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Had been getting over the affects of radiation treatment,so we as a couple had not had contact sexually for over a year,but my wife was very understanding and very loyal.
A little about my wife,she is a white freckle studed 48year old,5foot 2 inch tall red head with the extura pounds that I love,large breast and a tight bushy vagina with fat lips.when I met her 17 years ago she was a nymph that just could not get enough… but over the years things have slowed down with both of us.
So out of the blue she says she had bought tickets to fly home to Africa,where I was born and raised.
I had warned my wife in the plane that real African men love big women,just like I like big women,and they would not be shy to voice there thoughts.So it was only fitting that she received 2 head to toe Look overs by the customs officials and a taxi driver asked if she would like to marry him as he would make her very happy,and all this before we left the airport grounds.
My dad picked us up,and we would be staying at the house that I grew up in,which meant seeing the people i grew up with and who worked for my parents. We get home and Patti and her son Willy are standing with Tendai the Gardner to greet us.Patti practically looked after me and my sister when we were young and her son Willy is my sisters age,so we had been friends for about 38 years.Tendai the gardner,had also raised us,but he was older then and is in his early 70’s now.He is a hulk of a man still,6 foot 4,thin long wirery arms with huge hands,powerful legs,flat but defined chest with rock hard abs,exactly how I remembered him,he hadn’t changed or aged one bit,I could see he still shined and polished his bald head,which glowed when he took my wife’s tiny hand in his and bent his head down to greet her,I watched his eyes wander over her full voluptuous body to her eyes,when they met his mouth opened and the huge African smile broke out,showing perfect white teeth.When it came to me he gave me a huge hug that squeezed the air out of my lungs,these were the arms that had saved me on many occasions,and that had also taught me to defend myself.
We exchanged pleasantries,and all the while my wife’s mouth hung open in awe,and as we walked to my old room to drop our bags off and unpack she asked why I had never told her how big and intimidating he was. I explained to her,that I had known him all my life.There was something else I had not told her,but I thought she would find that out, soon enough wandering the gardens around the house.
The next day she decided to go grocery shopping,but the attention she had gotten on the first day continued on the second,with black men turning to look at her,which I feel made her feel attractive again,which in my eyes she always was.By the fourth day we started doing daily trips to places around the capital,I looked at her and she was aglow and happy,with her freckles turning a golden brown from the 4 days of African sun we had had,and after the daily trips we would come home swim,lie in the sun.That afternoon she decided to explore the back garden,with its water tower and fruit trees.
20 minutes later she came back at a fast walk and was red in the face,so I asked her what was up and she said,”i saw Tendai showering under the water tower”I looked at her and said “I totally forgot to let you know “,but Tendia has showered under that water tower everyday since we got it 38 years ago and always at the end of day when he is sweaty from the hot garden work.Me and my sister had seen him once and that had shocked us.
I asked her what the problem was,and that it wasn’t the first naked man she had seen,but she replied”but it was the biggest,blackest cock I had ever seen,I think the shaft was as thick as a beer can,the foreskin was just under his knee cap…and yes he did see me,I walked in as I heard water and thought there was a leak,and he was standing right there!
It sounds like you took a good look I said,to my wife’s dismay she turned red again.
To add to this we got an Invite from Patti,Willi and Tendai to come over for dinner!!!!
Most houses on a property have a seperate,living place for the people working,ours had 2,my dad had built a second house for Tendai as he was not married to Patti and therefore they could not live in the same room,according to my dad.
