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Stepping Up

The cold water from the needle showerhead massaged my naked back. I felt randy and slutty. But that’s normal for me. Cupping my 19 year old tits I pushed them up and squeezed them together. Turning the cold shower it pummelled my tits and focused on my nipples. They responded to the cold water getting larger and harder, pushing out from my tits.

Taking a hardened nipple between my thumb and forefinger I started a sexy, sadistic massage. Pulling them out, twisting, pinching them all adding to my sensual pleasure and delight. I turned the shower to warm and continued my nipple manipulation. My objective was orgasm by nipple play. I became more brutal in my cruel manifestations to my totally aroused nipples. Squeezing them until it hurt, pulling them out and stretching them, trying to pluck them from my tits. It all felt so good. The orgasm was building from deep inside. Yes, just a little longer working on my nipples. My stomach contracted, I arched over, pushing my hips out and splaying my labia. I buckled in that indescribable pain/ecstasy called orgasm and crumpled satiated.

As I towelled myself down my still sensitive nipples responded to the coarse fibres of the cotton towel. I still felt slutty and randy and standing naked in front of the mirror I gave my 36 B Cup tits an extra long hard squeeze to keep the blood circulating.

Putting aside the towel I admired my tall lithe body in the mirror. My long blonde hair hung wet to my navel. Although I had thoroughly dried myself I was still very wet down below from the copious flow of my cunt juices. Reaching for my Slimline hairdryer with the long blower nozzle I had erotic intentions. Yes, I was tempted to use it between my legs to push that hollow blowing tube up my ever hungry cunt. Just once I thought. My cunt is so ready and moist. It especially needs something big and solid up and in it.

My original plan was just once in and out. But feeling that long hard plastic tube slide effortlessly into my very self lubricated cunt almost caused me to cum. The slow withdrawal stroke was even more pleasurable. My cunt muscles were pulling back to keep the hard tube inside. So one became two,….. then three. Then faster and upwards and downwards, sideways in slower…… slower…. and ohh…! I could feel myself squirting and coming on my reliable old Slimline. Two orgasms in one shower, a good start to the evening.

I splashed some gardenia fragrance perfume over my naked body between my tits and my inner thighs. I still felt slutty and randy. Reaching behind the bathroom door I grabbed my old threadbare, short, summer cotton dressing gown which I have had for years. It had seen better days but it was still comfort clothing. I slipped it on. It accentuated my randy and slutty mood, showing off my cleavage and barely (excuse the pun) covering my pubic area.

I never wore underwear and if it wasn’t for my weekend houseguest I would not have bothered wearing that nothing summer gown. There is nothing more liberating than wandering totally nude around the house. Eating a meal naked adds a new dimension to being randy and slutty.

My house guest was still showering in the bathroom down the passage. Wearing only my gown and perfume I went downstairs. Putting two ice cubes in a wine glass I poured myself a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or as I know it “Sex Juice”. The lightly salted crisps went into a big bowl. Not knowing what he would drink I took my wine and snacks though to the TV room. Kicking my feet under my naked bum I sat in my favourite spot on the couch. I’d told him to dress casual and comfortable after his shower.

Running my fingers through my long blonde hair, I heard his barefoot footfall on the stairs.

“Where are you?” he called.

“In the TV room” I answered.

He came through and sat on the couch beside me. He wore only a pair of cool, loose fitting sleeping shorts, his tanned well developed torso topless. It was just perfect eye candy for a slutty and randy hostess.

“Would you like something to drink before we watch TV?” I asked.

“A soda with ice would be great.”

“Please help yourself in the kitchen.”

I watched his tight young butt sashay away to the kitchen. I was getting moist again and my nipples were swelling. The sex juice was working. Reaching into my wine glass I took an ice cube and rubbed it on my aroused nipples. Pure cool, cruel pleasure. Hearing him returning from the kitchen I quickly pushed the ice cube up into my hot moist cunt. It could slowly melt away there and cool my hot desires.

