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The Crazy Night

Hi my name is Matt I am 19 male and bisexual. I am 6-3 very athletic tan skin brown hair brown eyes and a 7 inch dick. I will post many of my wild stories but my first is this. It was a Friday. I was 18. There was a party that night and I had just broken up with my girlfriend. I go home shower, put a button up shirt on and some jeans, and head out to the party. I get there about 2 hours early to help my friend set up. When I get there I walk in the door one of his friends who is a girl straight up hands me her number and walks away. She is about 5-5 very slim C cups blond hair with black streaks.

I help them set up then text her number. we meet up on the couch and talk. The talk is not at all interesting but then she takes out her phone and goes to some text my ex- girlfriend sent out from a text I had sent to her a week before we broke up. It was of my hard 7 inch cock and she had sent it to all the girls to get me “mad”. I look away then she asks “is that really yours?” and I reply with “yes why?” then she puts her hand on my cheek and kisses me with tung. Then says “let’s go upstairs”. So we go upstairs to the bedroom and lock the door and she starts to kiss me and take my belt off and then slides my jeans off. She flops my semi hard cock out of my boxers and then starts to take off her pants and bends over the bed and then says “stick it in me” so I slowly push in to her still tight pussy my cock pulsing. As I slowly move in she let’s out a few squeals and as I speed up she screams and they probably heard her downstairs. I move faster and faster and the bed shakes then I finally get ready to cum and my load blasts on her ass.

I grab her a towel and after she gets dressed again she says “we have to do that again you were amazing” then kisses my cheek. later after people arrive I get a few looks from girls that read “I want what was in the text”. I help serve beers for a bit and then a very cute emo girl about 5-3 also slim black and dark pink hair D-cups grabs my arm and pulls me to the dance floor.

She starts grinding and rubbing against me and then a slow song comes on. She turns and puts her arms around my neck and I put mine on her hips. As we dance she says something like ” is that you in the text?” and I say yes. After the slow song when it gets crazy again she turns and starts to grind again. We leave the dance floor and go to a wall where she leans against it and I kiss her.

We make out for a bit then she pulls me upstairs. We go to a different rooms then my last time and lock the door. As we walk over to the bed she throws her shirt off to reveal her bra. I walk up and slowly cores her body and tits as I kiss her again. Then she pushes me on the bed and slowly slides her pants down then her bra and last her panties.

Then I take mine off and before I am done she is on her knees waiting. I walk over and she takes my hard cock in her hand and rubs it. She looks up at me an says “Have you ever fucked a emo slut?” she was in to dirty talk. I reply “no” she starts to lick the tip of my cock then says “well you are about to” then she goes deeper a tiny bit on it.

For a couple of minutes she slowly sucks but then she starts to get faster and faster her eye shadow smears a bit then she stops and says “u ready to fuck my whore pussy” I nod and she lies down tits up on the bed. I pull her to the end of it and then standing slide it in to her tightish pussy and start to fuck her really fast squeezing her tits she moans and screams as I get faster and faster. then she says “tell me what I am” and I reply “your a fucking cock whore that’s what you are slut” and she screams “YES YES I AM” then she tells me to stop so I do and she gets into the pile driver position and tells me to fuck her whore ass. I slowly slide my big fat cock in to her tight asshole and she screams “OH YES OHHHHH YESSS” I pound her as hard as I can stretching her ass.

After a bit before I cum she gets back on her knees and sucks and rubs and then let’s me cum in her mouth and then a bit on her face then she swallows. That was an amazing night.

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