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Peter’s Pipe

"Hey Pete! Wait up!"

Peter turned around to see Samantha jogging across the grass to catch up to him. Samantha had been the "girl next door' for Pete's whole life. She and Peter had been inseparable for years. They did everything together; well, almost everything. Peter had never fucked Samantha. She always seemed to consider him more of a brother figure, even though Peter continually dropped hints and phrased most of his comments as suggestively as possible. It also didn't help that Samantha was also one of the biggest cock teases in school. As Peter watched Samantha, he could not help but notice her barely constrained double D's bounce up and down with every step. The closer she got the more swollen Peter's cock became and the more uncomfortable he became. Peter pretended to sneeze as reason to avert his eyes and gain some composure over his engorged member. His maneuver had granted him the needed time.

“Hey, sweet tits! Whatcha need,” replied Peter.

“You said you'd give me a ride home today,” Sam said, “Remember?”

“Oh yeah. Sorry, you know that I'd forget my head if it weren't attached.”

“Yep, that's you alright. So how about it tiger? You giving me a ride home or not?”


Peter and Samantha discussed their respective days' on the ride home. They only lived a couple blocks from school so the conversation was a short one. As they pulled in front of Peter's house Samantha leaned over, put her hand on Peter's thigh and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thanks stud, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Maybe we could do this again sometime,” Samantha said as suggestively as possible.

With that, Samantha winked at Peter, grabbed her stuff and got out of the car. On the way to her front door, she hiked up her skirt and swayed her hips giving Peter the best view of her toned, perfect, heart shaped ass. As if controlled by a voodoo doll, Peter's oversized cock grew to its full glory and stretched down his left pant leg. Peter quietly thanked his alarm clock for failing that morning. Since he was running late, he neglected to put on any underwear and now his cock was free to head down his pant leg instead of doubling back on itself like usual, which was excruciatingly painful. After reaching the door Samantha turned, winked again at Peter, blew a kiss and went inside.

A frustrated Peter got out of the car and limped as best he could toward his front door. As soon as he was inside, he pulled off his pants allowing his cock the much-needed breathing room. With his manhood no longer constrained in the trappings of clothing that polite society unjustly forced on him, he made for his room in search of a masturbatory session.

Peter opened to door to his room, flung his bag on the chair near his desk, removed his shirt, glanced briefly out the window and froze in place. His bedroom window, which faced Samantha's, had the curtains drawn. He stared out to see Samantha staring back at him with mouth wide. It took Peter a moment to figure out that he was both naked and had a raging hard-on. It also occurred to Peter that Samantha, while being his best friend for years, had never actually seen him either fully naked or fully aroused. He figured that since she was a cock tease he should teaser her by playing with his cock. Enter Peter's conscience …

“You know very well you should close those drapes,” said Peter's conscience.

“But it's her fault,” Peter explained, “she is always teasing me, touching me, making me want to whip out my manhood and give her a good fuck”

“She's your best friend.”

“But she's soooo hot. I could lick her up and down, make her scream my name.”

“Close those curtains.”

“I don't wanna.”

“Close those curtains or I'm going to start having you picture your grandmother naked.”

“You wouldn't, you couldn't.”

“Close those curtains.”

“I hate you.”

Peter closed the curtains. He hated that his conscience always got the better of him. Just once, he hoped that he would have the willpower or the sheer stupidity to follow through. The worst part was that wrangling with his conscience had made him lose his hard-on. Peter was depressed.

The next day Peter was sitting in third period English after they had broken up into groups. After working for a while in the groups, Peter noticed that Jon was looking at him a little too intensely. Fifteen minutes passed and every time Peter looked up from taking notes for the group, Jon was looking at him. The staring was particularly unsettling because Jon never even gave Peter the time of day.

“Do you want something?” Peter asked Jon.

“I don't know what you're talking about,” replied Jon.

“You keep staring at me, like you want something.”

“Okay, you got me. I wanted to know if it was true?”

“If what was true?”

“You know”


“You know, your thing”, Jon said while pointing down with his index finder.

“What about it? What do you mean?”

