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The Dream Holiday Nightmare Part 1

The Dream Holiday Nightmare Part 1
(c) Belgarion10

It was the holiday we’d always dreamed of. And it turned out to be so
much more than even that. More than just my holiday dreams came true
during that two weeks in Greece.

My wife Kirsty and I were enjoying our first holiday without our two
daughters, who our parents had kindly agreed to babysit so that we
could have a nice break to ourselves for once. We had already taken
them away that year, so the kids didn’t mind too much. We had actually
won the holiday in a magazine competition, and while we could have paid
the extra money to bring our two girls along, it was a perfect excuse
to have a relaxing vacation with just the two of us, like in the good
old days, before we started a family. Sure, we missed them, but it was
really refreshing to be able to do what we wanted to do, when we wanted
to do it. The weather was hot, and it was enjoyable to be able to relax
and sunbathe without having to wonder where the kids were or what they
were doing. Add the fact that we could get drunk and stay out as late
as we wanted to, and what we got was the best holiday in a long time,
and we were determined to let our hair down and have a great time,
before we had to head back home.

I’ll describe ourselves to you. My name is Matt, in my late thirties and
I’m a pretty normal guy. I’m average to short in height, average to
slender in build, and pretty average looking to boot. How I got a girl
like Kirsty, I’m don’t know. She was – and still is – a hot looking
girl; petite, a little over five foot tall, and very slim with a pert
pair of 32B breasts. Her hair is dark and straight, cut to shoulder
length and frames a cute face, with lovely big eyes and a full lipped
mouth. When she smiles, her eyes twinkle and her face comes alive, and
even now, just turned thirty-one and having given birth to two
children, she still turns guys’ heads when she walks past.

That first week of the holiday, she got more than her fair share of male
attention, especially at the beach and around the hotel pool, in her
black two-piece bikini . There were three waiters who worked at the
poolside bar, Nik and Toni who were both friendly Greek guys, and a
less friendly, imposing black man called Jerome, who was an American
now living in Greece. Since we arrived, I saw all three of them check
her out, staring at her ass as she walked away from the bar with drinks
or food in hand, or occasionally their eyes lingered over her small
bust a little longer than they should have. I didn’t mind, in fact I
took it as a compliment that my wife was so desirable.

When I was younger, before Kirsty and I got married, I would have been
defensive of her. If another man looked at her that way, I would have
said something to him, or at least pulled her away, especially because
she was a virgin when we got together and so I was protective of her.
We were childhood sweethearts in a sense, although I slept with several
girls before meeting Kirsty, whereas she was rather innocent when we
first met. It took me a while to get her into bed, but it was worth the
wait. She was shy at first, but her wonderful body more than made up
for her inexperience. Her neatly trimmed pussy was tight, and her pert
breasts were firm to the touch, and amazing to suck. She did become a
much more capable lover after we got married, and while she wasn’t
always the most vocal or enthusiastically wild girl between the sheets,
she kept me more than satisfied and what man wouldn’t settle for that?

Nik was the friendliest of the waiters, dark-skinned and black-haired,
and his green eyes twinkled with mischief when he flirted with Kirsty,
but he never overstepped the mark, at least not once he realized she
was married. The first night we arrived, he asked her for a dance and
Kirsty accepted somewhat reluctantly, after I encouraged her to go and
have some fun. She loved dancing, and I wasn’t the most coordinated man
on the dance floor, so I told her to go have some fun. She was a little
drunk, and went for a dance with Nik, who we didn’t know was a waiter
at that time. She was having fun when Nik pulled her in close for a
slow dance. Kirsty looked at me over his shoulder with a shy smile on
her face, but then her expression turned to one of shock and I looked
down to see why. Nik’s hands were on her bottom, and not just cupping
her ass in her shorts but actually having a cheeky squeeze! I saw
Kirsty tell him off and remove his hands, then she pointed over to me,
presumably as she explained that she was married. Nik saw the funny
side, and brought us both a drink over from the bar as a way of saying
sorry. That was when we realized he was one of the hotel waiters, so I
told him to relax and accepted the drink and the apology. Nik patted me
on the back and told me I was a lucky man for having such an attractive
and sexy wife and that was the end of it. Everybody was happy. Kirsty
was a little bothered about having her bum squeezed, but she saw the
funny side when I teased her.

