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Recording (Chapter 1)

The camera was on. Jessica was nude. I was naked as well but I was still wearing my trench coat. You have no idea how happy I was that Jessica said yes to wanting to be filmed. She had it all going on. She had luscious lips, pale skin, a nose ring, gauges in her ears, big tits, and a nice ass! Jessica was sitting in a chair by my desk, with her legs spread wide open. Her nice, tight pussy exposed. She then looked up at me, while holding my rock hard cock and said…

“Nice and big. Just how I like it.”

She giggled and then started to tease me by licking my cock all over. It was now glistening with her spit. I loved looking down at her and seeing her lick my dick like it was her favorite flavor of lollipop. I began to slap my man meat on her tongue as she held her mouth open for me. I took turns from doing that and slapping my dick around her mouth from cheek to cheek.

“Come here” I said aggressively as I grabbed a fistful of her hair long, black hair in both of my hands.

I started to pump my long, white cock deep down her throat. I was entering her mouth so deep & fast that my balls were slapping her chin. Her head was bouncing back slightly due to me treating her throat like a second pussy.

“AAAHHH YES!” I exclaimed as her cock loving mouth continued to make me and my fat dick happy.

I let her up for air just for a quick second. But my dick needed her throat! It needed more. So that’s when I told her to get on my bed. Her throat was about to get stuffed.

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