“Come on dude. The whole school is talking about it. Most people think you are just faking it and it was some sort of strap-on or latex or something. From what I've heard it would have to have been, because no guy is that big.”

Just then, the bell rang. Peter grabbed his stuff and hurried out the door before he would have to answer Jon. As he moved down the hallway, he had the distinct impression that everyone was looking. A couple of girls looked at him, then his crotch, and he overheard something like, “Is that him?” Further down the hall a group of guys muttered, “Faker”. Peter opened the double doors that led out of the English wing and headed off across campus for his next class, Gym. He was not looking forward to Gym today.

Peter always has lived by the rule: "Early is on time and on time is late'. Today Peter was late for gym class. He hoped that today was not one of the days where his sadistic gym teacher would make the whole class run all period. As Peter entered, the locker room through the west-end double doors under the mural of the school mascot the entire locker room went eerily quiet. Peter stopped in his tracks. Slowly the normal murmur continued: first as a couple isolated conversations, then growing into the background noise usually associated with a men's locker room. Peter hurried past the first row of locker, then the second, and turned down the third locker. He headed for his locker at the far end. He hastily entered the push button combination and opened his locker. After he had stowed his backpack in the upper part of the locker he pulled out his gym clothes to find his jockstrap missing. He had to order the jockstrap special to hold in all of his manhood. Peter just was glad that he was a grower and not a shower otherwise; there probably would not have been a jockstrap large enough for him.

“Michaels! Get your butt dressed and get out to the fields.”

“Sorry Mr. Ferro, I'm going as fast as I can,” Peter replied.

“Well if you're not lined up with the rest of the class by the time I get there, you'll be getting a zero for the day.”

Peter changed into his gym clothes. Since he did not have a jockstrap he just left his boxers on under his gym shorts, but it was clear that if he had to run his oversized cock was going to start inching its way out one of the pant legs. Peter was glad that his school still had segregated physical education and he only had to be around guys. The girls were on the other set of fields with the gymnasium between them.

Peter hurried the best he could out to the field with the rest of the class. He took his place in the line between Sean and Shane. If Peter had been thinking straight and not dwelling on the comments that were flying around in the hallways earlier, he would have remembered that Sean and Shane were the schools biggest pranksters. Just then, Mr. Ferro arrived.

“Okay ladies,” Mr. Ferro said sarcastically, “time to run.”

The guys took off running around the track. As they rounded the back-turn of the track, Sean and Shane came up on either side of Peter. In one fluid motion, Sean and Shane, tripped Peter, pulled off his pants, and then caught up with the rest of running pack. Peter got up and ran to catch up with the rest of the class.

“Michaels! What the HELL do you think you are doing?” screamed Mr. Ferro. “Where are your gym shorts and why aren't you wearing them? Well class, I was going to let you play some basketball today, but since Mr. Peter Michaels wants to show his pipe to the whole world, I think we should let him. You are going to hustle over to the ladies' fields and run the perimeter for the rest of the period. No walking. No talking. No pissing me off, and no quitting. Michaels will be the pacer and be out in front. Now, GO!”

The class headed off for the ladies' fields. They crossed the basketball courts in full view of the science building and headed for the chain link fence to the ladies' fields. They made a sharp right inside the gate and began their trudge around the perimeter of the fields.

The ladies in girls gym class we’re playing field hockey. Jessica was the first to see the guys gym class approach across the basketball courts. Jessica hurried over to Samantha.

“Sam, take a look here comes the guys and I think that is Peter out in front.”

“I think you're right that is Peter out in front. I wonder why they are coming over here. They normally never come over here unless … Oh my god.” Samantha put a hand over her mouth.

Samantha was not the only lady on the field that got an eyeful of Peter's pipe as the guys entered the ladies' fields. Samantha's appetite for Peter's cock was whetted first when she saw him in his window and second now that she had seen him jogging, cock swinging to an fro. Moreover, what a cock it was. With every step, Peter's cock would bob as low as his mid thigh. Every time Peter's cock bobbed Samantha felt a wave of electricity surge through her. She had never thought of Peter, in the romantic or even the lustful sense. He was always like a brother to her. He never did anything inappropriate even though he had had the chance more that once. Now Peter's cock had changed everything. Samantha resolved that she would stop at nothing until that cock was hers. For the meantime she was enjoying the wonderful show and thinking about how it would feel to have her hands around that cock and how it would feel to be fucked with an inch of her life by that cock.