Over the next few days, we got to know Nik and his fellow waiter Toni
quite well. I could tell that Kirsty was attracted to Toni, who it
turned out was Nik’s brother. Nik was about the same height as me,
though bigger built, but Toni was much taller and his body was more
muscular than his brother. His black hair was kept back from his face
by a cord band, and he wore a bit of stubble around his chin. Toni was
very much your typical good-looking Mediterranean guy and I caught
Kirsty staring at him a few times when she didn’t realize I was

“Close your mouth, you’re drooling, ” I teased her one time, when we were
sat in the restaurant eating our evening meal. Toni had just topped up
our wine glasses, and was sat at the end of the bar lighting up a
cigarette and I couldn’t help but say something as Kirsty just gazed at
him a little too long.

“What do you mean?” she said, trying to recover quickly, but she smiled
and told me to shut up as I simply laughed at her. “He is good
looking, ” she said defensively, “And I’ve seen you look at young girls
on the beach in their bikinis…”

“I know, I know… Don’t worry, it’s fine, ” I told her, chuckling at her
embarrassment. She had turned a bright pink and then I realized why.
Toni was stood at the side of our table, looking at us quizzically.
“Sorry Toni, ” I apologized to him for not sharing the joke. “My wife,
Kirsty has a bit of a crush on you, and I was just teasing her about

“I do not!” Kirsty spluttered indignantly, her face now bright red. “I

“It is okay, ” said Toni, in his accented voice, “Kirsty, you are a most
attractive woman, I am flattered if you think the same about me. Do not
worry about it.”

“I…” Kirsty was speechless and obviously flustered, “Thank you, ” was
all she managed to say as an amused Toni walked away. “You!” she hissed
at me, “You just so embarrassed me! Oh! I’ll get you back for that!”
All I could do was laugh at her.

Over the next few days, Toni and Nik would chat to us, more to Kirsty
than me but only being friendly like a good waiter or bartender should.
They never really stepped over the mark at all, although I often saw
them check Kirsty out, especially when I had my sunglasses on and they
didn’t realize I could see them. Kirsty wasn’t innocent, I saw her
admire Toni quite often, especially if he had a dip in the pool to cool
down, his toned body dripping water when he climbed out of the pool. I
didn’t say anything until one particular time when Toni stepped out of
the pool right in front of where we laying on our sun loungers. His
shorts were plastered to his groin, and his dick was clearly visible
through the thin material. I spluttered on the lager I was drinking,
coughing it all over myself and as I looked at Kirsty, she quickly
looked at me, but I saw where her eyes had been trained a moment

“Are you alright?” she asked, even glancing over my shoulder at Toni
as he walked away.

“I’m fine, ” I said, grinning at her.

“What’s so funny?” she said, puzzled.

“You, ” I said, “I saw you looking at Toni just then.”

“I don’t know what you mean?” she said, settling back on the sun

“So you weren’t looking at his dick?” I joked quietly, so that the
waiters couldn’t hear.

“No!” she said, but the grin on her face told me she was lying. I didn’t
mind really. We were here to have a good time after all. If I was a
woman, I might have stared too. Toni did have quite a big package from
what we saw. I was reasonably big in the trouser department, a little
bigger than average but Toni looked to have me beat. Then again, not
all men with a big dick when soft were huge when hard. My dick was
quite small when soft, and grew much bigger when erect, but some people
didn’t grow all that much when aroused from how big they were soft.
Perhaps Toni was like that. He couldn’t be that good looking and big in
the dick department too. That would just be unfair.

On the first weekend of our holiday, Jerome started to work the pool
bar, covering Nik’s days off. Whereas the two Greek lads were friendly
and chatty, the black American seemed to just want to do his job with
the minimum of effort. He was efficient enough; happy to serve us with
drinks, but he didn’t seem to want to talk much beyond asking what we
wanted and how much the bill came up to. The one thing he did have in
common with his Greek colleagues though was that he had an eye on
Kirsty, especially when she came out of the pool. One time there was a
bit of a cool breeze and her nipples were erect and visible through the
wet bikini top. Through my dark glasses I saw Jerome look very
deliberately at her breasts as she asked for a drink. She must have
seen him, because she folded her arms across her chest in response, and
I saw Jerome grin at her, then leer at her bottom none too subtly as
she walked away with our drinks.

“He’s a asshole, ” Kirsty muttered as she passed me my coke. “You should
have seen him letching at my boobs just now.”

“I saw him, ” I commented, taking a sip of the cold drink. “You can’t
blame him, you do have a nice pair, babe.”

“What are you on about?” she shook her head, “They’re too small, so shut
up.” Kirsty always complained about her modest bust, even though I
constantly assured her I love her boobs.

