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Swinging Club Playtime

Kate and James were looking forward to going the club. It was a Wednesday and that normally meant it would be heavy with single guys. Just great for what Kate had in mind. James was a bit funny with guys touching her though, so they had agreed that no other man was going to play with her that night. She had agreed but a little begrudgingly.

They arrived at the club and went and got themselves changed. Easy for James as he was wearing his best boxers and that was all he needed. Kate was wearing a red sheer lace babydoll, and a pair of matching panties. They really did not leave much to the imagination. She had a pair of pull ups on too in red and black and a pair of nice sandals.

Walking out the changing room Kate felt confident. This was a place where the women really did call the shots. She walked back down stairs with James at her side, making quite a stunning couple. She was turned on at the thought of having her fun this evening. She knew James was enjoying the looks she was getting from the other men as he was threatening to escape over the top of his boxers. She leant down and just ran her mouth across the top of his cock, which was only just peeping from them. He pulled her hair pulling her off as he wanted to wait a bit. She smiled, knowing she would get it soon anyway.

Heading off back upstairs she knew where she was headed. A room that all the single guys would check in on at some point. She didn’t want to wait around this evening. She had waited too long. She could already feel the dampness in her pants…

She pulled James into the big round bed with her, pushing him down and starting to run her mouth over the line of his hard cock in his boxers. The guys already in there moved closer to get a better view. Some with pants on, some just towels, making it nice and easy to see who was enjoying the show. Kate stood on the floor standing next to the bed with James spread out on the bed as she moved slowly making sure it was totally on display that she was horny.

A guy came behind her and started to stroke her ass cheeks in a slow sensual fashion. She turned around and took his hands and placed them around his cock and winked and whispered to him.
“Look but don’t touch.”

He stepped back and carried on stroking his cock watching as her mouth started to leave wet patches all up James boxers, loving the growing crowd of men watching her, she pulls James from his boxers, and catches ones of the men’s gaze and keeping eye contact she runs her tongue around the very tip of his cock, tasting his wetness and feeling the thrill of being watched. She now had at least 5 men cock in hand wanking and watching as she took her man’s cock in her mouth. She was taking it very slow, long licks all the way down the length of him, knowing he was dying to thrust her mouth down over him till she gagged… but no touching applied to him too.

She was centre of attention and loving it. It was so gent heavy in the club this evening she was pretty sure she would get them all to herself. She thought there were about 7 guys at least wanking in there watching her take James Cock as deep as she could. She kind of wished she had not told him no touching as she wanted his hand on her hair pushing her down, so she would feel him deep in her throat and have her gagging on his cock.

Mmmmm mmm that thought sent little shivers through her body and she knew she was going to have him. She met the gazes of the men in turn in the room, looking up, James cock in her mouth, smiling despite the mouthful. She went down as deep as she could, watching one guy that was furiously wanking his cock. She realized he was close to cumming so she moved and laid on across the bed hanging her head off he realized what she wanted… James moved to kneel between her legs and wanked inches from her pussy.

She stroked her own nipples, pulling them from her baby doll, squeezing her nipples making them harder still. She felt the wetness in her pants as she realized she now had 3 guys wanking directly over her face and two more kneeling over her. Her man with prime position over her pussy. Making sure that he got the money shot.

“I want you cum all over here” she said to the guy standing directly above her, his cock not even an inch from her face. She took her finger and put it in her mouth and showed him where and at that moment she saw him stiffen and then felt the hot cum spraying all over her face. Keeping her eyes closed she reached down to play with herself while the rest of the guys carried on wanking over her.

Soon she felt more landing over her boobs; she rubbed it all in, soon feeling more over her face. She now could not open her eyes as she knew it would go all in them if she did. She felt James push right against her pussy pulling the panties aside she felt his cum spray all over her clit and lips and run all the way down to her ass. As James did that several more guys covered her, one aiming straight for her open mouth as she laughed. Loving every drop that landed on her. Not knowing how many guys were unloading over her as she could not open her eyes…

Finally she got a clap from James and the other guys joined in. She knelt up and caught sight of herself in the mirror. She was covered porn star style in cum. It was running down her throat and over her boobs. Dripping from her lips and running down her thighs were James had cum over her pussy. She thanked the lads and grabbed one of them… He had caught her eye and after all she needed someone to help James deal with her needs in the hot tub as they cleaned up. 😉

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