The rest of the week passed in a blur. Samantha had tried and failed to acquire the object of her desire three times, since the "jogging' incident on the field. Each time, someone either spoiled her plan or Peter seemed to think over whether he would rip off her tight blouse and skirt then ravage her without mercy or just walk away, twice he chose the later.

Her first plan was foiled by Joleen showing up at the most inopportune moment. Both Samantha and Peter were enrolled in Inside Work Experience (IWE) or teacher's aide third period for Social Studies teachers: Peter for Ms. Williams and Samantha for Mr. Campbell. The Social Studies classrooms were in the old part of the school and were too small to have any extra bodies in them so the IWE's were relegated to the Social Studies office. The Social Studies office was about the size of a nine-hundred square foot classroom. The room was arranged in two parts, the left hand side with bookshelves lined with textbooks in an “L” pattern, the right hand side with chairs and desks. If you walked down the first set of bookshelves and made the right hand turn, you could be assured of “privacy” unless someone was really looking for you. This was Samantha's plan to get Peter away from grading papers and into the stacks with her. She would ask him to get a textbook off a shelf for her:

“Oh, Peter,” Samantha said in her most innocent voice, “Would you come here and fetch a textbook for me?”

“Sure, Sam,” replied Peter.

He got up from grading paper and headed into the stacks. As he made the right turn he was met with one of the most wonderful sights he had ever laid his eyes upon. Samantha was wearing a very short jean skirt that barely was long enough to cover her beautifully sculpted heart shaped ass. Her button down blouse was only buttoned at the third button down and she had knotted the two shirttails just above her belly button. Her nipples were clearly visible though her blouse and were standing nice and erect as her large, perfect breasts strained to be freed. As she heard Peter round the corner, she dropped a strategically placed reference book so that she could bend over and pick it up. As she did so, the third button on her shirt gave up its valiant struggle and released her breasts to Peter’s full view.

“Oops! I guess my shirt has come undone,” uttered Samantha in a most seductive fashion.

Peter's eyes seemed to become as large as dinner plates as he stared at Samantha's half-naked form. His eyes traced the curves that started near here armpit and made their way around the bottom of her breasts. He noticed the slight rise and fall of her nipples as she took each breath. He could feel his heart starting to race and his pipe began to snake its way down the front of his slacks. Just then, Samantha took a step forward swaying her hips right and the button on the top of her jeans suspiciously came undone. With her next step, her hips swayed left and the zipper started inching its way done. Samantha's third step completed the zipper's journey and her skirt fell to the floor, revealing a pair of white lace panties. Peter's cock continued its downward journey passing the halfway point of his right thigh. It was then that Samantha's eyes caught sight of the bulge growing down Peter's thigh. As the realization dawned on her that her plan was working, she gave Peter her sexiest of looks and moved her left hand towards his "pipe'.

“Peter. Sam. Are you guys in here?”

Samantha kept moving toward the Peter and his wonderful gift. Unless that person came looking in the stacks they would still have their privacy.

Suddenly, Peter spoke up, “We're in the stacks Joleen.” Peter didn't even think before speaking. Samantha silently cursed and pulled on her clothes before Joleen could walk in on them. Peter grabbed a nearby textbook to cover his engorged cock. Only after did he realize that it would still have been visible past the end of book, since his erect cock had reached his knee.

The pent up sexual frustration of the week was playing a number on Samantha's life. She found that six or seven times a day she needed to run to the bathroom to "service' her needs. As she found herself in the girl's lavatory on the left hand side of the library for the third time on Friday furiously playing with her privates, she finally came up with a plan with which to ensnare her prey. The best news also came to her as she arrived home that day.

“Hey, kiddo,” Samantha's father greeted her.

“Hi, Dad,” Samantha replied, “Why are you home so early? You usually don't get home "til six.”

“Yeah, I know honey, but your mom and I are going to go out of town this weekend with Betty and Carl from next door. We'll be back Monday evening. We left some cash in an envelope on the table and the fridge is fully stocked. If you need anything I will have my cell along.”

