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The Coven-An Original Story By David Flint

Copyright by David Flint

Four witches living together doing what witches do get bored and decide to cast a spell on a stranger and have a weekend of debauchery.First scene opens with the interior of their home and the witches are studying their chants.

Glenorra-“I’m SO bored.All we ever do is study the witchcraft books.I need a break.” She gets up and looks out the window to see what may or may not be going on outside.They live in the country to try and avoid any issues with neighbors who might get anxious easily.They live in simply decorated adobe looking home surrounded by meadows.Lighting is done with oil lamps.Cooking is done on a wood stove and in a large pot in the fireplace.Their home looks exactly as one might expect for a witches home. The other three witches,Lillith,Aaralyn and Cadence are still dutifully studying their books.

Lillith-“She has a point,this IS all we ever seem to do.”

Aaralyn-“I know,I’m getting tired too.”

Cadence-“But what can we do about it? We decided to become witches,to be in harmony with mother earth.Just because others might think a witch is evil doesn’t mean we are.”

From the window,Glenorra-“EXACTLY!,just because others don’t know about our lifestyle and our interests doesn’t mean that we have to do the things they THINK we do.(walking back from the window towards the others)And I say we do something about our situation.”

Lillith-“Like what”

Aaralyn-“I agree,like what?” Glenorra is thinking,the others see the ‘wheels’turning in her head.


Glenorra-snapping her fingers-“I’ve got it.”She looks to the others with a grin on her face.

Lillith,Aaralyn,Cadence in unison-“What?”

Glenorra-“We’re witches,we use a spell to get rid of our boredom.”

Cadence-“What? Are you crazy?”

Aaralyn-“I think you HAVE gone mad!”

Glenorra-“Not at all,we cast a spell over the house and the next man who arrives will be under our spell and we can use him for our pleasure for the weekend.”

Cadence-“And how do we get a man to come out?”

Glenorra-“The spell will be over our house,so when a man approaches,he will be surrounded by the spell’s aura and will do as we wish.”

Cadence-“I repeat,how do we get a man to come out?”

Glenorra-“We call for a repairman of some kind.”

Aaralyn-“EW,what if we get someone ugly? I wouldn’t want to fuck an ugly man.”

The others look at Aaralyn lke she had gone into a different conversation.

Aaralyn-“Glenorra said do with as we wish,if I’m going to get a man under a spell,I’m going to do something about my horniness.” The others smile and nod their heads.They seem to be in unison.

Glenorra-“So it’s decided.We cast a spell,we get a repairman and then we fuck all our frustrations out for the weekend.”

The four set to work to cast the spell.They search all there ancient books to find just the right incantation. A few hours later,they decide upon the spell to use and they bring it to pass.Aaralyn and Cadence decide to go to the stream behind their house to spend a little time relaxing before a ‘repairman’ shows up.Glenorra is a bit more modern than the other three and owns a cell phone given her by her parents.Glenorra calls a ‘handyman’ she saw in the newspaper and asks for certain work to be done around their home and gave specific directions how to get their.When Aaralyn and Cadence leave,they can sense a difference in the air around the house.As they got farther away,they could feel the air change as they left the area the spell was in control of. Two hours later,with Aaralyn and Cadence still at the stream,Lillith and Glenorra hear a vehicle approach and not one but two doors close.Lillith and Glenorra look at each other and then curiously out the window.There out the window,they see a dark haired repairman and a beautiful dark haired woman.They are chatting between each other and each are carrying a tool box.Lillith is thinking’JACKPOT’ since the spell is to work on the arriving people towards the house’s occupants and Lillith has always appreciated girls.There was something about the tenderness,the usual feminine fragrance that drew Lillith to girls.Glenorra didn’t care about the woman.Not that she would push away a woman eating her pussy but she was looking for a cock to ride.

Glenorra-“Would you look at that? A twofer.”

Lillith-licking her lips,”Yeah,that was a nice bonus.”She could already feel the softness of the woman’s lips on her own.

Glenorra-“I wonder when Aaralyn and Cadence will be back.They might be mad about getting in later.”

Lillith-“Oh well,sucks to be them.Nobody made them go to the stream.”

As the repairman and his assistant enter the area where the spell was,they swished their heads like they were trying to avoid flying insects then they seemed to change with their eyes appearing to stare off into the distance.By the time they reached the house,they were mostly appearing normal again speaking clearly.The repairman knocked on the door.

Glenorra-“Just a minute,we’ll be right there.”

The repairman looks at the exterior of the house and spoke to the assistant.

Repairman-“I wonder what they may be wanting us to work on.The place looks like it’s been here for a long while.”

