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Posh Tricia Becomes a Very Dirty Girl

This is a true story that happened to me about 15 years ago. I hope you enjoy reading about my experience.

To set the scene, myself (James) and a handful of mates went to Butlins holiday camp on the south coast to celebrate on of the guys 30th birthday.

Butlins at the time was due to close for a complete facelift so you can imagine it was very tired and to be honest a complete dump. Having said that it was cheap and made for a good weekend on the beer with the chaps.

We set off on Friday afternoon and dually arrived early evening. Having checked in to our rather drab & dirty rooms we headed for the bars.

It was June so the weather was warm and the place was heaving with stag & hen parties so there was plenty going on. After eating something indescribable we headed off into the night.

Around 11:30pm we went to the nightclub and settled in for the evening, it was packed with plenty of people already worse for wear.

I myself had been in a steady relationship for a few years so I wasn’t looking to be a bad lad on the trip as I was pretty content with my life. Some of the guys statred to stray to see what they could try and chat up which made for great ‘people watching’ and very funny.

I decided to go to the bar to get a refill for me and one of my mates which proved difficult as it was about 10 deep at the bar. Whilst I was waiting I noticed an older women who to be honest by the way she dressed, seemed totally out of place at this kind of joint as she looked incredibly well groomed. Sort of a middle to upper class type I would guess.

She’d obviously never bever been in the situation where she had to fight her way through a mob to get a drink and seemed to be getting further away from the bar instaed of closer. I decided to do my ‘good deed for the day’ and see if I could assist.

I made my way over to her and tapped her on the shoulder, she obviously thought it was someone who was going to be a pain, she turned to me and shouted ‘FOR GOD’S SAKE WHAT’, I leaned sown towards her and replied that I was only going to offer to get her drinks for her but if she didn’t want any help then fine.
She looked at me almost guiltily and said that would be a real help and told me what drinks she wanted. I said for her to go and wait at the side and I’ll get the drinks.

It took a further 10 mins to get to the bar but eventually I got her drinks and made my way over to where she was standing. As I approached she was talking to some younger girls around my age (30), I put the tray down and she put out her hand and said ‘thank you so much, I’m so sorry to have shouted at you but I was so fed-up with being pushed and pulled, my name is Tricia’.

I said for her not to worry, I was glad that I could help and that my name was James.

Tricia then introduced me to the other girls and it transpired that it was her daughters hen party and she’d been dragged along for the weekend. Her daughter and the other girls grabbed there drinks and went off to where they were sitting, Tricia said that she’d join them in a little while.

We started chatting and I guessed Tricia must have been around 55 years of age, about 5ft 6″ tall with a decent body for her age, probably between a size 12 & 14. She had a pretty face and wore very conservative clothing especially for the dump we were currently standing in.
I myself am 6ft 3″ tall and at that time about 13. 5 stone playing a lot of rugby so in pretty good shape and towering over Tricia.

We chatted for around 30 minutes about general stuff when I said to her that I’d better go and find my mates. She thanked me once again and we very politely shook hands. I said that I hoped she managed to survive the rest of the weekend.

When I got back to my table I could see that some of the guys were dancing and the others nowhere to be seen. I decided to go to my car and get a packet of cigarettes that I knew were in the boot. I’m one of those who smoke when I’ve had a beer.

I walked to the car park which took around 5 mins I guess, when I got there I hadn’t made a mental note of where i’d parked and there were hundreds of cars there so I spent a further 10 mins looking for it and a further 5 looking in my boot as the car park was badly lit.

As I found the cigs but just then I felt the presence of someone behind me, I turned with a clenched fist thinking I was in for some trouble when I heard a female voice say ‘hi’. Once my eyes adjusted I realized that it was Tricia. I asked if she was ok and she replied ‘well that depends’ to which I replied ‘on what’. She moved towards me, put one hand around my waist and the other up to the back of my neck and pulled my face down towards her whilst saying ‘on whether you like this’ and preceeded to kiss me.
I have to say that I was quite surprised but I guess the influence of alchohol and the total non-expectance of what was happening stunned me but I responded to her kiss.

At this point I need to say to you for background purposes that when it comes to sex I am a very dominant person. I’ve always been like that and am only really interested in submissive women. I’m lucky because my girlfriend of the time was natuarlly submissive and enjoyed being dominated. I can be sensual on occasions but I have to say that I am a dirty bastard in genera, l both in actions and words when I get going. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not into violence or harming women, I’m just very assertive.