We walked there in 5 minutes to find all three cross legged by the fire,my wife felt that she should apologize for what had happened,which she did,but that sent Tendai into laughter,and him asking “if I don’t show her my penis,as she was worried when she seen his.”But then Patti crushed the conversation about penises,saying it was not the right subject for dinner .We all agree and started talking about life,my wife digging an even deeper hole by asking why Tendai had never married,all broke out In laughter again,at the expense of Tendai,his voice was deep and loud when he answered the question,”I have never found the right one”we all went silent.My wife was sitting across from Tendai and the food was communal,so we all ate from the same plate,passing what we needed to each other.I notice my wife would take fast glances down at Tendai’s crotch,and I knew what she was thinking,”where did he put all that cock!I noticed to, that Tendai was doing the same thing as she was,my wife didn’t realize that we would sit on a mat on the floor,so she had dressed in a dress,not to short,but when she readjusted her legs,if you were sitting opposite her like Tendai was then you would get a great view.i could see some movement in his crotch area,so he must be getting a great view,as he was getting exited….my wife was helping him along ,as she was having problems with the African heat and on day4 she had said,”Iam going without underwear”
So the view that Tendai was getting was one off a bushy fat lipped pussy!!!I don’t know why but i wanted to give this to my wife,if she wanted it.
We finished up the meal and said our goodbyes my wife giving everybody a hug,me noticing that she stayed a bit longer by Tendai.On our walk home I asked her about everyone and she swarmed about Tendai,so I stopped and gave her a kiss but at the same time my left hand went down to her pussy and touched it through the thin fabric of the dress,she was soaking wet!I looked into her eyes and ask “would you like to fuck him””you are super wet and have been flirting with him the whole night”I carried on.
We had never strayed from each other,and this was a big thing,I helped her along and said”I am okay with it”
She started crying,”yes I would,”
I hugged her for a long while and then asked if she wanted me to ask him?”yes”is all she said.
The 2 houses were separated by fruit trees,we walked up to Tendais and I asked her to wait on a bench.
The door was hollow sounding as I knocked twice,the deep voice just said enter,so I did.
Tendai was just dressed in shorts with no shirt,he was looking at me and asked if everything was okay,I replied
“Father” as that’s what he was like to me,”everything is not okay,I have a sickness that prevents me from giving my wife pleasure.She has seen your leg that hangs between your 2 other legs,and has made her very hungry..she had asked if you could pleasure her and in turn she will pleasure you?
The answer that I got shocked me,”I have never pleased a woman or been with a woman before,they have all run when I have exposed my man hood,your wife is the first to look and not run,if she wants it,it will be my pleasure son.
I was glad as I didn’t want to go out and tell my wife he didn’t want to do it,but was also confident he would say yes,seeing the way he looked at my wife that first day to the way his pants started to grow while sitting at dinner with us,but he is over 70 and this would be his first.
I said she will be right in and walked out.My wife got up and walked over,I looked at her and told her what had happend,she was shocked,I looked at her and gave her a hug and said not to let my parents catch her,she looked at me and said”I want you to come with me,I don’t want to do this alone.My thoughts raced I was not antisapating this, i was going to go home and leave her to have her fun,but now she wanted me to come and witness that act!She looked as if I was the party pooper,so I took her hand and led her to the house.
Inside Tendai was standing where I had left him,only difference now was the long,thick,vainy,black cock that showed the tip of the huge mushroom head,trying to push the for skin back,if you have ever seen a donkey dick,only it was shiny black as if he had put the same Vaseline on his body as he had put on his head,and to end it all he had the biggest set of balls I had ever seen,hanging low .My wife was behind me and could not see him till I moved aside,she gasp as a huge drop of pre cum made its way from the large hole on the mushroom head to the floor,I could not imagine him wanking,so if he had never had a release then there was a lot more of that seed to come,as I thought that it started to dribble in thick drops,there was a puddle forming at the base of his big legs.It looked like his cock was struggling to stand strait,but then I realized it was the weight and length,he could not do that even if he wanted.when I was young I had seen this cock 2 times and both times it was just hanging between his legs but now it was trying very hard to stand,and was getting thicker and longer.
My wife finally got over being scared and intimidated by what was infront of her and walked over to pull the fore skin over the mushroom head,but not without a deep groan from Tendai.i could tell now that he was telling the truth about not having had a woman before.He stood there looking down at my wife who was rubbing over his chest with one hand,and touching his massive member with the other.i turned to find a seat,and heard Tendai’s cry as he started cumming,the cock was now shaking and convulsing as white creamy cum came out the top,it looked like my wife was disappointed that the end had come so fast,but kneeled down and put her open mouth over the opening and started slurping the large amounts of cum coming out,dripping Down her chin on to her titties and disappearing into her bush.