“They’re perfect, ” I said, like I always did. “You should give everyone
a treat and sunbathe topless.”

“Oh yeah, ” she said sarcastically, “And give that old bloke over there a
heart attack?” I looked where she was pointing and saw an old couple on
the opposite side of the pool to us. They were in their sixties at
least, but that hadn’t stopped the old man from having the odd crafty
look at Kirsty’s bikini body, we noticed with a touch of amusement. I
half-admired him and hoped that I still had an eye for the ladies at
his age.

“I dare you to go topless, just once, ” I said to her half-jokingly.

“No way!” she said, “I would if we were at the beach because I do hate
having tan-lines, but not in front of people we have to eat with during
the evenings.” I could see her point, but I was a bit disappointed she
wasn’t up for having some fun with the big black waiter and the pervy
old hotel guest. Kirsty never usually went topless on holiday because
the kids were with us, but this time of course the kids were back at
home, so if she wanted to get a nice tan without any white bits then
this was the perfect opportunity.

As things would have it, we ended up at the beach the next day. Not
deliberately, but because we got up a little late and the poolside area
was full. We found a nice spot, right near the crystal-clear water’s
edge and I decided to remind Kirsty about my dare from yesterday. “So
are you going to go topless today?” I said, as casually as I could.

She turned her head to look at me from her sun lounger, and raised her
sunglasses up on the top of her head. “Are you serious?” she asked. I
just shrugged, so she told me to go and get her a strong drink from the
beach bar nearby. When I came back with a triple vodka and coke, she
gulped it down, looked around to make sure no-one close by was
watching, and then after taking a deep breath, she reached around her
back and unclipped the bikini top. “Put me some sun cream on my back?”
she asked, and all too quickly she threw the bikini top down and rolled
on to her front. Anyone looking would have got a very brief glimpse of
her tits, but wouldn’t have seen much.

“Ah, so you’re topless, ” I chuckled, as I put some sun cream into my
hands and warmed it up. “Not quite what I meant, but very funny.” She
didn’t anything, just smiled triumphantly and then sighed and relaxed
as I rubbed the cream into her back. When I was done, I lay back down
on my lounger, closed my eyes and decided to have a bit of a nap.

When I awoke, I was shocked to find Kirsty laying on her back, boobs
exposed while reading her book. She saw me look and when she giggled
flirtily, I realized my mouth was hanging open and I closed it with a
snap. “Woah, ” I said, looking around to see if anyone was nearby, but
the nearest people were a foreign looking couple about twenty yards

Kirsty laughed to herself, “There’s no-one looking, and you were right,
we are on holiday so we should relax. Plus I do hate tan-lines.”

“Do you need some sun cream rubbing in?” I asked cheekily, and she told
me to go get her a drink and stop being rude. I decided to come back
with another vodka and coke, after all, the last one seemed to have a
good effect on her, and she sipped it happily and went back to reading
her book. At this point, I thought I was really enjoying the holiday,
but it was about to get even better.

I didn’t quite fall asleep again, but I was very relaxed when a little
while later, I heard a noise beside me and opened my eyes to see
someone standing nearby. “Hello?” said a familiar voice, and I opened
my eyes to see Nik standing between our loungers. I immediately looked
at Kirsty and noticed that she had put her book down and fallen asleep,
but she was still topless, her small breasts completely exposed to the
eyes of the Greek waiter. He followed my gaze and looked down at Kirsty
but when he was about to say something, I told him to be quiet, putting
a finger to my lips.

“She’s sleeping, ” I said, even though I was pointing out the obvious. I
didn’t want him to wake and embarrass her.

“Sorry, ” he whispered, “Why are you at the beach today? Our pool not
good enough for you no more?”

“Not at all, ” I answered, “There just weren’t sun beds free when we got
up today.”

“Ah, ” Nik seemed to take my explanation okay, “Your wife, Kirsty? She is
very hot. I like her… um, how you say? Titties?” He grinned at me.
His teeth were very white against his dark skin. I wasn’t sure whether
he was taking the piss out of me, or just being naively cheeky like
many Mediterraneans were, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

“Thank you, ” I said, fumbling for what to say, “Um, yeah, I guess her…
titties… are nice. She thinks they’re too small, but I like them.”

“Ah, ” said Nik with a shrug of the shoulders, “Big titties, small
titties, they’re all nice I think.”

“Yeah, right, ” I laughed, “I guess so.”