Samantha's insides jumped for joy at this news. She would be alone in her house and Peter's parents were going to be gone also. This was implausibly perfect.

As the sun rose over the windowsill of Samantha's window, she awoke to realize the she was going to get her hearts desire. She lifted her head a little to look out her window, across the thirty or so feet towards Peter's window. She hoped to catch a glance of Peter's wonderful body and that huge cock as he got up for the morning. She kept hoping with all of the will she had that she could catch a glimpse and to her astonishment, she did.

Peter chose that moment to get up for the day. He rolled out of bed and stood before his mirrored closet doors. This allowed Samantha a complete view of her quarry, both front and back. Her eyes started at his perfectly shaped ass. They moved up his back to his arms, which have just the proper amount of muscle definition to start a fire in her loins. As she moved her glance to Peter's reflection, she began to slip out of her panties and bed shirt. Her hands found their way down her torso and she started to slide a finger in and out of her wet womanhood. She stared at Peter's chest as she added a finger and began to rub her clit with her thumb. The rhythm of her fingers and thumb began to increase as her eyes drifted down Peter's chiseled chest toward his six-pack abs. Her hips joined the rhythm and began to undulate and gesticulate out of her control. The waves of ecstasy rippled through her body. The ebb and flow of the waves became more intense as she started to glare toward the object of her obsession that large dangling piece of manhood. She had not seen Peter's “pipe” since the beginning of the week during phys. ed. She had forgotten how perfect his cock was. The way it hung, pulled down by its own weight so that is reached mid-thigh. As Samantha dwelt on that wonderful penis the waves of pleasure rippling through her body reached a critical mass and an orgasm stronger than anything she had experienced before ripped through her body. Her writhing and thrashing body was unable to stay on the bed. She fell to the floor as another orgasm caused a spurt of her wetness to go flying across the room and hit her chest of drawers. She lay there in full spasm for what seemed like an eternity. As her body returned to her control she decided that an idle fascination was not going to suit her for much longer. She had to have that beautiful cock fill her to bursting before long or risk losing control of her sanity.

Peter felt as if he was being watched. He quickly spun around to look out his bedroom window, to confirm his suspicions, but found no one. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist, then headed off to the shower. He decided he needed a colder shower than usual. He was not sure why. It then stuck him that his cock was hanging much heavier and lower than usual as his cock head brushed the toilet seat. He definitely needed a cold shower. Peter had been thrice tested for willpower and self-restraint, since the "jogging incident'.

He turned the hot water down and stepped into the shower. Peter always referred to his time in the shower as his thinking time; he thought over the previous days events and planned the rest of his morning. This particular day Peter kept going over the conversation he had with his father earlier in the week. He had always had an open relationship with his father and had discussed Samantha's advances. His father Carl had advised Peter to keep Samantha at an arms length, so as not to enslave her to himself. Peter's father then described in detail that there was a genetic abnormality in the males of his bloodline. Peter's pipe was the result of that abnormality. He has great power over those that see the prize in his pants and he must not give in to their quest for lustful encounters. Peter did not know how long he would be able to prevent a likely lustful liaison with Samantha.

Samantha too had showered and thought threw her day, but instead of the calm, collected, contemplative conclave Peter enjoyed, it was a horrifically horny habit pervading her shower time. She had started with a cold shower, but ended up turning up the heat as she thought of that beautiful cock becoming fully erect and entering her repeatedly, filling her to the brim, stretching her wet pussy, sending her into ecstasy beyond comprehension. She began slowly at first just brushing her clit as she cleaned herself. Each time she came close to touching herself, she could feel the dam of self-control cracking. After about a minute, the already highly shattered dam broke and she furiously began fingering herself with first one then two fingers. She felt her juices free flowing down her leg and realized that she was going to need Peter and soon.

Samantha eventually made it out of the shower after the water had gone very cold and she started to shiver. She needed to start her plan. She proceeded to collect those things that she would need.

Peter heard the phone ring and left his room to answer it, still dripping a little from his shower.

“Hello?” Peter was cautious answering the phone.

