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Swingers Party

Every stroke of Jimmy’s cock took my breath away, over and over again. Jimmy just couldn’t get enough of my ass. He didn’t seem to care what Nixon did or even thought at this point. He just hammered my ass hard and fast. Every once in a while, Nixon would slip out of me from Jimmy pounding me so hard and bouncing me around like a piece of meat. For the last time, Nixon slipped his cock back in to me. He grabbed my shoulders and began to pull me down hard on to him as he fucked me like a rag doll. I could feel his prick begin to swell inside of me, his body started to tense up. He pulled me down on him until his nuts were pressed against my taint and held me there as he came inside me.

Just as Nixon finished inside my pussy, I could feel Jimmy was almost ready to shoot his load too. He was fucking me so hard with his big cock, my ass was starting to go numb from the pain. He drove his dick deep in my ass and filled my rectum full of his spunk.

Now that I had been fucked real good, I just wanted to lay there and have the men hold me for a moment as the tingling sensation ran through me from head to toe. Before I had a chance to reflect on what just happened to me, Jess grabbed me and dragged me to the kitchen. There was Janet, giving a guy a blow job on the floor. Jess gave me a strap-on dildo and told me to put it on quick and fuck Janet with it before she realized we were watching her. I tried to get it on but I was having a problem, so Jess gave me a hand. We finally got the damn thing on and I quickly got behind Janet and slowly rubbed the dildo between her legs, saturating it with her juices. I pushed the head of the dildo inside of her and she started to moan like a bitch in heat. As I slowly inserted the dong all the way inside her, her mister blew his load in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop. I began to fuck her hard as she was now all mine for the moment. I wanted to give her an orgasm before we were disturbed by anyone, so I reached around front of her and began to rub her clit with my finger as I fucked her. She screamed out loud, announcing her orgasm, her body shaking and her toes curling. She exhaled deeply and collapsed on the floor.

I got up and went on a journey through the house to see what I could get into, or should I say onto. I was going to keep the dildo strapped on, but I just couldn’t handle the latex rubbing on and sticking to the inside of my legs. So off it went. I could here a lot of people moaning upstairs, so I followed the noise to the master bedroom where there were 4 women and 10 guys taking turns with them. I just stayed put and watched as my aching holes needed some more time to rest before being filled again.

2 of the women were going around the room sucking the guy’s cocks, getting them hard to fuck the other 2 women. The other 2 women were being double penetrated and moaning so loud, I thought there would have been more women being fucked in there by the sound of it all. The guys would take turns switching women, the guys fucking the women would go and get blowjobs from the other women, and the guys getting the blow jobs would go and fuck the other women on the bed. As they were rotating, one guy saw me and flipping his finger towards him, directing me to come over to them all. I wasn’t ready yet, so I just ignored it and continued on.

As I continued my journey, I began to think about what else I could expect tonight in this house over filled with sex and pleasure. I walked by one room and seen Nixon and Carter fucking Jess and Janet. Janet is definitely a screamer. Jess had Nixon in her pussy and Carter was in Janet’s asshole. That Carter must have a thing for assholes.

The next room I walked by, there was an older lady with 3 younger men. She looked like she must have been in her 50’s. Her body looked like it belonged to a 25 year old, no signs of cellulite, awesome skin, great ass, and her breasts showed no signs of sagging. All I could hope is that I look that hot when I’m 50. She was a site to be had. She was drenched from head to toe with cum, her breasts were covered in it, it was running down her chin, and out of her ass and pussy. This girl knew what she wanted, and she surely had got it.

I went back to the living room to see what might be going on, but there was nobody to be found. I heard a lot of grunting and moaning coming from the other side of the house so I quickly went to see what was happening. I got to the stairs leading to the basement and proceeded to descend to the noise. There I found about 30-40 people fucking and sucking. It was marvelous! It was like a scene from one of those 70’s porn movies with the big Roman orgies. I saw something shiny on the ground, so I got on my hands and knees to see what it was and all of a sudden some guy came up from behind and slid his cock inside of me. I was surprised to feel pleasure from it since I was still a little sore.

I began rocking my body back and forth on his penis, getting all of him inside me. I looked back to see what he looked like but he was wearing a Caesar mask. He was quite over weight and hairy. This usually is a big turn off for me, but that night, it didn’t matter, I was here to fuck and that’s what I did. When I felt him begin to swell inside me, I quickly pulled forward, off his cock, and turned around to suck his greasy prick. He grabbed me by the head and started to face fuck me. He rammed his cock all the way down my throat and I began to gag on his dick which pushed him over the edge. He shot his load down my throat as I continue gagging. He finally let my head go and I took a deep breath, drool down my chin and throat sore, I got up and moved on.

There was a hot young woman being fucked from behind only a couple feet from me. I decided to have her eat my pussy. When I got in front of her, she reached up with one arm and put her hand on my hip, trying to pull me down to her mouth. I immediately accepted her offer and lounged my pussy towards her willing mouth. Her tongue felt so good. She was great at eating my pussy. She gave me 3 orgasms before the guy fucking her came even once. Once the guy fucking her blow his load inside her, I gave her a kiss and continued on.

I saw Jess coming down stairs and she announced it was time for my initiation. She called for all the men to gather around and for the women to bring me to the “special bed”. For the next 2 hours I was fucked and fucked and fucked by nearly 38 men. It was something I would definitely do again, but not for a while. My pussy and asshole were sore for a week. I had more cock that night than I had in my entire life.

If you have ever wondered about the swingers thing, I would have to tell you that you have to try it at least once. You will probably love it like I do. Just make sure the people you are going to try it with respect your wishes and will not force you in to something you may not be comfortable doing, this way you will feel more comfortable the next time around.

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