It seemed crazy to be sitting next to my fourteen year old step brother, both of us in a state of semi nakedness. I had not seen my step brother Jack for at least 10 years and here he was my weekend houseguest sitting next to me. Although he was five years younger than me he was both big and mature for his age, more of a young man than a young boy.

We chatted about family. His mom was my mom. I had finished my wine and needed another. When I got up to fetch another he asked if he could also try a glass of wine with ice in it.

“Why not?” I said.

Sitting back in the couch with our fresh wines I was not all that particular about closing my gown and was sure that both my tits were on full view for Jack. I wanted to see his reaction. He finished his wine very quickly with emboldening results. Leaning over he touched my long blonde hair stroking it gently, letting his hand run down over my breast.

“Lucy, could I ask you a question?” he asked.

“Sure” I said. I was ready for anything as I was still feeling slutty and randy.

“Are you sure, it’s rather personal?”

“Go ahead.”

“Are you a ….. are you a genuine blonde? I mean…” he stuttered “Are you blonde down below?”

This was the opening I needed, the excuse to be slutty with my fourteen year old step brother. Spreading my legs I let the gown fall away. My unshaved blonde pubic hair was on full display forming the perfect framework for a very moist swollen and hungry cunt.

“Go ahead, look, see, touch, smell, lick. Do whatever you have to do to your step sister to be convinced that I am a true blonde.”

He gingerly ran his fingers over my cunt fluff, softly at first, then hard going deeper into the crevice. He pushed a finger into my moist labia folds, withdrew a sticky finger which he automatically put into his mouth to taste.

“Convinced?” I asked.

He sat back on the couch. It was then that I noticed the large teenager tent in his sleeping shorts.

“Very impressive!” I said in my sexiest, husky voice. “May I look, see, touch, smell, lick what you have hidden under your sleeping shorts?” I knew I was crossing a line wanting to fondle a minor’s cock but boy I was feeling so randy and he seemed to have goods on offer.

Without hesitation he stood up in front of me and pulled his elasticised sleep shorts down battling to get them over his raging erection. It flopped up to full and young teenage erection slapping against his tight stomach. For a boy his age it was of monster size. Any grown man would be proud to have a cock to thick and long. It was huge! I almost orgasmed just seeing such a specimen of magnificent manhood.

With such a fine specimen I could understand the ancient Eastern religions where they worshipped a phallic god. Cock carvings of stone, wood, bronze were erected and venerated by these penis worshippers. They were huge tributes to manhood’s greatest gift, the life giving sperm. Temples filled with such lingam statues still exist. In my randy and slutty mood I would be an instant convert, kneeling and worshipping at the base of a phallic idol.

Was it the wine that was causing my musings? Had I fallen asleep and was having an erotic dream about my step brother and his huge young cock? Was it really true that the virile young man, my mother’s son was standing naked in front of me sporting a massive erection? I must focus, back to the here and now.

I had done the look/see bit, now for the touch/feel bit. I automatically reached out and tried to wrap my fingers around the base of Jack’s swollen cock. He never resisted, my fingers could not reach all round. I remembered the old saying “A cock in hand is worth two in the bush”

“Where did you get such a big cock, Jack?” I asked in wonderment “Have you been wanking off from the cradle? Is it handmade or is it genetic or a bit of both?”

“Well yes” he answered still standing naked and erect enjoying having his step sister playing and admiring his cock.

“I have been wanking my cock for as long as I can remember. And my dad, your step dad, has got a big one. I have seen it and overheard him and our mum fucking with Mom shouting

“Oh put that long thick cock of yours into me. I so want big cock.”

And they would Ohh and moan and I would be listening at their bedroom door. And Mum would say that she had been so short changed by her ex husband’s small cock. Only four inches erect and not much thicker than my thumb she would shout in the midst of orgasm.