“Pete. It's Sam,” answered Sam. “Could you come over? I need help moving some furniture in the basement.”

“Can't you wait until you Dad get's back?”

“No, it's one of the tasks my Dad asked me to do for him before leaving town.”

“Okay, I'll come over in about twenty minutes and help you move the furniture, but then I am going home.”

“That's fine with me.”

Peter showed up at Samantha's door twenty minutes later, dressed in a old pair of shorts and a cut off tee he usually used for working out. He knocked on the door, getting no answer. He knocked again, and for a second time got no answer.

“Sam.” Peter waited for a reply. “Sam?!” Again, Peter waited. Finally, the door swung open and there stood Samantha. She was dressed in some jean shorts and a white tee shirt. Peter noticed that she was not wearing a bra and her voluptuous cleavage was straining to get free. “So …, can I come in?”

“Sure come on in. As I said, the furniture is in the basement.”

Peter descended the stairs slowly. He had been in Samantha's basement before. The wooden stairs had always been a bit rickety. The third and fourth steps where particularly creaky and if you hadn't braced yourself, you might think that you would fall through the steps. Peter was ready for the creaks and stepped at just the right point to minimize the downward motion of the step.

As he made it to the bottom of the staircase and looked around, he noticed that the furniture was indeed disarray, as Samantha has indicated. He and Samantha spent about three hours moving furniture around the basement according the direction of her father. Peter began to notice that he was sweating through his shirt and took a moment to stop and look at Samantha. As he gazed upon her, he noticed that she was also sweating and since she was wearing white, the outline of her full heaving breasts were becoming more visible.

“Pete, would you like something drink?” asked Samantha. “Pete, are you listening? Peter? Hello?” Samantha started waving her hands in front of Peter's eyes.

“Sorry, what were you saying?”

“Do … you … want … a … drink?” Samantha asked enunciating each word while pantomiming a drinking motion.

“Oh, sure. I'd like some water, please.”

“Ok, I'll get you a cold bottle from the upstairs fridge.”

Samantha walked upstairs, opened the fridge, and pulled out the bottled water. She filled two glasses from a cupboard. She then proceeded to add two ground-up pills of her father's Viagra into Peter's water. She made sure that the liquid became clear again, and then proceeded back down stairs.

“Here you go, Pete.”

“Thanks, Sam.”

Peter gulped down the water as if he had been in a drought his whole life. He and Sam then continued to move the last pieces of furniture. After about half-an-hour Peter began to feel his member growing. He decided that he needed a cold shower to regain control of his loins.

“Sam, now that we are finished, do you think that I could take a shower before going home?” asked Peter.

“Sure. You know where the hallway shower is, right?”

“Yep, sure do,” Peter proceeded up the basement stairs two at a time, rounded the hallway corner, and bounded up the hallway stairs three at a time. He reached the bathroom, ripped off his clothes, turned on just the cold water, and stepped into the spray. He immediately noticed that the cold water beating down his abs and rolling onto his swollen member was not having the effect he had intended. His hard-on was growing harder every moment, harder than it had ever been before.

“Knock, knock. Peter are you okay?”

“Yeah, Sam,” replied Peter. Then, not so unexpectedly Peter heard the door open and then close. “I told you I was okay. Didn't you hear me? Sam?”

“I heard you I just though you could use a towel.”

The door to the shower slid open and Peter turned to make sure he was facing totally away from the opening. He felt, more than heard Sam get into the shower with him.

“Sam, I thought that we had discussed this, and that I was not interested in being more than friends.”

“That's not what you cock thinks,” said Samantha as she reached around Peter's right side and grasped his engorged cock. She moved closer to Peter pressing her large full breasts against his back. Then she slowly began moving her hand up and down Peter's cock, marveling at how her fingers could not reach her thumb due to Peter's thickness. Samantha then moved her left hand to Peter's left hand and moved his hand to her dripping wet pussy. She forced Peter's hand to rub her clit and pushed his fingers inside her slit. After a few moments, Samantha realized that she needn't continue to keep her hand on top of Peter's, as he was enjoying her warm, wet pussy, more and more. She used her left hand to help her right stroke Peter's huge cock. She could stroke all the way to the top of his shaft then back to bottom without ever having more cock in her hands than outside her hands.

