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Swingers Club

One of my best customers called me and asked me to take him to a swingers club. I had never been to a swing club before, but he obviously didn’t know that. I always wanted to go to one of this places, and I used to get excited just thinking about the chance to, at one of the “exchanges”, staying with an interesting and sexy woman. Besides that I think I went there with the wright person. This customer (who I’m gonna call “John”) is a very charming and “open minded” man, he is a good company and we always have great sex, it never gets boring with him and it was his first time in a place like this as well.

On that evening the weather was really nice, so I decided to get dressed to impress. I chose a dress that was actually just a piece of fabric: huge cleavage on the front and length enough to cover only my ass and cunt. High hill boots. I wanted to rock, and of course I did. I was the most delicious and hot girl of the club on that night.

After we arrived we had a drink and danced a little. Things were getting hot on the dance floor, so we went to the only room where men could enter unaccompanied (don’t ask me why he chose to go there). I sat on an empty couch and he started to lick my pussy. I was already really horny because of all the dancing, so I was really enjoying the moment. A few guys appeared out of nowhere. They were standing in front of the couch, watching. Jonh said:

– I’m so horny, suck me baby…

He stood up and I sat on the floor. More guys showed up, two of them sat next to me, one on each side of the couch. I started to suck him and after only five minutes he managed to do something I had never seen before: he came without even touching his dick, while I was sucking his balls. He put everything into my mouth.

After he finished he realized the amount of men standing around us, and I think he got a bit scared, even I did. He grabbed me by the arm and lifted me up from the floor and we decided to go to a private little room, just the two of us.

We lay down on the bed and relaxed for a while. Then we started touching and kissing in a very romantic way, I even felt like he was my boyfriend! He gently took my clothes off and I gave him everything he deserved: anal, greek kiss and so on. I didn’t come but it was nice anyway, there was a great “chemistry” between us.

Although we didn’t change couples and I didn’t get the chance to get together with a hot woman, both of us had an amazing time, specially because that was our first time. After that I started to go to swing clubs quite often.

We left and had dinner in a nice place, he didn’t have to get home early because his wife was not in town. We talked and laughed for hours. He took me home and I arrived at 5 am. It was very worthwhile.

It’s nice to think that what can be very exciting and unusual for a lot of “normal” girls in their effervescent twenties (just like me), for me is just a part of my job;)

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