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The first time that I show my penis to a a pair of girls

This situation happened when I was studying in high school. In that time, I was close to two girls, that I will call here Trinity and Diane. I wasn’t real friend of them, but we got along very well. One time, when we’re working in a Project at school, Diane said:

“Hey, Will, how long is your dick?”

That question took me by surprise, and I blushed. In that time, I wasn’t so open-minded about sex and sexual stuff like dick size, so that question embarrased me. Trinity giggled about the question, and seeing that I get embarrassed by the question, she asked me:

“It’s small? How small it is?”

You can imagine that if the dick size question embarrassed me, these new ones make me get real red and embarrassed. The fact that they were just assuming that my dick was small was really embarrassing. I didn’t know what or how to answer to that embarrassing question, and was looking at the floor, but when I look back at them, I also see, to my horror, that a classmate, a girl, was looking at me and the girls. My mind filled with thoughts, “Did she heard about the question? What was she thinking about it?”. I was cornered. That’s when Trinity talked again:

“See, Diane, I told you, it has to be small, if not, he just told us that his cock average or big…”

And that’s when something came out of me:

“It’s normal…”

But Diane, looking at my crotch, replied:

“I don’t see any bulge down there…you’re lying…”

And again something strange came out of my mouth:

“I can show it to you”

I didn’t know why I said that, but Diane and Trinity were surprised about my response as me. They told me:

“Well, how about now? We can go to the bathroom, we’ve finished the Project, and we can tell Mr. Sanders a lie.”

So, before I can say anything, they asked Mr. Sanders to let us go to search some things to the project, and he let us all go to search it. So, we go to the girl’s bathroom, that fortunately was empty, since it class time. Once there, Trinity, seeing me nervous, told me:

“Just show it to us. If you have a tiny one, we will not tell anyone about it…”

Both of them swear it, but I wasn’t so sure about that, because Trinity was quite talkative, so she maybe could tell other girls about my dick size. But in the other hand, if I didn’t show my penis to them, it will be implicit that I’d a small penis, and I also didn’t want that they think that. So, I was cornered and without much option, so I decide to show them. First, I unbutton my pants, and then I pulled them down, showing my briefs to the girls, who laugh a little seeing them. At that momento, I was totally nervous, I was one cloth away from letting a pair of girls. But I want to get this over with, so I grabbed the waistband of the brief and I pulled it down, exposing my manhood to both of them. Both Trinity and Diane followed the fall of my brief to the ground, and when it hit the ground, their gaze come fastly to my crotch.

Now I was bottomless in front of Trinity and Diane, and both of them were just looking at my penis. They smiled and my mind filled with thought about why they smiled. In the first scenario, they were laughing about my penis size, and telling me how small it was, while in the other, they were amazed about how big it was. But a comment of Trinity broke my thoughts:

“It’s nice…it’s not big but neither small…it’s average” she said, smiling

But also, Diane talk about it. I was really nervous about her opinion, since she had a boyfriend at the moment. But her comment wasn’t I expected:

“It’s smaller than my boyfriend’s dick, but yes, it’s average”

I was really relieved by Diane’s comment, but also horny, just by the fact of two girls looking at my dick. So, I get an erection, which make the two girls laugh at me, and tease about getting hard by them seeing my cock. They helped me with that, giving me a handjob, and I didn’t last long until I cum. Finally, I get my underwear and pants up, and we returned to our classroom. They thanfully didn’t tell anyone about that, and fortunately, that shenanigan was the first of many sexy shenanigans with them, but that it another story…


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