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Summer Memories

Summer Memories

She started the water, waiting patiently for the temperature to rise. The water heater was old and due for replacement but with three kids things didn’t get fixed until they became a priority.

When at last the water reached the nearly scalding temperature that she prefered she stepped inside the cramped little tile stall and sighed. She knew that she had a busy day in front of her, as a single mother of three pretty much every day busy. But for this brief moment she has solitude, where she could just be a woman and not just a mother.

She could actively feel her body relax as the water washed away her concerns and the stress of a busy life. Tiny rivulets of water ran over her breasts, still perky despite childbirth and age. She ran her hands over the slick flesh and felt her body respond to the sensual touch, moisture gathered between her legs that had nothing to do with the shower. It had been so long since the last time a man touched her like this, but for the time being her own hands were more than sufficient for the job at hand. She cupped her breasts, kneading the plaint flesh made slick by the water that still coursed over her.

“Goooooddddd….” She moaned, a sound made guttural and throaty by the pent up lust the surged beneath the surface of a neglected mother.

Her nipples hardened and stood at attention, the sensuous contact of her hands as they covered her breasts more than enough to arouse their interest.

She could still make out the faint tan lines that adorned her breasts, the pale triangles of flesh a legacy of the sun’s kiss upon her skin and long hours spent relaxing on a friends boat. She smiled wistfully at the memory, her hands continuing their work without her conscious attention. The swim suit had been nearly scandalous, the amount of flesh she had exposed had made the outfit just one step shy of nudity. But she had not spent so many hours working on her body to leave it covered all summer, and the amount of attention she had gotten from the men at the marina had showed that her effort was far from wasted.

The thought of all those young men, men almost young enough to be her kids in some cases, and their eyes on her exposed flesh excited and thrilled her. She had never considered herself a cougar but now well into middle age the single mother definitely fit the bill.

She lost herself in fantasy, her hand slipping down her tightly toned torso and over the smooth lips of her cunt until at last one finger found its mark and forced its way inside of her.

Still tight despite the years and lack of use her finger navigated her sopping wet cunt and found the sweet spot in moments. In her mind she pictured one of the young men who had leered at her. Braver than most of his peers he had openly admired the older woman’s body, his cock swelling through the thin material of his swimsuit.

She pictured it now, his thick young cock thrusting inside of her, filling her cunt with his rigid flesh.

She moaned loudly, the sound echoed and distorted by the shower walls and the falling water. Her fingers thrust rapidly now, plunging in and out of her pussy with speed born of the fervent need for the release that only a climax could bring. One hand reached up, clutching one of her breasts with indelicate force, the tender flesh bending to her touch.

Although it took only a few moments of her skillful touch in her mind her climax seemed to take ages. When at last it found her the exposed flesh of her body rocked and convulsed in ecstasy. In her mind she pictured her young phantom lover climaxing as well, pumping her mature cunt full of his virile seed.

Reality eventually returned to her, the waves of pleasure that had radiated through her body at last ebbing. She leaned against the shower wall, her breath ragged and strained.

It was a good start to the day.

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