Assistant-whispering”If I didn’t know better and I was a little girl,I’d be thinking there were witches living here.” The repairman grinned and with the sound of the door being opened,he quickly straightened his expression.

Glenorra opened the door wearing an outfit that emphasized the curves of the body she still had despite the majority of her time being spent reading and gathering ‘natural’ingredients for their incantations.Glenorra was an absolutely GORGEOUS dark skinned woman who turned EVERYBODY’s head when she walked into a room. Lillith was standing behind her and was no slouch herself.She could definitely hold her own in the looks department.When Aaralyn and Cadence came back,the repairman and his assistant would find that they needed no help with their looks either.The four of them were indeed a COVEN who did not fit the description of a group of witches.But to the present.

Glenorra-“Hello,you are the repairman we called for?”

Repairman-“Yes, I’m Matt.You called asking for some repairs to be made on something?”

Glenorra ushered them into the interior of the house and once they were in good,Lillith closed the door behind them.This didn’t faze the visitors as they would have expected anyone to close the door behind them but once the door was shut securely,Glenorra went for the repairman and Lillith,the assistant.Glenorra wrapped her arms around the repairman’s neck and assaulted his lips with her own.Being under a spell,the repairman returned her embrace and gave her lips his own assault.Lillith held the assistant gently and cradled her head in her arm then tasted her moist sensitive lips.The assistant seemed to melt into Lillith’s embrace.Glenorra broke her kiss long enough to lead the man to one of the couches in the room. Lillith did the same with her partner to another couch.While the four of them were kissing passionately Cadence and Aaralyn arrived back at the house.When they came in the door,they squealed and each went to join.Aaralyn went to join Glenorra and Cadence to Lillith.Glenorra didn’t have any idea that Aaralyn and Cadence liked girls but they seemed to make use of what was available.While Glenorra was sitting beside the repairman kissing,Aaralyn sat down on the other side and started fondling the mans cock.As she felt his shaft and balls,she smiled brightly and started thinking how it might feel inside her.Glenorra kept her oral assault going on the repairman’s face and Aaralyn unfastened his trousers and pulled his cock out.She took hold and started to inspect it.Turning it from side to side,squeezing it,feeling it’s texture as she stroked it gently at first,then with more speed and force.The repairman didn’t seem to notice.He appeared to have all his attention on Glenorra’s lips and tongue using his mouth as a playground.Aaralyn positioned herself down so she could nuzzle his cock.She rubbed his cock all around her face,she smelled it,smelled the head,rubbed the head all up and down her cheeks and under her chin.She hadn’t realized how much she had missed the feel of a man’s cock before now.She opened her mouth wide and took his whole cock in and took several moments to savor it’s taste and feel inside her warm moist mouth.Cadence on the other hand had set up ‘shop’ at the pants of the assistant while Lillith had removed her own clothing and was now sitting on top of the assistants face enjoying every lick she got along with the sucking of her clit.Cadence had gotten rid of the assistant’s pants and panties and buried her nose in the woman’s pussy,inhaling all the musky sweetness.Cadence thought she had died and gone to heaven with the woman’s bouquet invading all her respiratory senses.She stuck her tongue inside the lips and just moaned as she took in the juices the woman made from the enjoyment derived from eating Lillith’s pussy. Aaralyn had settled into eating the repairman’s cock completely taking the full length in her mouth down to his balls over and over relishing the feel of every inch of the cock being in her mouth.It had been SO long since she had had this kind of pleasure.She forgot how much she loved the taste of cock. Aaralyn started quivering with the anticipation of tasting his cum and feeling it spurt deep into her mouth and slide down her throat.She almost wished there was some way she could MAKE that happen but decided to just enjoy the taste of his cock for as long as it lasted.He didn’t even seem to notice that he was getting sucked.All his attention seemed centered on the mouth of the GORGEOUS Glenorra.Glenorra with the bright,beautiful smile.She had a face that could easily launch the ‘thousand ships’.But while the repairman didn’t act like he was aware of Aaralyn,his cock acted like it knew what was going on.Aarlyn kept feeling his cock throbbing and reacting to her lips and tongue.She found herself