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The Event That Changed My World

This is a night that happened after my wife and I had been married for about 3 years. I would say my wife is about a 7. She’s attractive, but not what always what everyone would call “hot”. She just has always had this air about her. I can have the most intense conversation going with someone, my wife will walk up and soon it’s like I don’t exist and my wife will have that person’s undivided attention. Don’t know what it is. She doesn’t try to come across sexy, just straight forward, but people gravitate to her. I have to admit that by this time I had already become her cuckold. I didn’t know what that word meant at the time, nor did I intend to “share” my wife at any time.

We had what I considered great sex! I was better than average in size (over 7″) and fairly thick. We often made love for a minimum of 20 minutes, but we could go for as much as an hour. My wife loved to cum! She came up to 20 even 30 times when we had some of these long love making sessions. We made love almost every day, unless we had gotten a bit rough and then she’d pass because she was sore or would get a UTI. I was her first, and I felt very confident she couldn’t do any better. It was only about 4-6 months into our marriage that sex started to randomly stop. Suddenly, it could be up to 3 weeks before we did anything and I would have to practically beg her… She would constantly get UTI’s even though I was aware that was predominantly brought upon by sex. I had a feeling something was going on. She also enjoyed coming home and informing me about men kissing her on the mouth. She would tell me like it was just a “friend” and nothing to worry about, but I got the impression she was feeling me out on how I would react.

So, time goes by, we have a child and we move to Temecula, California. Her body had filled out and she looked better than ever! I was working a couple jobs and she stayed home to take care of our son. Early on she had met a man she would have “play dates” for the kids with at the park. He assured me he was married and there was nothing to worry about. After about a couple weeks of this, she approached me in our bedroom. We were having an intense make out session and I had pushed her up against the wall in our bedroom, shoving my tongue down her throat. She suddenly pushes me back and looks at me with a sly look on her face. “I need to talk to you about something.” she says to me. She’s acting shy and doesn’t want to follow through though. I push her. She takes a breath, swallows and looks at me with a very straight and serious face. “I am going to ask you for your permission to do something. It doesn’t matter if you say yes or no, I’m doing it either way, but if I had your permission it would make me very happy. “Sure.” I reply. “Whatever you want, it shouldn’t be a problem.” I tell her unknowing the bomb she was about to drop and how I would react. She looks me directly in my eyes and tells me “You know Darrin? I’m going to start fucking him. I want you to tell me you’re okay with it.” She says this like it’s nothing. I just about passed out. We have never had this kind of relationship! She was never this bold! I didn’t know what to say. I was pissed off! I was sooo pissed off! Yet at the same time, something very unexpected happened. I had a full erection! My cock was as hard as a rock! “Like I said, I’m doing no matter what you say.” “I just want your approval.”

I asked her “do you like him?” “Yes I do!” She replies. I had to stand as close to her as possible, because there is no hiding a 7″+, thick cock in tight jeans. I was embarrassed, upset and severely turned on all at the same time! “I thought you said he wasn’t that great looking, and you thought he was a bit of a goof.?” “He makes me laugh! Something about him, I don’t know. I just know I want to fuck him.” I don’t know why…. I said yes.. What a fucking fool I felt like.

After that, she hid absolutely nothing! She was into this and letting me know all about it. We made love that day that she told me, but hadn’t since. The following night I noticed she came out of the shower shaved completely bare! I knew it wasn’t for me. I tell her “I like that! I want to fuck you!” She casually looks at me and tells me “I’m still sore form the other day. I can’t.” She wanted nothing to do with me in that way. A couple days later, she’s in this crazy happy mood. She’s wearing this dress she got when we went to Mexico,It’s fairly see through. I could easily tell she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all!  She had makeup on and looked HOT! I was all over her and wanted to have a quickie before I left for work. She just pushed me away and gave me excuses. Finally, just as I was kissing her goodbye, she informs me “I’m having Darrin over this afternoon.” Fuck!

