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Teacher’s Bitch

Andrew's grade in AP US History was slipping. He was having a hard time keeping up with the workload and had very little time left over to study for tests, most of which he either failed or barely passed. No class had ever given him so much trouble, and he was still just a sophomore. His teacher, Mr. Garland, a medium-height tan guy with a buzz cut and a stern countenance, was not helping much either. It seemed like every time Andrew approached him for help, Mr. Garland would merely say something to demean Andrew and turn him away, telling him, “Well it is your fault you signed up for this class. You were well aware of how difficult it would be.”

You see, Mr. Garland had a reputation as the strictest teacher at McKenna High School. He was unforgiving and short-tempered. If you did not give him the answers he wanted during class discussions, he would yell at you and tell you to not speak for the rest of the class. If he caught you chewing gum in class, he gave you a detention. Students in his classroom were not allowed to chit-chat, even before class officially started. But students took his class anyway, if not just for being able to say, “I had Mr. Garland,” and having other students admire them for making it through his class.

Knowing that Mr. Garland would probably say the same things he always had said when Andrew asked for help, he gave one last try after class on Monday. He was desperate.

After all of the other students dashed out of the classroom, Andrew walked up to Mr. Garland's desk. Mr. Garland was not in a good mood today, but Andrew could not wait any longer.

“Mr. Garland, I know you are probably tired of me asking about how to bring my grade up, but I really do not know what else to do. I study as best I can, and I do nearly all the work you assign. Can't you give me some extra credit assignments? I will do anything to raise my grade Mr. Garland! Please, I just really need some help. If I fail, my parents will kill me.”

Mr. Garland was about to open his mouth and tell Andrew that there was nothing he could do to help, but he thought about what Andrew said and had an idea.

“Sorry Andrew, I'm a little busy right now. Could you come back to my classroom after school? I can talk with you then.”

“Yes! Thank you so much Mr. Garland! I promise I will work as hard as I can. I'll do anything to get a passing grade.”Andrew was relieved. At least Mr. Garland would allot some time to talk with him more extensively. Feeling optimistic, Andrew left for his English class, which would be the last class of the day.

The school bell rang. Kids ran to their lockers, grabbed everything they needed and rushed to the bus loop. That is, everyone except Andrew of course. He called his mom before his English class to let her know that he would not be able to ride the bus and would need her to pick him up later.

As he made his way across campus to Mr. Garland's classroom, Andrew had no idea how shocking his time with Mr. Garland would turn out to be.

Andrew slowly turned the door handle to Mr. Garland's room, making sure not to interrupt Mr. Garland in case he was busy doing something. He entered the classroom to find Mr. Garland grading some papers at his desk.

Without even acknowledging Andrew's presence, Mr. Garland said, “Have a seat Andrew,” while at the same time motioning to a chair on the other side of his desk.

Andrew made his way over to the chair, taking off his backpack and setting it on the ground before sitting down.

Quite calmly, Mr. Garland said, “Do you think I'm a fucking fool, Andrew? You don't think I notice your frequent stares at my crotch just about every day? Listen, I know a cocksucker when I see one, and anyone with a brain could see that you want my dick.”

This totally caught Andrew by surprise. He didn't know how to respond. He was speechless.

Without missing a beat, Mr. Garland continued: “You said you'd do anything to bring up your grade in this class, right?”

Hesitantly, Andrew said, “Y-Yes.” He had an idea of where this was going.

“Well then, a little cocksucker like you will love my proposition. What you have to do is very simple. You service me on command, and you do exactly what I tell you to do. This may be every day, once a week, whatever – it depends on when I want to unload my man jizz. Understand?”

This was not at all what Andrew expected to happen, but this idea kind of turned him on; he had fantasized about getting pounded by Mr. Garland or sucking him off nearly every day. He started daydreaming.

Mr. Garland was growing impatient. “Well? Give me an answer you fucking cocksucker.”

Andrew snapped back to reality but was still hesitant. “…o…okay. I'll do it.”

Mr. Garland had Andrew under a spell. The normal, intelligent Andrew would sense this as a bad idea, but the Andrew at the moment was letting his hormones do the talking.

Mr. Garland was silently pleased. “Good, then we're going to start today.”

“But Mr. Garland, my mom is going to be picking me up soon. I don't think I–“

Mr. Garland cut him off, “Then get out of my room you faggot and enjoy your F in this class. If you want to pass, you will do what I say.”

Andrew had no other choice but to comply. He couldn't fail, he just couldn't.

“No, that's okay. She can wait. What do you want me to–“

Mr. Garland did not waste any time. “Take off all your clothes.”

Andrew was nervous. “Well shouldn't you lock the doo–"

“Take them off now!”

Andrew stripped down quickly. If there was one thing he did not want to do, it would be to make Mr. Garland angry before engaging in anything sexual with him.

But Mr. Garland was on fire that day. Nothing could calm him down. Even though he was 100% straight, he had not gotten any action for weeks and would just about fuck anything so long as he could release his built up load.

Still, Mr. Garland couldn't help but admire Andrew's physique as he stood there naked in front of him. He had to admit that Andrew was a good-looking kid. He was slim, albeit a bit on the short side, and had beautiful dark brown hair that contrasted nicely with his fair skin. His cock looked to be average in size, and he had a nice, small bubble butt. He was fuckable, that's for sure.