“Okay, see you at the pool tomorrow?” he said as he left us in peace
again, “Tell Kirsty I sai

ill, ” I said as he wandered back up the beach towards a waiting
group of men I assumed to be his friends.

“Well that was almost embarrassing, ” said Kirsty, making me jump. She
was awake!

“Have you been awake all this time?” I asked her and she lifted her
sunglasses again and nodded.

“What could I do?” she said, “I just laid there and pretended to be
asleep. I wouldn’t have known what to say?” It was hard to tell in the
bright sunshine, but I thought she had gone red again.

“You could have rolled over or something, ” I suggested, “But anyway, he
liked what he saw, did you hear what he said?”

“You men are all the same, ” she sighed and rolled her eyes, then flicked
her sunglasses back down and went back to reading her book. I lay down
too, blaming her surprising response on the triple vodkas.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful and relaxing although I
couldn’t get my mind off the fact that Nik had seen her bare breasts.
When we got back to the hotel, Nik was talking to Jerome behind the bar
and I thought I saw them stop talking and stare at us as we walked
through the foyer towards the elevators. I shook my head. They weren’t
talking about Kirsty’s tits. I was just being paranoid.

Luckily, it was Toni who served us in the restaurant that night. He was
his usual charming self, friendly and polite, and he even gave us a
free bottle of wine by way of an apology for the pool loungers being
full that morning. Kirsty thought that was really sweet and he promised
to reserve us two loungers for the following morning, an offer which we
accepted gratefully. It was a pleasant night, warm but not too hot, and
the hotel restaurant had a singer performing, so we stayed after the
meal and enjoyed a few drinks from the bar, both getting slightly

Everything was going fine, I even allowed her to drag me to the dance
floor for a slightly drunken dance. We were having such a good time and
the balmy atmosphere was so enjoyable that we ended up drinking more
until Kirsty was beyond tipsy. Whereas it seemed to energize Kirsty,
the beer was having a more tiring effect on me, so I left her to dance
alone while I had a sit down, and a drink of coke to sober up a bit.

I don’t know how long I was there, I got distracted by Toni who brought
me over a free drink and sat down for a chat. He was just making polite
conversation, and when he left to serve some customers I looked for
Kirsty on the dance floor. I couldn’t see her at first, and then I saw
why. She was dancing with Nik! Not just dancing; they had their arms
around each other, and her head was resting on his shoulder as they
moved slowly to a love song. I panicked at first, wondering if Nik
would bring up the fact that he had seen her tits, but then I realized
that Kirsty could take care of herself if he tried anything
inappropriate. And besides, I was sitting here so I could keep an eye
on them. Nik had probably just seen that she was alone and joined her
for the slower dance.

Then my breath caught in my throat as I realized where his hands were.
They were both on her ass, and not just resting there, but both cupping
her ass cheeks and squeezing slightly just like before, but unlike last
time she didn’t remove them. One of his hands stroked her backside, and
then I noticed that Kirsty’s hands were on his butt too. I wondered if
I should say something, but I saw her look over shoulder at me and
wink. She was enjoying it! I felt a small tinge of annoyance, but
suppressed it. We were here to let our hair down and have a good time,
so I left them to it. Nobody else in the bar was paying them any
attention, so it really didn’t matter.

I needed to pee, but didn’t really want to move from where I was
watching them, near the edge of the dance floor. But my bladder
wouldn’t wait. I hurried to the gents’ toilet at the back of the bar,
and relieved myself as quickly as I could but when I returned, things
had progressed. And how.

Kirsty and Nik were kissing. Not just tentative kisses either, they were
full on kissing, tongues probing into each other’s mouths hungrily. I
had to do something now, but what? I couldn’t kick off and upset the
waiters of the hotel we were staying at! Still, Nik was definitely out
of order. I moved back into the shadows to think, keeping an eye on
them while I decided what to do. Nik’s hands were all over Kirsty now,
one hand even moving upward and briefly squeezing her tits, before
returning to her ass, and their groins were pressing together as they
kissed urgently. For some reason, I felt myself growing hard at the
sight and then I saw Toni walking towards me.

“I’m sorry, ” he said, “Should I?”

“I was just in the toilets, ” I explained hurriedly, “But yeah, I was
going to, but if you could…”

“Leave it to me, ” he said and turned smartly back to the dance floor. I
pretended to emerge from the toilets just then, as Toni put a hand
between Kirsty and Nik and started to tell his brother off. Several
fellow guests who I recognised from the hotel were staring at me, and I
felt a surge of embarrassment which didn’t get any better when Kirsty
pouted in disappointment as Nik walked away. Then she saw me, and
swayed forward and it was only then, as I was about to tear into her
about what the hell she was doing, that I realized how drunk she was.
She could hardly stand up, and I caught her before she fell.

