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The Builder and Me

The Horny Builder and Me by Levityheaven

A builder I know came to do some work to our place a few months back. I knew I fancied him from when he had come round earlier to size up the job and give me a quote. He was attractive you see, very attractive, medium height, dark skinned, well built and fit, very muscular, and I could imagine well hung. He had a twinkle in his eye too, that I found pretty much irresistible.

When he arrived to do the work I was more than ready. I answered the door near naked, with just a towel draped around my ample body, too short a towel in fact to quite cover up my full round tities as well as my whole bare backside, so the bottom of my plump ass cheeks were clearly visible.

As I let him in he looked me over but made no obvious sign of lust. I offered him coffee, and called him from the living room into the kitchen when it was brewed. I gestured for him to sit, and brought the coffee over to the kitchen table on a wooden tray. My towel, held precariously anyway, conveniently chose this moment to unfasten itself and slithered down my body to land in a heap at my feet.

I gasped, but made no immediate move to retrieve it from the warm tiled floor. I wanted him to take in all of me. My smooth golden brown skin, my plump pert round boobs, my hefty but nicely toned thighs and my firm luscious ass. My skin still glistened from my earlier bath and smelt fresh and fragrant; none of this was lost on him.

I made sure he took everything in fully as I carefully laid down the tray and turned with my back to him before picking up my towel to pull it back around myself. “Sorry about that” I said with a coy but cheeky grin. He returned my smile.

After a moments hesitation he stood up, slowly put out his hand and grabbed at the towel. I made no move to stop him as he yanked it away and chucked it down, exposing my bare flesh once again. He sighed hungrily as his mouth found mine and in an instant he was kissing me, rough, wet and deep.

He began to explore my body, squeezing my aching tits harshly as he pressed his face to them, licking and sucking them all over as he squeezed. And as his rough hands first squished my succulent bottom and then reached my vagina I squealed in delight, his fingers slithered expertly and delicately over my dirty wet clit, which was by now thick with my cream. I reached for his belt, to let him know my urgent need.

He knew what was required, and yanked it open, unbuttoning his fly in the same movement to expose his mean manhood. ‘Oh my GOD’ were my thoughts as I gazed at his smoothness and wonderful girth, length and head. Long, pure, with a perfectly proportioned helmet, just asking to be licked and sucked.

But first things first. Feverously he pulling off his jeans and then his sweatshirt, and there he stood before me naked, panting and sweating. God but this guy was buff. A primed body and a face I knew I could so easily worship, and this was even before he cleared a space, lifted me onto my kitchen table, eased me back, pushed my legs apart up and up behind my head, parted my tight pussy lips with his fingers and brutally buried his thick rigid brown tool in me as far as it would go.

Yes, after that I was his to do what he wanted with, no question. He fucked me so hard there on the table it rattled loudly as if about to collapse, he took me right there where anyone could have caught full view of us if they had just passed by my kitchen window, but did I care? Did I fuck! The relief from being fucked by this man this stallion, hard, harder, harder than ever, was so superbly dirty. I wanted to cum so bad the minute I laid eyes on him that morning, but now I was about to explode with want.

As he the went to work on my pussy with his face, I was almost screaming with pleasure, feeling his warm lips and tongue delve far up into my hole and then flick around and around my throbbing slutty citreous was almost too much to bare, as was seeing his beautiful head working between my brown thighs, oh yeah I was about to cum and it felt so good.

When it came, my orgasm was amazing, hot, nasty, and violent, I arched up and almost fainted with the pleasure, there wasn’t a bit of my body that the intense wicked feeling didn’t reach. He smiled at me and kissed me on the mouth as he came up for breath, obviously excited by my wanton display of abandoned pleasure.

Giving me but a moment to recover, my face was pushed down towards his cock, he then grabbed the back of my head and face fucked me for all he was worth, oh but I loved gagging on his thick fat black cock. As I felt it hit my tonsils and the back of my throat I was alive with satisfaction and greed for what stirred within ready to burst forth any moment. To feel his gooey spunk gush thick and white down my throat would be no hardship for me. I yearned to taste his thick white juice.

But it’s wasn’t to be just yet, because at that moment I was skilfully lifted up and out into the living room, bent facing away from him over my settee and instructed to lift up my sexy ass. I knew what was coming, so I did as I was told. He stood behind me looking at me, compounding his appreciation and lust with filthy words as he gripped and caressed my phat soft parted butt cheeks, I remained bent forward completely enjoying the attention he was giving me. And as my heaving round breasts hung over the seat, my fleshy rear quivered with anticipation of what was to come. I eventually felt slithery warm gel applied with expert care and then he slowly entered me, entered my tight puckered asshole, pulling my checks further apart so he could squeeze his giant dick tightly inside, edging it into me bit by bit, into my tiny tiny stretched hole, so tight, so tense till I was packed full of nothing but him! Oh It felt so good.

The sweet agony was immense, and as the momentum built I enjoyed more and more the dark intrusiveness! As he fucked my body deeper and deeper and stronger with more and more passion and pressure, the top of his taught muscular thighs slapping loudly and cruelly against my big quivering ass cheeks, quicker and quicker he was panting and groaning as he came so hard and fierce inside my asshole, and I was so turned on by it all I came as well, again, as he pulled out his dick and thee thick cream colored goo gushed from my bruised and abused bootyhole. This was the best experience I’d ever had. Obviously for him too it was something very special indeed, it didn’t take but some few short minutes till he was ready to control and tear into my moistness again.

As you might imagine, he barely had the strength to get any building work done by the time we’d finished with each other that afternoon. But no matter. This, as it luckily turned out, was to be just one of many visits and experiences we would share together.

I hope you’ll come find out what else we did with each other next time…
(I’ve recorded this too on AdultWork, so hope you will check that out soon)

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