wishing it would never end.But end it did.Aaralyn felt the last tell-tale throb that told her the ‘prize’ was coming.She worked on one last rolling of her tongue around the shaft to try and pry out every available drop and then she got what she wanted.The first spurt went straight to the back of her throat.The second went to the back of her tongue where she could barely feel it,then the remaining spurts landed squarely on the front of her tongue so she could savor the taste and texture.Aaralyn moaned from joy as she did her best to work her tongue magic on his cock and get his cum wiped off her tongue then get it back on before she swirled what was left around in her mouth then swallowed it down with an ‘ahhh’.It tasted so good that she returned the cock to her mouth to play with it while it lost its swollenness. Cadence was enjoying the taste of pussy herself while she reached up and took hold of the assistants tits.She played with the nipples as her tongue made its own assault on pussy.Glenorra had enough of the kissing for now and positioned herself to get her pussy in front of the repairman’s mouth.He took the offered treat and proceeded to eat it with gusto.Glenorra hadn’t had her pussy eaten in so long she herself had forgotten how much she missed it.She had never given any thought to being with a woman though it wasn’t anything that made her nauseous.Though the current events indicated that perhaps no one in the coven need to go so long without an orgasm,no one had given any thought to initiating sex with any other.Aaralyn had let the limp cock settle out of her mouth and wiped away any cum that might possible have spilled out.But she was too good to let any cum escape.Every last drop had gone where she wanted it.Cadence had already enjoyed one orgasm from the assistant lathering up her face and was working on a second.She didn’t have to wait long.The assistant moaned as her orgasm sprang forth along with the one she was getting from eating Lillith’s pussy. Then Cadence and Lillith changed places so Cadence could receive pleasure and Lillith could give it.Glenorra had her head back in pleasure as the repairman drilled his tongue into her pussy like he was looking for oil.He had wrapped his arms around Glenorra’s hips and he was strong.Apparently Glenorra wasn’t moving until the repairman had his fill of her pussy juices.Glenorra was a squirter and had already send a stream of cum down the repairman’s throat and he seemed to drink it down with out missing a beat as he continued his tongue action on her clit.Glenorra wondered briefly why she hadn’t thought about this before.Certainly she’ll have to do it again,and sooner rather than later. Aaralyn had started playing with the repairman’s cock again,caressing it,running her fingers up and down the shaft,taking hold and pulling it,squeezing his balls.The cock started responding quickly and it probably didn’t hurt that it’s owner was enjoying some moist delicious pussy for a meal.Once Aaralyn found the cock ready for use again,she positioned herself to straddle him and ride his cock off ‘into the sunset’. Glenorra has her legs wrapped around the repairmans neck and his arms were wrapped around her hips holding her in place with her head swaying backwards slightly reveling in every motion of his tongue.Aaralyn got herself settled on his cock to make sure she wouldn’t fall off and then she moved like she was riding a bucking bronco.As she remembered an ex boyfriend enjoying the attention to his nipples,Aaralyn used her nails to pinch each one as hard as she could.Just short of pnching them off.The repairman still enjoying his meal of pussy juice,only moaned his pleasure.Finally Glenorra had had enough and wrenched herself out his arms.She moved so quickly,she caught him by surprise and turned around offering him her ass.The repairman quickly accepted this substitution of the pussy he had ben enjoying and promptly began eating the new hole with the same ferocity he had been using on Glenorra’s pussy.Her eyes went wide as his tongue went deep into her ass.Glenorra saw Aaralyn enjoying the cock and leaned down to kiss her. So for a minute,every one was doing something with both a sexual orifice and their mouth. Cadence was lost in the act of the assistant licking her pussy completely and thoroughly.Lillith had already gotten lost on the pleasure and taste of the assistant’s pussy.For a while all six appeared to be caught up in the rapture of the pleasure they were receiving. Then as if by some cataclysmic event all six orgasmed together.Once all six orgasms had been caught in some fashion and swallowed(the exception being the repairmans orgasm in Aaralyn’s pussy)the group just seemed to collapse on one another and the release put them all to sleep.Gentle breathing and the smell of sex filled the room.