“Whoops, ” she chuckled, “That got a bit out of hand… hic!” She ended
the sentence with a hiccough.

I felt so many eyes watching us, waiting for me to have a go at my wife.
“Upstairs, ” I hissed, taking her by the arm, “Now!” Kirsty stuck her
bottom lip out again, but let me take her to the room.

When we got inside the room, I shut the door and turned around, ready to
let rip at her for embarrassing me so, but Kirsty slammed me against
the door, crushing her lips against mine in a fierce kiss. I couldn’t
help but to respond to her passion, kissing her back with equal vigour.
After a few minutes, she stepped backwards, pulling me along while
keeping the kiss going, until we fell onto the bed.

Her hands were at my shirt, popping the buttons off in her haste to get
me undressed, and did the same to her, pulling her dress up and over
her head, and then half tearing her lacy knickers when I yanked them
down her legs. Leaving her black bra on for the moment, I discarded my
shirt and shorts, and climbed on top of her to resume the kiss, but the
short break had cleared my mind enough for me to pause.

“What happened down there?” I asked, pulling my head away as she tried
to kiss me.

“I’m sorry, ” Kirsty said, breathing heavily, “It was a heat of the
moment thing. I forgot where I was.”

She managed to steal a kiss from me as I stared at her, trying to weigh
her up and I began to kiss her again, but slower and more measured,
giving me time to think. “Did you enjoy it?” I asked, when I managed to
pull away again.

“Me? What about you? Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy it, ” she snapped at
me suddenly, although she had a smile on her lips which took the heat
out of her words, “I saw you watching, you were there for ages. You saw
everything and you could have stopped it, but you didn’t.”

I didn’t quite know what to say. I had indeed gotten a hard-on while
watching them. Did she know that? She couldn’t possibly have seen it
from where she was.

“Come on, admit it, ” she taunted me, snatching kisses in between the
words, each one taking the air from my lungs. Any anger that had built
up inside me at her was dissipating, each kiss she stole and word she
said eroding at it, until all that was left inside me was desire.

Kirsty tired of waiting for me to answer. “Okay, okay… I enjoyed it!
Nik’s a great kisser, he really got me horny, touching me and feeling
me…” She trailed wet kisses down my neck, making me gasp, and curled
her legs around my back. “Admit it, you liked watching us…”

“Yes, ” was all I managed to mumble. My hand moved down and guided my
rock-hard cock inside her shockingly wet hole. “You’re so wet?” I
breathed into her ear as I began to move inside her.

“Mmmm, fuck me…” Kirsty moaned, “God, I’m so horny.” She began to buck
her hips in motion with my thrusts and I lifted myself up slightly so I
could fuck her properly. I bent my head down to kiss her lips and she
locked her eyes onto mine and spoke again, softly and confessionally.
“I couldn’t believe he saw my tits earlier. All I could think about
when we were dancing was that he had seen me half-naked and then he
began to whisper in my ear about how sexy he thought I was, and what he
would love to do to me and…”

“Somehow you started kissing?” I finished the sentence for her. “It’s
all right. If you had a good time, then it’s okay with me, ” I smiled
gently at her, “And if it has this sort of effect on you, then…”
Kirsty silenced me with another passionate kiss, and there wasn’t any
more talking after that. I began to slam into her wildly, knowing that
I wasn’t going to last long. Kirsty moaned as I took her as hard and
fast as I could, and I could tell her orgasm wasn’t far away either.
After a short time, she cried out as it hit her, and I felt her pussy
clench around my dick, the extra sensation tipping me over the edge. I
buried myself in her one last time, as deep as I could, and filled with
her with my cum.

We were both dripping with sweat as we lay back on the bed to catch our
breath. “I love you, ” Kirsty whispered, before closing her eyes and
going to sleep. I stared, drinking in the sight of her. Her smooth,
sun-kissed skin, the rise of her breasts above the half-cup bra she
wore, the trimmed, neat triangle of dark hair between her legs, the
point of which was wet with her juices and my cum. She was truly
beautiful. Thankful to have such a woman as Kirsty for my wife, I
closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep too.

I was so content at that moment. I had to idea of what the rest of the
holiday held, or I wouldn’t have slept as well as I did…


Concluded in part 2.

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