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Story from Male Mate

I had just come home from a three-day business trip and found the house empty. That was strange because I’d called Joy and told her what time I would be home and she always had dinner waiting for me. By eight o’clock Joy still wasn’t home and I hadn’t heard from her. I got on the phone and started calling around, but no one I talked to had any idea of where she might be. Her mother told me that she had talked to Joy that morning and that Joy had told her that she had a doctor’s
appointment for that afternoon. I called Joy’s doctor and got his service and they told me that he was out of town for a week and that Dr. Thomas was handling his cases until he came back. Dr. Thomas called me back twenty minutes later and told me that he had not seen Joy that afternoon and that if she’d had an appointment it hadn’t been with him. I made up my mind that if I didn’t hear from Joy by ten I was going to call the cops.

At nine forty-five the phone rang and I grabbed it. “Joy?”

“Is this Mr. Frank Jones?”


“Mr. Jones, do you have a wife named Joy?”

“Yes. Who is this?”

“Mr. Jones, your wife apparently had a fainting spell. We found her unconscious in the elevator in our building. She is resting comfortably now, but you need to come and get her.”

I got directions to the Commerce Building and rushed out to the car. On the way I wondered why she had been in that particular building since I couldn’t think of anyone we knew who had offices there. I caught the elevator up to the sixth floor and went down the hall looking for room 406. The man had told me that the door would be unlocked and to just walk right in. I walked into a small, dark waiting room, but there was no one there.

“Anyone here?”

“Were in the back.”

I headed toward the voice and came to a half open door on a lighted room and I pushed it open and walked in. Hands grabbed me from both sides and held me even as I saw Joy. She was naked and lying on a leather couch and she was not alone. There was a black man between her legs and he was fucking her as hard as he could. Her legs were locked
around his waist and I could see the nails on her hands biting into his ass as she held him tightly to her. At the head of the couch I saw an Asian working his cock into her mouth. I tried to break free and a voice that I recognized as the man who had called me said, “Settle down hoss. Take a look around you. Even if you broke free all that would happen is that you would get hurt.”

I glanced around and saw for the first time that the room was full of men, nine altogether, two holding me, two fucking Joy, and five others. Two were getting dressed, apparently after having their turn, two were naked and stroking themselves while apparently waiting for their turn and one was standing off to the side videotaping the scene. “Just behave and we will be done soon and you can take her home. Nod your head that you’ll be cool about this and I will let them turn loose of

I really had no choice. I could have had the satisfaction of hurting one or two of them, but sheer numbers would prevail and I would end up accomplishing nothing. It would have been different if I was going to try and prevent what was happening from happening, but Joy was already being fucked and it didn’t seem to be bothering her at all. I watched as man after man shoved his cock in one of Joy’s holes and made a deposit in her. They took her in the pussy, mouth and ass and Joy was an active participant. Her “oh yes, fuck me” and her “That’s it baby, fuck my ass, fuck it hard” left no doubt in my mind that she was enjoying it. I swallowed my pride and nodded my head. It occurred to me while I watched that Joy was servicing a mini United Nations. There was on Arabic looking man, two Orientals, two Latinos, a white man who spoke with a German accent and four black men. The men took her two and even three at a time and Joy sucked, humped, bounced, begged and did everything that the men told her to do.

After they were all done, Joy’s clothes were tossed onto the floor and I was told to “Get her out of here dude. I hear there’s a bunch coming over from Spike’s Pool Hall and them’s a bunch of nasty niggers. You don’t want to let them get to her.”

As I was helping Joy out the door one of them called to me, “Hey man, if I was you I’d be cool about this. The edited video will show her willing and begging for it. It will show you standing around and watching it. Before you involve the cops think about how the tape will play to your relatives, friends and neighbors if the tape got out.”

When we got home Joy went straight to the shower and then to bed. The next morning I asked her what had happened and how had she wound up getting involved in a gang bang.

She said she had gotten depressed and found out that she was out of the latest batch of hormone pills that the doctor had prescribed. She called the doctor’s” office to get him to call the pharmacy to get a refill authorized, but found out that he was out of the office. She had always considered Dr. Thomas “creepy” and she didn’t want to go to him so she called a girlfriend and got the name of her doctor. She called for an appointment and was told to hurry down as there had been a cancellation. She had taken the last of her medication and had gone in to see the doctor. Apparently Joy didn’t give him a thorough enough description of her past history and drug usage and the doctor had given her a prescription for some drugs for depression and then he gave her some office samples. She went into the bathroom and took one of the samples with some water and then had headed for the elevator. Then she either had an allergic reaction to the sample or it had reacted with her regular medication and the next thing she knew she was lying on the floor of the elevator looking up at the ceiling. She could see and she could hear, but she couldn’t move or speak coherently.

The elevator stopped at the sixth floor and a tall black man had gotten on. He saw her and bent down and asked her if she was all right. He saw her eyes moving and saw that she was trying to talk, but he couldn’t make out what she was saying. He picked her up and carried her back to his office and put her down on the couch. While he was going through her purse looking for information on who he could call another black man came into the room.

“What you got there?”

“I found her lying on the floor of the elevator. She can’t talk and doesn’t seem to be able to move. I’m trying to find a number that I can call to see what I can find out. Otherwise I guess I’ll have to call 911.”

“Oh man, don’t be doing that.”

“Why not?”

“Don’t you see man? See be a gift from the god of pussy.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look at those eyes man. She be aware of what’s going on, but she can’t talk or move. How long have you wanted to try white pussy?”

“I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Think about it man. A good looking white woman who can’t say no. Hey man, if we don’t do nothing else, lets at least strip her, stick our dicks in her and take a picture or two.”

And that’s just what they did. At first the two of them just posed with her. Both of them stuck their cocks in her mouth and took Polaroid’s. Then one of them worked his cock in her. “God man, she is one tight bitch.” A picture was taken and then the other guy pushed his cock in her. Another picture was taken and then the guy who was in her said, “You’re right. I ain’t never been in a pussy this tight. I don’t want to pull out.”

“Shit man, you don’t have to. You’re in her bro, go ahead and fuck her.”

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