Mr. Garland continued with his tirade. “Come over here you cocksucking faggot and unzip my pants.”

Andrew walked around to the other side of the desk where Mr. Garland was standing. He was wearing somewhat baggy jeans that day, but even that was not enough to conceal his impressive bulge. Andrew's fingers were trembling. He could barely get the top button undone and had a hard time clasping his fingers around the zipper. Mr. Garland was getting annoyed with Andrew's clumsiness. He pushed Andrew's hands away and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles.

Andrew gasped at the sight. “Oh my god.”

Mr. Garland was wearing red boxer briefs. His fat cock was snaking down his right leg, and the head almost poked out of the bottom of his underwear. It looked to be about eight inches in length. The boxer briefs had a hard enough time holding it in place. He could see why Mr. Garland couldn't wear boxers. Andrew had seen his fair share of dicks, but none even near that size. Surely, this was as big as it got.

He was wrong. “You like that don't you, you little cocksucker. It's not even hard yet.”

Andrew was speechless. He thought to himself, “How big can it get?”

Mr. Garland was growing even more impatient by the minute. He wanted to blow his load inside Andrew ASAP.

“Well what are you waiting for? Take off my fucking underwear.”

But that was easier said than done. The tight boxer briefs combined with the pressure Mr. Garland's cock put on them made it that much harder for Andrew to take them off. But in no more than a minute, Andrew pulled them down. With the pressure from the boxer briefs gone, Mr. Garland's flaccid eight incher swung back into its natural position down in front of his egg-sized balls.

“Well don't just stare at it. Suck it, you fucking slut.”

Andrew had never taken a cock that size into his mouth, and it was not even hard yet. Slowly, he wrapped his lips around Mr. Garland's cock and swirled his tongue around the head. He had never given a blowjob before but had an idea of what to do.

Mr. Garland let out a groan. Getting a blowjob was one of his favorite feelings. But he wanted more.

He grabbed both sides of Andrew's head with his hands, pulled him forward, and thrusted his cock down Andrew's throat. Andrew had no time to react. He started gagging.

“Come on kid, we don't have all day. Focus on breathing through your nose.”

Andrew could feel Mr. Garland's already huge cock getting even bigger inside his mouth. He tried breathing through his nose like Mr. Garland said but was still having a hard time. His eyes watered. He was practically choking and didn't know how much longer he could put up with Mr. Garland's assault on his throat.

Mr. Garland paid no attention. He was in heaven. There was nothing quite like a good throat fucking. It was something he missed about his ex-wife. She was a pro at it.

Andrew couldn't see how big Mr. Garland's cock was hard, but gauging by how much it grew in his mouth, he guessed it was at least 11 inches long and as thick as a soda can.

Mr. Garland heard Andrew's breathing become more labored and felt him choking on his cock, but he didn't let up. This felt too good.

“Fuccccckkkk yeahhh, take that big cock down your throat Andrew. FUCKKK.”

In one quick motion he took his entire cock out of Andrew's mouth as Andrew, who was on his knees, collapsed to the floor, breathing heavily, trying to get some oxygen circulating through his lungs.

Mr. Garland pulled him back up. “I'm not done yet, faggot. Now suck my balls.”

Andrew, scared of what would happen if he didn't do what Mr. Garland said, put one of his hands behind Mr. Garland's heavy balls and went to town, first licking each and then taking them in his mouth.

“Ohhh yeahhhh, don't stop. Yeahhhh, suck those big balls.”

Mr. Garland enjoyed the feeling and couldn't hold out much longer. He was nearing climax.

“Put my dick back in your mouth, Andrew. I'm about to cum.”

Andrew moved his mouth away from Mr. Garland's balls and once more took his massive cock back inside his mouth.

Mr. Garland again wrapped his strong hands around Andrew's head and plunged all 11 inches of his thick cock back down Andrew's warm throat. Andrew, with his nose buried in Mr. Garland's pubes, started choking again.

Mr. Garland pumped back and forth into Andrew's throat at even faster rate. With one last, powerful thrust, he buried his entire cock into the back of Andrew's throat and released his huge load of thick cum.

Andrew felt the warm cum hit his esophagus with force. The sheer amount of Mr. Garland's creamy jizz took him by complete surprise, and, by reflex, he immediately started coughing; however, had no choice but to swallow it because Mr. Garland's powerful hands kept Andrew's head in place, his cock firmly jammed in Andrew's throat. After what seemed like a dozen contractions, the cum finally stopped flowing, and Mr. Garland slowly pulled his engorged cock out of Andrew's mouth.

“Damn! That was fucking awesome, Andrew. Your dick sucking skills could improve, but you did a sufficient job. You can leave now.”

Andrew gasped for air. His throat was sore and throbbing. He really needed some water. He put his clothes back on as quickly as he could, grabbed his backpack, and headed toward the door while thinking up an excuse to give to his mom to explain why he made her wait.

But Mr. Garland barked at Andrew before he could wrap his hand around the door handle. “Andrew, wait!” He held out a piece of paper with something scribbled on it. “Here's my phone number. I will call you for one reason and one reason only. I don't think I need to explain.”

Andrew reluctantly took the paper, briskly left the room, and headed to the car loop where his mother would be in her car waiting for him. He sensed that this was going to be a long year.

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