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Prom Night

Things were seeming to get out of hand quickly. Anne and I had been to our junior prom and we snuck out early, bored to tears. It wasn’t that we didn’t enjoy mocking the bad dancers and jocks, but that we had brought a blanket in the car and wanted to relax at the beach. It was late, so we drove south to Mickler’s Landing where we could access the beach safely and without a lot of company.

We had gotten there and lucked out. The moon was bright and low over the water and the spring air was cool. We trudged through the sand to a secluded spot, laid down our blanket, kicked off our shoes, and sat down. the waves crashed rhythmically as I wrapped my arm around her. I didn’t know what would happen, but being 18, I was still inexperienced and not expecting much. Anne had been my girl for a few months now, and we’d only ever kissed really.

Our heads leaned together as we were quiet. My heart was beating fast…I wanted to kiss her but didn’t feel like making the first move.

“This is much better” she opined.

“Yes.” I said. “It’s nice being alone with you.”

She looked up at me and suddenly our lips met. Tender and soft, she kissed me quietly and with a little whimper. I sighed and kissed her back, pressing my lips against hers. It suddenly felt like a big weight fell off our shoulders and we relaxed into the kiss, our hands finding their way through our hair, our mouths parting cautiously.

Suddenly, she rotates up and over, straddling me and allowing us an easier position to kiss. I could feel her breasts against my upper chest as I tilted my head up to meet her. There was no sensation of anything else but her body atop mine kissing me. My hands, seemingly of their own accord, ran down the smooth of her upper back, meeting the top of the back of her prom dress, sliding further down to the small intentation in her lower back.

Her hands responded by pulling my face closer against hers. My senses were overwhelmed by her smell and the incredibly beating of my heart in my chest. She began undoing the buttons of my tux shirt as my hands fumbled with the zipper on the back of her gown. Courageously she stands up and, silhouetted by the moon, reaches behind her and pulls her zipper down. Her dress falls to the sand as she steps out of it, hands over her breasts in a unconscious shyness and her white panties nearly invisible in the color of the night.

“Stand up,” she says, “let me.”

I stand up, shaking. She finishes removing my shirt and drops to her knees, undoing my belt.

“Ummm… you sure?” I ask, nervous.

She smiles up at me reassuringly. I stare down transfixed as she undoes my pants and pulls them down. I can feel myself anxiously becoming aroused. Her eyes never leave mine as she pulls down my underwear. She smiles sweetly then looks down.

“Oh my god! Are you kidding me?” she exclaims!

“What?” I ask, not understanding.

“Your penis! Its so huge!” Anne replies.

“What do you mean?” I ask. This was the first time anyone had seen it in years and it was not the reaction I had been expecting. I was half hard at this point, with both of us staring at my dick.

“I mean,” she continued, “that’s got to be the biggest dick I’ve ever seen! Holy shit!”

I was a bit taken aback to be honest I never considered the size of my dick before and just assumed I was like every other kid. I wasn’t naked around people, and certainly never dealt with group showers since camp when I was 12, but I was a bit speechless. Anne was sitting back on her haunches just staring at it.

“How big does it get, hon?”

“I don’t know…”

She reached out, wrapping her hands around it. I began growing more. I remember her face as she held it. She seemed shocked and worried as I continued to harden in her hands. I was finding myself quite shy about it all as she continued to hold it and mutter “oh my god” over and over.

“You think its big?” I hesitantly ask.

“You’re kidding right? This is huge! I mean, come on! What are you doing with such a big thing? You’re so skinny too!”

“And that’s okay right?”

“It’s fine. I won’t sleep with you, but certainly it’s not your fault. You’ve just got the biggest dick! Fuck!” Anne replied, “it’s unreal.”

I hadn’t expected Anne to sleep with me, but once she declared it I was rather disappointed. I didn’t think she would sleep with me here on the beach, but to declare it would never happen felt like a blow to the chest. Yet I found her not letting go of my erection, but instead she tugged on it slightly, staring at it.

“It’s heavy! I can’t believe you’ve got such a huge dick! This is amazing.” she commented. “You like what I’m doing?”

“Yes. It feels nice.”, I said as her hands slid up and down my shaft.

“Is this your first time?”


“Well, there is no way I’d let something this big in me, you’d ruin me forever. But do you want me to masturbate you?” she quietly asked. “I think it’s beautiful. I’ve never been able to jerk off a guy with both hands before!! Its so hot.”

“umm…ok if you dont mind.” I replied.

She furrowed her brow and set to work. Focusing on my erection, she spit in her hand, rubbed them together, and resumed tugging on my shaft, sliding her hands up and down it. I’d not used both hands before, so this sensation was stunning. looking down at Anne, topless, her hands sliding along my dick, mouth agape, I was speechless. Was I really too big? She would never sleep with me? Would I be a virgin forever? These thoughts interrupted the moment, bubbling to the surface between sudden bouts of sensation as she inexpertly tugged at my cock. The sight of this beautiful woman stroking what I was told was a huge penis was very erotic. My youth meant this wouldn’t last long.

“I never would have guessed you’d be have something this large. I was gonna sleep with you tonight but now there is no way. I’m sorry.” she confessed. “But man this is impressive! You are really thick!”

She picked up the pace and I began to lose control. The whole thing had gotten out of hand so quickly I felt like I was on a train…and this train was about to explode.

“oooh Anne. I’m cumming!”, I moaned as the first shot of cum exploded out of my cock landing smack in her hair. A second, third, fourth shot out, pelting her like painballs and bouncing off her gorgeous skin.

“whoa!” she cried as my erection bucked like crazy, sending stream after stream of cum onto her face and chest. Grunting and panting, I poured cum out like I had never before…astounding even myself. This was far more than I’d seen when jerking off in my own room.

“Jesus hon, you cum like a horse! That’s incredible!” she said, as I stood there shaking and continuing to leak onto the sand. “I’ve never seen anything like that!” My cock softening slightly, it continued to drip as Anne backed away, staring down at the cum all over her chest. She reached for the towel and began to wipe up as I slowly recovered from the big orgasm. I stood there naked and speechless.

“Sit down baby” she offered. “Let’s enjoy this moment.”

I wondered if she was referring to the location we were in, or a remnant of lust after stroking me. I knew then that this was a short-term thing though, and so I enjoyed her leaning against me, stroking my hair, enjoying the moon over the sea.

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