So back to the kiss. I turned Tricia around and leant her back against the car and the kiss got more and more passionate at which point she pushed me back a bit but I think it was because I was crushing her a little. We stood there and looked at each other for a second unsure as to what would follow?

I decide to break the ice and go for it and said to Tricia ‘ If you want my cock in your cunt you’ll have to play by my rules and submit to me’

I’m not sure this prim and proper lady had ever been spoken to like that before as she looked quite shocked. She tought for a moment and then said ‘will you hurt me’ to which I replied ‘no, but I am a dirty bastard, what you’d call a bit of rough. I will be in control and and may shock you but I won’t hurt you’

I then moved towards her, turned her around facinig my car and put my hands around her waist, I eased up her pencil skirt and put my hands inside her knickers. She shuddered for a moment until my finger found her pussy, I rubbed her clit a little and then moved to her slightly moist cunt lips and slid my finger inside. I knew she liked this as she pressed he ass into my crotch. I then withdrew my finger and forced it into her mouth. She was shocked at this but I held her tight and asked if she’d ever tasted her own cunt? She shook her head, I asked if she liked the taste and she nooded. I asked whether she wanted my to fuck her senseless and she nooded. I let go and she turned, I asked where and she asked if I could meet her at her chalet in 30 mins time.

I stood by the car and smoked a cigarette and wondered whether my mates would miss me and decided that they were probably to drunk to notice that I wasn’t even there.

I made my way to Tricia’s chalet with sense of excitement and trepidation as to whether she would enjoy what we were about to do in sense of whether or not she’d like being treated like a slut?

I knocked at the door and heard footsteps come towrds it and she opened the door. I have to say she looked very nervous if not scared. I stepped inside, closed the door and put my arms around her and drew her into a kiss. Our tongues met with a fierce passion and explored each others mouths. I grabbed the back of her hair and went to her face and neck with my tongue. I told her that I was going to make her cunt the wettest it had ever been.

We moved to the sofa and sat down and continued to kiss, my hand went striaght down towards her legs and tried to part her thighs but met with resistance. This was where the evening would continue or I would walk. I pulled away and asked what was wrong?

She said that she was scared as she’d never done anything like this before. She told me that she’d been married for 35 years and had never been unfaithful. She told me that her husband hadn’t touched her in years and that sex had always been straight and boring.

She wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and had told her daughter that she had a headache and didn’t want to be disturbed but was now unsure. I noticed a bottle of wine on the sideboard and poured her a large glass. I gave to her and told her to drink it down and that she had 30 seconds to make her mind up. If she wanted me then it was on my terms or I walk.

Tricia finished the wine, looked at me and said ‘COME ON THEN, FUCK ME YOU BASTARD’… game on I thought.

I knelt down in front of her on the sofa, moved both my hands to the V of her summer dress and ripped it off her revealing her underwear. As I pulled of her knickers to reveal her hairy cunt I told her to take off her bra which she did. I spread her legs and started to chuckle to myself at which I think she was quite offended, she asked what I was laughing at? I told her that I never imagined coming to a shithole like this and end up turning a posh middle aged women into a complete dirty whore for the night!

At that point I told went down on her pussy, flicking my tongue on her clit. She was obviously enjoying it as she put her hands on the back of my head a tried to draw me in closer moaning at the same time. I put a finger inside her, then two, then three and started to finger fuck her hard. I pulled my face away from her sex and asked her if she liked it, she nooded, I stopped, she said no please don’t, I was teaseing her, playing with her, I wanted her to become desperate for me.

I went back to her cunt with my hand, I managed to get four fingers in and fucked her hard with my hand. She was wet now, very wet and her bush was soaked with her own juice, lovely. I looked down at her cunt and spat on her telling her to tell me when she was going to cum. I didn’t take long and she moaned that she was going to cum. I stopped and told her she didn’t deserve to cum not yet.

I jumped up and straddled her on the sofa with my hand on her jaw, I told her to open her mouth and a I plunged my cock into her mouth and face fucked her with out mercy. She struggled to be honest, she gagged a bit and struggled for breath, I drew out of her mouth and wiped my cock all over her face telling her to please me or I wouldn’t make her cum. We swapped positions with her now kneeling in front of me on the sofa and she went down on me sucking my cock, I had my hand at the back of her head controlling the speed, she was learning. I felt that all to familiar sensation and decided it was time to get inside her. I led her to the bed and made her get on all fours, I asked whether she was ready to be fucked like a dog, she nooded. I was behind her now and she was so wet there was no need to be gentle, I put the tip of my cock against her lips and grabed her hair and drove straight into her hard, really hard. I fucked her hard and fast and she started to moan, it got louder and louder, posh litlle Tricia was a mess and loving every second of it.

