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Petticoats [FF]

“Reach under and touch it,” Henrietta dared, giggling as she swayed her hips.

Maybe it was the laudanum talking. Certainly she would never have been so bold without it. But on the other hand, her thoughts often turned to what her best friend might look like with her clothes torn off and tossed into the grass.

Laura laughed and shook her head. “You’re mad! Put your clothes back on before someone finds us!”

Henrietta was stripped to her petticoats. When she leaned down, Laura visibly tensed and closed her eyes, so she kissed her on the lips and felt the eagerness in her friend’s movements.

“Touch it, Laura,” she demanded. “Touch it.”


Henrietta lifted her petticoats, displaying herself, and shivered as she flicked a finger through the folds of her bare cunny. It wasn’t the first time for that, either – for thinking about Laura while touching herself. It was the first time she’d done it with the other girl there.

“Touch it!”

“I want more laudanum!” Laura laughed and picked up the bottle, letting the flavour coat her lips. “I wish my body was as beautiful as yours.”

“I wish you’d show it to me.”

Laura giggled. What if someone came along the lane and found them? What if one of the boys from the village was spying from the trees? She looked around, but she knew that if there was someone she’d never know.

“Take your dress off, and then I’ll tell you if you’re as beautiful as me.”

“Tell me now!” Laura got to her feet and did a twirl, making herself dizzy. She started to fall, but Henrietta caught her and then they both fell into the grass, laughing, one on top of the other, rolling until they came to a stop with Laura on top.

“Now you have to take your dress off,” said Henrietta, her blue eyes staring into Laura’s, her lips remaining parted.


“So that I can fuck you, silly.”

As Henrietta unfastened buttons at the back of her friend’s dress, Laura’s hand drifted down, reached under Henrietta’s petticoats and traced a route up the inside of her thigh. Henrietta shivered, finding it difficult to concentrate on divesting Laura of her clothes as the fingers brushed across her slit.

“Eww, it’s wet,” Laura said with mock disgust, then started laughing again.

Henrietta gave up on the last button and tugged at the dress, listening to it tear as it came free. “It tastes better than laudanum.”

“Does it?”

“Try it.”

Laura grinned as she took her hand back out and rose up onto her knees, straddling Henrietta. Her breasts stood beautifully on her chest, her nipples like dark cherries. She lifted her hand to her mouth, hesitated momentarily, then licked her fingers.

Henrietta laughed, and that set Laura off again.


“Well what?” Henrietta tried to reach under Laura’s skirts, but had her hand swatted away.

“Am I beautiful?”

“No,” Henrietta said. “I don’t know what men see in you.”

Laura looked hurt, for a moment, then started laughing again. Henrietta couldn’t maintain her straight face any longer either. As Laura fell on top of her, she took the opportunity to steal another kiss.

“You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen,” she said.

“I know,” her friend replied, her hand slipping back under the petticoats.

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