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“Puberty Is a Bitch!” 7: Confession

Brad stood in the shower. He turned around, allowing the stream from the showerhead to wash directly over his face as if it could wash away the feelings that churned inside him. No such luck. He rinsed one last time, and turned off the water.

Sam sat on the bed in Brad’s room as Brad came in wearing a pair of teal boxer-briefs. Brad’s stride had an odd gait, still unused to the size of his dick and the way it felt between his leg when he walked around. He stood in the doorway, watching Sam study. He didn’t deserve a guy like Sam. Not after he’d almost cheated with MarkusTrianno.

Sam looked up, and a bright smile illuminated his face and the room. "Hey, cutie, how was your shower? Feel better?"

Sammy had actually taken to staying over at Brad’s quite a bit. His own parents disapproved of his choice of lifestyles, and didn’t seem to care if Sam was there or not.

"A little", Brad said.

Sam frowned, "Something wrong?"

It had been a week since Markus had tried to seduce him, and he still didn’t feel any less guilty about almost giving in. "Sammy, can we talk?"

Sam looked serious, and closed his text books. "Sure, Brad. This about Markus?"

Sweet, wonderful Sammy; always knew him so well. "Yeah."

"Okay then, lets talk."

Brad sat down on the bed next to Sam. "Sammy, I don’t completely understand what’s going on with my body, but it’s starting to get bad."

Sam playfully put a hand on Brad’s swollen chest. "Oh, I don’t know if it’s necessarily a ‘bad’ thing."

Brad looked down at his torso for a moment. He’d gained more mass, and his muscles now stood out with noticeable definition. He’d grown an inch or two more too, standing exactly eye level with Sam. But none of it compared to his overly developed rod.

He gently pushed Sam’s hand away. "I mean it, Sam. And it’s getting to me."

"Well what do you mean, exactly?"

"A lot of things. I think about guys and sex all the time. I never know when I’m gonna get an erection, or if it might rip through the front of my pants in front of everyone! And when I’m turned on, I can’t sem to control myself any more."

Sam smiled with a shrug. "Brad, that’s mostly all part of puberty. Well, for a gay kid anyway. You just have a few more…’gifts’."

"And what about the control thing?"

Sam leaned back on his elbows, "Well, I’m not sure. You’re gonna have to be more detailed."

Brad closed his eyes, and took a deep breath before going on. "You know most of what happened with Markus, and it’s all a little fuzzy after a certain point…"

"Okay, go on…"

"But one thing I rmember is wanting it. When he was sitting on top of me with his shirt off, I wanted him. And I was completely willing to give him what he wanted to have him, even if it meant betraying you."

"So, you’re afraid what’s goin’ on with your body chemistry is going to make you cheat on me…?"


Sam began to laugh. "Brad, that’s rediculous!"

Brad stammered, caught off guard by Sam’s reaction, "Wha…what?"

Sam sobered, "Brad, Markus wanted you. He just asked me earlier that day to fix him up with you. He’s a slut and a cock whore. He goes after any cute guy with a big dick…"

"You mean, you knew what was going on…!?"

"Yeah. I was looking for you to warn you about him when I found you in the bathroom."


"Yep. So don’t worry, you don’t have any ‘magical’ allure that’s drawing people to you. Well, at least nothing beyond your notmal charm and great personality."

"Wait, I don’t understand", Brad said with confusion on his face.

Sam put a hand on either of Brad’s shoulders. "Okay, Brad, I’m gonna give it to ya straight, okay…?’

Brad nodded, "Okay…"

"You’re one of the cutest guys in school, and I’m not the only one that thinks so. What you’ve noticed lately? People checking you out? Staring at you? That’s been going on all along."

"What are you talking about?"

"The only reason no one’s made a move is because they all know I’ve had the hots for you since we met. That, and I’d kick their asses if they did. The only reason you haven’t seen it is because you were too busy bein’ down on yourself."

"You…you don’t know what you’re talking about…!"

"Yes I do. The girls don’t bother because they all know you’re gay. But you’re really popular amongst the queers. And now that you’re changing, everyone’s taking notice even more. Markus has had a crush on you since you two were in sixth grade, though he’d never admit it."

"Are you serious…?"

"Yes! I can only imagine how fuckin’ horny it made him when things started to really get noticeable! He probably couldn’t take it any more, so he tried that little stunt last week. Too bad for him."

Brad’s mind was reeling. Could Sam really be right? Had he just convinced himself that he was undesirable? Was it all just some mental block he’d developed? He looked into the mirror on his closet door. He saw the reflection of a slender young athlete.

Messy wet, sandy brown hair drooped into his blue eyes which shown brightly without his glasses. His chest was definitely bigger than before, and his abs now formed a beautifully symmetrical eight-pack. His arms and legs were long and sinewy. Although not huge, a near complete lack of body fat made everything stand out in bold relief. In the mirror, Sam’s reflection came into view as he slid his arms around Brad’s waist.

He rested his chin on Brad’s shoulder and smiled as he stroked one hand up and down over Brad’s chest and stomach. "And just think, you’re only gonna get even hotter", he murmurred into Brad’s ear.

Brad couldn’t believe what he saw in the mirror. Goosebumps tingled to life along his arms at the feel of Sam’s soft caress. Sam nuzzled him gently behind the ear, and he closed his eyes. He allowed his neck to relax and his head lolled back as Sam’s kisses travelled down over his shoulder.

His voice was soft, "Oh, Sammy…that feels so good…"

Sam’s voice was husky, "So…lean back and let me show you how it’s done…"

Brad leaned back nito Sam’s body. Sam had removed his shirt, and Brad felt the warm caress of Sam’s smooth skin against his own. Sam’s torso was thick and ripped from his passion for swimming, and Brad revelled in the feel of muscle against his back. As Sam’s hands wandered downward, Brad felt the swelling mass of Sam’s erection pushing insistently harder against his lower back. Sam was hung, but no longer the bigger of the two as Sam was about to find out.

Sam looked down with a smile, marvelling at the sheer size of Brad’s cock as it ballooned. Brad now packed about 9" soft, but that was only the beginning. That nine inches swiftly stiffened, filling and stretching the teal cotton of the boxer-briefs as it pushed straight out from his groin. It began to lengthen, growing longer and longer, and longer. 10 inches, 11 inches, 12 inches, 13, 14, 15, growing thicker with every inch. Brad began to squirm as his briefs began to strain, trying to contain the mighty appendage. Brad’s member bucked and throbbed wildly against its fabric prison as it continued to swell, 16 inches, 17…

Finally, with a loud rip, Brad’s dick freed itself. Straightening, it swung upward to slap against his stomach with the sudden release of pressure. Sam admired its beauty. Eighteen inches of manhood, 6" around at least, meaty, and straight as an arrow. Brad smiled as he looked down. It really was impressive.

Sam caressed Brad’s member, causing it to throb vigorously, and making Brad squirm against him with a loud gasp. "Well, I can see it’s gotten even more sensitive."

Suddenly, Brad sat bolt upright as a tingling sensation filled his privates. "Oh no…!" They both looked down as Brad’s erect cock began to slowly grow longer.

"Holy shit!", Sam exclaimed.

"Brad looked at him and only smiled, "I wondered what would happen if I got a hardon then had a growth spurt…"

Sma watched with a smile as it continued to grow; 19 inches, 20 inches, 21 inches, "Well, I guess we’re gonna find out just how much I can take…!

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