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The ‘Boy’ Next Door

As Billy’s hands tightened their grip around Chris’ engorged member, shivers of pleasure shot through Chris’ body. In 5 years of solo masturbation he had never experienced any feeling like this. The feeling of pleasure, of being wanted, of being close to someone you love. The feelings were augmented by these emotions, and soon Chris found himself about to climax.

He removed Billy’s hands from his cock. “Not yet… I want you to be the first.”. Chris gestured for his love to sit on the edge of the pool. Billy raised his wet, shiny body and cock out of the water, the appearance of shine and slickness adding to Chris’s love for him. Chris opened his mouth, and slowly ran his tongue in circles around the head of the penis in front of him. He forgot about Billy’s existence, and acted as if this was the only thing in the world, the only thing that was worth noticing. He slowly circled and licked the whole head, before licking the shaft like a big, meaty lollipop. His eyes filled with joy, his longing for the taste of billy’s sweet seed overcoming him.

He enclosed his mouth over this symbol of his adoration, and slowly worked it into his mouth, and gently down his throat. Billy let out small moans and groans of pleasure, as his penis slowly disappeared into his friend’s throat. “You ever done this before?” he asked. Chris shook his head in response. The movement increased the pleasure for Billy, who could not contain it anymore. “I’m about too c…” he exclaimed as 5 shots of sweet semen hit the back of Chris’s throat. The feeling of warmth trickling down his throat pushed him over the edge, and a white cloud appeared in the pool.

“Damn you’re good. Not the best, but i’ll give you a close second place”. This disheartened Chris slightly, but his spirits soon returned when Billy grabbed him, and they both leaped into the hot tub. The feelings of the warmth and the bubbles against his body was unbelievable, made better only by the fact him and billy were locked in each other’s embrace. Chris was enjoying his first kiss, and it was with the person who most wanted to be within the whole of the universe. 10 minutes passed with their lips locked, their tongues dancing in time with the bubbles, and their hands exploring each other’s bodies. Chris wondered how this day could get any better, his mind slightly too innocent to imagine what would happen next.

The two parted lips, Billy’s face had gone bright red from the flush of blood to the most important areas. “Ok… I am definitely promoting you to 1st place. And this is your first time?”

“Yup, never done anything with anyone but myself before. Always been just me and Palmela”. Billy chuckles, and looks towards the door.

“Come on Chris, lets go inside, it’s cold. I have some ‘films’ we can watch inside.” Billy smiles and winks as he looks Chris over again. “Not that we need it with a stud like you here!”. Chris blushed at this remark, but soon followed Billy back into the house.

They walked through to the front room. Chris had been in this room many times before, but never had it been alone, with Billy. The plasma screen and dvd player on the wall, and the 2 diagonal sofas seemed excellent for whatever was about to happen. Chris sat down as Billy slowly and purposefully lent over to put the dvd in the player. The screen powered on, and Chris was met with the full on menu of a porno movie.

“So, wanna place a bet?” . Chris nodded, wondering what Billy meant. “We both jerk off to this movie, the first to cum has to suck the other one off.”

The prospect of this made Chris instantly hard… Years of practice had led to this event, and he was sure he could outdo Billy. “Yeah, sure. Is gonna be fun to get a suck from you” Chris smiled. The thought of winning, and the view of the porn from the corner of his eye gave Chris an instant erection, which he began to stroke. “Cum on Billy, I can’t wait to fell your tongue and lips.”

The two sat there, slowly stroking their respective penises. Chris could barely fit his hand round the base of his member, and Billy had noticed that. Billy kept his eyes afixed on this pillar of pleasure, the target of all his lust and emotion. Chris had noticed, and moved over to sit next to Billy. “Lets heat up this competition, eh? How about we stroke each other?”

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