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School Uniforms and Carrots

I’d been in a really naughty mood all day. Ash was clearly gagging to fuck me senseless. I could tell by the bulge in his jeans and the fact he could hardly
sit still!
I had my little silky nighty on with the lace trim, and just happened to be dropping everything on the floor. As I’m quite sure he noticed, It had slipped
my mind to put any underwear on. I could see through my legs as I bent forward that Ash was transfixed, biting his lip and narrowing his eyes like he had
a magnetic pull he was trying to resist. Just because I could I decided I needed something from the shelf behind him… Climbing over him with my
legs either side of his, I thrust my huge boobs in his face. “Not now baby, I’m busy…” I tell him as he cups them with his hands and gives them a firm
squeeze. “Doing what?!?!?”… “stuff” as I walk of with a cheeky grin looking back at him.

I can hear that sexy growl of his as I leave the room.

I come back in with a carrot… what? I was hungry?! I just can’t contain my smile as Ash notices what I’ve come in with. He rolls his eyes and tries to
adjust his sitting position to act as if he doesn’t want to watch. Obviously this carrot was just so good I had to run my tongue up and down it before I ate
it. As my tongue wet the edges I could see Ash’s eyes and just how much restraint he was using not to put that carrot to better use. I’d got the edges of the
carrtot all wet, so what else could I do but take it deep in my mouth? I pushed it right to the back, closed my eyes and let out a small moan as I pulled the
carrot slowly out of my mouth along my pouted lips.

This was more than any red blooded male could handle, and as quick as I could put the carrot back in my mouth, Ash was across the room. He grabbed my face
tight and stared deep into my eyes with his lip bitten at the side. “I’ve waited all day, I can wait a little more. go and dress up for me. You need to learn
your lesson, you have 15 minutes. now go…”

God I love winding him up, I know I’m going to get such a good seeing to tonight. It stuck in my mind that he said I needed to learn my lesson. Like I was
a naughty school girl. That’s it, I’m going to get on the school girl outfit. I lay it all out on the bed and tie my hair in high bunches… or handlebars
as Ash likes to call them.

First I put on my crotchless shorts. They’re red and lacey with little black bows holding the gaping slit together down the middle
just in the right places to make sure every hole is easy to get to. My ass looks perfectly round and you can see everything when I bend forward… perfect!
Next my lacey red and black bra, my breasts are just as round and pert in this, I think I could stop traffic in this bra! Little pleated skirt to follow,
it was a black and white checkered and just short enough to see the bottom of my cheeks, Ash had bought this for me of course as an everyday item of clothing!

After this, the stockings, so many to choose from but I thought I would go with the lace top hold ups in black with the large hole fishnets. My legs look so
long and so trim in these. I pull them slowly up my legs as I look in the mirror, I’m looking so hot, it’s making me bite my own lip. To finish off I put on
a fitted white shirt and tie it up at the front as I lay my school tie with a large knot between my heaving boobs.

Red lipstick, black eyeliner… perfect…

I walk in the room with a particularly confident wiggle in my walk to see a huge grin on Ash’s face. I think he quite likes it. He walks over quickly and
begins to bend me forward over the arm of the sofa. “but, sir, I want to show you just how much of a lesson I’ve learnt. You said you could wait a little
longer didn’t you, sir?”… He looks both impressed and unimpressed at the same time. “O. K. what have you learnt?”… “Sit in the chair sir”…

I direct him to the computer chair and ask him to sit forward a little. As I put his hands behind his back and the back of the chair he looks at me suspiciously.
Rightfully so as from the back of my waistband I slipped out a nice shiny pair of handcuffs. Ash raised one eyebrow and looked at me with a slight smile, I
told him again I wanted to show him just how much of a lesson I had learnt and to sit back and relax as I cuff his hands together nice and tight.

I walk over to the stereo and press play, this music has a nice slow… regular beat. I start to move my hips and wiggle my bum with my back towards him. I
hear a slight giggle, as if he knows what’s coming but isn’t sure he’s allowed to know. Still swirling my hips I dance towards him and place my bum on his
lap as I face away from him. I lift my hips slightly and begin to wiggle right on his already huge bulge. I sway from side to side with the beat of the music
before I turn around and slowly take off my tie. I put it around his neck gently still moving to the music and put my huge breasts in his face. As he tries
to bite them and kiss them I move back keeping with the music. I see him bite his lip again, he’s so sexy when he does that.

Slowly I untie my shirt… I rub my boobs passionately under my bra right in front of his face. Ash wants to get his hands on them so bad his eyes are almost
screaming. Next I touch the waistband on my skirt… I can see him starting to fidget. As I’m still dancing I very slowly take down my skirt, one side at a time
until it falls down to the floor. In one move I bend my knees until I’m crouched and open my legs so Ash can see my juicy pussy in my crotchless shorts. I take
off my sexy bra and carry on rubbing my boobs. I take my pierced nipple to my mouth and run my tongue all around it. I can see ash would like a turn so I
move forward and let him join in so we’re both licking my nipple bar.

“Dance for me like that…”

“yes, sir!”… I move my whole body to the beat and run my hands all over my soft skin, teasing my nipples and softly sweeping my wet cunt.

I crouch in front of ash still moving my hips and begin to lean back until I’m on the floor with my legs spread wide open, bearing all under my pretty crotchless
knickers. “Get off that chair and show me that I’ve been a good girl”…

Ash lifts his cuffed hands over the back of the chair as he kneels forward. He dived in so fast I could just about catch that huge grin he was wearing.
He shoves his tongue deep into my tight little cunt and then flicks it back and forth on my clit. He runs his tongue up and down before sucking gently on
it while I can’t help but moan and call out his name. “Oh god, mmmmm… Oh Ash!”…

I sit up and let out his bulging cock. God, sometimes I forget just how amazingly big it is. Ash moves his arms as if to ask me to uncuff him.
“You just kneel there and let me show you what I’ve learnt sir.”… He shrugs and stays kneeling.

I get down on all fours in front of him and start moving again to the soft, regular beat of the music. He’s so hard I can feel it digging in my cheeks as I
wiggle my ass back into him. Slowly I slide back and take his huge black cock in my tiny pink cunt. I’m so wet it just goes right in, all the way to the end.
He lets out a relieved sigh as I moan gently.

I carry on swaying my hips to the music and move back and forth pushing my ass into his pelvis, taking it nice and deep. As the music changes to a more upbeat
tune I slam my ass back into him and look back. He’s biting his lip again… mmmm…

“ready, sir?”

“Of course I am, there’s a good girl”…

I slam back into him again and again, hard and fast. I’m screaming, he’s groaning and my boobs are bouncing so fast! I slide his cock in and out as it gets
wetter and wetter from end to tip every time. My moans get louder… I can feel he’s about to cum… hard!

“oh god, you’re such a good girl!” I feel him explode inside me. It feels so good.

“MMMMM, oh Ash!” My tight little cunt wraps around him even more as I orgasm. My whole body flinches and I can feel it in my knees!

Lesson well learnt I think…

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