Peter abruptly stopped rubbing Samantha. He turned off the cold water, then turned to face Samantha.

“Let's go to your room,” said Peter and Samantha silently agreed.

Samantha led Peter towards her room, pulling him by his enormous manhood. As she rounded the corner and headed up the final stretch towards her bed, she began to pick up speed. Her whole world now totally revolved around shoving Peter's glorious cock in her already dripping pussy. She reached the bed and with all the agility of a jungle cat, pulled Peter down on top of her. They embraced; arms and legs twisting round each other until it was no longer possible to discern where Sam ended and Peter began.

Peter's hips having lost total self-control began thrusting his great fourteen and one-half inch pipe along Sam's stomach. The fact that Sam and Peter had both forgotten to towel off helped lubricate the space between them. As Peter continued pumping his cock spewed forth voluminous amount of pre-cum; enough pre-cum was released to totally cover his and Sam's torsos from navel to nipples.

“I need you inside me,” whispered Sam. She could not seriously believe that this idea had not occurred to Peter.

Peter maneuvered his way down Samantha's torso so that his cock was positioned, with his slit pressing ever so slightly again the entrance to Samantha's vagina. He rotated his hips forward causing his mighty, rock hard, flesh to slowly part Samantha's pussy. Just as the head of his cock reached the halfway point of penetration, he rotated his hips in the opposite direction, pulling himself out of Samantha's overly wet pussy. As he started again to rotate forward he felt Samantha wrap her legs around him, and with one movement she flipped him onto his back, and positioned herself hovering over his quivering member.

“Sorry Peter, but you're taking to much time,” apologized Samantha as she impaled herself on Peter's cock. As soon as she felt his cock hit her cervix like a painful jab, she used her legs to lift herself up so that just the head of his cock was still inside her. Once again she pushed herself down on Peter's cock. Again and again, Samantha impaled herself on Peter's cock.

“Ohh, fuck me. Fuck me, Peter. I have needed your huge cock inside me since I saw you that day on the field.”

“Really? This little thing? It impressed you that much?” asked Peter

“WHAT? Are you kidding this is the largest cock I've or anyone in our school has ever seen. It makes me … OOOh … fuck … I'm coming” As she said the words Samantha came harder then she could have even imagined. She has cum, before but normally only from fingering her clit. She had never really had an orgasm from penetration. As she continued cumming over the next three minutes, Peter began to notice that every time she came her pussy would clamp down hard and she would stop bouncing on his cock. So. he had an idea.

Just as Samantha began cumming again, he flipped her on her back in a similar fashion to how she had just flipped him. He began thrusting at a furious pace. Each time he would thrust Samantha began cumming again, but instead of stopping when she was on top, he would continue thrusting.

“Oh, fuck. Fuck. FUCK. FUUCCCK!!,” screamed Samantha. The expression of ecstasy on her face each time she came, gave renewed vigor to Peter's desire to make her cum again and again.

Samantha's pussy had now become so tight and was now constricting each time he thrust. Peter began to realize that he could not keep this up forever. As he came close to orgasm his face began to contort as shear waves of pleasure pulsed through his body. Samantha instantly noticed this fact and wrapped her arms around Peter's neck pulling him down to her.

“I want you to cum inside me. It's okay I'm on the pill.” That fact was the straw that broke the camels back. Samantha felt Peter's rate quicken and was surprised to find that the rate of her orgasms kept up. Then with one final thrust Peter began to cum. It was like a someone opened an large flood gate. Samantha could feel herself being continually filled with Peter's cum. She started rotating her hips so that the clamping of her pussy would match the spasm of his cock. Peter came for what seemed like an hour before he finally collapsed on top of Samantha. Even though Peter's cock had stopped cumming, Samantha's pussy kept squeezing his cock as if it was intent on getting every last drop of semen out of Peter.

“That was unbelievable,” Peter said as he rolled off Samantha. Samantha couldn't speak as soon as Peter's cock had left her pussy, she had her last orgasm of the night and passed out from ecstasy. Soon after Peter fell asleep beside her.

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