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Red Barn Wanking Club Part Two

It was the longest seven days I had ever experienced. I was looking forward to the next Red Barn Wanking Club meeting when I would hear the results of my small cock application. To make the days and nights go quicker I wanked my little four inch cock at every opportunity. I practiced stretching it enduring the pain remembering no pain no gain which was most relevant with my dinkie dick. I started endurance wanking, timing myself to see how many hours I could wank for without cumming. To add variety to my wanking marathon I got my 21 year old girlfriend to wank my cock wherever we were together. She asked

“What’s this sudden obsession of wanting your cock wanked? Wouldn’t you rather fuck my hungry young cunt?”

I could not explain. Was I turning gay or was I just bi-curious or even bi-sexual?

The following Wednesday I met Gary at the supermarket parking lot and we drove out to the Red Barn. Again as per ritual I was blindfolded and bought into the barn, placed in the centre of the semi circle under the spotlight, asked to strip naked and bring my cock to full erection. Once fully erect, Number One announced that they would give verdict as to my membership application to the Red Barn Wanking Club.

“That after due consideration and bearing in mind that this is a wanking club for well endowed 16 year old school boys and the fact that one are a 21 year old young man with a small endowment, only four inches fully erect, with a four inch girth, your application falls outside the parameters of this club. During our deliberations we researched statistics and found that your 4 inch long erect cock with a 4 inch girth is longer than 1.58% of white boys. That in a room of 1000 white guys 16 would be shorter than you; 90% of the boys will be between 0.35 and 2.61 inches longer than you; you are thicker than 18.65% of boys. In a room of 1000 boys 186 would be thinner than you. 90% of boys would be between 0.46”thinner or 1.56” thicker than you. And with a cock volume of 83.46ml you are 0.6 times more voluminous than the average. This means that you are bigger than 6.53% of boys by volume and in a room of 1000 boys 935 would be bigger than you.

I was obviously disappointed by this statement as my erect 4 inch cock suddenly went totally flaccid, which is not an inviting sight.

Number One said

“Before we can continue you are required to bring your cock, however, small to full erection while in the presence of the members here.”

So utterly disappointed and humiliated I started to wank my small cock in front of six well hung 16 year old school boys. It took longer (if one will excuse the pun) than normal and was without any pleasure. Once fully erect I stood crestfallen before the club members.

Number One continued

“As sixteen year old boys who enjoy showing off our cocks and mutual masturbation we were excited by the fact of a 21 year old applying for membership. We expected big things. We surmised that if we 16 year old boys had cocks this big then a 21 year old man would certainly have a proud cock specimen much bigger than us. We were disappointed. As you can see your erect size ranks at the bottom of the cock size ladder board of this club. However, all is not lost for let us not loose site of our objectives of increasing cock size by wanking. After due consideration we see you as a 21 year old member with a small member who can be a living experiment as to cock size increase due to wanking. So, on the above conditions we will accept your application for membership and use one as the club guinea pig to measure cock size increases caused by a regular wanking regime. Do you accept these unusual terms?”

“I do.”

“Welcome Member Number Seven, we shall now proceed with the member induction process.”

All other Red Barn Wanking Club members sat resplendent in their red capes which hung open in the front exposing their manhoods. I stood naked before them with a pathetic phallus erection.

“Our first order of induction is for you to ingest the cum of every member who has a larger member than your cock size. So in your case it means that you will have to give every member a blow job, bring them to ejaculation and swallow their cum. Do you understand? To do this you will go on hands and knees and approach the sitting member with the smallest erection first in this case member number Six.”

I crawled to member number six, my cock rampantly erect and dripping pre-cum at the prospect of sucking off six well endowed sixteen year old boys tonight. He opened his legs to fully expose his erect 6 and half inch cock the next smallest on the cock size ladder.

“While you are sucking cock you will be dry cock milked from behind by another member to keep you in a fully aroused state. So please open your legs a little to allow cock milking access to your small cock.”

This was the first time I had ever sucked cock. My girlfriend had always told her how exciting and erotic it was something she could not explain. She always said that I should give it a try if ever the opportunity arose. And here before me six young large cocks had arose for me to suck off.

As I lowered my lips over the first cock I felt someone grab my cock from between my legs and pull it down, wanking it very slowly and sensually in a cow milking action. This is something that I had never had done to me before.

As my mouth sunk deeper onto the six and half erect shaft, swallowing young cock, I turned my head sideways to see the other members with their cellphones taking pictures of me naked, on my hands and knees, with a young cock down my throat and my cock being milk wanked from behind. This stimulated me and I increased both mouth tension and movement on the cock in my mouth. It was amazing to experience the power of having control of an erect cock in one’s mouth, of feeling the responses and the involuntary twitches.

The jerks and twitches increased. Number six moaned and with a sudden convulsion, a stream of hot young cum shot with force into my mouth. My first taste of someone else’s cum. That unforgettable chlorine, bromine smell, that oyster texture. I was just wallowing in the first cum in my mouth situation when he ejaculated again sending another hot load of greater volume into my cum hungry mouth. I almost choked but maintained a tight lip grip on the spent cock in my mouth. I had no other option but to swallow the gift of fresh young cum. It was an amazing sexual experience having a mouthful of cum and having my cock slow wanked from the back.

One down five to cum.

There was no let up. I was moved from member 6 to member 5 whose member was bigger than 6.  My mouth was still drenched with cum from member 6’s two cummings. It was all I could taste. The next cock stood proud in front of my face, circumcised it oozed pre cum in anticipation of me sucking it off. The pre cum gave an inviting glaze. As I approached I was aware of a new body odour of excitement perspiration. I positioned myself still aroused by the prospect of sucking yet another 16 year old cock. With a much bigger challenge in front of me I grabbed the base of the cock with one hand squeezing hard. A fresh globule of pre-cum pushed out the tip of the yet un-sucked cock, like toothpaste being pushed from a tube.

Number 5 was anxious to get started and pushed his cock into my mouth. I felt his hard cock push against the back of my throat. There was plenty of cum mixed with my salvia that acted as a lubricant. Number 5 could not wait for me to begin the sucking motion but started face fucking me, sliding his rampant erect cock in and out of my mouth hole. With my lips I gripped tightly around his shaft simulating a virgin vagina.

While all the cock sucking was going on the cock milking from behind had not stopped. At first it was a pleasant sensation but now it was becoming quiet mechanical with every downward tug being similar to a cow having her teats vigorously pulled to induce milk flow. I realized that the exercise was to try and lengthen my short sex shaft by severe stretching. The manipulator was using two hands in rapid succession pulling down, pulling down. Without any form of lubrication the hand-on-cock friction was getting sore.  As if realizing my predicament (excuse the dick pun) I felt a thick lotion or balm being applied. It was not baby oil or olive oil neither was it a hair cream. Was it Vaseline I asked between mouthfuls?

Number One replied to my question saying that the club had tried all forms of cock wanking lubricants from coconut oil to cooking oil and found that Valvoline axle grease had given the best results in terms of both lubricant and penis lengthening benefits. So my little stub axle, my grease nipple sized penis was being supersized with axle grease. How appropriate I thought.

(work in progress to be continued)

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