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Sis in law

I meet my sister in law Ginette years ago, when her then husband brought her from the Philippines to married her. Never thought much about her since I was already living with her sister, I’ve never looked at her “that way” and the thought of her as a woman never cross my mind.

When she first arrived in America they live quite far away from us, but in occasions like Christmas or new year’s we use to spend time with them, her ex-husband, even though a nice guy, it was much older than her which always raise an eye brow in my mind. How was this old guy being able to satisfy the sexual desires of a much younger woman…?

As time passed by me and my wife moved within minutes from her. Ginette had divorced the guy but remain single. For us, like most couples, our sex life had started off frantically for the first few years and then had slowly settled into a more routine cycle. But in recent years it had sort of drifted away almost completely. Now it consisted of a very occasional missionary fuck that was performed more out of duty than passion and a more frequent for me, self-administered hand-job after viewing some Asian on-line porn late at night.

It had been such a gradual process that I really didn’t seem to miss it much anymore. Even though I get the occasional hard on looking at some hot body walking by. And lately, I have to confess, with my sister in law Ginette. I have realized than even her fifty something years of age, she is a very sensual woman, she is great shape and packed some beautiful perky rounded breast and a tight ass.

Since she lives by herself I’ve been coming around to cut the grass in her yard and do some basic handyman work around her house. But the more I look at her…the sexier I seem to find her, it is difficult to keep eye contact and away from her standing nipples which seem to call my name every time.

A couple of weeks ago, I even stayed pet sitting her two dogs as she and my wife took some vacation time. Laying around in her bed I could smell her scent all over the bed sheets, I even found tucked between her dirty clothes a sexy red panty. The musky smell of her pussy still lingering on the fabrics intoxicated my senses hardening my rod. The days I spend there were both torture and pleasure. Every night I wake up dreaming of my sister in law lying next to me, there for the taking. I masturbated to the image of her sweet pussy as I ate her hungrily.

Few weeks pass by and time come to cut her grass again, as usual this time of the year it is pretty hot, so I worked late in the afternoon, trying to avoid a heat stroke, still I was dripping sweat by the time I was done. I saw my sister in law laying in her bed and I told her “hey I’m done, do you mind I take a bath? I’m all sweaty and sticky” …sure go ahead, she said

Without hesitation, I jump into the shower of her room, which might had caught her by surprised since there is an extra shower outside, but she didn’t complain. I scrubbed myself thoughtfully and when I was done I wrap myself in a towel. “Don’t look, I’m going out for my clothes” I teased but she didn’t reply. As I left the bathroom, I notice she fallen sleep in her bed watching tv. I pause for a minute and reflected on the image of my sexy sister in law lying there in front of me. My dick erected under the towel. What would she do if I lay next to her…would she scream? Would she kick me and yell at me? without second thought I lay next to her, her back was facing me. I stayed there motionless for what it seems an eternity waiting for a negative reaction…but nothing… She was wearing some pink pajamas, I very carefully wrap my arm around her midsection. My hand resting just below of her belly button and just where the curve of her hip meets her pelvic mound. My desire overwhelms me. My gentle touch intensifies, as I know if I don’t take her this moment, my life will surely be unbearable. I draw my hand closer to her hip and my other hand is pulling her ass towards me as I roll on my side matching her posture.

Her lovely, long hair tickling my cheek and neck. My hands began to wander over the soft flesh of her tummy towards her breasts. I caught her nipples between the thumb and forefinger and gently rolled them, I can feel her big rounded nipples getting hard under my touch, still she remained undisturbed by my groping.  I bury my face in the side of her neck and take in her scent.

I lay her on her back. I greedily rub her arching breasts with one hand and removed her Pjs in one quick motion with the other, I lower myself to her moistened labia, I spread them with my fingers to reveal her hidden gift. I expose her small clit and plant the gentlest kiss upon the soft pink nub, her musky and unique aroma intoxicates my nose as it’s been simmering in my head since I smelled her red panties. I am taken by her scent, and it fills me with desire. I suck patiently on her pinky flowery lips until her thighs fall to the side, her hands remain motionless to the side and her eyes still close as if she was in deep trance or something.

l continued to lick along the space between her pussy and inner tights, I rub her thick, tasty thighs and buttocks. Suddenly a thick slippery juice flow from her love hole which give her away, even though she was not responding to my touch her body certainly was and that was good enough for me.

I slowly insert my finger into this thight cavern that I must have, I lick my fingers coated with her slime womanly juices, she tasted so yummy.

As her body acclimates to this gentle touch I become even more forceful, I press my middle finger into the opening and thrust my thumb on her clitoris, while I watch with, attentive, thirsty eyes. I pull my fingers away from this beauty to bury my face in her soaking pussy once again, forcing my tongue as far as it would go into her pink madness. I clamped my lips around her clit and sucked, quite hard. Her juices were flowing profusely and I was taking it all. I withdraw my face from her womb. I observe her now. Sweat has begun to moisten her. And although I doubt it isn’t so she was enjoying herself even as she disguised it in a deep sleep.

By now my dick was fully erect and ready to cum but I didn’t want to put it in her since there was a chance she might really be deeply sleep so I stroke it hard and come in a bliss, ropes of hot thick cum landed on my sister in law tummy and boobs, sperm slowly roll down off her tummy onto her cunt. As carefully as I laid next to her I stood up and left the room. Change into my clothes and open the front door ready leave her house when she called my name “Henry, your check is on the kitchen table…grass grows so fast…next week again?” …” for sure” I reply as I left with a smile.

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