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Sarah’s Black Adventures: Her First Interracial

Sarah couldn’t explain how she got into this position all she knew is she was there and she was enjoying it. She was out with her friends and had gotten so drunk she can’t remember the events leading up to this. She was in an Alley with a huge black man sucking on her lovely firm melon size breasts, with her nipples harder than steel and cold as ice. She recognised the fella from the club as she remembers he was the bouncer at the door who was constantly eyeing her up every time she went for a smoke. She had to admit to herself that she was also staring at him and will be making use of this opportunity to fulfill one of her long awaited fantasies.
The bouncer was sucking hard on her nipples with his hands between her smooth long legs massaging her clit. He looked up at her asking “This what you imagined it would be like?” But Sarah was lost for words, caught in the moment!
She didn’t want to wait any longer to see what he was packing, so she pushed him against the wall and got on her knees. Her eyes widened when she saw the package the bouncer was carrying. She had never seen 10 inches of solid thick meat in her life. She thought to herself “I’m going to love this!”
She watched as his eyes rolled over cos she was sucking on his cock so hard. Even Sarah couldn’t believe it when she deep throat his whole 10 inches. She then slowly stood up bent over ushering him to insert his cock in her tight wet pink pussy.
She let out a huge moan when he pushed the head of his cock in her pussy followed by the other 8. 5 inches. The bouncer started a slow rhythm then got faster and harder by the second pushing every inch of his cock in her pussy making her moan louder, faster and harder as she exploded all over his cock. Sarah couldn’t believe she had just cum so hard she could feel her legs shaking as her pussy juice ran down her thighs.
The bouncer then spread her ass cheeks and told her to be prepared for what was coming as he slowly and gently pushed the head of his cock in her ass. She had done anal before but never has she ever had 10 inches of black cock in her ass. Sarah bit her lips as the bounce pushed the head, then a quarter, then half of his huge cock deep in her ass. He fucked her hard and wild for ages in her ass then her pussy making her cum multiple times. He then placed her on her knees as he unloaded a bucket of cum in her mouth. She never tasted black cum before but she loved it and swallowed every drop of thick salty cum!
After this experience Sarah promised herself that this wasn’t to be her last and planned to go on a black cock adventure every week. The bouncer the put her in a cab and went on his way. She couldn’t believe it was this guy who had just fucked her brains out. He seemed so kind and gentle, but she wasn’t thinking about that. All Sarah had on her mind was how huge his cock was and how she loved sucking on it. As the cab drove off she thought to herself “Will I ever see him again?” She got her answer as the bouncer shouted “I’m here every week!”
The End!

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