“That was your dad’s small cock she was referring to, Lucy.”

Using both hands wrapped around this manic monster I slowly started to it wank up and down the long, hard, thick shaft. A globule of translucent pre cum formed a sheen on the tip of his cock. Nature was providing the lubricant. In very slow motion I slid my hands up and down watching in fascination as the globule grew in volume, cascading and glazing the cock head, dropping in beaded strands.

I was concerned that with my ministrations and his teen excitement that Jack may cum, so I changed my wanking technique from fingers around the shaft to palm over the head and fingers down, clasping the head and shaft and continued my manipulations. If he did E-Jack-ulate (excuse the pun) then it would be into the palm of my hand. But I wanted his fresh warm young cum in my mouth.

At this point the temptation was too great for a randy and slutty nineteen year old girl in a state of total undress. I could not resist, I had to have that cock in my mouth, ease my jaws over that huge meat head and taste my step brother’s pre cum. I’ve sucked a few cocks in my brief life but never one so huge. My jaws ached as I eased my lips over his cockhead.

That slimy, odourless, tasteless precum lubricated my eager tongue. He was too big and too long to go down on but I managed a few up and down suction movements with my mouth. Was he going to squirt his young fresh cum into his step sisters willing mouth? I could feel him give an involuntary jerk, the sudden tension of the stomach muscles, the low masculine moan. It was going to happen and I was going to catch a load of my step brothers cum in my mouth.

Teasingly, prolonging the moment I slowed down,….. stopped the oral action and just clasped my lips tight below his cockhead. After what seemed an eternity I pulled my teeth up scraping the edges of his young cockhead. He gave a moan, a jerk and then a volcanic release of cum into my receptive mouth. With every jerk he squirted again and again filling my mouth with that chlorine flavoured elixir.

Jack collapsed naked onto the couch with me still suctioned onto his big cock, not wanting to spill a drop of is precious male juice. I slid my lips up his wilting cock catching every drop. With a mouthful of cum I leant over him and to his surprise, deep kissed him transferring some of his body fluids into his mouth. We broke the sister/brother kiss and I gave him an eye signal. We both then swallowed our share of his cum.

My cotton dressing gown had long been discarded. I lay naked next to him pressing my naked body and nineteen year-old tits against him. My hand found his large flaccid cock, still sticky, gooey and messy. In a half daze I began to play with it. It is not often that girl gets to play with such a super sized specimen of manhood. To my amazement I found him responding and slowly this phallic phoenix was rising up again. Somewhere I had read that at Jack’s age is the quickest erection revival. Fourteen minutes from ejaculation to re-erection at the age of 14, if I still remember correctly.

For me in my still randy and slutty mood this was a dream come true. My hand manipulations helped bring him to full erection. Now what to do with the monster cock in hand. I knew what I wanted. I wanted that shaft inside my cunt stretching both my imagination and diameter and plunging to virginal depths where no cock has been before. But what did Jack want? I asked.

“Fine if you want to tit fuck me and cum all over my chest and breasts that’s fine with me.”

I lay on my back and pushed my 36B cup tits up and inwards creating a fuckable canyon. He sat over me and I had a worm’s eye view of his towering hard cock. With his knees in my arm pits he lowered himself onto my stomach, putting his large hard cock between my tits. I squeezed them tight and shut them over his cock. He started to dry fuck my tits. A tit wank I suppose. The process was very visible and in my face, watching the purplish cock head push its way out from between my mammary mounds. I had expected the pleasure to have been a bit one sided but I was getting into the motion and my cunt was running with fresh juices.

After his cum dump in my mouth I did not expect a major cum squirt, more of a blank. But when he came, boy did he cum! He doused my face with jets of cum, pulled loose from between my tits and glazed my nipples to run off. It is hard for a woman to explain the pleasure and feeling of getting warm cum sprayed onto or into one’s body.

To be continued……………..

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