Hours later,Matt awoke with the presense of mind that he needed to pee.With people sleeping soundly and occasionally changing position during said sleep,Matt found himself laying alone.He looked down at his cock and then around the room to see evidence of either a bathroom or perhaps a door to the outside.As his eyes grew accustomed to the natural light of the house,he saw a few doors on one side of the large central room,these led to bedrooms,apparently not bathrooms.He did find another door behind a piece of furniture and opened to find a grassy meadow.He stepped outside and standing with his hands rubbing his face,he let his pee flow.As he felt the relief of his bladder enptying,he did not notice the door reopening and someone coming out.He was still trying to get his thoughts together,to realize where he was and what he was doing when his flow stopped,bladder empty he was about to turn around and go back inside when he felt hands on his chest,going for his nipples.First,the fingers did subtle teasing of his nipples progressing to pinching.Matt was getting more and more into the pinching as it grew more and more intense.Matt closed his eyes and sensed someone stepping beside him then in front.As the person stepped in front,a pleasant,moist pair of lips went to his own and a hand engulfed his balls within fingers that wrapped themselves around and then applied pressure to the sensitive orbs.But Matt’s balls were not like most balls,Matt’s enjoyed the attention.He opened his eyes wide enough and at the right angle to see Cadence kissing him. She had moved one hand back to his nipple and was showing it no mercy,her other hand was also showing no mercy to his balls.Matt enjoyed all three.Kissing,squeezing and pinching.His cock was at full staff which was what Cadence was working toward.She had not gotten any cock the previous day,only pussy.While she enjoyed the pussy,she was ALL woman who appreciated cock as well.Feeling Matt’s cock was ready for action,she knelt down before him and prepared her mouth for her anticipated treat.She first licked the head like it was a melting ice cream.She didn’t want any lost ‘drops’. She stroked the cock as she licked the head,up and down the shaft.She moved the shaft to the side without any worry of how it might feel to Matt and took the balls into her mouth.The balls tickled a little as they rolled around in her mouth as she tongued the flesh.After a few moments of ball sucking,Cadence went back to licking the shaft and head. She took the balls and held them down to force Matt’s cock straight out in front and then took the shaft deep in her mouth while she grabbed his ass cheek and worked to make him fuck her mouth.Once Matt realized Cadence wanted to be mouth fucked,he obliged her so she didn’t need to move him. She kept her grip on his ass cheeks as the cock ‘took’ her mouth.She felt like she had been transported to a utopian place where pleasure was constant and non stop.She felt the cock start to throb signaling what she was working for was forthcoming.As she sensed Matt was coming,she released his cock and stuck her tongue out and stroked his cock to get the treat on her tongue.She wanted to taste if before she sent it to her stomach.Once she had it,she moved around inside her mouth before swallowing it with an ‘ahhh’.Then she stood up and taking hold of Matt’s cock,took it back inside. Lilith was moving around a little better than Glenorra or Aaralyn but it seemed everyone except Matt’s assistant was waking up for the day.When Glenorra saw that Cadence had ‘the cock’,she stepped over to them.She took hold of Matt’s balls and snatched, pulling the cock our of Cadence’s hand.Fortunately for Matt,Cadence wasn’t gripping his cock so hard that Glenorra’s snatching of his balls hurt him.Grinning wide,Glenorra took her ‘balls’ and led Matt to one of the couches and sat him down.She proceeded to kiss Matt passionately to get his cock hard as she wanted then she climbed ‘on board’. Matt started moaning as Glenorra’s pussy slid up and down making his cock glisten with her sexual juices.Lilith turned Matt’s head and put her lips on his.Once Matt seemed to be paying attention to the kiss,Lillith and Glenorra repositioned him so that he was laying and Glenorra was riding him cowgirl style and Lillith climbed on his face.Aaralyn and Cadence set about getting their pleasure satisfied by Matt’s assistant. Apparently these girls were full of surprises as they appeared intent on working the assistants mouth and pussy,somebody had gone unnoticed as they attached a strap-on to the assistants hips. While Aaralyn went to ride the assistants face,Cadence mounted the strap-on. The two went into a no hards barred session of riding until they decided they had enough and switched positions. Meanwhile,Glenorra had enjoyed an orgasm from riding Matt but it felt so good that she stayed on Matt’s cock while Lillith rode Matt’s tongue.When Lillith shot her cum down Matt’s throat,she motioned for Glenorra to switch places so Lillith could have her turn riding Matt’s cock.Glenorra had no complaint about riding Matt’s tongue.And he seemed to do VERY good job of licking her pussy.Glenorra moaned with every flick of his tongue.Aaralyn and Cadence had both cum again and again switched positions so that they could keep the variety coming with no regard of whether the assistant was getting tired.Matt and his assistant appeared to be handling the spell satisfactorily. The witches were getting their pent up horniness taken care of just as they wanted.Once Lillith and Glenorra had each cum again on Matt,they went to Aaralyn and Cadence and gestured for them to ‘use’Matt and the assistant would take care of Glenorra and Lillith.The orgy continued on for several more hours as either Matt or the assistant was able to stay awake and cooperate with the sexual urges of the witches as they worked to get their pent up emotions satisfied. Finally they all fell asleep after a full day of hardcore fucking and napping.The house fell silent save for Matt’s gentle snoring and the equally gentle sleeping of the women along with the litle creaks that a building makes as it cools down.