I was supper horny but my own 8inch cock was not even moving I could feel no blood going there,so I laid back and watched the show.
I remebered when I met my wife she would always swallow,she loved cum..and this was a bit of the old days,she cleaned that big helmet and then looked for cum that had run down his balls,and cleaned that to,all this while the giant cock stood strait out,so I was wrong thinking it would never make wife stood up and pushed Tendai onto his bed,where he lay with the giant cock still standing strait,my wife started by his feet and work her way up, planting kisses all the way up to his meat and then rapping both hands around the shaft,and started jacking up and down,Tendai started moaning.but my wife was keeping a good eye on his groans and would stop or slow the second he started getting loud.
The jacking continued with her licking the mushroom head,with him shivering everytime she did that,by the third time she had to stop again,but this time she moved her legs over his head to the 69 position,still keeping both hands on his cock,as she moved positions,it was like she was holding on to a flag post.she kept one leg on the bed and other bent so he had enough space,she went back to work,she was spitting on the cock for some extra lube,but there was a lot of area to keep lubed up,so she looked at me and asked”can you find some oil”,I turned to the kitchen which was small,and seen some coconut oil,which I brought to her.she poored some In her hand and started waxing the shaft,up and down.
Tendai hadn’t started anything with her pussy yet,she was dripping,I could see one drop at a time land on his chin,my wife looked back and seen the drops,she moved her hips so they would land in his mouth,the reaction was instantaneous,his cock started shooting little jets of precum again,the veins started pulsating,his moans started getting louder,my wife was in a trans,she was enjoying having an inexperienced partner,saying that she lowered her vagina on to his mouth.My wife’s pussy is the sweetest thing I have tasted,Iam sure Tendai would say the same,he started licking his long tongue over the whole area,his tongue was wide so two licks later he started putting more pressure on that middle deviding line that was flanked by my wife’s swollen labia that were super red from all the blood going to that area,my wife let out her first groan of the night,and had to stop the jacking she was doing,there was so much Pre cum draining down the shaft now that it started to build around her hands mixed with the coconut oil,she started the up and down movement again the shaft was lubed up with one stroke.i still couldn’t get over the size off the head,the shaft was thick,and the head was thicker then that,i didn’t know how it was going to fit.Tendai was now slobbering away,his tongue spreading my wife’s pussy and getting really to the little button that really controlled her,every time he touched it,she would scream out in ecstasy,using her hips to fuck his face,that now had a sheen on it.He was a fast Lerner,and quickly realized that he could put his hands over her big butt and spread her pussy,so his tongue didn’t have to do as much work,his fingers quickly found the hole where his cock would go and started pushing the long middle finger in and out, my wife has never had any kids,so she is super tight with her fat swollen lips holding on to fingers and cocks like a vice.
