rose to kiss him. I realized now, that when Tom was with Jenny, it was something between lovers, an appreciation, his best, his biggest for her. His mind and body making his cock into an incredible fucking tool. I can say with confidence that his cock was the biggest in the world.

I had to go, I couldn’t take anymore, exhausted, and still steel stiff. I turned and faced the concrete wall. I realized that was the first time Tom’s cock had shot actually shot cum instead of the usual flowing out.

I had to make myself scarce before I got myself caught.

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