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Step into Black

He lay naked on my couch, sexually satiated. His flaccid phallus was coated with fresh spent sperm running in slow milky rivulets over his white thighs. Earlier cum had crusted on his belly and inner thighs. Even in his flaccid condition he had a very impressive manhood, especially considering he was only 14 years old. I was proud of the size and performance of my step brother’s huge cock.

All of a sudden I felt slutty and randy again. I mean very slutty and randy!

Walking naked around the apartment I absentmindedly scratched at the scabbed cum on my tummy. My lower abdomen was literally glazed with his copious cum. Taking a finger I found a still moist globule and put it into my mouth, bringing back memories of a most amazing fuck fest I had just had with my step brother.

Never before had I been fucked by a cock so long and so thick. Never before had I had so many orgasms. Not only did he have a big weapon he knew how to use it. His staying stamina was amazing. The wet dream of any red blooded woman.

I pulled my fingers through my long dishevelled blonde hair. They got snagged in knots caused by his cum, a sensual memento. I would have to shower and wash my long hair. But first I dipped my fingers into my cum filled cunt. It was sore and swollen but a well satisfied gapping gash having been stretched to its limits repeatedly this evening. Would my vagina ever close again or would it just hang open inviting the next erect cock in? Would my labia ever neatly touch again? I licked my cum covered fingers raising my slutty and randy rating.

Again I looked across in wonder, big cock worship I suppose, at the flaccid cock just lying there and I felt it would be unfair not to share such a trophy toy boy. I’d call Delilah across the hall and invite her over. Delilah was 21 years old, an African American who was proud of her Sioux Indian bloodline. She was tall, majestic with a perfectly portioned body set off with long straight jet black hair that hung to her huge ebony breasts. Almost a clone of the model Naomi. I called her and said I had a big surprise for her that I thought she would enjoy. She said she would just get dressed and would be over. I said don’t bother come as you are quickly!

How do I know these intimate details one may ask? Well about six months ago I had been out shopping and bought a green tee shirt. I tried it on sans bra and after looking in the mirror, wasn’t sure. Wearing only the tee I called Delilah over who has immaculate dress sense and asked for her opinion. She said the tee was definitely my colour and suited my figure.

“But something is wrong” I said

“Yes” she said “Your tits look like two grapefruit wrapped in cotton”

“What do one mean?”

“Well the tee is not showing your nipples off to best advantage”

On saying that she lifted my new tee shirt and with her ebony hands grabbed my white tits squeezing them delectably. Grasping my pale brown nipples between her thumb and forefingers she started to twist and pull. It was painful yet exquisite experience and Delilah seemed to be a professional at nipple manipulation. She then put the palm of one hand between my tits and using her thumb and forefinger pulled the right nipple as hard as she could from my chest. I thought it was going to snap off and couldn’t believe how long she stretched it.

She continued stretching and twisting each nipple in turn. I cried out. She said

“No pain no gain. You want to use these nips to best effect!”

Having repeated this process several times on each nipple my nipples remained engorged, blood filled and I had never seen them so thick before.

“Now put the tee shirt on again” she instructed.

I did and what a difference it made with permanent protruding nipples stretching that cotton fabric!

“Lucy, now you look sexy” she said

I didn’t only look sexy but felt slutty and randy as well.

This was the start of my bi-curious, black/white female exploration. Many an evening after a shared bottle of wine I would find excuse to see, feel or fondle her huge (42D) beautiful black tits. Delilah would reciprocate with her long brown fingers pummelling my humble white (38B) cup tits.

I had left the door to my apartment slightly open so Delilah would not have to knock and waken the slumbering white schlong.

(Work in progress to be continued)





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