My wife in turn was trying to fit the cock head into her mouth,she tried and got 3/4 in but that was it,she was doing 2 things at once now,slidding her hands up and down the shaft and bobbing her head down the 3/4 of the head that would fit into her mouth.Tendai had never felt this kind of stimulation on his cock before,his toes started to curl,he tried to push himself up the bed,but my wife closed her legs on his head,the load that came was a lot but not as much as the first,one two drops escaped her lips,the rest was swallowed,to my amazement,he stayed hard,my wife still had not come,she turned her body around,moved down so she could grip the cock again,she started giving it wet kisses,she moved down,opened her mouth to try and take the big balls in,she got one in and massaged It with her warm tongue,her butt in the air,I would have liked to fuck her right now,the nicely trimmed hair around the pussy lips was flattened by wetness,she was starting to wank again,one ball in mouth,two hands on the shaft,up and wife was sweating in the heat,but right then she let go of the shaft with both hands pulled the one egg out of her mouth and slowly started walking up his body,the dick had to bend as she passed over it,slowly she kisssed her way up to his lips, going over his flat belly,over his chest,not even his nipples were spared,she got them and yanked on them with her lips,causing Tendai to moan loadly again.i think he thought he was getting out of the intense teasing of his genatils when she let go of the shaft and balls!But now that feeling was back just further up his body,the old man was also sweating,sweat was running down his forehead,she left his nipples,moving to his throat,even though she was browning in the African sun,the difference between the to was amazing,dark black and white.She had finally got to his lips,where she started making out with him,the giant cock was trapped under her body,but like a massive snake it was trying to get out,the bulbous head peaking out the side by her belly.she kept moving on till Tendai was getting hit in the face with her nice big melons,he was squeezing them together with his huge hands,one in each hand,her nipples were small,about the same size as his,not in proportion to the size of her tits,but big enough for him to notice and bring his big mouth and clam down on them with his large lips.she gave out a scream,she was super sensitive here,she tried to riggle out,but in the effort lifted her hips a smiggen to high,the giant was like a spring bouncing back to the strait position,she was still fighting and finally he gave up,letting her body move back down his body till her spread butt cheeks crashed into his cock,Tendai let out a groan,I think he felt the heat and moisture radiating from the fat lipped vagina belonging to my wife.i think the automatic reaction when that happens is to start pumping your hips trying to push it in,and that’s exactly what he did,but the giant pink head was atleast 6 inches above the top of my wife’s butt and running between her butt cheeks,he was getting cheek fucked,she started moving her hipps up and down and groaning just as loud as he was,it didn’t take long and her body started convulsing as his did previous,resulting in a little gush from her pussy,it soaked the base of the massive cock,she lay there exhausted on his body,with the massive phalus still up in the air,she was breathing deeply and slowly started moving up wards towards his head,at the same time guiding one of his own hands to his cock,she whispered into his ear with a deep husky voice”bring it down to my pussy,”Tendai didn’t know what she was talking about,”pull your cock down”she said,she kept moving up his body till her butt was just under his chest,then she whispered again,”pull your cock down”,this time he gently pulled the massive head down,he did not understand why,but when my wife felt the massive head graze her lips,she pushed back,half of the massive head spread aside the lips and disappeared inside of my wife,she let out a yelp of pain,which I had never heard from her before,with another backwards jerk and yelp,the giant head was the process of getting the shaft in was at hand,but because the head was so much thicker than the shaft,she just needed to get the head deeper and the shaft would she started the backwards jerk,followed by a moan or a yelp as the head pushed its way deeper.At roughly the 6 inch mark my wife stopped,she was panting,she pulled her body up his body taking the whole six inches out,stopping as the giant head got caught on the ring of her vagina.she waited there for a few seconds,that’s when I noticed blood in the mixture of precum,coconut oil and now blood.But as I thought she started to push her body down on his cock,till it hit the 6inch mark and stopped,then she did the the jerk and another 2inches disappeared,she Moaned deeply but wasn’t yelping with pain like at the started when she first put the giant head of the cock in her pussy.she kept doing this till the giant head came up against her cervix,they were both sweating profusely,my wife had had to stop a couple of times to ensure Tendai didn’t come,but the only problem now was that the cock was touching her cervix and still had about 4 inches outside her pussy,but my wife was on top so she could decide how deep the monster went inside her,and that’s what she did,she started moving her hips up and down ,started fucking