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Poker Joker

Dayton’s was a popular martini bar in the city, but what most customers
didn’t know is the best part of the bar was an exclusive poker club
upstairs. This poker club held nightly high stakes games that required
a $10, 000 buy in. The game was limited to 5 players and was winner take
all. The first game started at 6pm. If the game finished before
midnight then another game would start.

Tonight’s game had progressed nicely and there were only 2 players left;
Jerry a mid-thirties confident business man and Nicole or as her
friends called her Nikki, a hard working waitress. Jerry was 5’10”. He
was thin and trim. He had short brown hair, but his best feature was
his big dark brown eyes. Nicole was 5’6″ and voluptuous. She had dirty
blonde hair past her shoulders, blue eyes and a smile that could charm
anyone. Her best features were her huge tits and her big round ass.
Nikki was 44DD-32-45.

The game was getting close to ending so Jerry ordered one more of his
beverage of choice, crown and coke. Clarissa the waitress walked away
to go get it as Jerry watched her go. All men watched her go; this was
how she made her tips. She was a sexy Hispanic girl. She was 20 and
working her way through college. She had long brown hair and an ass to
die for. Her ass made all men drool, ghetto booty if you will. Clarissa
was 36C-28-40. Although her ass was amazing her lips were even better.
They were DSL’s, Dick Sucking Lips. Nice and full, the kind of lips
that all men dreamed of having wrapped around their cock. Jerry knew
from experience that she gave fantastic head and that those lips were
even better than they looked.

Finally Mack the dealer got ready to deal what he thought might be the
final hand. Mack was a late fifties black man who loved his job. Make
some jokes and everyone tipped well, especially the nightly winners.
Mack dealt to Nikki then Jerry. This was a simple game of five card
draw. Currently Nikki had $20, 000 in winnings and Jerry had $30, 000.
Nikki had saved for an entire year to make the buy in for this game and
had planned her outfit carefully in order to take advantage of what God
gave her. She had a blouse on that emphasized cleavage, a knee length
skirt that hugged her ass, a lace thong and high heels. This ploy had
worked on the other three guys, but had no effect on Jerry.

Once two players were left the ante was raised to $5, 000 in order to
speed up the game. Both players anted up and waited for their cards.
Both players smiled inwardly as they had been dealt potentially great
hands. Nikki raised the bet $5, 000 and Jerry matched that bet. Each
player took one card and smiled inwardly again as their hands had
turned out just the way they wanted them to. Nikki raised $5, 000
believing Jerry might fold and she would take control of the game.
Jerry surprised her by matching her $5, 000 and raising $5, 000. This
would put her all the way in. Nikki was so confident that she was going
to win that she said “Jerry how about you put your last $10, 000 in and
I put the title to my mint condition red 1968 Camaro SS on the line,
winner take all hand.” This didn’t even phase Mack as this happened all
the time. Nikki inwardly knew a straight flush to the Queen was a
winner. Hell it was fate; she thought to herself the suit was Hearts.

Jerry smiled and surprised Nikki by responding “I have a better idea. I
will write down what I want on a piece of paper. I will slide this over
to you and you may look at it and decide if you want that winner take
all hand.” Nikki agreed so Jerry wrote down what he wanted and slid it
over to Nikki. She unfolded the slip of paper and was surprised at the
boldness of it. The paper said I want you to blow me under the table
while I play in the next game. Nikki was actually surprised because she
thought Jerry might be gay. Her tits hadn’t affected him and he was a
great dresser. Nikki agreed to the bet and confidently laid out her
straight flush of hearts to the Queen. Jerry dropped his head and
looked defeated. So confident that she had won Nikki made the cardinal
sin of reaching for the pot before he laid down his cards. “Not so fast
sugar tits” Jerry said as he laid down his cards one at a time. He laid
them down slowly; 9 of spades, 10 of spades, Jack of spades, Queen of
spades and grinned as he lay down the King of spades.

Nikki sat there shocked that she had lost. How could that hand lose? It
was fate dammit. “Please take my car, don’t make me pay the bet.”

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  1. Bettine B says:

    Oh, Iliked this! Not merely the sex, but also the term play. Dual meanings. And a new situation.

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    OMG! The virgin love your ideas….. really alluring and exciting! I cant wait for more

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    Wow, extremely fine, could you comprise more stories in here?pl

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    I really appreciated your story. I’m so glad you shared it!

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    I am a virgin but rightnow i can’t believe anything else than acquiring fucked.

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    This cheating in a partnership and you realize that

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    Hi! I love your stories. Very sexy and all good.

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