After a short while she bucked and I knew she was almost there, I went harder and slapped her ass a few times calling her a filthy cunt, she responded by telling me to fuck her harder, fuck me harder you basatrd and then it happended, the orgasm that she’d been storing up for so many years came and boy did she howl like a wolf… I’m surprised nobody in the club heard it. WOW, THERE WAS A WASH OF CUM, SHE’S GUSHED ON MY COCK which to be honest triggered me off.

I got off the bed and moved her round to face the side of the bed still on all fours and put my cock in her mouth. I doubted very much if she’d swallow so as I got to the point of no return I pulled out to spray her face but the dirty little cow pulled me back in, she wanted my load in her mouth. I came and she took it all.

We both collapsed on the bed and lay ther in silence, I asked if she was ok and she replied yes, she felt liberated once more. I guess that was a good thing. She said she was going to take a shower and I joined her thinking that that was that as she went quite quiet. We washed each other and got out.

I went to start to put my clothes on whilst she lay in the bed in a towel, she asked if I was leaving because I hadn’t enjoyed myself? I told her no completely the opposite I’d had a great time.
She looked at and said ‘I loved you treating me like a slut, can you fuck me again but be ruder this time’

Oh wow, here we go I thought, this will be great.

I told her to lay on the bed with her legs open and I went down on her again. As she got wetter I let her juices run down her crack to her ass and I started to gently massage her hole. Once she realized my intention she sat up and said no, she wasn’t interested in that she thought it was disgusting.

I immediately spat in her face and told that if she wanted me to be ruder then this is what I classed as rude. I told her to stop whinging and relax for a few minutes, if after a while she really didn’t want it I promised her i’d stop.

She lay back down and I went back to work. I continued teasing her clit with my tongue and her ass with my finger until she was close to cumming. I then flipped her over told her to trust me and burried my tongue in her ass whilst finger fucking her cunt with 2 fingers. I carried on for around 10 mins I guess, I was rimming her big style and she was opening up well. Then all of a sudden she gushed, all over my hand it smelt great. I immediatly asked if I could stick a finger in her ass and she nooded but asked me to be gentle which I ignored of course. I went stright in, I knew she was ready and I also knew she was going to get a stiff 7. 5″ in her ass pretty soon.

The finger went in and I continually spat on her ass to keep lubricated, she told me it hurt to start with but she soon eased up a little and we got into a rythem. I then put my cock back in her cunt whilst fingering her ass which took her mind of it a little until I couldn’t wait any longer.

Tricia I said, are you ready for e to fuck your virgin ass, to make you the complete filthy slut that you wanted to become? She looked back at me and said ‘DO IT’

I pulled out of her gaping pussy and positiond my cock at the entrance of her ass, I started to ease in but she stiffened, I told her to try and relax and she strated to masturbate herself. Iwent in a little further and then the devil took over in me. I drove in hard, Tricia gasped out load and I saw her fists grab the sheets as she buried her head into a pillow. Then nothing, toatal stillness, me lodged up her ass and her toataly motionless not saying a word.

It seemed like an eternity but the silence was broken by the words ‘ I WANT YOUR SPUNK IN MY ARSE YOU DIRTY BASTARD’ green light for go I guessed and I started to pump her, slowly at first then faster and faster. Tricia statred to yell in a good way between panting very quickly swearing and telling me not to stop but I was there. I told her I was cumming and let go with a huge roar, fuck it felt good, I’d drenched her asshole with my spunk.

I stayed in until my cock softened and then withdrew, we collapsed on the bed and I watched my spunk leak out of Tricia’s ass, such a great sight.

Tricia and I both showered again and fell asleep fpr a while. I awoke and decided to go as I didn’t want her daughter to see me in the morning.

As I was leaving Tricia woke and I went to kiss her, I told her the reason for leaving and she thanked me. We kissed and she asked whether we’d see each other again. Hopefully later today I replied with a grin.

She said she’d look forward to it but that a story for another time.

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