Tendai,her pussy was tightly rapped around his thick beer can thick cock,the blood was gone and replaced by white foam which I think was just a mix of both there liquids,her thick pussy lips were stretched thin now and didn’t look thick anymore,his pole was so thick that there was no way it wasn’t rubbing over her clitoris as it went in and out,she kept a slow pace not to fast ,and would slow when she start coming,but after a few seconds would continue up and down,Tendais cock couldn’t keep this pace,the milking was to much for him,I watched his whole body start to shake,and he started to scream and come,he pushed his big cock all the way in, and exploded,pumping upwards into my wife,they stopped for a few minutes,I didn’t realize this but my wife had cum  when Tendai had come,and only noticed afterwards,the clear liquid around the base of his cock.Tendai had stamina,not that he could fuck for a long time but In that he stayed hard,the huge cock was still hard,for a 70+ year old man that was amazing,my wife was laying on top of him impaled on his huge cock,his cock looked like a plug,the ring of her vagina super stretched around the shaft,not letting any of the cum come out that he had pumped into her.We all fell asleep,me on the recliner,my wife on top off Tendai,they had been going at it for just under 2 hours and both were nackered,when I awoke 2 hours later they were still in the same position,my wife had pulled her knees up towards her upper body,so in her sleep she was kind of squatting on his cock,which had stayed semi erect,so still very long and thick,there was no sperm leaking out,I felt like a perve Looking at them while they slept all engaged in the sexual act still.i thought I would let them sleep, found the chair again and sat,staring at my wife’s large butt,being split by this large black pole,as it was all the way in,the 4 inches still out were kind off pushing the butt higher at an angle different to her body.her cheeks were wide open allowing me to see her ass hole all pink and tight.
I fell back to sleep and was out for awhile next waking to the creaking of the bed,to witness my wife realizing she was still being pierced by Tendai’s huge meat,she looked at me and smiled,she then brought one leg over his body,the meat started sliding out of her as if there was pressure from the inside,the whole length came out,falling from my wife’s pussy to his body with a loud slap,his large head and shaft that was in her pussy were covered in now thick white sperm,because her pussy had been stretched the whole night,it stayed open for a couple of seconds, then slowly closed,but started pushing all the sperm from the giant cock out,I was amazed buy how much thick yoghurt colored sauce was being discharged,just kept on coming,my wife got of the bed and stood,and it opened the flood gates,it dribbled out her pussy down her legs,by the time she had put her dress over her head and pulled it down,there was a mess around her feet.she turned,bent over,took the large head in her mouth,the foreskin had returned,she pulled and stretched it with her lips,sucking all the resedue up,Tendai was asleep,he woke up with a jerk,they kissed and we walked out.
The rest of the 25 days left went the same as that,we would do trips through the day and at night after all were asleep she would pull me to watch her get filled by Tendai,who by this time was,a skilled lover who was making my wife very happy,she was smiling all the time,and happy.We even took him on a trip to a lake where we stayed on a house boat for 5 days,my dad was under the impression that we needed help,that Tendai should help us.Well we needed help and he helped us a lot,my wife was fucked a lot on the houseboat,she would take 2-4 loads of his cum a day.
It was a sad day when we left,everybody cried,but it was time to say good by.
A month later,we were both back in the rhthym of life in California,I was at work and she called me,she said she had been sick,throwing up,I was worried,so took her to our doctor,he wasn’t stupid we were,she was pregnant,we were both in shock,we had never been able to have children,they had said that my wife couldn’t have children,so we had never used contraception ,but it looks like I was the one that couldn’t fertilize my wife.We got  home and we decided we wanted to keep the child.
Two months later when we were sure she wasn’t going to loose the baby,i called home to let my parents know,i talked to my dad and mom and they were both ecstatic,I asked my dad if I  could speak to Tendai,he went to call him,a few minutes later I heard the deep voice of Tendai come on,he greeted me and I greeted him,I asked about his family and he asked about my family,when that was all done there was quiet for a few seconds,then I asked,” are you ready to be a father again?”there was quiet for a long time now,then he said “always”,I said “he is your child,but my wife,I will treat him like my own,exactly how you treated me.”
That is how my wife ended up having a baby at 49 years old,a healthy brown skinned baby boy,nobody knew any different,they all thought it was mine,our little secret,but we went home every year,so that father and son new each other wife on the other hand never wanted to try the giant cock again,something happend when she had the child,but she was very close with Tendai,our sex life had blossomed,I had got my mojo back.

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