The next day before the spell would wear off,Glenorra woke before the others and brought out a few toys that no one knew she had.They all knew that Aaralyn had a MOST beautiful ass and Glenorra felt this would be a perfect time for her to try some of her toys now that they had Matt and his assistant at their disposal for one more day.Glenorra got her anal toys out of their hiding place.She collected Aaralyn and headed for Matt’s cock to do some more riding.She also collected Cadence to sit her ass on Matt’s face so she could feel his tongue devastate her asshole.While Cadence was reveling in the feel of Matt’s tongue reaching for every drop of sexual juices she was secreting,Glenorra got some anal beads inserted in Aaralyn’s ass.Aaralyn then moved to position her ass in front of Matt’s face after they moved Cadence over to the assistant.She was still wearing the strap-on and was being ridden by Lillith.Cadence settled her ass on the assistants face who resumed the tongue fucking started by Matt.Matt meanwhile had started gently pulling on the cord for the anal beads until one popped out and Matt caught it in his mouth and proceeded to suck Aaralyn ass juices from the bead.He gently pulled on the cord and when he saw the second one,he moved the first bead to one of his cheeks and received the second bead in his mouth.He was reveling in the taste of Aaralyn’s ass juices and gently pulling one more time to get the last bead when it popped out of Aaralyn’s ass,Matt stuck one of the beads in his cheek and worked to get the last one in his other cheek as the middle bead stayed in his mouth.Once he had gotten all the flavorful juices of the beads,he spat them out so Aaralyn could place her beautiful and delicious ass back for his enjoyment.Glenorra looked around for the strap-on previously used with the assistant and put it on for an idea she had just realized,with the strap on in place,Glenorra picked the repairman’s legs to lift them up and expose his asshole.Glenorra stuck the cock on the strap-on into a nearby willing mouth to get some lubrication and then she put the head to the reapirman’s asshole.The hole did not relinquish it’s tightness easily as it was usually being used for another purpose.But Glenorra persisted patiently.She kept pushing then head of her ‘cock’ gently yet firmly until the repairman’s ass gave way.As the hole opened,Glenorra kept the pressure up to enter ,one inch,out one-half inch,in inch and half,out an inch. In two inches,out one inch.With each additional increment of cock,Glenorra heard the repairman moan in between his tongue’s excursions into Aaralyn’s ass.Finally Glenorra had all eight inches in the repairman’s ass and she started fucking him in earnest while he was eating Aaralyn’s ass in earnest.The other witches were not so caught up in their own sexual olympics so much that they were unaware of Glenorra fucking the repairman while he ate Aaralyn. Glenorra was so caught up in the idea that she was fucking instead of being fucked that she started giving the repairman a rough fuck. And he only moaned with each thrust from her.Aaralyn’s eyes were rolled up in the top of her eye sockets as she fingered her clit in the same tempo that her ass was being eaten. The repairman had started sucking loudly on her ass and his own ass was starting to make slurping sounds from the fucking he was receiving.With the spell to wear off soon,Glenorra could only wonder how the man’s ass would feel the next day.What would he do when he saw strange discharge in his underwear briefs.No mater,Glenorra felt her orgasm from her power trip approach and wished she would be able to give the man a creampie but of course it couldn’t happen. Aaralyn sent an orgasm down the repairman’s neck. The sexual events were winding down,the assistant had cum so many times,she was weak from loss of fluids.The witches were feeling satisfaction that had eluded them for months.No masturbating could replace the sensation of orgasm from oral attention and cock for the four women. The day had gone on with the four witches using Matt and his assistant as they pleased .The only breaks were for the bathroom and if anyone should doze off.Finally as the spell lost its holding power,the witches went about dressing Matt and his assistant and walking them back to their truck.Matt still felt a bit groggy as he tried to understand where he was and what he had been doing.

Matt-“I feel SO strange!.I feel exhausted but I don’t remember doing any thing.Did we work on anything?”

Assistant-“I don’t think so.But I feel exhausted too.”

Matt -“I feel like we have been here for more than just the time for a service call but I can’t tell what time it is.Whatever the deal is,I suggest we get back to the shop.” As Matt squirmed in his seat,the assistant looked at him like he was nuts.

Matt-“I’m sorry,but my ass feels like something was in it.”

Assistant-“I can relate,I feel like I’ve done something inappropriate but I have no recollection of anything at all.” They left to try and figure out the cobwebs in their brain.Meanwhile the witches had their own conversation about the weekend.

Aaralyn-“That was the BEST idea Glenorra.I promise I’ll never doubt you again.”

Cadence-“I agree,I feel better than I have in a long time.I can hit the books with new energy again.”

Lillith-“You are indeed the best Glenorra!”

Glenorra-“I’m glad you all feel that way.We found and used the spell once,nothing says we can’t do it again later.Who knows,we might be able to use some other ingredients to maybe get a person for each of us next time.”Glenorra winked at her fellow witches and went about her witchy duties

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