I had to go to work with this knowledge in my head. The entire day at work I couldn’t get anything done. Visions of her and Darrin fucking were everywhere in my head! I kept getting a boner and would have to go into the restroom or the storage room to hide… The 8 hour day felt like an eternity. I felt nervous going home. I didn’t how to act.

I got home. My head was lost on those thoughts. I couldn’t think straight. I came in the house. I had to look for my wife. She was back in our bathroom. She had evidently just showered and had a new dress on. This one covered everything much more. She kissed me like it was just another normal day. She asks me about work. “It was terrible! It must have been the longest day ever!” “So how did it go?” I asked. “It was nice!….” “He actually just left about an hour ago.” “Tell me what was he like.” I asked. “It was nice…” “Was he big?” “Was he good in bed?” I was all over with the stupid questions. “I’d rather not discuss it right now.” I wanted to have her right there. I came to her, I kissed her passionately and pulled her in tight. “I’m really not in the mood.” She totally shut me down. This just sent me even further over the edge! I was so lost in my mind. It’s hard to describe, unless you’ve been through the same thing. We ended up just going to bed. It took me half the night to fall asleep.

I woke up the next morning, she was still sleeping. I slipped under the sheets. I kissed gently kissed over her naked body. I slowly worked my way between her legs. I licked her pussy. I licked her clit. I couldn’t get HIM out of my head. I shoved my tongue into her as deep as I could! She tasted a bit sharp and a bit salty. I thought I could taste his juices, but it wasn’t strong enough to know for sure. I brought her to orgasm three times. She pushed me away at this time. I was ready to go! I wanted to fuck! I wanted to reclaim my woman! She had nothing to do with it. “Why don’t you just jerk off.” She tells me. “I don’t feel like it. I push and push until I know I’m getting on her nerves. “Honestly, I’m very sore.” “I don’t want to have sex!” “Just jack off.” She just seems so casual about it all. I’m worked up and she acts like it’s just another day. I resolve to jack off. I plead with her to tell me about HIM. She doesn’t want to. I beg and beg. She finally gives in a little. “He has a nice cock.” “How big was he?” I ask. I don’t know..” “He’s bigger than you…” She tells me. She tells me vague snips of information.. I am getting frustrated. She finally tells me “Really liked his cock! I mean, I sucked on it, it was nice! I enjoyed giving him head.” I came like made when I heard this. “Well!” She says. “You seem to approve of that!” This is not just a casual thing. We’ve been married about 3 years and she’s only gave me head a couple times. ….only 2 times… It was very awkward, clumsy, a lot of teeth and rather short. “You don’t like giving head.” I tell her. “I have to be turned on to give head!” I knew what this meant and it cut like a knife!

Things just escalated from there. On my days off, we go out together. She’d often wear something very sexy and very revealing. I was stupid and thought it was for me. On these days, she’d always have some reason she had to stop by work. You see, the week after their first session, he got her a job where he was a supervisor. She would tell me to wait in the car, she’d be right back. Well, she’d be gone for at least 30 minutes. If I went to get her the coworkers would tell me they didn’t know where she was and Darrin was in the office and the door was locked. He’s doing paperwork. That’s what they told me. At night, he’d call her. I’d answer. I’d give the phone to her. They would talk for hours. I would listen in on their conversations. She would often let him know how much bigger he was than me. This was a common theme.. They discussed sex a lot! She LOVED telling him how she loved the feel of his cum inside her all day when they made love. She told me they used protection….. Another nail in the coffin…

This was my first real experience being a cuckold. She kept sex to once every 3-4 weeks while this relationship went on. She would allow me to go down on her occasionally, but eventually didn’t like me jacking off. The relationship finally ended when we moved out of state for my work. By that time, I think she had conditioned me so well that I was willing to accept anything she could do.. I’ll save some of the other more interesting stories for later. We’re on our 26th year and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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  1. Keith Shslley says:

    Your wife sounds like first class bitch! If she is not always fucking you after you let her fuck other men then buddy you have a big problem. My wife fucks me just as much as she fuckx other men. I Always watch. her fuck and she will watch me fuck other women. You need to talk to her. We have been marrie d for 30 years and still fucking

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